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Defending, Town Hall and Defending Tips

Backyard Monsters Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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Defending, Town Hall and Defending Tips

While attacking may be the most fun, it is important to make sure you have a solid defensive foundation in Backyard Monsters. The first week of play is crucial for this, as no one can attack you during this time. You will see a counter in the top right-hand corner of the screen. During this time you should make sure you are fully prepared for any potential attack. This will involve structures mentioned earlier like Blocks, Towers and buildings to house your Monsters.

Town Hall

The Town Hall will be the focus of enemy attacks. Should it be destroyed, your camp is effectively finished. It is useful as upgrading it will allow you to build more structures and unlock new technologies.

Level 2:

At Level 2, the Town Hall will unlock the following:

Monster Locker
Booby Trap

It allows you to build more:

Twig Snappers
Pebble Shiners
Putty Squishers
Goo Factories
Storage Silos
Cannon Towers
Sniper Towers

And lets you upgrade the following:

Twig Snappers
Pebble Shiners
Putty Squishers
Goo Factories
Storage Silos
Cannon Towers
Sniper Towers

Level 2 requires 7,000 Twigs; 7,000 Pebbles; 10 minutes.



Understanding Protection, when it is triggered and how to activate it, can be crucial to surviving in Backyard Monsters. Once activated, you will be protected from any attacks, whether from other players or wild monsters. Remember that Protection is automatically removed as soon as you attack anyone else. When attacking another player, you can see if they are in Damage Protection in the Map Room.

How to Get It:

To get Damage Protection, you can always purchase it using Shiny. This is filed under the Combat section of the store. Usually, however, Damage Protection is triggered under certain circumstances. This is to prevent players from being completely wiped out, and to give anyone in dire straits a window of opportunity to get back into the game. To purchase Damage Protection with Shiny, you can refer to the values below:

Daily Protection:
24 Hours Protection for 32 Shiny. Can only be used once every 5 days.

Weekly Protection:
7 Days Protection for 250 Shiny. Can only be used once every 14 days.

Ultimate Protection:
28 Days Protection for 1,100 Shiny. Can only be used once every 28 days.

TIP: When purchasing Damage Protection, bear in mind when you may conceivably want to attack another player. If you've paid for 28 days protection but attack someone after a week, you've wasted a heck of a lot of Shiny.

You can see the trigger points for Damage Protection below - remember that your main Yard and outposts have different triggers:

Main Yard:

7 Days Protection:
As soon as you first start the game - so play as much as you can!

1 Hour Protection:
If you have been attacked 4 times in 1 hour.

18 Hours Protection:
If you have taken 25-50% Total Damage.

36 Hours Protection:
If you have taken 50% Total Damage.

2 Days Protection:
If you have been attacked 10 times in 24 hours.


12 Hours Protection: As soon as you capture a new Outpost:
8 Hours Protection: If you have taken 25% Total Damage in your Outpost.

NOTE: Blocks and Traps do not contribute to the damage statistic.

TIP: One of the most important things when getting started with Backyard Monsters is to play regularly while your Yard is under protection. Make sure you have decent defenses and have enough Silos and resource collectors to keep things coming in when you're away.

General Defending Tips


Towers are vital in Backyard Monsters. They are the primary way that players defend their Yard and should be the focus of your defensive strategy. Upgrade your Towers as early as possible - try to do this before your period of protection expires.

Position your buildings so that enemy monsters have to take as long a route as possible to get to them. This will buy you more time in the heat of battle.

The main priority in building a base is to make sure that your resource collectors are safe. If you lose those, you can't hatch more monsters and will surely end up losing.

Keep buildings such as Silos, Resource Collectors, Hatcheries and Housings in the center of your Yard, protected as well as possible by Blocks and Towers to keep enemy monsters away from them. Any other buildings can be used to distract enemy monsters and draw them away from your most crucial areas. You can use the Town Hall, less important Resource Collectors and other buildings for this. Be sure to use Walls and Towers to surround the inner sanctum of important structures. It helps if your base is square or circular, simply because you can end up with rings of defences and the vital heart of your Yard in the middle.

Separate Resources:

There is something to be said for separating your resources. Although grouping them together in a highly-defended area is a valid tactic, splitting up resources into at least a few areas will mean if you do get overrun, you won't lose all your resources at once - the enemy won't be able to attack all your parts at the same time.

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