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General Buildings

Backyard Monsters Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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General Buildings

Monster Locker:

This is used to research and unlock new monsters to produce in the Hatchery. Every Monster type except Pokeys are unlocked here.

TIP: Once you have researched all of the monsters currently available, you can consider recycling the Monster Locker as it would no longer serve a particular purpose.

Requires: Level 2 Town Hall; 1,800 Twigs; 2,300 Pebbles; 10 minutes.

Radio Tower:

The Radio Tower is set up to send you email alerts about incoming attacks if you are away from your yard.

Requires: Town Hall; 2,000 Twigs; 2,000 Pebbles; 2,000 Putty; 5 minutes.

Monster Academy:

Use the Monster Academy to upgrade your Monsters.

Requires: Level 3 Town Hall, Level 2 Monster Locker; 100,000 Twigs; 100,000 Pebbles; 3 hours.

Hatchery Control Center:

This allows you to manage all of your monster Hatcheries from this one location. Whichever of your Hatcheries becomes available first will be the one to produce the next monster in the queue.

Requires: Level 3 Town Hall, Level 2 Hatchery (three Hatcheries); 4,000,000 Twigs; 4,000,000 Pebbles; 4,000,000 Putty, 1 day 1 hour.


The Catapult is a siege weepon, which allows you to throw Twigs at the enemy. These Twigs will damage enemy buildings, assisting any monsters that may be attacking and also being a drain on enemy resources.

Requires: Level 3 Town Hall; 75,000 Twigs; 75,000 Pebbles; 75,000 Putty; 1 hour 30 minutes.

Monster Lab:

This is the location where you can research and unlock top secret abilities to equip your monsters with.

Requires: Level 5 Town Hall, Level 3 Monster Locker, Level 2 Monster Academy; 100,000 Twigs; 100,000 Pebbles; 3 hours.

Wild Monster Baiter:

You can use this handy building to attract Wild Monsters, which may not sound ideal, but it is a good way to be able to test out your defences before they are really put under pressure! Don't worry though, you can use the building's built-in siren to scare them off if it all starts to go wrong.

Requires: Level 4 Town Hall, Monster Locker; 25,000 Twigs; 25,000 Pebbles; 15,000 Putty; 5 hours.

Yard Planner:

The Yard Planner lets you see your yard from a top-down, birds-eye view. You can then reorganize all of your structures as you see fit.

Requires: Level 3 Town Hall; 250,000 Twigs; 250,000 Pebbles; 12 hours.

Monster Juicer:

You can use the Monster Juicer to 'recycle' any monsters that you no longer have use for. This can free up space in your Housing, and give you some perhaps much-needed Goo supplies.

Requires: Level 3 Town Hall, Housing; 1,000,000 Twigs; 1,000,000 Pebbles; 1,000,000 Putty; 12 hours.


This allows you to store the creatures that you produce in the Hatchery.

Requires: Town Hall; 2,160 Twigs; 2,160 Pebbles; 5 minutes.

General Store:

The General Store lets you spend Shiny on upgrades designed to save you time.

Requires: Town Hall; 1,080 Twigs; 720 Pebbles; 10 seconds.


The Flinger is used to launch your monsters into other players' yards. It requires the Map Room to allow you to pick out targets. You need this building if you wish to attack other players.

Requires: Town Hall; 1,000 Twigs; 1,000 Pebbles; 500 Putty.

Map Room:

The Map Room allows you to pick out targets to launch your monsters at, using the Flinger. You can also use it to locate Friends to assist, and just to look around the game world generally. This grants you access to the Map.

Click on the Map option once you have purchased and completed the construction of a Map Room to examine the game world.

Requires: Town Hall; 2,000 Twigs; 2,000 Pebbles.


The Hatchery converts Goo into monsters! You can produce any monster that you have unlocked from the Monster Locker.

Requires: Town Hall, Housing; 2,000 Twigs; 2,000 Pebbles.

NOTE: You can queue different types of monsters to be produced in the Hatchey. At first you can queue 40 monsters. Upgrade the Hatchery, however, and you can add another two to that.

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