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Trophy Guide

Medal of Honor Warfighter Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Trophy Guide

The game has 51 trophies, 39 of which can be acquired offline while the remaining 12 must be done online. There are no collectibles in the game so you can freely play without any worries of missing anything.

Offline Trophy Guide


The following trophies are story related, thus can't missed.

Rain of Terror
Completed Changing Tides

Monsoon Lagoon
Completed Rip Current

Unexpected Cargo
Completed Unintended Consequences

One Shot, Three Kills
Completed Hat Trick

Hit the Beach
Completed Shore Leave

Know the Enemy
Completed Through the Eyes of Evil

Non-Official Cover
Completed Finding Faraz

Class Dismissed
Completed Connect the Dots

Pedal to the Medal
Completed Hello and Dubai

Closing Ceremony
Completed Old Friends

One Man Mutiny
Completed Bump in the Night

Pit and Pin
Completed Hot Pursuit

Let Him Rot
Completed Shut It Down

Double Header
Killed two enemies with one bullet in the Changing Tides mission

Near the start of the mission Changing Tides, you'll have to sneak and stealthily kill enemies along the way. You'll eventually find two enemies walking side by side. You have to line them up and kill them with one shot.

Two heads, one bullet


Release the Kraken!
Killed 20 enemies during the boat exfil in Rip Current

During the boat sequence, just keep holding the fire button and go crazy by killing all marked enemies. There are more than 20 enemies. You should be able to unlock this trophy before your path gets blocked by another boat. If you haven't unlocked the trophy by then, restart the checkpoint. Refer to the video below for more information. It may take a few runs to memorize where the enemies will appear.

Release the Kraken!


Tag, You're It
Caught Faraz within 15 minutes in Finding Faraz

During the mission, you have to catch Faraz within 15 minutes. To save time, you must quickly and efficiently kill the group of enemies that will halt your advance.

Leftover Lead
Completed the sniping section in Shore Leave without missing a shot

Near the end of the mission where you'll have to snipe enemies from a distance, you'll unlock this trophy by not missing a shot.

Leftover Lead


Vender Bender
Destroyed 90 market stalls in Hot Pursuit

Take note that the number stalls you destroyed is cumulative even if you restart checkpoints. If you're just after the trophy, simply concentrate smashing the stalls you find along the way, especially the ones in the market place.

Vender Bender


On the Clock
Completed the training in Through the Eyes of Evil in under 18 seconds

This is during the airplane mockup course in the second mission. To get the 18 seconds, you must destroy all targets (missed targets have a 3 second penalty) with headshots. There are 16 targets and placing headshots will reduce your time by 32 seconds.

Target Practice
Shot down the targets in the training camp caves in Connect the Dots

After reaching the cave with a training camp, you'll have to run clear the area from enemies. Find the targets and shoot all 16 of them once to get this trophy. Take note that you must shoot even the half-destroyed ones.

Target Practice


Storm Watch
Got through the sandstorm without hitting any vehicles in Hello and Dubai

In the last part of the mission, the security chief's vehicle will chase you in the freeway as the sandstorm rolls in. You have to make sure not to hit any incoming vehicles. After you turn left, stay put and wait until the trophy unlocks. If not, restart the checkpoint. Refer to the video below for more details.

Storm Watch


Dirty Laundry
Found the grenades in the laundry room in Bump in the Night

Near the end of the mission when you're on your way to the bridge, you'll come across crew cabins. This is right after clearing the kitchen area. There's a slightly opened door to the left. Grab the grenades inside to get this trophy. This room is found before you reach the heavily guarded recreational area of the ship.

Room Service
Unlocked all door breach options

Refer to Master Locksmith trophy

Master Locksmith
Used each breaching option at least once

The first breach option you have is the “kick”. As you rack up 4 breach headshots (this is the slow motion sequence right after breaching the door), you'll unlock the next breach option. You should be able to unlock all of these as you play the campaign.

