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Backyard Monsters Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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Inferno is a world that was added to Backyard Monsters in early 2012. You can access it as soon as you have a Level 5 Town Hall, and defeat Moloch and his army.

Once you have the Level 5 Town Hall you will be able to build the Inferno Cavern. Moloch and his army will then attack you on five different occasions. After the fifth one, you are able to enter the cavern and destroy Moloch himself. This will grant you the ability to have an Inferno Yard.

The Inferno Yard has different Monsters and Buildings, but they share similarities with the above-ground items.



Bone Cruncher:
This is the equivalent of the Twig Snapper.

Coal Extractor:
This is the equivalent of the Pebbles Shiner.

Sulfur Swirler:
This is the equivalent of the Putty Squisher.

Magma Pump:
This is the equivalent of the Goo Factory.

Resource Pod:
This is the equivalent of the Storage Silo.

Magma Tower:
This is the equivalent of the Tesla Tower.

Quake Tower:
This is unique and can be built above ground once you have unlocked it. You need Inferno resources to be able to build it either way).

This is the equivalent of the Sniper Tower.

Blast Tower:
This is the equivalent of the Cannon Tower.

Infernal Academy:
This is the equivalent of the Monster Academy - except you obviously train Inferon monsters with it.

This is the equivalent of Housing, a Monster Bunker and a Flinger all rolled into one.

This is the equivalent of the Hatchery.

This is the equivalent of the Monster Locker, except with Inferno Monsters.

Under Hall:
This is the equialent of the Town Hall.




Spurtz are very similar to Pokeys, only stronger.

Level 1:
Speed: 1.2kph
Health: 400
Damage: 160
Magma Cost: 500 Magma
Housing: 15 Spaces
Time: 15 seconds
Unlock: Level 1 Strongbox


Zagnoid is strong against defensive towers, doing double damage on those. It also has high health, making it hard for the enemy to destroy.

Level 1:
Speed: 1.8kph
Health: 1,500
Damage: 80 (double versus defensive towers)
Magma Cost: 2,500 Magma
Housing: 15 Spaces
Time: 15 seconds
Unlock: 16,000 Sulfur; Strongbox Level 1


Valgos is like Eye-Ra, focusing on enemy Blocks. But it doesn't suicide against them and deals double the damage when attacking them.

Level 1:
Speed: 2kph
Health: 2,000
Damage: 490 (double versus Blocks)
Magma Cost: 31,000 Magma
Housing: 30 Spaces
Time: 7 minutes 30 seconds
Unlock: 38,400 Sulfur; Strongbox Level 2


Malphus is similar to Bolt and Brain, with low damage and fairly average health. It can jump over walls, however, in order to get at the resources beyond.

Level 1:
Speed: 3.2kph
Health: 450
Damage: 100
Magma Cost: 3,000 Magma
Housing: 15 Spaces
Time: 1 minute 40 seconds
Unlock: 76,800 Sulfur; Strongbox Level 2


Balthazar specializes in attacking bunkered monsters and champions, getting three times the damage points in those situations. It is the fastest monster in the game.

Level 1:
Speed: 4.5kph
Health: 3,200
Damage: 600 (triple versus bunkered monsters and champions)
Magma Cost: 88,000 Magma
Housing: 40 Spaces
Time: 30 minutes
Unlock: 614,400 Sulfur; Strongbox Level 3


Grokus is a very slow monster with high health. You can use it to lumber through enemy defences and set off any traps lying in wait.

Level 1:
Speed: 1.3kph
Health: 7,600
Damage: 400
Magma Cost: 80,000 Magma
Housing: 50 Spaces
Time: 30 minutes
Unlock: 1,228,800 Sulfur; Strongbox Level 3


Sabnox is similar to D.A.V.E. in terms of its attack against defensive towers. It also gets double damage points when fighting these.

Level 1:
Speed: 1.7kph
Health: 1,120
Damage: 700 (double versus defensive towers)
Magma Cost: 60,000 Magma
Housing: 80 Spaces
Time: 23 minute 4 seconds
Unlock: 2,457,600 Sulfur; Strongbox Level 4

King Wormzer:

As you might expect from the name, King Wormzer is basically a better version of the Wormzer. It can still burrow underground, but now deals additional splash damage to anything surrounding it whenever it emerges. It is the most powerful monster in the game.

Level 1:
Speed: 2.5kph
Health: 6,200
Damage: 1,200
Magma Cost: 425,000 Magma
Housing: 100 Spaces
Time: 45 minutes
Unlock: 4,915,200 Sulfur; Strongbox Level 5

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