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Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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You can find these as yellow markers on the map. Make sure to tackle these as well to earn Face and get various rewards.

Cheater's Never Prosper

Head to the map and offer help to the NPC.

Drive to the marked location. Once you found the car, get a tire iron from the trunk then use it to smash the car. Once the driver appears, beat him down to complete the mission.

Cheaters Never Prosper

A Quiet Drive

Head to the map and talk to Calvin. Wait for him then once the cops respond, enter the vehicle and escape the cops. Once you successfully eluded them, pull over to drop him off and complete the favor.

A Quiet Drive

Fashion Advice

Talk to the girl in the overpass. After getting mugged, chase down the thief until you find him and his cohorts. Beat them down to complete the favor.

Fashion Advice

Pay Hospital Bills

Talk to Michelle in the Night Market. Next, get in her car and drive it to the harbor. Follow the trail until you find a ramp. Speed up and jump up the ramp to complete this favor.

Pay Hospital Bills

Ting's T-Shirt

After talking to Ting, head to the temple and get into position. Take a picture then upload it, then make your way to the seaside. Get into position until a drunkard blocks your view. Beat him down then take the picture to complete the request.


Quick Fix
This appears after completing the police mission “Popstar 3”. Head to the marked location and offer help to the lady. Once you get mugged, follow the thug until he leads you to his two other friends in the bay. Defeat them all to complete the mission.

Cheater's Never Prosper Part 2

You'll find this NPC in the garage of Sui Shan Alley. Talk to him to offer help. Drive to the marked location to find the rival driver's car. Like before, get the tire iron from the trunk and use it to destroy the car. Defeat the two racers who will confront you to complete this favor.

Truck Recovery

Head to the marked location and offer help to the worker. Ride the nearby motorcycle and catch up with the truck. Once near, prepare to do an action hijack. After successfully taking control of the vehicle, lose the cops then deliver the truck to the docks. Part it inside the garage to complete the misison.

Action Hijack

Red-Handed Tiffany

Talk to the bouncer outside your apartment to start this mission. Next, drive to the pay phone that Tiffany uses and place a bug on it. Just wait for the scene to finish and the mission will be complete.

Follow Tiffany

After the last mission, this one will become available immediately. Head back to your apartment and talk to your bouncer friend there. Next, drive to Tiffany's apartment and follow them. Upon reaching the destination, confront Tiffany.

Just a Little Driving

Meet up with Calvin and follow him. After he guns down his target, ride the car and lose the cops. Once cooled down, drop him off to complete this favor.

Little Driving

Turn Losers to Winners

Meet up with the guy then drive his truck to the jump off point. Simply jump off  to the sea to complete this mission.

Chicken Congee, damn!

Escort an Ally
Head to the marked location and talk to Duke. Next, find a vehicle then drive out of 18K territory. After successfully escaping the territory, stop the vehicle and let duke out to complete this favor.

Escorting out of enemy territory

Pied Piper

Talk to the NPC that needs assistance to start this mission. Next, you have to get the attention of some cops. There are a few nearby so you can just cause a commotion or steal their vehicle. Drive to the car dealer and lead the cops to the marked spot. Escape the area and lose the cops to complete this favor.

The police

Distract the Cops

Find the NPC by going through the blue door, the same one leading to Central's Martial Arts Club. Talk to the NPC then throw some pop soda cans to the police. Next, lead them away by going through the obstacles in the area. The favor will be complete after reaching the end of the path.

The police *again*

Drunk Disposal

Head south of North Point and find a boat. Ride south to reach the gambling den. Talk to the bouncer and throw off the two drunkards off the den to complete this favor.

Gambling Den

Cheaters Never Prosper Pt. 3

Find the NPC and talk to him to start the mission. Drive to the location of the car afterward then beat up the thugs there. Get the tire iron from the trunk and use it to smash the car and complete the favor.

Messing up the cars

Convoy Intercept

Meet up with the NPC and agree to help. Find a vehicle, preferably a car then drive to the highway. Drive until you find the four vans. Kill the gunners then ram the vans to take them out. Keep doing this until all four vans are taken out.

Intercepting the drug convoy

Riff Raff Disposal
Go to the Central Gambling Den off shore and talk to the bouncer. Defeat the gamblers outside to complete the mission and unlock this area.

