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Other Things

Bakery Story Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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Other Things


You receive tasks, basically quests in most other games, which appear on the left hand side of the screen. You can skip tasks using gems.

Select the blue task buttons to receive instructions on what you must do. Finishing tasks will earn you both Coins and the all-important Experience points.


Medals act as an additional incentive for completing tasks and objectives in Bakery Story. You can examine all the possible badges for you to earn by hitting the 'Main' button in the button right of the screen. Following this, select the 'Messages' option and then 'Medals'. Here, you can see Bronze and Silver medals, which earn you valuable Experience points. Once you complete an entire objective, you get the motherload: a Gold medal. Each one will earn you 1 gem. This may not sound like much (and indeed, it isn't really), but when you bear in mind that it costs money to purchase Gems otherwise, you will come to rely on these medals.


You can see how well you are doing at Bakery Story by accessing your Profile. To do this, go to the 'Menu' option in the bottom left of the screen, then select 'Messages' and finally 'Profile'. This shows you all of your progress and achievements in the game so far.

In this menu you are able to set the name of your bakery, as well as changing your avatar details. You are able to see a clearer depiction of just what level you are, how much experience you have to get in order to reach the next one, your neighbors and the happiness of your customers.


You can take a screenshot of anything in the game, and upload it to Facebook, or save it to your device.  Put the screen in the location you want to take a picture of, and then click the camera image in the top right hand corner. You will then be given a box, showing you exactly what will be captured in the screenshot. You can still move the screen at this point, to get that perfect shot. Hit the camera icon at the bottom right this time to finally take the image. You can view it before deciding whether to keep and publish it.

To save the image to your iPhone/iPad etc. simply select the 'Save to Photos' option. You will then be able to view the image at any time by visiting the Photos section. You can also publish the image to Facebook, where it will be placed in a special Bakery Story album, by hitting the 'Publish to Facebook' option. Obviously you must have logged into Facebook in Bakery Story at the main menu, and then settings, for this feature to function.

Taking screenshots is a good way to allow you to be able to look back on your bakery and see how it evolved (and how many gems you spent getting there!).


There are many settings that you can change for Bakery Story. You can set notifications for when you are not playing the game, and connect to Facebook for integration with the social network.

Bugs and Glitches

There are a few reported glitches or bugs with Bakery Story, though the game is regularly updated by TeamLava. If you ever find anything unusual or encounter any serious problems, the best tactic is to uninstall and then reinstall Bakery Story.
If the game is getting stuck or freezing, it may be worth deleting all of your apps and syncing them with your device again using iTunes on a computer.

Failing that, you can post on the game's official message board at

Changing Your Device

If you have lost your phone or want to move your account to a new device, you will need to contact TeamLava. Their email address is [email protected].

Add Emoji Keyboard

You can add icons and simple pictures to messages that you send by downloading the Emoji keyboard. In the App Store, search for Emoji Free and download it. With this done, head to System Settings on your device, then General Settings and Keyboard Settings. Select International Keyboards and turn on 'Emoji Keyboard'. Restart your device and you will then be able to push the globe icon at the bottom right of the keyboard to use the new feature.

Valentine's Story

There is a special Valentine's Day edition of Bakery Story, which is also free and has some new quests and decorations.

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May 11th 2015 Dolcecafe_
ID #554942
Dec 29th 2014 Guest
i forgot my ID and password and can't login idk wut to do
ID #492289
Nov 15th 2014 Guest
I play bakery story on my iPhone AND my iPad. But on my iPad it says I'm on level 555😂. I'm really on level 17. It still has the level 17 things unlocked but sometimes I forget what level I'm on and it's really annoying.[img][/img]
ID #472126
Aug 4th 2014 Guest
Could You guys also add what is needed when a appliance is to be assembled
ID #430642
Jul 28th 2014 Guest
Which oven cooks caramel supremo
ID #427023
Mar 30th 2016 Guest
It's the SweetCo oven and the Caramel Supremo takes five hours on it Smile
ID #643714
Jun 12th 2014 Guest
ghis morning I had gems and now I dont if I do not get ghem back.I will uninstall every game teamlava has.
ID #398488
May 24th 2014 Guest
How do you send pictures from Camera Roll?
ID #387955
Feb 21st 2014 Guest
How do you sell wallpaper and floor tiles? It will let me sell chairs and that but not tiles and wall paper

ID #357294
Aug 12th 2013 Guest
PLZ help. People send me gifts that are not food and I don't know how to use the all it says is 'this is a constructible part, can't be served.
ID #304317
Jun 21st 2015 Guest
They are for building any ovens or drink mixers that need to be built using parts
ID #573655
Mar 21st 2013 Guest
What is beignet I suppose to bake it ????
ID #265793
Jan 27th 2013 kelolsen
What if one of my tasks is a task I don't particularly want to do. Its an 8 day task, so I assume that means I have 8 days to complete it, but what if I just ignore it? I really don't want to spend tons of coins on snowy counters when they don't really fit into my bakery theme at all. CAn I just ignore the task and will it "expire" in 8 days? thank you!
ID #247154
Dec 10th 2012 Guest
How do I get my items from storage?
ID #218767
Dec 2nd 2012 Guest
What do I do with all the gold badges I have collected?
ID #214691
Nov 20th 2012 Guest
So how do we know who won the peach cobbler contest that ended yesterday?
ID #210644
Nov 14th 2012 Guest
I'm locked cant cook
ID #208564