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Achievements Guide

Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Achievements Guide

Chief Inspector (75G)
Complete 100% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races.

You must do the following to reach full completion of the game.

30 Missions
4 Cases
36 Favors
28 Events
30 Jobs
18 Races

Detective (35G)
Complete 50% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races.

(Refer to Chief Inspector achievement)

Officer (15G)
Complete 25% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races.

(Refer to Chief Inspector achievement)

Rookie (10G)
Complete 10% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races.

(Refer to Chief Inspector achievement)

Pure Gold (60G)
Achieve 30 Gold Stat Awards

There are thirty challenges in the game which you can earn Silver and Gold Awards. The number of awards you unlock is tied up to a few achievements in the game so it will be a good idea to keep track of them if you're aiming to unlock these achievements. You can find these by accessing the Social Hub in your main menu. For the list of challenges, refer to this guide's “Challenges” section.

Golden Touch (30G)
Achieve 15 Gold Stat Awards

(Refer to Pure Gold achievement)

Gold Rush (10G)
Achieve 5 Gold Stat Awards

(Refer to Pure Gold achievement)

Strike Gold (5G)
Achieve 1 Gold Stat Award

(Refer to Pure Gold achievement)

Solid Silver (35G)
Achieve 30 Silver Stat Award

(Refer to Pure Gold achievement)

Substantial Silver (15G)
Achieve 15 Silver Stat Award

(Refer to Pure Gold achievement)

Slight Sliver (5)
Achieve 5 Silver Stat Award

(Refer to Pure Gold achievement)

Auto Enthusiast (10)
Purchase all vehicles

There are four vehicle stores available in the city and the vehicles will unlock as you increase your “Face” levels. It is recommended that you attempt to buy vehicles after reaching Fave Level 10 as it also gives you 40% discount to all stores. It is also recommended to continue doing Tran's vehicle hunting services (Refer to “Tran's Cars” favor mission in this guide's Favors section) to earn quick and huge money in a short time.

(All prices are not discounted)

Top Glamour Imports:

Drag 979: $92,700
CS 750 R: $69,300
860 MHC: $462,000
Executive: $210,000
Terre GT:$280,100
Bismarck: $390,000
SES: $405,000

North Point Chop Shop:

Bisai: $29,000
GX300: $38,000
Sparc: $55,000
Neo V: $63,200
Prime: $73,200
Kyou Kan: $85,000

Central Import Yard:

Taikai: $125,000
Hassha: $153,000
Odaiko: $160,000
Drifter GT: $210,000
Ridge Sport: $270,000
Enterprise: $330,000

Kennedy Town Docks:

Panzer: $360,000
1100 NA-R: $150,000
Blast: $420,000
Etalon: $520,300
Wangan GSX: $550,500
Tuono: $605,000
Velocita: $649,900

Spiritual Healing (15G)
Pray at all Health Shrines

There are 50 health shrines all over the city. Refer to this guide's “Health Shrines” section to know their locations.

Fashion Victim (15G)
Purchase all clothing

There are several clothing stores in the city but it is recommended that you wait until you reach Face LV10 so all clothing is unlocked and you'll be able to enjoy the 40% discount perk that you'll get. Clothing stores are marked in the map so you shouldn't have problems locating all of them.

Hong Kong Super Hacker (15G)
Hack every security camera in the game

There are 26 security cameras around Hong Kong and two of them will be hacked as part of the story and police cases missions. Refer to the “Security Cameras” section of the guide.

Karaoke Superstar (10G)
Achieve 90% and above for all songs in the Karaoke Bars

There are two locations where you can play this mini-game: Club Bam-Bam and K-Bar. There are also 8 songs in total, 4 is unlocked through the main story, 2 songs are unlocked after dating Tiffany and 2 more songs after completing the favor mission “Real Men Don't Karaoke”. This is practically just a mini-game and scoring above 90% shouldn't be any problems at all.

Bounty Hunter (20G)
Complete all of Roland's Jobs

You'll meet Roland for the first time during the story mission “Uncle Po”. After completing the mission, you can call him up to do some debt collecting jobs for him. There are five total jobs from him, not including the first one he gave you during the story mission.

West End Scavenger (20G)
Unlock every lockbox in Kennedy Town and Aberdeen

Refer to the “Lockboxes” section of the guide for the location of all lockboxes

Central Scavenger (20G)
Unlock every lockbox in Central

Refer to the “Lockboxes” section of the guide for the location of all lockboxes

North Point Scavenger (20G)
Unlock every lockbox in North Point

Refer to the “Lockboxes” section of the guide for the location of all lockboxes

Super Cop (15G)
Unlock ten Cop Upgrades

You have to reach Rank 10 Cop Level to purchase all upgrades. You gain Cop experience by doing police “leads” and “cases” (refer to the Police Cases section for more details) and by minimizing collateral damage when doing story missions. If you finished the game and still haven't reached the highest rank, you can replay missions from the Social Hub menu.

Ultimate Fighter (15G)
Unlock ten Triad Upgrades

You have to reach Rank 10 Triad Level to purchase all upgrades. You can increase the Triad experience points you gain per mission by performing various actions like executing combos, using objects to kill enemies, scoring headshots, etc. If you finished the game and still haven't reached the highest rank, you can replay missions from the Social Hub menu.

Wei of the Road (15G)
Complete all Street Races

There are 18 street cases which will be unlocked as you purchase Class B and Class A vehicles. Two race events can only be unlocked by completing Sandra's favor mission “Fast and Hot Sandra”. Refer to the Favors section of this guide for more details with that mission. You can also refer to the “Races” section to get a preview of the race events.

