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Shut it Down

Medal of Honor Warfighter Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Shut it Down

Continue along the path to encounter an enemy patrol. Stay put and let them pass, except for the last two men who stopped for a piss. Take them out then follow the trail that will lead you to another group of targets you must take out. Let the other unmarked groups to leave then eliminate the ones by the bonfire.

Continue forth until you reach the gate. Let the truck to leave then take out the lone guard. Head inside the compound and shoot the fuse box to cut the power. Kill the hostile who will open the door then clear the house. Breach the next door and kill all the guards to clear the first floor. Continue upstairs and fight your way through more enemies until you get to engage the enemy forces outside.

Once you've taken out most of the enemies outside, follow Voodoo as he exits the house. Head to the left and carefully take out the enemies uphill. Keep left and enter the barn. Kill all enemies outside then wait for Voodoo to breach the door.

Continue to the next house and take out the group of enemies that will go running from the stairs. Continue upstairs and immediately find cover. Take out the remaining forces there then move to breach the next door. There are six enemies inside so you have to take them out as quickly as you can.

After clearing the door, head outside and regroup with your squad. There's heavy resistance up ahead so you'll have to drive a bot to clear the path.

Clearing the path

Once the path is cleared, regroup with your squad by the gate then move forth. Take cover as more enemies appear then proceed to the bridge. Take cover as an enemy technical appears. Take out the gunner then mount the vehicle to clear the gate ahead.

Fight your way inside the burning palace, eliminating the slight resistance until you find the Preacher. After the scene, shoot him in the head to end everything and to complete the game.

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