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Follow the dark path or use the light

Prologue - Uncharted

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Guide

Prologue - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

What exactly happened during Nathan Drake's first adventure?  This section briefly goes over the adventures of the first episode.  If you haven't played the first game, be warned that this section contains several SPOILERS for the first installment of the Uncharted series.  If you don't mind, dive into the story synopsis below and enrich your Uncharted 2 experience!

Two years ago, Nathan Drake already had quite an adventure during his search for the El Dorado treasure.

Nathan finds the coffin of his ancestor Sir Francis Drake, inside which is a journal of the man himself.  Apparently the journal contains information leading to a grand treasure called El Dorado.  Nate and Victor Sullivan quickly set out for the treasure.  They don't immediately find anything of particular interest at the correct coordinates, but soon discover an ancient tomb.

It looks like the Spanish already raided the tomb ages ago, but as Nate and Sully traverse the tomb they find that the temple has been built around a gold statue: ‘El Dorado', the golden man.  It has already been raided, so Nate and Sully decide to follow the tracks the statue left behind while it was being dragged out of the temple.

Outside, Nate and Sully reach a waterfall with a stranded U-boat and decide to check it out.  Inside, Nate finds a corpse holding onto some Spanish coins which he can't quite identify.  The decomposing captain holds the missing page of the dairy: A map leading to the next location.  After making his way out of the soon-to-be- blowing-up-submarine, Nate finds that a man named Gabriel Roman has captured Sully.  He takes the map from Nate, shoots Sully and is about to kill Nate as the submarine blows up, allowing Nate to just barely escape.  He runs into Elena along the way and the two of them continue with the adventure.

After backtracking through the tomb, the two of them travel to a small island in the Pacific Ocean by a small aircraft.  It doesn't take long before they're shot out of the air, separated from each other.  Nate battles his way through the jungle, fighting off numerous goons until he reaches his downed aircraft. He retrieves the map from the aircraft and makes his way to a nearby fortress in search for Elena.

Shortly after finding Elena's parachute, Nate spots Elena in the distance and goes after her, while defeating many more henchmen.  A journey throughout the enormous fortress leads Nathan to eventually locate Elena again, but he's captured immediately by an old enemy, Eddy Raja.  Nathan is only captured for a whole five minutes as Elena heroically frees Nathan by pulling out the cell wall with a jeep.  A long chase pursues until the two reach a cliff.  Eddy Raja asks for the map, but Nathan drives the jeep backwards into the water, barely escaping once more.

In this drowned city, many firefights take place throughout the ruins.  Nate and Elena reach a jetski and make their way to the harbor where they spotted several ships earlier from top of the fortress.  As they reach the custom's house, Nate finds a journal in which the load of the Esperanza - one of the Spanish ships - is described in detail.  Among heaps of other treasure, the golden statue with a weight of 500 pounds was also on the Esperanza.

Nathan and Elena split up for the moment.  When Nathan reaches the boat, Elena shows him a video she recorded a few moments back in which Sullivan is seen along with Gabriel Roman, boarding a chopper.  This causes them to seriously question his loyalty and trustworthiness.  The boat sails off to a monastery up north, and Nate & Elena pursue once again.

Shortly after another jetski ride, the two bump into several groups of mercenaries.  In the library they find Sullivan and rescue him after partaking in a big firefight.  Sullivan explains that the Drake's Journal took the bullet for him and that he had been misleading Roman ever since.  After solving a puzzle inside the library, Nathan traverses underground catacombs and overhears Raja and Roman talking about business.  Raja says the island is cursed, and Roman isn't satisfied with the results from Raja and his henchmen.

As he reaches a secret entrance at the top of the church, he finds that Roman and his right hand Navarro are located in the monastery, right on top of where the treasure is located.  Solving another puzzle, Nathan eventually winds up at a treasure vault.
When Nathan reaches a large chamber he meets Eddy once again.  Before it comes to a showdown, both are attacked by a large horde of monstrosities, and they're forced to work together.  Unfortunately for Eddy, he is soon dragged down to the depths of the tomb.  Nate barely escapes with Elena and winds up in a Nazi Bunker.  The treasure appears to be nearby, but Nate first needs to find a way to power an elevator.  The switch just happens to be located in an old experimental laboratory, crawling with monstrosities.

Nathan also comes across a video tape and a letter of Francis Drake, telling that the treasure of El Dorado is cursed and turns people into demons.  He writes how he burned down the ships as he never wanted the evil to leave the shores of this cursed isle.

As Nathan reaches the control room in which he and Elena split up he finds that Roman has captured Elena.  The monstrosities and goons both roam the areas as Nate tries to catch up.  After making his way out of the area, another big shootout takes place outside and Nate is eventually lent a hand by Sullivan.  Another large shootout unfolds in the church.

When Nate and Sully finally find the golden El Dorado statue, Roman has already beaten them to it.  In the scene that unfolds, Navarro tells Roman that the real treasure is inside the coffin and that he should open it.  Upon doing so, Roman is cursed by a shady breath of the mummy inside, after which Navarro shoots him through the head.  He then orders his men to take the statue away by helicopter.  Moments later the place is once again roaming with monstrosities - in other words - cursed Spaniards who never left the island after all.

The chopper takes off with Navarro, Elena and the statue, but Nate manages to leap and cling onto the statue, catching a short but intense ride as the chopper crashes onto Navarro's cargo ship.  A final showdown with Navarro and a large batch of his goons unfolds.  Nate eventually manages to get the upper hand in a melee fight with Navarro, rescues Elena from the wrecked chopper, and pushes the chopper, the golden statue, and Navarro - dragged by a rope around his leg - down the ocean.  Sullivan then arrives in a smaller boat and the three of them sail off in the sunset.

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