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Follow the dark path or use the light

- Get to Safe House #2

Left 4 Dead 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Dead Center - Get to Safe House #2

Stock up on everything you need in this safe-house, and head out of the barred door.

Clear the Infected as you make your way up the slope. Once you get to the top, follow the road downhill and enter the door at the bottom on the right. Fight your way down the steps and re-emerge outside via the first door on the right (check the bottom room for a grenade launcher).

Take the road underneath the bridge and you will come out by a grassy area. This is a prime location to get ambushed, but nonetheless is the only route ahead. Pass through the brush to get back onto a road (it is a good idea to do this as quickly as possible to get your bearings again). Deal with the horde and check the back of the white truck for weapons.

Locate the ladder on the dumpster underneath the bridge (see picture above) and climb up. Drop down the other side to get to the next part of this level. Move up the steps into a building and then up a flight of stairs to find weapons, an ammunition stash and a medicine cabinet.

From the gangway outside you can take out much of the Infected horde in the road below. Once the coast is clear, drop down onto the truck and then onto the containers in front of it. Proceed up the road and then up the steps about half-way along. Take the path into a dark building with yet more stairs. Move upwards into the light and cross the narrow bridge over the road (watch for an ambush by Special Infected here).

At the end of the bridge you'll see a sign for 'Whitaker's Gun Shop'. This is our target for now. Go down the steps and into the door of the shop to find a treasure trove of weapons and equipment.

In here you can find plenty of top-notch weaponry, as well as medkits and laser-sights for your currently equipped weapon. This dramatically increases a weapon's accuracy and should certainly be picked up.

TIP: A laser-sight remains attached to the weapon and will not move to another if picked up. For this reason, you will rely on ammunition piles if you want to keep the sight active.

When you're ready, go round the corner and activate the radio to speak to the gun-shop owner, Whitaker. He'll tell you that he will clear the blocked road ahead with his grenade-launcher if you fetch him some Coke from the nearby shop. This is a set-piece which requires you to pick up the Coke and run back to the gun-shop to deliver it to Whitaker – all while under attack by a horde.

Head up the stairs and once outside look for the shop, highlighted in blue. Make your way over to it, taking the stairs to the left to get down. This is also the route you must take to come back, so remember it. Proceed along the road and use the truck to jump onto and cushion your fall. When you get to the front of the store, gather your team.

Once you open the doors an alarm will sound alerting the horde. The Cola is located right at the back of the shop and whoever picks it up will be unable to use a gun (note that you can use the Coke as a melee weapon, or drop it and use your main weapons – just make sure you don't lose it!).

With the Cola in hand, sprint back out, pushing away any Infected. Make your way back to the van and jump over the fence, before climbing the stairs up to Whitaker. Run up to his door at the end of the balcony and hold the action button to put the Cola into his hatch.

Get Whitaker his Cola.

Make use of the stairs for the third time (remember to visit the gun shop again first if you need to). Pass through the destroyed barricade along the main road and turn left at the CEDA EVAC sign. Proceed towards the mall which you should be able to see in the distance as a large building, straight ahead. The first door you come to on the outside is a safe-house, so get inside and close the door to seal out the horde.

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