Safe Delivery

Meet up with Big Eddie in Kennedy Town and agree to help him. This is a very simple favor mission as you just need to keep the 18K bike gang off your back. Just keep shooting at them until Big Eddie successfully delivers his shipment to the ferry.

Safe delivery

Pied Piper Redux

Talk to Conroy to start this mission. Just like the last time, you have to get some cops on your tail and lead them to the thugs. Evade the police to complete the mission.

Pied Piper Redux

Escort an Ally Redux

Pick up Red and get a vehicle. Next, drive your way out of 18K territory and shake off your pursuers as necessary.

Escort an Ally Redux

Show What You've Got

Talk to the guy and do some free running. Just follow the markers until you reach the last marker before the time expires.

Free Running

Show What You've Got Again

Find the stoned guy and do some free running again.

Free Running Again

Real Men Don't Karaoke

Find the man in karaoke bar and offer help. You have to score low in karaoke by deliberately missing the notes until the song finishes. The favor will be complete afterward.

Broken Parts

Take a look at the guy's motorcycle then chase the thief that will steal your money. It's just a short chase however so you won't be exerting too much effort in this one.

Broken Parts and legs

Tang's Toy

Talk with Dr. Tang and get into his utility van. Just follow the marker until the package stops moving. Call Tang to complete the favor.

Beat the Heat

Tang's New Toy
Just like before, you have to follow the yellow blips until you reach the last one. Call Teng to complete the favor.

Tang's New Toy

Tang's Newer Toy

Same mechanics as before

Tang's Newer Toy


Side Jobs and Dates

Photograph Amanda
You'll meet Amanda in the story mission the same as her name. Call her up then meet her in Victoria Peak. Once there, take a picture of her when prompted, prompt the guard to get you guys in then take a few photos of her again. Pretty easy. After the favor mission, all health shrines will be marked in the map, even undiscovered ones.

Hold your poses

Tiffany's Song
After the story mission “Club Bam Bam”, you'll get Tifany's number. Call her once you're available and score more 90% at the karaoke with her. The favor will be complete afterward. The good thing about doing this favor, is that all Jade Statues are revealed in your map.

Sing for her

Impress Not-Ping

You'll meet “Not-Ping” for the first time after the story mission “Listening In”. After sleeping, she'll be calling you. Meet her up by the shop. Then, distract the officer. Head to the roof and attempt to hack the camera within the time limit. After successfully doing so, meet up with Not-Ping to complete the mission. After this, all security cameras will appear in your mini-map, making it a lot easier finding and hacking them.

Like a pro

Make Ilyana Sweat

You'll get Ilyana's number after completing the story mission “Important Guest”. Find her in the K-Bar then beat her in free running. Completing this mission will show all lockboxes in the map.

Sing for her

Fast and Hot Sandra

You'll get Sandra's number after completing the story mission “Fast Girls”. Meet her up then drive fast for sixty seconds to get her excited. You can do this easily in the expressway. Once done, drive her home to complete the favor.

Fast and Hot Sandra

Tran's Cars

For this job, you have to find the marked vehicle, hijack it and deliver it back to Tran's garage as intact as possible to maintain its value and your reward money.

Tran's Cars

Hijacking Call

As you head out (the story mission “Uncle Po” should be available), you'll receive a message to hijack Knox security vans when you spot them. You'll come across almost immediately so chase it and perform an action hijack. Lose the cops and deliver the van to the car dealer to sell it and complete the job.

Hijacking Call

Roland's Debt Collections

You'll meet Roland for the first time during the story mission “Uncle Po”. After completing the mission, you can call him up to do some debt collecting jobs for him.



Martial Arts Clubs

You just have to win 6 continuous rounds of enemies which increases per round. This shouldn't be hard, as long as you have unlocked a few moves and have the benefits of food, drinks and massage with you.

Martial Arts Club: North Point
Rewards: $15000
Shen Zen

Martial Arts Club: Aberdeen
Rewards: $150000
The Bon Gak

Martial Arts Club: Central
Rewards: $30000
Manhattan Melee

You have to enter the blue double doors to reach this arena.

Martial Arts Club: Kennedy Town
Hog Pen Row Outfit

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