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Bakery Story iPhone/iPad Cheats and Tips

We have 42 cheats and tips on iPhone. If you have any cheats or tips for Bakery Story please send them in here.

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Bakery Door Trick

The following trick will help you if you don't have much time or you are not making food, or your ovens are full. To perform the glitch you have to put something in front of your Bakery's door like a cash register for example. When the door is blocked nobody can get in so they wont give your bakery a bad star rating. Doing this allows you to level up faster because you won't get bad ratings. When you have sorted out your bakery and are ready for more people put the item blocking the door back to it's place and re-open.

The Door Trick. ;D

Let's say you don't have any food on display, and you're still cooking some... You don't want a bad rating, right? Well, you don't have to have one. Go to the decorate screen and then put something in front of the door (like a counter). Customers can't get in, and you keep your rating. :P

To earn more Gems!

Every time when you enter to play bakery story or restaurant story, there be a pop up message and it tell you to download a game (example Ninja's Live) and get 6 gems free. Install that game, open it and go into the game until you reach another pop up saying earning 6 gems for Bakery story and Restaurant Story... Click 'ok'. Once that is done, uninstall the game (Ninja's Live) and you will received 6 gems. Smile

Add me: Pumpkinz1

P.S now I have 899 neighbours! cheers.

The Bakery Door Trick

If you don't have time, are not making food, or your ovens are full, you can put something (I use the cash register) in front of your Bakery's door, and no people can get in, so they wont give your bakery a bad star rating, and you will go level ups faster, then you move the thing (cash register) back to it's place, and *dun dun dun*, you have people to eat your food again! Add me - deezelvk

How to Take and Save Snapshots

Snapshots can either be saved to a mobile device or published in an album found in your Facebook account. To do this Use your finger to glide the screen and center it and then tap on the camera icon at the upper right of the screen. You will see a view finder which you can again slide your finger to center the image. Tap on the camera 'Snap' icon at the bottom right of the screen and you will be taken to a screen that shows you a sample of your snapshot. You then have the option of saving it to your device (Tap on 'Save to Photos') and it will be found in your photo area or you can choose to save it to your Facebook account by tapping on 'Publish to Facebook' (You must be logged into Facebook first which can be done by going to the 'Settings' screen from the 'Main' menu).


How to Expand your Bakery

To do this you will need either Coins or Gems to purchase expansions and it is advised to wait until you have enough money to be able to do the expansion and the redecorating all at once. To expand tap on the 'Design' button at the bottom right of your game screen. This will open the store shop. Look for the last tab at the top over the merchandise and this is your expansion menu. Tap on the expansion you would like to purchase and you your Bakery will immediately have larger walls and floor area.

Step 1

Step 2

Getting Lots of Tips. -For Beginners

1. Make sure you have lots of tables, so you won't get full as fast...

2. Leave a message on anyone's board if you tip them.

3. If someone tells you that you're full, message them and remind them that you're not full anymore.

4. Look for people that have been online very recently who have been tipping, and tip them.

Earn Coins Quickly

Coins and gems can be earned quickly by cooking a lot of the same food. You earn ChefPoints which up your ranking and each time you advance a level you earn great gems and coins.

Get more neighbors

I don't know if this is a cheat or a tip and trick but, to get more neighbors all you have to do is look at the walls of the bakery's you visit to leave tips. Chances are there are at least a few people (probably more depending on their activity and level) who have left their id on the wall. Just go to your invite tab and enter the id's left on the wall.

Hints Video

Check out the video below to see how to do the following easily:

1) Prepare the ingredients

2) Clean the oven

3) Serve food (cashier)

4) Pick up food fromt the oven

Watch the video

If you have 20 ovens. Preparing a recipe on 20 ovens will take sometime because you click the same oven 3 times or so (20 ovens x 1 recipe x 3 clicks / recipe = 60 clicks x 2 seconds per click = 2 mins to prepare a recipe on ALL 20 ovens).

This can be done in less than 20 seconds if you perform the following trick. Prepare the recipes on ALL of your ovens, click each recipe, then hit the 'Edit Bakery' button. You will notice that ALL the recipes will ..

Making the same food

When you open the cook book, under the food icons there are 'bars' like graphs , which seem to be at different 'stages'. They are actually to measure your experience in cooking that particular food. The more you cook it, the more bonus experience points you get. For example, baking cookies again and again (about 12 times) gained me the level of 'Apprentice in cookies' and I got 20 bonus XP points too! The more expensive the food and the longer it takes to cook... Obviously, the more the experience bonus :-)

You're better off cooking one food if each type repeatedly :-)

Chocolate Cake and Muffins

You can earn a lot more money by making a lot of short time stuff like chocolate cake and muffins instead of longer stuff like strawberry cheesecake or cinnamon scrolls.

