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How to Defeat Bosses

Gunfire Reborn Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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How to Defeat Bosses in Gunfire Reborn

In Gunfire Reborn there are four main and three optional bosses, making a total of seven different bosses. In order to complete the game you are required to defeat the four main bosses. The other three bosses are optional and the rewards you get for defeating them are not as good. Take a look at our How to Defeat Bosses guide to learn where their weakest spots are, what weapons to bring to the fights, and how to avoid damage yourself.

Main Bosses

Lu Wu

Where to find Lu Wu:
You will encouter Lu Wu inside the Eternal Palace at Longling Tomb.

What is Lu Wu's Weakness:
Lu Wu is weak to Lightning damage, and his weakest spot is his head.

How to Defeat Lu Wu:
Attack Lu Wu whenever he recharges his shields and seek cover behind the pillars.

Lu Wu Rewards:
You will get the following rewards when you defeat Lu Wu:

- Illusion
- Reinforced Eggshell
- Advanced Depot
- Phantom Skin


Where to find Yoruhime-Maru:
You will encounter Yoruhime-Maru at Dinghai in Duo Fjord

How to Defeat Yoruhime-Maru:
When all cannons on his ship are destroyed, a single huge cannon in the shape of Tengu mask will appear. You need to shoot at its eyes, one eye at a time until you have destroyed all the eyes.

- Laser Gloves
- Skateboarder
- Shrine of Recovery
- Heavy Shield
- Airbag

Pole Monarch

Where to find Pole Monarch:
You will encounter Pole Monarch at the Jade Summit in Hyperborean Jokul.

What is Pole Monarch's Weakness:
During the first half of the fight Pole Monarch has no shield and is weak to fire damage.

How to Defeat Pole Monarch:
You need to destroy the aura container to prevent him from gaining enhancements. When Pole Monarch's HP has dropped to 5% he will gain a shield and become invincible. You will have only 10 seconds to remove the shield, using Lightning weapons, and defeat him. If you fail to do so the new phase of the fight will begin. In this phase of the fight Pole Monarch will have all four enhancements active, and you will need to evade both his attacks and the barrage of rocks falling down. Use Demonlore with Advanced Depot scroll to get the most out of your fire weapon, while shooting at his head.

Abyssal Serpent

Where do you find Abyssal Serpent:
Abyssal Serpent will appear after you have defeated Yoruhime-Maru three times.

What are the Abyssal Serpent's Weaknesses:
The Abyssal Serpent is four sea serpents that all share the same HP pool. They also have the same weak spots, which are eyes and golden scales.

How to Defeat the Abyssal Serpent:
Bring the strongest Fire weapons you have and try to shoot them in their weak spots, which are the eyes and scales. Keep in mind that all the other parts of their bodies are well protected, and once they go underwater, they become immune to all damage.

Abyssal Serpent Rewards:

Optional Bosses


Where to find Golem:
You will encounter Golem at the Longling Tomb. He will become unlocked once you have defeated Lu Wu five times.

What are Golem's Weaknesses:
Golem is weak to Fire damage, his weakest spot is his chest.

How to Defeat Golem:
Use long ranged weapons and shoot at Golem's chest when he is about to attack. Always stay as far away as possible from this boss.

Golem Rewards:
- Energy Storage
- Icy Spear

Ichthyosaurus Offspring

Where to find Ichthyosaurus Offspring:
You will encounter Ichthyosaurus Offspring at the Quicksand Pool in the Anxi Desert.

What is Ichthyosaurus Offspring's Weakness:
Ichthyosaurus Offspring is weak to Explosion and Corrosion types of damage. His two weakest sports are his mouth and tail.

How to Defeat Ichthyosaurus:
Ichthyosaurus Offspring tends to stay in the same place so bring some long range weapons for this fight. Be careful of the Desert Boars, Desert Coyotes, and Fire Lizards he summons to assist him.

Ichthyosaurus Offspring Rewards:
- Justice
- Coin Shot
- Lightless Shield
- Merciless Strike

Wind God

Where to find Wind God:
You will be able to summon this boss after you manage to defeat Ichthyosaurus Offspring five times.

What are the Wind God's Weaknesses:
Wind God is extremely mobile in the air, he is very vulnerable to Fire damage, with his weakest spot being his face.

How to Defeat Wind God:
You can use any weapon with fast fire projectiles, such as Crimson Firescale or Demonlore.

Wind God Rewards:

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