Kick (starting option)
 Breaching Shotgun
 Door Knob Charge
 Flex Linear Charge
Sheet Charge (a.k.a Knock Knock)

Extreme Realism
Recovered from near-death 5 times without dying

You'll know when you're in this state when your screen turns red and there are blood stains around your vision; your heartbeat will also increase and the controller will vibrate. You'll probably unlock this during the main campaign. If you're so good not to reach this state normally, deliberately let the enemies shoot you until you enter this state.

Tier 1 Imports
Got 50 kills while holding enemy weapons

When enemies are killed, they drop their weapons. You can use this weapons without exchanging your standard issued rifle. To resupply the ammo of the picked up weapons, you have to get them from fallen enemies using the same weapon.

The dropped weapons in the game are as follows:

AKM (Standard AK-47)
AKS-74U (scoped AK-47)
AK-103 (red dot scoped AK-47)
870 (shotgun)
PKM (light machine gun)

Killed an enemy while using peek and lean in the Campaign

Take cover by pressing circle. Press and hold L2 then “peek” through any direction using your movement stick. Kill an enemy using this method.

Lean With It
Killed 25 enemies while using peek and lean during the Campaign

Take cover by pressing circle. Press and hold L2 then “peek” through any direction using your movement stick. Kill the required number of enemies using this method.

It's Dangerous to go Alone!
Requested ammo from an Ally in the Campaign

When low in ammo or grenades, simply get close to your ally and press and hold square to resupply.

Lead Farmer
Requested ammo from an Ally 25 times in Campaign

Resupply via your team mates 25 times to unlock.

Tactical Toggler
Killed 25 enemies while using Combat Toggle

When using weapons with dual scopes, aim then press R3 to enable short and long distance scopes. Kill enemies using this until you unlock the trophy.

The Axeman
Killed 25 enemies with melee during the Campaign

Just get close to an enemy and execute him using your melee attack.



Completed the campaign

The campaign has 13 missions, which is covered in the walkthrough section of the guide.

Tier 1
Completed the campaign on Tier 1 difficulty

Tier 1 mode is unlocked after completing the campaign in Hard difficulty. It is practically the same level of difficulty without the HUD to assist you.

Exploit: Finish the game in Hardcore difficulty then load the last mission (Shut it Down) in Tier 1. Complete the last mission to unlock this trophy without playing through the whole campaign.

(credits to BlackDevil990 of

Preacher's Path
Finished all the Preacher Missions

This is story-related and will unlock after completing the last mission. (Shut it Down)

Stump's No Chump
Finished all the Stump Missions

This is story-related and will unlock after completing the second to the last mission. (Bump in the Night)

Completed Shore Leave on Hardcore difficulty

Story-related; just play in Hardcore and complete this mission.



Completed the campaign on Hardcore difficulty

Hardcore mode removes checkpoints and the option to lower the difficulty. If you die, you have to start again from the beginning of the story (1st mission). To overcome this, you have to save your game manually by quitting the game to the main menu. From the main menu, quit to your XMB then back up your game save to a  USB flash drive or HDD. This will allow you to restart from the last point you've saved in case you die.
Take note that if you are taking fire or when you're on a red-out (almost dying) state and you save the game, it will be treated as death and the game will restart. Make sure to save and backup often if you're after this trophy.

Online Trophy Guide

Some of these trophies can “boosted” with friends or other willing players.


There IS an I in Fire Team
Finished a round as part of the top Fire Team

To get this trophy, you and squad mate's total combined score should be highest in the match.

Brothers in Arms
Won a round with a friend as a Fire Team Buddy

You should win a match with a Fire Team Buddy that's on your PSN friends list.

Honey Badger
Used your Fire Team buddy to re-arm or heal

This can be unlocked as you play online. Simply stick close to your fire team buddy and heal/ re-arm when needed.

Squad Leader
Unlocked a soldier of each class

Refer to Warchief

Played online for 15 minutes


Job done
Complete 3 Combat Mission objectives

Your goal in this mission mode is to plant explosives and protect it until it detonates. You don't have to do all three of these in a single match.


Finished in first place in any online match

You must have the overall highest score at the end of an online match. Take note that your personal score should be highest among your team and the opposing team. This is available in any game mode and will unlock as soon as the session ends.

