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Curing and Contracting Vampirism & Lycanthropy

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dawnguard Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Curing and Contracting Vampirism & Lycanthropy

As touched upon above, the Dawnguard expansion basically consists of two parts -- the first part that you do as a Vampire, and the second as a Werewolf.  Becoming a werewolf (if you are not already one) is accomplished in one of two ways; either through the assistance of the Companions of the Circle, or by playing through the Dawnguard faction side of the expansion, as you are given the opportunity to become a werewolf as part of that.

Bear in mind that the Companions of the Circle will offer to turn you into a werewolf as part of their questline, and should you have either cured that condition or been turned into a vampire, Aela of the Companions will turn you back into a werewolf ONE TIME.  After that, you are SOL, and that is something you need to bear in mind...  Ideally then if you are already a werewolf you may want to go ahead and level the ability and gain all 11 werewolf perks before you even begin the proper Dawnguard story line just so that is out of the way.

If you are not a werewolf at the start of Dawnguard AND you have not completed the Companions quest line (Lycanthropy is contracted as part of the blood ritual that occurs during The Companions quest, The Silver Hand), you are better off simply playing through the expansion and being turned into one that way, as then you can complete everything and eventually do the Companions quests as well, which will leave you the option later of having Aela turn you back should you need to...  Being turned back into a werewolf WILL cure vampirism.

To recap, becoming a Werewolf is only accomplished via the Circle of Companions in Whiterun or through the Dawnguard faction quests.

-- Becoming a Vampire --

At the cusp where you have to choose which faction you will join the Vampire Lord will turn you into a vampire if you choose his faction.  Otherwise when you battle with vampires there is a very high chance that you will be infected by Sanguinare Vampiris, the disease that will eventually turn you into a full-blown vampire (but not a Vampire Lord).

Basically when you are in combat with a vampire, every time the vampire hits you with a spell OR a weapon, there is a 10% chance of you contracting this disease.   This disease progresses to full Vampirism after 72 in-game hours (three days), but during this time you will receive notifications by the game that you have this disase in the form of  hints about feeling strange when the sun goes down, or feeling thirsty when the sun goes down...

It is important to note that it is impossible to become a Vampire while you are already a werewolf, so if you are a werewolf you do not need to worry about combat with vampires infecting you.  You also do not need to worry about using Cure Disease potions in that case as well.

In the process of writing this guide I was very active on the Dawnguard chat boards discussing different aspects of the game and expansion with other players, and one of the questions that cropped up quite a bit was that if being a vampire AND a werewolf at the same time...  The reality is that you cannot be both at once time from an infected point of view, but you CAN be both a vampire and a werewolf if you are a full-blown vampire and you use the Ring of Hircine -- since the ring will temporarily turn you into a werewolf even if you are not one, because that is its special power.  That being the case, if you are a vampire and you use the ring you essentially can use Beast Form while being a Vampire, which sort of makes you a hybrid of both beasts...

-- Curing Vampirism --

Vampirism can be contracted and cured an unlimited number of times -- but the cures are not what you would call instant or easy...  Vampirism has four unique stages of severity, each of which is pregressed to the longer you go without drinking blood.  Drinking blood will revert you to the next lowest of these stages, and if you do not want to get negative notoriety or bounty, your best tactic is to feed on sleeping humans.  The reason you want to do this is simply to avoid Stage Four of the affliction, because the lower the stage the less likely your condition is to be detected by humans, but if you are Stage Four it is a certainty that you will be identified as a vampire and attacked on sight.

Method 1: If you are already a member of the Circle you can speak with Aela to have her change you directly into a Werewolf, which will instantly clear you of your Vampire affliction.

Method 2: Use the Shrine to Talos outside Whiterun or Dragonsreach; activating the shrine will cure you of all diseases.

Method 3: Complete the Rise of Dawn Quest

-- Speak with any Inn Keeper or Bartender about Rumors -- they will tell you about a man named Fallon in Morthal who is studying vampires;

-- Go to Morthal (East of Fort Snowhawk) and speak with Fallon and he will tell you about the cure for Vampirism;

-- Fallon instructs you to obtain a Black Soul Gem (the Black Star will not work for this) -- if you do not already have one, he will sell you one, but either way you need to use Soul Trap to fill that Black Soul Gem in order to advance this quest so do that next by killing a human and casting Soul Trap or using a Soul Trap weapon to kill one;

-- Take your filled Black Soul Gem and return to Fallon and talk to him to complete the ritual.  Voila!  You are!

So basically the one difference between werewolves and vampires is that it is a lot easier to become a vampire, and a lot easier to cure (remove) that affliction.

-- Curing Lycanthropy --

The condition of being a werewolf was, up until the release of the Dawnguard expansion, largely a function of the quest system of the Circle.  Once cured via the Companions quest series, until the release of Dawnguard the only way to get it again was the one-time re-infection that Aela would do...

At the end of the Companions quest line the player can get themselves cured by completing the quest -- but that cure requires the severed heads of two Glenmoril Witches.  With the head in hand, the player visits  Ysgramor's Tomb, where they draw the spirit of the wolf from their body and defeat it.

