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Police Cases

Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Police Cases

Popstar Lead 1

Head to the marker then text Ming. After receiving the reply, drive to the noodle shop marked in the map. After talking the Ming, drive the court where Popstar hangs out. Talk to him then he'll ask you to beat up the two deadbeats that owe him.

Find them and take them out. Return to Popstar and lose the cops. Be careful not to steal or cause property damage or your cop meter will get deductions. Deliver the drugs to Ming afterward.

Popstar Lead 2

Head to the marked location and defeat the thugs. Once done, hack the camera.

You need to input four numbers and you have 6 attempts before the password is reset. Unfortunately, there's no fixed code for each camera so you have to figure it out on your own. Fortunately however, no duplicate numbers is allowed as well. The numbers you inputted will have a color code:

Red = Incorrect
Yellow = Correct number but wrong placement
Green = Correct

One good practice is to start with 0123 and increase gradually so the yellow numbers appear. Once the green/yellow numbers appear, you'll just need to figure out their placements. In the example below, we know that 0 is the correct number and 4, 7, 9 are all correct numbers in the wrong place.

Since you 4 being second is wrong, you can now try 7 or 9 as the second number. In the example below, we got 9 as the correct second number. For the third and fourth obviously, you just need to swap them to get the correct code.

After successfully hacking the camera, return to your apartment to bust the Supplier in the act. Zoom in and identify the supplier then order the arrest. Call Teng afterward.

Popstar Lead 3

Head to the marked location south of Kam Chuk Underpass. Once the objective is updated, enter the chicken van and wait for Popstar. Follow him to the deal. You have to follow the rules of the road and keep a safe distance to avoid raising suspicion.

Climb the roof then go to the low wall. Take cover then take a picture of Popstar in the middle of the deal. You have to take another picture of him while in the middle of the act.

Wait for Popstar's crew to head to the dock then tail him. Approach the guard and immediately press Y to talk your way past him. Head to the back of the boat and climb up. Wait for the deal to finish, then immediately take a picture of Popstar as he kills his contact.

Make your way back to the chicken van. Two police highway patrol officers will chase you down. Lose them without causing too much damage to property. Once you're clear, head to the undercover HQ and park the chicken van in the garage to complete the mission.

Hotshot Lead 1

Head to the undercover HQ and talk to Teng. Text Jackie about the race scene then call Ace. Next, take the impounded car outside the HQ. Drive the car to the race location and simply win the race.

Time to race


Hotshot Lead 2

Get into the city van and drive to the Hotshot's location. After the scene, get behind his car and plant a bug like what you did in the restaurant. Once done, head back to the van and tail him without raising suspicion.

Hotshot Lead 3: Water Street

This is a C-class race so simply win the race to close the lead



Hotshot Lead 4

It will be better to drive to the marked location using a fast car. Upon arriving, you'll receive a call from Ace. Now drive to the center of the triangle. You can refer to the video below to know the exact location. Upon arriving there, you have to trace the signal. Tune in the Central area then cycle through various cell sites until you find a constant signal (located in the northwestern side)



Next, race to the marked location by the seaside before Ace's girlfriend dies. Once there, investigate the crash then take a photo of the wreck. Send a text message challenging Hotshot then take the nearby car to Victoria Peak.



Race Hotshot until you get past the blockade. This time, you have to pursue him and disable his car. Escape the police afterward to complete this case.

Race down the mountain


Serial Killer Lead 1

This case becomes available after completing the story mission “Loose Ends”. Drive to Aberdeen and head to the marked location. You'll find a parked police van there so get behind it and go in disguise. Head to the crime scene and convince the police officer to let you through.

Continue to the warehouse and photograph the body. Investigate all three bodies then return the uniform to the police van. Call Teng to complete this lead.

Serial Killer Lead 2

Head to Central Hospital next and get in disguise by checking the back of the ambulance. Enter the hospital then head to the nurse's counter inside. Persuade the nurse to leave then hack the computer.

Next, head to the doctor's office to plant a bug before he arrives. After calibrating the bug, crack his safe next before the time runs out. Once done, return to the ambulance to return the disguise and complete this lead.

Serial Killer Lead 3

Call Teng from your cellphone and race to meet Calvin before the time limit expires. Once you reach the scene, you'll already find Calvin being abducted. Chase after the car and action hijack it. After successfully commandeering it, drive it to the underground parking to complete the lead.


A tragic story of modern medicine


Kidnapper Lead 1

After completing the story mission “Fast Girls” and Ilyana's side mission (Make Ilyana Sweat), this new case will become available. Head to the undercover HQ for a scene then head to the K-Bar to investigate. Ask Ilyana at the bar then talk to Mr. Chan. Leave the bar by the back door and climb the rooftops. Pick the lock of the glowing gate and climb up the crates to enter her apartment.

Search it for more useful information. Take a photo of the note by the fridge then call Teng to complete the lead.

Kidnapper Lead 2

Head to the marked clothing store to get dressed then go to the dock. Ride a boat then sail to the northern gambling den. Introduce yourself to Yar then win a round of poker mahjong. Next, you'll play another round with Ilyana as bet. Deliberately lose the next hand to update the mission. Leave the gambling den and contact Ilyana to complete the lead.

Kidnapper Lead 3

Meet Ilyana by the docks. Next, bring her to Yar Kwai Lai. Take a snapshot of Yar with Ilyana then get on her motorcycle.

Follow the vantage points marked in the map before the time runs out. After reaching the last vantage point, get on a boat then ride to Ilyana's last GPS location. Swim inside the tunnel and attempt to free the girls.

Tracking the kidnapper


Kill the thugs then pick the lock to free the girls and complete this case.

Tracking the kidnapper


Completing all this cases will unlock the achievement, “Case Closed”

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Comments for Police Cases

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Oct 21st 2015 Guest
I won two times but next round,i can't see my number of mahjong. Why like that?
ID #618437
Nov 21st 2012 Guest
How do you get winsons gold pistol back after you beat the game
ID #210864