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Rip Current

Medal of Honor Warfighter Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Rip Current

Regroup with the friendlies then clear the next warehouse. Head outside and take cover. More enemies will appear from 10 o'clock. Be careful of the sniper on the top of the destroyed overpass. Clear the streets as you make your way to the next building where Tiger 12 is located.

After regrouping with Tiger 12, stand by until more enemies pour in outside. Use the LTLM to paint the entrance then manually control the gunner seat and take out as much enemies below.

Rip them up!

Once done, continue outside and head to the entrance to trigger a scene. After the scene, follow Mother as you make your way inside the capitol building. Clear the next hallways and room until you reach a dead end. Breach it by placing an explosive then clear the next area.

Take out the two guards and the MG placement in the upper floor, 12 o'clock. Take cover and carefully clear the first floor. Head to the second floor and carefully move as you take out more targets.

You'll eventually encounter an MG in the hallway. Wait for the other door to open and kill the enemy that will come out. Enter the door and flank the MG. Take out the gunner and the remaining enemies then breach the red door to the mayor's office. Kill all the guards to save the hostages and start the next phase of the mission.

In this phase, you have to keep shooting at the marked targets to avoid getting damaged to much. The mounted weapon launches explosive rounds so use this to your advantage.

Escape from flood and bullets

If you're after a trophy, you have to kill 20 enemies with the grenade launcher. Refer to the video below.

Release the Kraken!

After the scene, you'll have to take the wheel and drive the speed boat before the hostages get fatally injured. The path is pretty straightforward but you still need to do some careful maneuvers to avoid enemy attacks. Keep doing this until you reach the open sea.

Torrential rains and lead

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