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Follow the dark path or use the light

Tunnel Vision

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Guide - Walkthrough

Tunnel Vision

Nate barely survives the first part of his unpleasant train ride and makes his way to the front for a refund.

Treasure on this level:
||BOX|Treasure Name:           |Location:                                     ||
||[ ]|Gilded Bodhisattva Statue|Inside train car after the car with coals     ||
||[ ]|Tibetan Saddle Ring      |At back of the cabin after you exit the tunnel||

Treasure Video for this level

Climb the car up ahead and shimmy across the pipe.  Pull the guard down by hanging from the side, then get on top of the car.  Collect the sniper rifle just ahead, which you can then proceed to use on five soldiers total.

.----- TREASURE #47: GILDED BODHISATTVA STATUE --------------------------------.
|!|As you continue onward, this treasure is found inside the train cabin that|!|
|!|comes after the one filled with coals.  Hang to either side to enter this |!|
|!|cabin and look for the treasure on the floor.                             |!|

You'll want to be careful of warning signs again (yes, warning signs inside a tunnel, very nice).  Cross the car with jeeps and enter the next cabin.

.----- TREASURE #48: TIBETAN SADDLE RING --------------------------------------.
|!|Before climbing up, check the back of this cabin to find this treasure.   |!|

Climb the crates and the train finally exits the tunnel.  Move to the end of the cabin, drop down, quickly shoot the lock of the door and take cover so you can deal with the approaching troops.  Continue to press forward and you'll soon run into one of those chaingun wielding menaces.  To defeat this bastard, first come close enough so you can see that he's actually standing on a car with tree trunks.  Simply shoot the two metal clasps on top of the car and he'll fall into the depths.

Gunship Boss Video

Unfortunately, shortly after the gunship returns.  Press onward and hop inside the vehicle with a turret.  In order to win this battle it is important to note that the chopper will regularly fire a series of rockets at your vehicle, and you can only sustain 2 to 3 hits at most.  Shoot these rockets out of the air before it's too late, and always keep your eye on the chopper.  You don't need to worry about running out of ammo or even overheating - keep that finger on the trigger to speed things up!

With the chopper downed, let's take care of that bloody commander in the last cabin up ahead.  He's a tough one, but shooting him several times allows you to eventually finish him off with a brutal melee combo.  Don't bother tossing grenades at the commander - he'll simply outrun their blast.  With him felled and the Phurba back in your possession, a crucial cutscene initiates, and the game ends where it began.

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