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Vampire Faction -- Rings of Blood Magic

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dawnguard Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Vampire Faction -- Rings of Blood Magic

When you speak with Feran he tells you that he has discovered a pair of ancient rings of Blood Magic -- and this flags the RINGS OF BLOOD MAGIC quest.   You should go ahead and go through the chat options to learn about the rings, it is an interesting story, and once you are done and ready, go ahead and hit the door!

The objectives for this quest are the Ring of the Beast and the Ring of the Erudite, both of which are powerful rings that augment a Vampire Lord's special abilities while transformed and also increase their attributes while in humanoid form -- so if the vampire side is the side of the expansion you have chosen for your main play-through these would be very good to have.

Now is a good time to buy some ingredients and replace any potions you used up -- in particular health potions -- and you should see to your other kit so you are well prepared.

The actual quest part of the quest was, for the most part, a pretty standard attack and loot type of experience -- though there was a Frost Dragon there that attacked when I arrived at the location -- you go to the locations, kill the bad guys, and take the rings, and once you have done so you just head back to chat with Feran to report your success and he congratulates you and confirms that you do indeed get to keep the rings!   This ends the quest RINGS OF BLOOD MAGIC

Important Note: You have now reached the point where there are two unique side-quests left in the series that are part of the vampire faction but to get to them you will have to complete a large number of  the repeating quests noted above...  The reason for this is that there is one quest -- Ancient Power -- that requires you to complete it seven times to get all of the body parts.  But to get to it those six more times after the first, you have to complete a sort of circle of the other quests, because you do not get all six follow-up quests in a row.  What that means is you will need to be patient and keep your sense of humor intact.

Obtaining two Legendary Vampire Rings

While it is really no big deal to do these quests over and over, what is a big deal is that you are almost certain to fall victim to one of several bugs that exist in the game in which the game will assign you the same target more than once for some of the quests.  This is a problem, for example, if you are doing the quest to turn a new vampire and you have already turned that person -- which means you cannot complete that quest.  I know that I mentioned before that you should save before turning in a quest, but now that needs to be amended to you should ALWAYS save before turning in a quest.

To put this in perspective for you, the order in which the circle-of-quests played out after I did all of the repeatable quests once was as follows:

(01) Ancient Power (first)
(02) New Allegiances
(03) Deceiving the Herd
(04) New Allegiances
(05) Protecting the Bloodline
(06) Ancient Power (second)
(07) The Hunt
(08) Culling the Beast
(09) New Allegiances
(10) The Hunt
(11) Deceiving the Herd
(12) Culling the Beast
(13) Protecting the Bloodline
(14) Ancient Power (third)

You get the idea here -- there is an average of anywhere from four to seven repeats between the Ancient Power quests and you have to complete it a total of seven times, so as you can see the process is a long one...

Another point that should be made is that once you do the quests for the first time -- and do them right -- you can get away with doing a half-assed job on the repeats.  That means you can just go for a sloppy kill even when they say it needs to be ninja, because bluntly you just need to get the quest done to move on to the next...  That is my take anyway.

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