Get 4,000 coins easily!

When you click on an oven to cook a dish you will notice that at the bottom of each dish is a bar and a number (1 at first). This bar rises when you cook the dish. If you keep cooking that dish again and again one after the other eventually the bar will fill up and you get 4,000 coins! And xp too I think, can't remember.

This tip works best for brownies as they take a really short amount of time so it's easy (:

Add me!: Deanna_x_

Door Trick.


click to reveal

Helpful Tips

Below are four helpful tips...

1) If you are told you are full, message them and remind them that your are not full anymore.

2) Have lots of tables so you don't get full so fast.

3) Look for people that have been online very recently who have been tipping, and tip them.

4) Leave a message on anyone's board if you tip them.

Naming Your Bakery

Do you want to name a good name for your bakery?!?! Then keep reading!

When most people tip others, they often start from the top of the list and work downward. If you want more tips, then I suggest naming your bakery starting with the letter A, or one of the first few letters of the alphabet

Bakery Story- Tip to earn money faster than Usual

Here is a tip that helps you earn your money faster than usual. Wait till you get to level 19 and then begin your tycoon festival. Cook as many red velvet cakes as the amount of stoves you own which will take a day. Cook as many Earl Grey Teas as the amount of drink makers you own which will also take a day. Last, cook Vanilla Scoop through your ice cream maker/s which will take no less then 2 days. The time in between can be spent with serving gifts or blocking the door with an object to prevent unhappy faces on the visitors. The next day/s when you check your food, they will be cooked and this is the summary of your earnings-

Earl Grey Tea- 3,120 (Cost) 11,980 (Total Earnings)

Red Velvet Cake- 3,050 (Cost) 11,650 (Total Earnings)

Hope I helped..

Hints to Try

1. If you don't have any food on your counters, put something in front of the door.

2. If you want to make a food within a certain time, make a food of that time that will get you the highest XP and amount of money.

3. Get lots of neighbors, tip most of them everyday or as often as you can. And keep a four star rating!

4. Always try the challenges from the clipboard (except for the games) you will gain money, high XP points, and other prizes.

5. Always gift neighbors Cappuccino, it earns them the most money even though it is the least amount of food.

Add me if you like: allycat22

Hope this helped you!

Game ads?

When you open bakery story and such, a game ad will pop up few seconds later - however, instead of waiting for the 'X' to appear on the top right corner, just touch that area (where the 'X' would have appeared) and it still cancels the ad: therefore you don't always have to pause those few seconds everytime you open bakery story. Smile

Add me! Storm8 id: jingely

Avoiding Negative Reviews

This also helps to maximize earning potential. What I do is save up all of my gifts (accept them but keep them in the gifts folder) until I'm out or almost out of food to sell, then I place the gifts down. If you save up enough, you don't have to put all of them down. I would recommend putting 1,000 items down max. Then, you'll have enough time to get more food made from the ovens!

Hope it helps! If you need an active neighbor, add me J0leneRenee. Active players only, please!

Get mor neighbors on Bakery Story

When you go on someone's wall look at the comments (if there are any) and then look at the time the comment was posted. If the comment was posted in less than 2hrs click the person and invite them to be your neighbor .

This tip should help because the shorter the time, it tells you if the person is on bakery story now and they would answer your requests sooner and faster.

For Beginners

Once you've unlocked more food and drinks, start off by making the ones that last a long time. This will increase your levels faster and give you more money. ALSO MAKE SURE TO TURN ON YOUR PUSH NOTIFICATIONS FOR BAKERY STORY. THIS WILL REALLY HELP YOU IN NOTIFYING YOU WHEN THE FOOD IS DONE! By the way, add me xokyraa97 - I give out tons of gifts and tips.

The door cheat

The following trick will help you if you don't have much time or you are not making food, or your ovens are full. To perform the glitch you have to put something in front of your Bakery's door like a cash register for example. When the door is blocked nobody can get in so they wont give your bakery a bad star rating. Doing this allows you to level up faster because you won't get bad ratings. When you have sorted out your bakery and are ready for more people put the item blocking the door back to it's place and re-open

Also add me I'm called abbyjhanna

Re New To Go Orders

If you are stuck with your to go orders and don’t have the ingredients or it’s the Charlotte’s cupcakes or Jack’s cupcakes and you quite haven’t finished to get their things it’s alright.

I have a little cheat on how to get rid of a to go order if you don’t feel like doing that particular order.

