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Multiplayer Guide

Medal of Honor Warfighter Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Multiplayer Guide

This section of the guide will cover the basics of the game's Multiplayer section. This will cover the various classes, support actions and other helpful information that will at least get you ready in the competitive arena.

The game can support a maximum of 20 players at a time, down from 24 from the last title. Players will get to choose the respective country want to play as. Each country has their own class that has their own set of perks, weapons and grenades. Support actions also make a come back from the last installment, with more improvements and options.

The new feature in the game is called "Fire Team". This allows two players to work together as partners or buddies. Both players can also replenish health and ammo with the help of their partners.

Players are allowed to modify their weapons. More weapons and customization options become available as players rank up. Players can modify / attach the following parts: optics, barrel, muzzle, stocks, magazines and even paint jobs.

Support Actions


Support actions are special perks or rewards players can activate manually or automatically after obtaining a set number of points. Points are acquired by completing objectives, healing buddies, killing enemies etc.

There are two types of support actions; offensive and defensive. These can be either offensive or defensive. Support actions differ from class and improve as you increase your tiers.


Tier 1
Offensive: 60mm Mortar
Defensive: Smoke Screen
Tier 2
Offensive: Guided Missile
Defensive: Fire Team Replenish
Tier 3
Offensive: Cluster Bomb
Defensive: RQ-7 Shadow
Tier 4
Apache Pilot

Heavy Gunner

Tier 1
Offensive: Blackhawk Transport
Defensive: Smoke Screen
Tier 2
Offensive: Mk19 Grenade Launcher
Defensive: Fire Team Replenish
Tier 3
Offensive: MH-60 DAP Blackhawk
Defensive: RQ-7 Shadow
Tier 4
Apache Pilot


Tier 1
Offensive: M32 Grenade Launcher
Defensive: Smoke Screen
Tier 2
Offensive: SMAW
Defensive: Fire Team Replenish
Tier 3
Offensive: MUSA Robot
Defensive: RQ-7 Shadow
Tier 4
Apache Pilot


Tier 1
Offensive: RQ-11 Raven
Defensive: Smoke Screen
Tier 2
Offensive: Airburst Mortar
Defensive: Fire Team Replenish
Tier 3
Offensive: AH-6J Little Bird
Defensive: RQ-7 Shadow
Tier 4
Apache Pilot


Tier 1
Offensive: Switchblade UAV
Defensive: Smoke Screen
Tier 2
Offensive: 81mm Mortar
Defensive: Fire Team Replenish
Tier 3
Offensive: Rocket Artillery
Defensive: RQ-7 Shadow
Tier 4
Apache Pilot

Spec Ops

Tier 1
Offensive: Radar Jammer
Defensive: Smoke Screen
Tier 2
Offensive: 120mm Dragon Fire
Defensive: Fire Team Replenish
Tier 3
Offensive: A10 Warthog
Defensice: RQ-7 Shadow
Tier 4
Apache Pilot


The game features 50 unlockable weapons which are listed below.


Glock 18
Glock 23
SIG-Sauer P226
Vickers 1911

Assault Rifles

AK-103 Bullpup
HK 416
LaRue OBR 5.56

Carbine Rifles

HK 416C

Light Machine Guns

FN M249


Remington 870 MCS

Sniper Rifles

LaRue OBR 7.62
McMillian TAC-300
McMillian CS5
TAC50 Sniper

Explosives / Launchers

M40 Minifrag
M83 Smoke Grenade
PDM 86
Remote Charge


Combat Knife



Players can select their class before the game starts. Each class unlocks differently and has their own set of unique traits and abilities. Each class is tactically balanced as different classes tend to excel in different game modes.

Class Ability: Grenade Launcher
Grenade Type: Frag

Assaulters are medium speed operators who holds a secondary grenade launcher. He excels in raking multiple kills if the enemies are clustered together. Grenade launchers can be fitted to the player's weapon or can be used as a stand alone weapon. Using a grenade launcher attachment however will lower your mobility while you have your primary weapon equipped. You'll have access to assault rifles and battle rifles.


HK 416


GROM - Unlocked at Rank 7
SEALs - Rank 13
SAS - Rank 19
KSK - Rank 25
OGA - Rank 31
JTF2 - Rank 37
SFOD-D - Rank 43
UDT - Rank 49
SASR - Rank 56
SOG - Rank 60
FSK/HJK - Rank 66
Alfa Group - Rank 72

Class Ability: Ballistic Armor
Grenade Type: Remote Charge

While being the slowest operator, the demolition class is heavily armored and can resist blasts that would kill weaker classes. Explosives are planted and disarmed faster. Utilizing the Ballistic Armor will give you significant protection against enemy fire at the cost of limited mobility.