All In
Called in Apache support

In a single life, you must max out the support bar to LV4. Experience is gained by completing objectives, healing your allies, providing ammo and killing enemies. The latter gives the most experience. Melee kills rack more exp.

Unlocked all soldiers in multiplayer

The only way to unlock soldiers is by ranking up. Ranking up requires experience earned from completing objectives, killing enemies or assisting your team mates. There are 72 soldiers in the game so you'll have to reach rank 73 (871000 exp) to unlock them all. You can check the status via Battelog.

Jack of all Guns
Earn the Marksman Badge for all Weapons

You must earn a marksman pin for all 72 weapons in the game. Marksman pins are acquired when you rack 20 kills using the same weapon. Take note that weapons are available per class so you have to play all classes to use all weapons.

Sniper Class:

    McMillan CS5 OGA
    McMillan TAC-50 Winter
    McMillan TAC-300 ROKN
    McMillan CS5 FSK/HJK
    McMillan TAC-300 SEAL
    McMillan TAC-300 SPETSNAZ
    McMillan TAC-50 GROM
    LaRue OBR 7.62 SFOD-D
    McMillan TAC-50 KSK
    McMillan CS5 SAS
    LaRue OBR 7.62 SAS-R
    McMillan TAC-300 SOG

Assaulter Class:

    Daniel Defense M4V1 OGA
    EBR JTF-2
    Daniel Defense M4V1 ROKN
    Heckler & Koch AG3
    Heckler & Koch 416 DEVGRU
    Heckler & Koch 416 GREKO'S
    Heckler & Koch 416 SFOD-D
    Heckler & Koch G3KA4
    Daniel Defense M4V1 SAS
    Heckler & Koch AK4

Demolitions Class:

    Mk16 PDW OGA
    Heckler & Koch 416C JTF-2
    AA-12 ROKN
    Mk16 PDW FSK/HJK
    AA-12 SEAL
    Heckler & Koch 416C GROM
    Mk16 PDW SFOD-D
    Heckler & Koch 416C KSK
    Heckler & Koch 416C SAS
    AA-12 SAS-R
    AA-12 SOG

Heavy Gunner Class:

    M249 MK 46 MOD 1
    M249 JTF-2
    K3 SAW
    M240 FSK/HJK
    M249 GROM
    M240 Mk43 MOD1
    Heckler & Koch MG4KE
    Heckler & Koch MG4 SAS-R
    KSP 90

Point Man Class:

    AK-103 OGA
    LaRue OBR 5.56 JTF-2
    LaRue OBR 5.56 ROKN
    F88 FSK/HJK
    LaRue OBR 5.56 SEAL
    AK-103 GROM
    LaRue OBR 5.56 SFOD-D
    LaRue OBR 5.56 KSK
    F88 SAS
    F88 Austeyr

Spec Ops Class:

    Heckler & Koch MP7 OGA
    Daniel Defense MK18 JTF-2
    Heckler & Koch MP7 ROKN
    Heckler & Koch G36 FSK/HJK
    Heckler & Koch MP7 SEAL
    AK-103 Bullpup SPETSNAZ
    AK-103 Bullpup GROM
    Daniel Defense MK18 SFOD-D
    Heckler & Koch G36 KSK
    Daniel Defense MK18 SAS
    Heckler & Koch G36 SAS-R
    DD MK 18 SOG

Global Warfighters
Unlocked a soldier from each unit

Continue playing online matches to earn exp and increase your rank. This should be unlocked after reaching rank/level 13.

    US OGA
    Canadian JTF-2
    Norwegian FSK/HJK
    US Navy SEAL
    RU Spetsgruppa Alfa
    Polish GROM
    US Army SFOD-D
    German KSK
    British SAS
    Australian SAS-R
    Swedish SOG


Back in the Fight
Completed one tour with all classes.

To get this trophy, you have to gain 50000 exp with each of the 6 classes below:

    Heavy Gunner
    Point Man
    Spec Ops

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