In the To Go Order machine, you obvioulsy have the orders, on the bottom of the orders you can see a button “Finish” with the amount of gems to give it to finish it for you, on the left of that button there is a little gray button that looks like a re-newal button, click it and approximately in 10 minutes you should be getting a new order to complete in the game. You’ll thank me later.


Make an item exactly 23 times to get a diamond!!! Change all of your cooking devices to ovens, then go through the whole list of food items and make them 23 times. After you have completed all the oven recipes, store your ovens and fill your bakery with drink machines. Make all those items 23 times. You will end up with a TON of diamonds.

Here is a hint soo you can level up fast

Too level up fast make peach cobler 12 xp then cancel it and make a chocolate cake lke 8 xp these are the lease expesive and have the more xp I did this and know I am in level 32 and I just started like 2 or 3 weeks agoo try it I hope it works the same way for you good luck on your bakery. Feel free too add natiilacolositaa rite know I can't add neighbors becouse I allready have too many pending request pla add I will accept tip/gift daily.

How long before your food is spoiled

However long it takes to cook, lets say cookies,5 min after it is done baking it will spoil. So if you're going to be gone 4 3 days and you gotta pumpkin pie cookin don't wrry. Hope this helps

Get more customers

Buy more chairs and tables and you have to make food that takes a long time then you will have a whole food suply and it can earn you more money to increase your restraunt to make it bigger to add more tables and chairs you go to design and click the tile with four arrows

Keep a good reputation

To block people from coming into your shop and to keep all 100 hearts you have to put something in front of the door like a cash register to prevent bad reviews!!


If customers keep coming in your bakery or rerestaurant when you don't have any food out and keep loosing hearts just put something in front of the door such as your cash register.

P.S.please add me as your neighbor my storm 8 ID:gaby2293

How to Make More Money

These are the best foods and drinks which get the most profit:

Earl Grey Tea (Level 18) Time Taken: 1 Day. Profit made: 11,980

Sugar Cookies (Level 9) Time Taken: 1 Day. Profit made: 10,080

Raspberry Macaroons (Level 12) Time Taken: 1 Hour. Profit made: 1,080

Red Velvet Cake (Level 19) Time Taken: 1 Day. Profit made: 11,650

Tip: The ones which take one day to make are actually only 22 hours.

Using these you'll make lots of money in no time!!! Hope I helped. Add me: standupandsceam


Iphone4: if you have like 20 gifts in your stockage both

Bs and rs

If you have many gifts in your stockage to this.:

Accept ALL then exit for awhile the gifts menu then enter agin and then youll see that the gifts are still there. And it's still written accept gift? But you must empty your gifts menu and put it in the counter. Then click the accept button all of them !! And ten VOILA!!

All your gifts are their again.


If you think this is fake it's nit I did it today (april,6,2011)

Try it. Add me Smile kkloveyou and ghali18

The Past foods glitch

In bakery story when there are the special holiday foods (example: Candy corn macaroons) If they were worth alot of xp, go to your settings and go back to that month and VOILA! Please add me: drdoofy

Not Enough Tables and Too Many Customers?

If you run out of tables for your customers, all you do is press design, then exit out. This will get rid of your customers, but they will come back.

Add freddi88

Easy steps to cooking food, more xps and $!

All you have to do is cook something for 6-12 hours at around 8:00 (or 6:00 if you're ganna do something for 16 hours) and when you wake up in the morning (I recommend not at 10:00) your food will be done! If you keep doing this every night, you are sure to get thousands of dollors.

Hope it helps!! Add me ONLY if you want to help other people: buddyoso

Then, once you add me read my wall! If you don't wanna do it delete me from your neighbors list because it fills up quickly! Thanks!

Want more customers??

Nowadays on bakery story there are tons of apps ads telling you to download and other stuff, All you have to do is click accept then bam! More customers...

How to cook food faster

If you want your food to cook faster then all you have to do is change the date or time for when it is ready for example peach cobbler takes 3 hours to cook so set the time on your device to 3 hours ahead then your food will be cooked.

Add me please aliciajade_x

Level up really fast works 100%

First , start out by cooking a food that gives you lots of exp. Then as soon as you prepare it , double tap and tap start new dish then cook another food with lots of exp. Then rotate between the two foods till you are at the level you want to be. If you don't have as much cash , use the cheep foods(this takes a little bit longer) add me: PinkPetal3 + PinkFire3

Make food faster

If you make for example Chocolate Cake, which takes 1 hour, just click home>general>date & time and set it one hour ahead! Add me: conniex0x0

Easy money

If you go to school, when you wake up, cook something that will take from (time) to the end of your school day. I always cook

Chocolate cherry trifles because it takes 8 hours. I would also recommend selling your drink machine for an oven to do this. Thanks!

Add me -dizzymachete

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