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God of War II, the sequel to the PlayStation 2 exclusive hit, picks up shortly after the events of the first God of War. Kratos, having bested the war god Ares, sits on his throne atop Mount Olympus. However all is not well between the new God of War and the other Gods. Kratos, in an effort to assist his Spartan army, steps down from his throne and joins their assault on the city of Rhodes. Kratos’ defiance does not go without consequence as his godly powers are snatched away by Zeus, the head deity himself. Bent on revenge, Kratos sets his sights on Mount Olympus and the Gods who betrayed him. This guide covers the entire main quest from start to finish. You’ll find tips to help you crush every monster, mythical beast, and undead fiend that stands in your path. You’ll also find detailed strategies to help you conquer each boss encountered along the way. Included are directions to each and every Gorgon Eye, Phoenix Feather, and Urn of Power. NOTE: This guide was written based on the SPARTAN (Normal) difficulty setting. All level directions, and for the most part strategies, still apply, but your enemies deal more damage and have more vitality on higher difficulty levels.

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