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Follow the dark path or use the light


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Guide - Walkthrough


Elena showed up just in time for Nate to catch the train.  His search for Chloe continues here.

Treasure on this level:
||BOX|Treasure Name:          |Location:                                      ||
||[ ]|Miniature Bronze Stupa  |At the very back of the train's last cabin     ||
||[ ]|Yama and Buffalo Statue |Top of cabin with a troop coming through window||
||[ ]|Newari Bronze Figures   |Inside train car where troops are swept off    ||

Treasure Video for this level

Shimmy across the train until you reach a short ladder.  Cross the roof and drop down where the cabins are connected.

.----- TREASURE #44: MINIATURE BRONZE STUPA -----------------------------------.
|!|Simply walk to the very back of the train's last cabin to find this one.  |!|

To get across the next cabin, shimmy along the yellow pipe and use the little platforms to get by.  The next few cabins have troops stationed on them, and they're armed with M4 machineguns, along with the usual junk.  Take them out and proceed through the cabin, but beware of a soldier who'll jump at you out of a window. Since the door is locked, hop out of the window and be on your way.

.----- TREASURE #45: YAMA AND BUFFALO STATUE ----------------------------------.
|!|This treasure is located on top of the train cabin in which a soldier     |!|
|!|jumped through a window, resulting in a melee fight.  Just climb the cabin|!|
|!|and you'll easily find the treasure on there.                             |!|

Continue and deal with more soldiers - just make sure to stay well covered and everything'll be fine.  When troops move in you can usually push them off the train or melee them otherwise.  The cabin further down has a heavy machinegun stationed at the end of it, so you'll want to take cover making your way through the first cabin, then climb the second and drop behind the gunner to take him out.  There will be more of his buddies walking around, so snap those little necks as well, or use your own preferred method.
The next few train cars are straightforward, but there will be warning signs that can sweep you right off the train unless you dodge them by hanging from the cars' side.

.----- TREASURE #46: NEWARI BRONZE FIGURES ------------------------------------.
|!|You can find this treasure inside the cabin on which two troops got swept |!|
|!|off the train by a warning sign.  Simply hang to the left side and enter  |!|
|!|this cart - the treasure is then easily spotted.                          |!|

Shortly after passing the tank you'll encounter a variation of this game, with warning sides on the sides of the train as you shimmy across the yellow pipe of the next train car.  Reach for the higher ledges to avoid the warning signs.  A few more troops to dispatch and you'll reach the second part of this train level.

A chopper shows up, and by the way it acts you can't help but think you've killed his brother a few chapters ago.  Quickly jump to the next car, take cover and proceed onward.  Don't even bother shooting at the chopper, it won't help.

The next few carts are considerably more difficult to pass than the ones you've had so far.  Dispatch the soldiers in the distance and do this quickly - the chopper will soon fire rockets at the train cars you're on, disconnecting them from the rest of the train.

To make matters worse, the next cabin has an additional warning sign obstacle coming up, so hang from the side to avoid this.  The next two cars have several more soldiers on them - hurling a grenade to the group isn't a bad idea.  The last car contains an RPG, so fire it at the chopper .. why not?  Tap Triangle at the door on the far end to conclude this chapter.

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