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Customer Satisfaction

Bakery Story Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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Customer Satisfaction

The whole point behind Bakery Story is to make your bakery a success. You can only do this by having happy customers. You can see the satisfaction of your customers by looking to the heart icon at the top. The pink bar can go up all the way to 100, indicating how happy (or not!) your customers are in general.

The heart rating is important because, not only does it show you how happy your current customers are, but it affects the speed at which new customers will come into your bakery.

If you have no food to serve, make sure you have the door to the bakery blocked up (you can do this using the cash register) to stop your customers from arriving and sitting hungrily with nothing to eat! This is the main way that your customer satisfaction rating will plummet.

How to get Your Heart Meter to 100

To attempt to get your Heart Meter to the all-important 100 mark, you need:

- A well designed bakery – make sure that all of your customers can reach the tables!
- You should always ensure there is food out on the counters, ready for ordering.
- Once you get to 100, your bakery will need about 25-30 tables and chairs to allow for the burgeoning capacity.

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Comments for Customer Satisfaction

14 comments, latest first.
Apr 17th 2019 VikyPixie
hello! I bought a Pink Oven on a Goal, three levels ago, can’t see it yet? It’s because I need to get to a level that enables the seven design window? Thank you
ID #772006
Mar 10th 2015 Guest
Add me, tinmrls
ID #526803
Dec 1st 2014 Guest
Add me Torrem12
ID #479232
Apr 28th 2014 Guest
How do you keep the customers happy i read it and I just don't understand why I have a lot if tables and
Chairs plus food why are they not happy somebody plz help me. My id is kljahf
ID #379709
Apr 11th 2014 Guest
I only have 11 hearts how do i get more ?
ID #373836
Feb 15th 2014 Guest
You may have maintained your rating with 19 tables and chairs but the more tables and chairs means more money period. That's how you build the bakery and expand, not with more ovens or more meaningless items to buy. People coming in and sitting down, the more places to do it the better.
ID #355291
Dec 28th 2013 Guest
I love how ever I had a lot of chairs and space and two customers had broken hearts and it didn't appear on the meter good but wired and add emiuru and 3 star player and level 22 and 183 neighbors
ID #335456
Dec 10th 2013 Guest
I have 18 tables and all customers are happy and 100 hearts Smile
ID #327639
Feb 20th 2013 Guest
"Im confused. No customers are coming into my shop..."

" customer dint go in to my shop. What happen?? what should i do. My food already full on the counter,but my customer only stand infront the door then go away. Anyone can help me pls..:("

Your customers probably don't have a way to get past the register, so you have to leave enough room for them to get past the registers to the chairs. Each item taking up floor space (chair, table, oven, person, etc) uses a 4x4 grid equal to one of the floor tiles. There needs to be a clean path to the register, then from the register to each chair in your restaurant. You can set out 20 chairs, but if you don't have a direct path to 15 of them customers will get turned away.

Just make sure nothing is blocking the register or the chairs and you should be fine... =)
ID #256730
Jan 19th 2013 Guest
Im confused. No customers are coming into my shop...
ID #244152
Jan 15th 2013 Guest customer dint go in to my shop. What happen?? what should i do. My food already full on the counter,but my customer only stand infront the door then go away. Anyone can help me pls..:(
ID #243097
Jul 20th 2012 anniessong
The hostess or host is still there, if you mean the person behind the till. He or she disappears unless you leave a space behind the till for him or her to stand!

Yes, I agree with the suggestion that we should be able to see what parts are needed for each oven etc before we commit to buying. AND I had one hatchery disappear after buying it too but it came back next time I switched on the machine. Emails to the teamlava people get detailed replies.
ID #166608
Apr 23rd 2012 Guest
how do I get the hostess back
ID #136304
Apr 14th 2012 Guest
In my experience, 25 tables is way more than you need. I have maintained my rating at 100 with 19 tables. Adding more does not make more customers come in.
ID #133572