Event Planner (15G)
Complete all of the open world Events.

There are a total of 28 open world events. They only appear when you're very close to them. They are color coded. For the complete location of all open world events, please watch this Youtube video:

17 Drug Busts (Blue)
4 Shoplifters (Yellow)
3 Hit and Runs (Red)
4 Junk in the Trunks (Orange)

Event Driven (20G)
Complete half of the open world Events.

Refer to the Event Planner achievement

Mice Nice Guy (30G)
Complete all favors

Refer to the Favors section of the guide for more information.

Case Closed (30G)
Complete all cases

Refer to the Police Cases section of the guide for more information

Sharpshooter (25)
Shoot out a cop's tires while fleeing in a police chase

Acquire a weapon, preferably a handgun and deliberately increase your heat level to initiate a police chase. Press LB to peek out of the window to slow time down a bit then aim for the police car's tire. You just need to pop a tire to get this achievement.

If you want a really cheap method, go to a police station where police cars are parked, then shoot one of the tires there.

Kleptomaniac (15G)
Hijack 5 trucks and collect their cargo

Later in the game, you'll be advised that you can hijack Knox armored trucks whenever you spot them. They are pretty common so once you find them, chase and perform an action hijack. After successfully commandeering them, you have to lose the cops and deliver the truck successfully to a nearby garage to get its contents. Take note that as you do this, your heat level will increase as the amount of cargo a truck has increases.

Infowlable (15G)
Win 50,000 in a single cockfight

This achievement is based in your luck so I suggest saving your game before making a bet. Cockfighting arenas are marked in the map so you won't have problems finding them.

Tourist (10G)
Win a bet in cockfighting

Refer to Infowlable for more details

Whatever's Handy (15G)
Use 10 different melee weapons to defeat enemies

Take note that it doesn't have to be an enemy for the weapon kills to count; you can kill innocent bystanders should you feel like it. There are several types of melee weapons:

Briefcase (carried by businessmen)
Crowbar (some cars have this in their trunks)
Fish (shatter an aquarium, grab one of the fishes there)
Frying Pan
Hand Grinder (part of the mission “Dock Yard Heist”)
Kitchen Knife
Machete (acquired at the end of the mission “The Election”. Make sure not to throw it away immediately)
Meat Cleaver
Tire Iron

Gun Nut (15G)
Use 10 different firearms to defeat enemies

There are several firearms in the game, most of them are found during later story mission, police cases or drug bust locations. Just make sure to try every single gun you find.

Safe Driver (20G)
Cruise for 2 minutes without damaging your car

Get a stable and slow car (like vans) and get into an expressway. Drive carefully without hitting anything for two minutes to get this achievement.

Gadgetman (20G)
Pick a lock, plant a bug, trace a phone, crack a safe and take over a spy camera

All these actions will come naturally as you progress through missions.

Environmentalist (5)
Perform 5 unique environmental kills

You need to grab a weak or dazed enemy then execute them by throwing/slamming them to the glowing red objects.

Foodie (10G)
Try 10 different foods or drinks. The Night Market in North Point has several food stalls while the others can be found along the major streets.

Pork Bun
Fish Dumpling Skewer
Chicken on a Stick
Noodle Bowl
Curry Chicken Balls
Spicy Squid
Ice Cream
Roast Duck
Waffle Eggs
Herbal Tea
Dragon Kick
Man Around Town (20G)
Visit Aberdeen, Central, Kennedy Town and North Point

You don't have to worry about this since you'll unlock this as you progress in the game. If you want to unlock it manually though, just grab a cab and drop off from any of the marked locations per area.

Take a Bite Out of Crime (10G)
Complete a case

Refer to the Police Cases section for more details

A Slap in the Face (10G)
Kill someone with a fish

This is available in the mission “Club Bam Bam” (or later on as you're chasing Dogeyes). Grab an enemy then slam him aquarium to break it. Grab one of the fishes there and perform a heavy attack.

Stuntman (5G)
Successfully perform an action hijack

This is part of the story mission “Payback”. Drive near another vehicle, press and hold A then press A again when the arrow turns green.

Fashion Statement (10G)
Change all your clothes in your wardrobe or a clothing store

Pretty straightforward; simply buy some new clothes are get a new hat and new threads for your torso, pants and shoes.

Great Face (50G)
Achieve Face Level 10

There are several ways to increase your Face level. You can complete favors, win races and clear Martial Arts Clubs. Getting a massage and wearing clothing that gives bonus face EXP should also help in boosting your face levels.

Gaining Face (25G)
Achieve Face Level 5

See Great Face achievement for more details

Minor Face (5G)
Achieve Face Level 2

See Great Face achievement for more details

Martial Law (15G)
Defeat all 4 Martial Arts Clubs

The martial arts clubs are marked as orange fists in the map. You have to fight an increasing number of enemies per round using hand-to-hand combat. It is recommended to attempt this after unlocking a few extra techniques and moves.

The following achievements are story related thus unlocked automatically.

Big Smiles All Around (50G)
Complete Big Smile Lee.

Complete the story mission "Big Smile Lee:

A Big Betrayal (35G)
Complete Dockyard Heist.

Complete the story mission "Dockyard Heist"

That'll Show 'Em (20G)
Complete Payback.

Complete the story mission "Payback"

In With The Gang (5G)
Complete Night Market Chase.

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