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Beginner Tips and Tricks

Gunfire Reborn Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Gunfire Reborn Beginner Tips and Tricks

Listed below are several Beginner Tips and Tricks which will help you in Gunfire Reborn.

Experiment with Different Weapons
In Gunfire Reborn you will be inundated with all sorts of weapons and as the game uses a Roguelike progression you will quickly learn that there is no best weapon. All the weapons roll with random modifiers which means you will find that some weapons will be much stronger than others on a given run, it is therefore recommended that you experiment with all the weapon 'types' in order to find the guns you are most comfortable using. Take a look at our Weapon Tier List to find out what weapons are the best in the game.

Dying is Normal
As you progress through the game trying to defeat the boss in each level you will find especially during your early runs when your character is weak that they will have no chance against them. This is part of the game, your character dying is the only way they can 'grow'. As you make your way through each level you will be given Soul Essence which you will be able to expend at the end of each run to unlock new skills, abilities, and passives for your character which will help make boss fights less difficult when you encounter them again.

Save your Soul Essence
In Gunfire Reborn the Soul Essence you are given as you progress is incredibly valuable, especially in the early game. It is the only resource that allows you to infuse characters in order to upgrade them into better versions of themselves. The more upgrades you manage to unlock for your characters the stronger they will be for subsequent runs. It is therefore more beneficial to ignore the 'resurrection feature' and let your character die, so you can save the Soul Essence to unlock new skills, abilities, and passives for them. Take a look at our How to Get More Soul Essence to find out how you can get more of this valuable currency.

Use Grenades
At the start of Gunfire Reborn the only character you will have access to is Crown Prince. One of this character's additional abilities is that he is able to throw caustic grenades. Although these grenades will not do much damage against the bosses they can be very useful when you need to clear smaller enemies. Do not worry about running out of grenades as they are easy to replenish, they can be refilled by collecting them from slain enemies or breakable objects that are littered around each area.

Get Familiar with Unlocked Characters
Keep in mind that each of the characters that you unlock in Gunfire Reborn has its own unique abilities, skills, and passives. It is therefore recommended that you take the time to get familiar with characters as you unlock them. Characters are unlocked based on your level. Take a look at our Character Guide to find out more about the characters in Gunfire Reborn.

Invest in the Survival Path First
Each of the characters in Gunfire Reborn comes with their own Talent tree which has passive skills that you can unlock using the Soul Essence you get in runs. The Talent tree has six different paths you can go down and each represents a specific facet of the character. The six paths are Hero, Battle, Skill, Weapons, Expedition, and Survival. If you are a new player it is advised that you invest your Soul Essence into the Survival path. The reason for this is that having better abilities and gear is moot if you are only able to take a couple of hits from enemies before going down.

Use your Starter Weapon for Increased Movement Speed
Movement Speed in Gunfire Reborn is important because once the difficulty in the game ramps up there will be more enemies to deal with, and unless you are able to quickly dodge enemy gunfire while engaged in combat you will be quickly overwhelmed. Keep in mind that the size of the weapon you use and its type directly correlate to your character's Movement Speed. This means if you want to move as quickly as possible in difficult fights or platforming sections you need to switch from the heavy mini-gun or launcher you are carrying which is slowing you down and use your starter weapon, a Foundry with unlimited ammo.

Pay Attention to Enemy Armor and Shields
It is essential that you pay attention to the color bars of enemy armor and shields as you progress in Gunfire Reborn, so you can quickly determine what weapon will be most effective against them. Health bars (red) take heavy damage from fire-based weaponry. Armor bars (yellow) can be quickly whittled away with a caustic weapon (or skills and grenades that are caustic element). Blue bars (shields) go down fastest when a player hits them with a lightning-based weapon. It is recommended that you carry weapons of each type, so you are prepared for every enemy you encounter.

Equip the Right Occult Scroll
Occult Scrolls can be found scattered throughout the world of Gunfire Reborn, and they have unique buffs that can turn the tide of any battle by making your character stronger. Not all Occult Scrolls are suited for every character, so it is recommended that you take the time to read them carefully, so you equip one that complements your character's ability and playstle. If you are playing cooperatively with other players you will be able to drop Occult Scrolls and weapons for one another, helping each of you make a build that will carry you farther into each run. Take a look at our Occult Scrolls Guide to find out more about this item that can help you considerably in Gunfire Reborn.

Take a look at our How to Defeat Bosses guide to find out how you can easily defeat the toughest enemies in Gunfire Reborn.

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