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Follow the dark path or use the light

Multiplayer Infected Tactics

Left 4 Dead 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Multiplayer Infected Tactics

Versus/Survival/Scavenge Mode Infected Tactics

The main tactic for anyone playing on the side of the Infected in Versus mode should be to separate individual Survivors from the group. The best Infected for doing this are Jockeys and Smokers.


Witches are not playable by Humans, but can be used as an AI-controlled obstacle in Versus mode to steer or drag Survivors into.


Jockeys can steer Survivors away from the group – into side-rooms, off edges (there is a possibility for an instant-kill here, although usually Survivors can be pulled back up by team mates) or into other Infected – the best target being a Witch. Of course, you needn't find anything else to deal the damage if you can keep the Survivor away from his or her friends for long enough as you will be able to finish the job yourself.


Smokers are best at getting up high and using the tongue attack to rope Survivors away. This is particularly effective when one Survivor has gone looking for ammo or medicine and the rest of the group has not followed. It is a good idea to attempt to snag people in mid-air, as this will allow you to drop behind cover while they are constricted in front of it.


Hunters are quite easy to defend against providing the Survivors stay together. Watch for players looking for items on their own, or separated from the group during a horde or set-piece. Team up with Smokers so that once the Smoker is killed, the Hunter can then jump on the prey and finish it off.


These are very light defensively and should be kept hidden until the last possible moment. Important to remember about Versus mode is that as Infected you can spawn (almost) anywhere so long as it is out of sight of the Survivors. This means hiding around a corner is a viable option to spray your bile on the enemy.


Their tactics are much like Boomers', though you can take a little more damage and your size means hiding is easier. Use blind corners, darkness and rooftops to get perfect locations for spitting lethal acid on Survivors. Try to pen them in by spitting when a Survivor is trapped at a dead end or pinned by a Tank, Charger, Hunter, Witch or Smoker – this will mean that when they turn around a pool of acid will be waiting for them.


These are particularly good against Survivors who love to stay together! They can knock all the Survivors in a tightly packed group down and carry one off until hitting an object. Note that hitting a Survivor does self-inflicted damage, while hitting a wall does even more. For a guaranteed kill, try to run a Survivor off a cliff (or the bridge on The Parish). If you are able to run a Survivor far enough (large areas are good for this) you can pummel them to death before help arrives. A Charger's great strength and health is good in this situation.


The Tank is vital as it can really be the turning point at the end of a Versus battle. The AI Director picks a Infected player at random and they have a set amount of time to locate and deal damage to the Survivors before control switches to a team mate. After two players have tried, the AI will resume control. Unlike in Campaign (usually), the Tank can be assisted by Special Infected, separating members of the group. When the Tank is on the scene other Special Infected also have the chance to kill Survivors as most of their attention will be on the main threat.

Be sure to avoid Molotovs or fire (you can put out a fire by jumping in water, but the opportunity for this is a rarity!), and make use of the rock throw from distance. Try to get up close, fast, however, so that the Tank doesn't get frustrated and switch to AI mode (there is a meter to indicate this). If you manage to get the jump on the Survivors by climbing walls, for example, it can be deadly to them. Try to push them off ledges for an instant kill. The Tank can also break walls, safe-house doors and push cars and other objects into Survivors – such interactions are marked on screen. On the bridge in The Parish, hitting a Survivor with a car is an instant knock-down. The Tank can kill other Special Infected, so stay out of its way if you're not in control! Smokers are good in conjunction with a Tank as you can separate someone while staying out of harm's way.

To really succeed as a Tank you need to incapacitate multiple Survivors, so avoid getting sidetracked into the open as this AI Campaign Tank has been

General Tips

Much like with the Survivors, the best Infected teams work together. It is important not to be greedy (though dealing the most damage is important), because if you can incapacitate the whole team early enough, victory is assured. Try to distract each member of the Survivors' team to do their own thing, separate them, and pick them off. Wait for other Special Infected to be pushed off or killed, and then resume the attack on Survivors while their health is low. Work together and communicate to let your team mates know who has what weapons, and which Survivors are where and in trouble. Use choke points to ambush the entire squad, and you'll win every time.

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Comments for Multiplayer Infected Tactics

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May 13th 2013 Guest
How do you put it on multiplayer on left 4 dead 2; my brothers and I want to play together, can anyone help us?
ID #282531
Feb 2nd 2013 Guest
I wouldn't hide in the dark as a spitter becouse there's always a bit of acid dropping from the spitter's mouth, and it can be easily seen in the darkness.
ID #249162
May 13th 2012 Guest
ID #141950
Apr 30th 2012 Guest
switch to infected in left 4dead singleplayer by typing
Sv_cheats 1
director_no_human_zombies 0
sb_all_bot_team 1 and then press m to switch to join the infected
ID #138247