Vickers 1911


Alfa Group - Unlocked at Rank 6
FSK/HJK - Rank 12
GROM - Rank 18
SEALs - Rank 24
SAS - Rank 30
KSK - Rank 36
OGA - Rank 42
JTF2 - Rank 48
SFOD-D - Rank 54
UDT - Rank 59
SASR - Rank 65
SOG - Rank 71

Point Man
Class Ability: High Powered Ammunition / Heavy Hitters
Grenade Type: Flashbang

Not only fleet of foot, the Point Man Operator can use "High Powered Ammunition" which can cause extra damage, even capable of dropping a Demolition Class with his Ballistic Armor active. When using his special ability, the Point Man will only be given one 30-bullet clip of special ammo. Aside from the significant damage increase, the recoil produced from every shot is terrible so you may want to fire single controlled shots instead of firing rapidly.


HK 416
Remington 870 MCS


SOG - Unlocked at Rank 5
SASR - Rank 11
Alfa Group - Rank 17
FSK/HJK - Rank 23
GROM - Rank 29
SEALs - Rank 35
SAS - Rank 41
KSK - Rank 47
OGA - Rank 53
JTF2 - Rank 58
SFOD-D - Rank 64
UDT - Rank 70

Heavy Gunner
Class Ability: Support Stance
Grenade Type: Mini-Frags

With high rate of fire and large ammo supply, the Heavy Gunner is a welcome addition to any fire team. Unlike the other classes, his special ability isn't anything special. However, his ability to deploy the bipod in his primary weapon greatly reduces recoil, expands the player's mini-map and gives them infinite ammunition. His cluster grenades also enables him to take care of clustered enemies. The Heavy Gunner is an all-rounder which is capable of both offensive and defensive roles.


KSK - Unlocked at Rank 3
SAS - Rank 8
JTF2 - Rank 14
SEALs - Rank 20
UDT - Rank 26
SFOD-D - Rank 32
SOG - Rank 38
SASR - Rank 44
Alfa Group - Rank 50
FSK/HJK - Rank 55
GROM - Rank 61
OGA - Rank 67

Spec Ops
Class Ability: Spec Ops Vision
Grenade Type: Frags

The most notable ability of playing a Spec Ops operative is the ability to see through walls and covers. Overall this class is very mobile and versatile, capable of sneaking behind enemy positions and perform fatal close-range attacks. A lightweight class like the Pointman, this class is perfect for players who loves to rush in and deal with targets up close.


JTF2 - Unlocked at Rank 3
OGA - Rank 9
UDT -  Rank 15
SFOD-D - Rank 21
SOG - Rank 27
SASR - Rank 33
Alfa Group -  Rank 39
FSK/HJK -  Rank 45
GROM - Rank 51
SEALs - Rank 56
SAS - Rank 62
KSK - Rank 68

Class Ability: Bipod

The sniper class has access to bolt-action or semi-automatic rifles which caters to players who want accuracy and power. Like the heavy gunner, snipers can deploy a bipod which acts as a stabilizer that reduces recoil which is a necessity for any sniper. However, this class won't be as verstatile as the others since snipers tend to excel only at certain game modes and become practically useless in others. You may also consider how small most maps in the game are.


UDT - Unlocked at Rank 4
SFOD-D - Rank 10
SOG - Rank 16
SASR - Rank 22
Alfa Group - Rank 28
FSK/HJK - Rank 34
GROM - Rank 40
SEALs - Rank 46
SAS - Rank 52
KSK - Rank 57
OGA - Rank 63
JTF2 - Rank 69

Game Modes


Sector Control – This is a domination-type game mode where your team must capture and hold three flags. Medium/close range combat will be prevalent in this mode as you have to be mobile and able to hold points from the opposing team.

Team Deathmatch

This is just a generic mode where opposing teams are pitted against each other. The match will be concluded once the rival team is wiped out.

Real Ops

This is considered as a hardcore mode where all the useful HUDs such as health bar, ammo count,
mini-map, kill cams, etc are disabled.


There are five available bomb sites in the map where teams must capture/ defend until they get at least three sites.

Combat Mission

Pretty much the same as Hotspot but this time, attackers need to plant five bombs while the defenders need to prevent opponents from planting the bomb to win the mode.

Home Run

Two teams will play as both attackers and defenders. Attackers needs to rush towards the enemy base, grab their team's flag and take it back to the finish line. As defenders, they will do whatever it takes to stop the carrier from reaching/ cross the goal. Capturing the flag gives players 2 points  while eliminating all opposition will just give you with a point. To win the game, a team should earn 10 points.

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