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Defensive Buildings

Backyard Monsters Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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Defensive Buildings

Sniper Tower:

The Sniper Tower is a long-range defensive building which deals high damage to any incoming units. They are useful for protecting a large area, but are slow to reload.

Requires: Town Hall; 1,5000 Twigs; 2,000 Pebbles; 500 Putty.

Cannon Tower:

The Cannon Tower is another high-damage tower, but only functions at short range. It's other chief benefit is that the cannon shots explode on impact, so can damage entire groups of enemies.

Requires: Town Hall; 2,000 Twigs; 1,500 Pebbles; 500 Putty; 30 seconds.

Booby Trap:

As the name suggests, the Booby Trap is designed to remain hidden on the ground. When a monster steps on it, the Booby Trap explodes, damaging anyone within a small radius. A good idea is to build your defences so that you funnel the enemy into tiny areas where you have placed the Booby Traps.

Requires: Town Hall; 1,000 Twigs; 1,000 Pebbles; 1,000 Putty; 5 seconds.


The Block lets you construct defensive walls that can protect important buildings and channel enemies into easy-to-defend confined spaces, such as those guarded by towers. You can also upgrade the blocks so that they are harder for the enemy to break down - in Stone, Metal, Gold and Black Diamond varieties. It starts off simply as wood.

Requires: Level 2 Town Hall; 1,000 Twigs; 5 seconds.

Tesla Tower:

This Tower uses electricity to shock and electrocute the attacking enemies within range.

Requires: Level 4 Town Hall; 187,500 Twigs; 250,000 Pebbles; 62,500 Putty; 5 hours.

Laser Tower:

This Tower uses Plasma to incinerate any enemies within range.

Requires: Level 4 Town Hall; 500,000 Twigs; 250,000 Pebbles; 100,000 Putty; 5 hours.

Aerial Defense Tower:

This Tower uses its upwards-facing turrets to defend your yard from incoming enemy air units. It's only require once you get to the stage that air combat starts to become an issue.

Requires: Level 4 Town Hall; 215,000 Twigs; 280,000 Pebbles; 62,500 Putty; 5 hours.

Monster Bunker:

Monsters can use this to defend your base from incoming hostiles.

Requires: Level 3 Town Hall, Housing; 250,000 Twigs; 187,500 Pebbles; 62,500 Putty; 6 hours.


This is another electrical defensive building which has limited range but an infinite line of fire and very high damage.

Requires: Level 5 Town Hall; 2,000,000 Twigs; 2,400,000 Pebbles; 1,600,000 Putty; 12 hours.

Champion Cage:

This Cage allows you to hatch a monster of your very own. You can then evolve it into a Champion Monster, which can be used to attack the enemy and defend your base.

Requires: Level 4 Town Hall; 500,000 Twigs; 500,000 Pebbles; 250,000 Putty; 1 day.

Champion Chamber:

You can use this building to keep Champions effectively in storage while you use a different one as your active Champion. You can store multiple Champions in here and, even if the building is completely destroyed, your stored Champions remain safe.

Requires: Level 4 Town Hall, Champion Cage; 500,000 Twigs; 500,000 Pebbles; 250,000 Putty; 1 day.

Heavy Trap:

The Heavy Trap is like the Booby Trap as it remains invisible to enemies until they have stepped on it. It is more closely targeted than the Booby Trap, however, in that it only detonates when monsters of a certain power step on it.

Requires: Level 4 Town Hall; 50,000 Twigs; 50,000 Pebbles; 50,000 Putty; 5 seconds.

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