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Dawguard Faction -- Prophet

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dawnguard Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Dawguard Faction -- Prophet

It seems that while we were away doing the last quest Serana showed up at the fort looking for us, and this has Isran's shorts in a knot!  Head upstairs and meet with Isran; you can ask for more information about the history of the Order, and then ask if you can help...  He tells you who you can go to for side-quests.  After that follow him to the chamber in the back where he has Serana waiting.

Talk to Serana and she tells you about herself and the Scroll -- work through the chat options and you learn more about her father and you learn why she was sealed in the tomb you found her in.  It seems that she wants to join the Dawnguard -- Isran is a hard sell, he really does not like vampires...  He reluctantly allows Serana to stay but makes you responsible for any mistakes she makes.

Finding and Rescuing the Moth Priest

Serana points out that she has the Elder Scroll with her and that nobody here can read it.  She tells you about Moth Priests, and Isran points out that a Moth Priest may be closer than the other side of the world.  He does not know where the Priest is, but tells us to look for him in the big cities...

Talk to Serana and she offers some advice -- starting with the College of Winterhold -- and she tells you she wants to come with.  She has some chat options you can work through -- and you should -- but once you have exhausted them head for the door!

Now we could follow the hints and run all over looking for clues -- but we can also simply head directly to Dragons Bridge and ask a guard there if they have seen the Moth Priest -- and learn that we just missed them!  Their wagon just crossed over the bridge -- but even if we hurry all we will find is the ambush spot and no priest...  Ah, but a search of the bodies reveals where he was taken -- so head to the Forebear's Holdout.

Take out all of the enemies and then loot the Weystone Focus from the body of the leader, then use it to shut off the force field by inserting it into the controller at the top of the stairs.  The Moth Priest is Dexion Evicus and he is still partly under the influence of the vampire that enthralled him so you have to fight him until he regains mental control over himself, after which he will agree to help you.

Return to the fort and report your success to Isran, and then you must talk to the Priest who will read the Scroll and tell you what little he can about what it says.  It seems that this but one of three Scrolls and you need the other two before he can decipher the whole story -- you either have one of them or you sold it to the College -- if you have it, cool, but I am assuming you sold it, which means you need to go back and buy it from them!

This completes the quest PROPHET and flags the quests SCROLL SCOUTING, CHASING ECHOES, and SEEKING DISCLOSURE.

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