Lycanthropy is overwritten by the Vampire Lord when you choose to join the Vampire Lord faction, so technically that is a cure that the player can undertake when they do not have access to the witch head -- by basically getting turned into a vampire and then curing the vampire affliction.

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Comments for Curing and Contracting Vampirism & Lycanthropy

16 comments, latest first.
Apr 3rd 2015 Guest
I was a werewolf but then I turn into a vampire lord but then I stop being a vampire lord because I want to become a
Werewolf but I can't find alea the huntress anywhere
ID #537102
Sep 6th 2016 Guest
Wait a few days or check the courtyard.
ID #680179
Jul 19th 2014 Guest
But I'm a werewolf and vampire and I don't know when it happen
ID #421559
Jan 30th 2014 Guest
I also got the vampire disease on a simple quest w/ Serana. (came in contact with a mist). I can't cure it so I turned to Aela to turn me in a werewolf, but still have vampric blood which boils in the sunlight. All innkeepers talk about the face changer in Rifton, not Fallon in Morthal. Help.
ID #349909
Aug 24th 2013 Agni-Bani
Then part 2

Go to favorites and select revert form
Revert and ask to be turned into a vampire by serana
Then wait around until you end up with aela if you want skip the quest til later plus enjoy the fact that
Despite it saying serana left you now have a werewolf and a vampire following you for quest (depending on if you're on a quest with serana at the time)
If you turn into a lord you will notice missing bonuses will appear when you revert
Except you ill not have weakness to fire, Vampires seduction, resist frost yet another disease immunity and spells like vampiric drain (this is great if you don't want to feed however it does this at the cost of some cool abilities such as being a true 100% all the time vamp lycan however this can save you some trace amounts of time)

Now this is a reason if you want to side with volkihar is that you go to the room with the captive people
Feed on one and you will gain the last of the 3 great powers of werewolf, vampire lord, and standard vampire

ID #306449
Aug 24th 2013 Guest
You can be all 3 at once (lord, were, and sanguinare vampire)

Here's how you do it

Get to the point in which serana will re-transform you into a vampire lord if cured

Get to the quest when you meet skor to become a werewolf

Btw it's only possible to get all 3 if you side with volkihar however you can get lord plus werewolf this way if you side with the dawnguard but keep in mind if you want a vampire lord then I recommend volkihar it's bonuses to vampires make it the obvious pick

Then with serana following you outside the underforge's entrance (don't tell her to wait)
Make sure your a vampire lord
Enter the underforge
Put vampire lord on favorites and take everything else off it
Also remove everything and anything you have equipped
I recommend saving at this point
At the same time you click a for drinking Aela's blood click the button to transform
You will be teleported outside as a werewolf then it will switch to vampire

See part 2
ID #306445
Jun 8th 2013 Guest
I have completed the companions questline, and have a witch's head left over. can i still cure myself?
ID #288681
Apr 8th 2013 Guest
ok the shrine of talos dint cure my vamprisom at all i still ahve all the poweres and weakneses how do i get rid of it
ID #271644
Jul 18th 2015 Guest
[video][/video where is the shrine that cures you of vampiserime
ID #586215
Feb 16th 2013 Guest
i too started as a merewold and got the vamp bug at the begining of dawnguard when i refused to side with the vamps! no way to cure it so i had the chick turn me to a vamp after i killed her father. but now i cant cure the vamp disease and i assume the only way to get the perk for the bow is to side with the vamps at the begining. still trying to cure my vamp problem if i find a way ill post it here
ID #254829
Jan 20th 2013 Guest
Ok this is a bit strange i turned my self into a vampire lord and a werewolf but i dont know how to cure it i tried to speak to the inn for curing vampirism but i want to stay as a werewolf (if i cure werewolf can i get my skils back when i turned back do they stay) btw CAN SOMEONE REPLY TO ME Because i am pissed off at vampire lord and werewolf are fine as it is.
ID #244521
Dec 17th 2012 Guest
I came online looking for answers about WTF is going on. I had the same thing happen as already mentioned: I'm a werewolf that contracted the vampire disease. This is a really annoying bug.
ID #223138
Dec 3rd 2012 Guest
I also contracted Vampire Disease while I was a Werewolf and can't get rid of it just like the person above. No one really recognize me as a vampire but I have all the weaknesses of a vampire and it show up in my game magic info.
ID #214954
Aug 15th 2012 Guest
I've cured lycanthropy twice in order to get back into the soul cairn,i already asked Aela to turn me back,is there anyway i can get it back again?.
ID #176304
Jul 31st 2012 CMBF
OK that is just strange... You should seriously consider reporting that to Bethesda as it completely conflicts with the way it is supposed to work...
ID #170599
Jul 31st 2012 Guest
I'm a Redguard and a werewolf. I have been a werewolf since before i got the DLC, but now that I'm playing Dawnguard, every time that I fight a vampire I end up contracting the vampire disease. It's weird, and i can't cure myself of it, I tried all of the ways mentioned in here and it's like either the other npc's don't notice it. So now I'm a werewolf-vampire hybrid, in the bad way, I get all of their disadvantages like their weaknesses!!!!
ID #170480
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