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Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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These boxes contain different unlockable items and extra cash so it will be helpful to seek them out as soon as you freely roam the area. These are guarded by thugs so be prepared before engaging them. These locations are listed in no particular order.

North Point

1. In the alley south of Kam Chuk Overpass

2. East of the vehicle store

3. In the balcony, near the overpass northeast of the parking lot.

4. Northwest of the bus terminal

5. West of the bus terminal

6. Under the flyover. This lockbox needs to be unlocked (Mr. Black)

7. Under the flyover as well. There are six guys guarding this box. You can just hijack one of the vehicles and run them over.

8. Climb the stairs in the overpass between Lok Fu Park and Lu Mei Alley. Defeat the thugs and you'll find the box in the corner after vaulting over the barricade.

9. After using the health shrine in the rooftop, head to the southeast to find this lockbox in the corner.

10. Above the stairs in the alley southeast of North Point's western Parking Lot. This is locked as well. (Baseball Cap)

11. By the overpass stairs, southwest of Club Bam Bam

12. Take the stairs in the Foo Long Overpass and vault over to the west to find this along the way.

13. South of the Golden Koi, in the rooftop. See the video below:

Golden Koi lockbox

14. Southwest corner of the Night Market, behind some stalls.

15. Southern street of the Night Market. Look for the guy that sells watches (and a health shrine nearby) then climb the stairs behind to find this on the balcony.

16. Eastern side of the Night Market, in the corner beside an undergarment stall

17. Northern street of the Night Market, in the middle behind some stalls

18. Find the stairs behind the electronics shop in the northern street of the Night Market. Go upstairs and turn around to find this lockbox in the corner, beside some trashbags.

Night Market trash lockbox

19. Police station parking lot

20. Parking lot northwest of the Waterfront

21. Behind the temple to the west (Knockoff J. Jiggler Jersey)

22. Yau Ling Park, under the footbridge by the pond

23. Along the street, beside the wall

24. In a cargo ship to the south of the map. You need to ride a boat to reach it. You can find a ragtag wooden boat docked to the southwest of the cockfighting arena. The lockbox is located on top of a container van.

25. On top of a container van, southwest of the cockfighting arena.

26. On the ground, behind an open container van, southwest of the cockfighting arena.

27. Parking lot, southeast of North Point

28. Offshore dock to the southeast of North Point

29. In the corner, guarded by thugs

30. Refer to the map and defeat the thugs guarding the lockbox

31. Inside an empty warehouse as shown in the map

32. East of the parking lot indicated in the map below

33-34. You can only access these via boat. You can grab a boat from the eastern dock of North Point. Refer to the video below for more information.

Offshore lockboxes

35. On top of some crates, in the port east of North Point

36. Behind the large crane in the port, east of North Point

37. Inside the office room beside the mission marker for Stick Up and Delivery

38. In the waiting shed along the winding road leading to Victoria Peak.

39. Inside Winston's office in Club Bam Bam. Can be accessed during the story mission “Meet the New Boss”

40. In the dead end south of Victoria Peak.



1. by the seaside view

2. From the seaside view, go downstairs then swim to the sewage waterflow. This is the same location as the Drug Bust in the Aberdeen Sewage Outflow so you can get this at the same time as doing that side mission.

Busting the rats

3. In the shore showed in the map.

4. Near the convenience store

5. Along the street before heading to the expressway

6. In the small alley, beside the stairs.

7. South of the Fish Market, by the docks

8. Northwest of the Fish Marker, by the bay

9. Inside one of the boats in the docks.

10. In the roof of the shed west of the seaside warehouse. You have to climb the dumpster to reach the roof.

11. Under the overpass, in the corner behind overpass support pillar

12. Aberdeen Island

13. Aberdeen Island docks, on the roof of a boat

14. Aberdeen Island southern shore

15. In an alley as shown in the images below



1. Near the Sui Shan Alley car dealer

2. Rooftops, South of K-Bar

3. Victoria Peak

4. Inside the construction site in the commercial district


5: Beside the building where the jade statue is found. Refer to the map location below.

6: Wah Fi Storage

7. In the corner by some trash bins outside Central Hospital

8: Outside Central Hospital, behind the bushes to the northeast.

9: Victoria Park

10: Victoria Park, eastern side near the health shrine

11: Overpass, south of the government house

12: Dr. Mong Memorial Overpass, same location as the drug bust

13. Tsim Shan Shan Alley, south. In the enclosed alley

14. Northern docks

15. Gambling Den north of Central. Behind the gas tanks

16. Boardwalk, behind some stairs beside a boating dock

17. In an alley north of the commercial district, behind a trash bin.

18.  In the crossings of Soho

19. Near the footbridge in Wang Fu Parking

20. Kindly refer to the map below

21. In the alley north of Sui Shan Alley

22. During the story mission “Conflicted Loyalties”, you'll have the objective to sneak inside the starlet's apartment. You'll find this along the way. See the video below.

23. In the commercial building where you can find one NPC selling the Dragon Tapestry upgrade for your safehouse in Central

24. Northeast of the Government House

25. Northwest of the business district

26. Northernmost part of the Victoria Park

27. Ramp in the northern bay of Central


29. Above the parking lot by the circular overpass.


Kennedy Town


01: Chiang Mai Sewer Interchange

02: Near Sun Yat Sun Housing Complex

03: Kennedy Docks

04: Water Pollution Control Center

05: Two-chin's Mansion. Available during the story mission “Bad Luck”

6. Inside the yard as shown in the map

7. Inside the yard as shown in the map

8. In the corner of a large house

Lockbox #8

9. Parking space near the expressway

10. Behind Tran's garage in Kennedy Town

11. Under the overpass, beside the pillar

12. In the park, behind some boulders, bushes and trees

13. Cemetery parking lot

14. Kennedy docks, on top of a container van

Lockbox #14

15. Kennedy docks, on top of the pile of container vans

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