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Vampire Faction -- New Allegiances

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dawnguard Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Vampire Faction -- New Allegiances

Note: There is a bug that can crop up in which you end up getting assigned the same person twice, or assigned to a person who is actually dead, both bugs make this and other random quests broken.  To protect yourself against these always save before you turn in a quest, that way if you get a bugged assignment you can reload and then get a different one.  Just saying.

Vingalmo tells you that he has found a new candidate for the collective -- and he wants you to go and use Vampiric Seduction and turn the target into a vampire!  Considering that we have already done this to get the Moth Priest into the fold you would think that we would already know how but it seems that the game wants to teach us again...  And this flags the quest NEW ALLEGIANCES.

Recruiting new Vampire for the Collective

So yeah, we need to turn whoever it is that he has named into a vampire, and we need to do it discretely -- no witnesses -- and we need to do it now while the stars are right.  So it is time to head to the town that he specified and see to this task, but before you go if you are in state three or four of vampirism you really should feed before you go as otherwise the guards may attack you in sight!

To complete this locate the target and when no one is looking stand behind them and cast Vampire's Seduction on them, then go into Sneak mode and feed on them.  Once you do that they will tell you that something has happened and they are not feeling well and need to lay down...  At this point you have fulfilled the requirements of the quest and can return to report in.

When you report in Vingalmo rewards you with either a random item with a random enchantment or with three Potions of Blood.  Well done again!

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Comments for Vampire Faction -- New Allegiances

4 comments, latest first.
Mar 2nd 2015 CMBF
Yes but they are saying that they are PAST the quest (meaning it is completed) and they have deleted the saves for before that event.
ID #523389
Jan 17th 2015 Guest
Instead of starting a new game, is the target still alive and you just need to infect him/her a second time?
If so simply kill the target and it will fail the quest, then simply return to the castle and acquire a new quest.
ID #502695
Dec 16th 2014 CMBF
That would be a very bad situation my friend... How do you feel about starting a new game?
ID #485376
Dec 14th 2014 Guest
What am I suppose to do if I have already done the quest and deleted all the way up to where I am saved now?
ID #484846
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