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Achievements / Trophies

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Guide

Achievments / Trophies

When it is easy to get an achievement during gameplay, they are mentioned in the respective level walkthroughs on the previous pages of this guide.

Without Warning: Destroy Radar site on Mission One (Bronze/20G)

Saber Beats SAM: Destroy the SAM sites on Mission Two (Bronze/20G)

Tide’s Out: Hold the village at the beachhead on Mission Three (Bronze/20G)

Runway Relief: Defend the airfield successfully on Mission Four (Bronze/20G)

Sandman’s Saviors: Safely extract the helicopter crew on Mission Five (Bronze/20G)

Fly Away Peter, Fly Away Paul: Extract your team safely on Mission Six (Bronze/20G)

Resource Management: Secure the fuel depot on Mission Seven (Bronze/20G)

Heroic Rescue: Safely extract the POWs on Mission Eight (Bronze/20G)

Uphill Struggle: Destroy the spotters and render the mortars useless on Mission Nine (Bronze/20G)

Bug Out: Extract your team safely on Mission Ten (Bronze/20G)

Ship It: Secure the naval base and General Zheng on Mission Eleven (Bronze/20G)

Skirinka Island Tour: Fly the helicopter around Skirinka Island on Mission One (Silver/30G)

Ghost Ops: Take out the PLA Commander in Mission Two (Silver/30G)

Get Creative: Take out the APC near the farmhouse at the start of Mission Three (Silver/30G)

Hip Shooter: Destroy the helicopter near the start of Mission Four (Silver/30G)

Hitchhiker: Destroy the vehicles in the village that arrive when you release the helicopter crew in Mission Five (Silver/30G)

Fuel the Fire: Take out the fuel trucks in the depot in Mission Six (Silver/30G)

Ruthless Efficiency: Kill all four spotter troops with the fire-mission on Mission Seven (Silver/30G)

Perfect Rescue: Extract all hostages in Mission Eight (Silver/30G)

Keep ‘em Rolling: Protect all the tanks in the opening stages of Mission Nine (Silver/30G)

Two Birds, One Stone: Take out General Han and the radio station with the fire-mission in Mission Ten (Silver/30G)

Vertical Envelopment: Fly the helicopter from Skoje village to the landing zone in Mission Eleven (Silver/30G)

Dragon Rising: Complete the game on any difficulty (Gold/70G)

Dragon Rising – Hardcore: Complete the game on Hardcore difficulty (Gold/100G)

Shock and Awe: Use your first air strike fire-mission (Bronze/20G)

Hard Rain: Use your first air strike fire-mission (Bronze/20G)

Low Blow: Kill an enemy vehicle with an AT mine (Silver/20G)

Scrap Metal: Kill an enemy vehicle with an AT weapon (Silver/20G)

Clear Skies: Kill an enemy vehicle with an AA weapon (Silver/20G)

The Sky is Falling: Kill an enemy with a helicopter without using its weapons (Silver/20G) [Note: This means you effectively need to crash into an enemy. Use the helicopter in Mission Eleven to hit one of the enemies that you would otherwise fight after landing]

Squad Slayer: Kill or incapacitate 25 enemies (Bronze/20G)

Platoon Pounder: Kill or incapacitate 50 enemies (Silver/30G)

Company Killer: Kill or incapacitate 100 enemies (Gold/50G)

Unbloodied Hands: Complete a mission without directly killing anyone yourself (Silver/20G) (Note: Any of the Spec-Ops missions are good for these, with Mission Six and Mission Ten in particular effective options – just order your team or co-op partner to do all the shooting)

All Patched Up: Apply a field dressing to an injured friend in Co-op (Silver/20G)

Florence Nightingale Award: Apply the field dressing to other wounded soldiers 20 times (Silver/20G)


In addition the PS3 version has the usual Platinum Trophy for getting all the others.

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