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The Sims Bustin Out Cheats for GameCube

Cheats and Tips for The Sims Bustin Out

The Sims 3 Getting Started Guide
The Sims Bustin Out Guide
A complete guide to The Sims 3, covers getting started and finding your way around Sunset Valley, an in-depth look at careers, relationships and the..
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A collection of cheats that includes getting $99,000 on Free Play mode, visit all the locations and activating the cheat gnome code.

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The Sims Bustin' Out Cheats

While playing in Bust Out or Free Mode, quickly enter these key presses on the D-Pad and/or specific buttons.
Unlock all Locations:
DOWN, Z, R, L, Z

Sims never Tire:
Z, R, L, UP, Down, UP
Unlock all Socials:
L, R, Down, A, Y or L, R, Down, Down, Y

Dev team Picture:
R, Z, Down

All Skins:
L, Y, A, R, Left
Unlock all Objects:
Down, Z, Left, Right, R
(alternate versions: DOWN, Z, UP, UP, R and LEFT, Z, UP, UP, R)
Permit Cheats:
(this causes a gnome to appear on the Sim's property, signifying cheats are enabled)

Cheat Gnome

During gameplay quickly press Down, L, Z, R, Left, X. If you have entered the code correctly you will hear a Sim voice as confirmation. A blue gnome will then appear near the house that your Sim is at and your Sim will get a phone call each day to receive Simoleons. This also happens when they visit another house (except Mom's) and in order to get the Simoleons there you have to force the Sim that is hosting you as a visitor to answer the phone by walking near it.

Working Cheats for Bust out Mode

Some cheats I found that work are:
All Items
Give Money to Gnome
Fill All Motives
The give money cheat actually has the Gnome give you $10,000 every time you click the gnome and use this command. All of these work without you needing to doing anything else first.


This is not an easy way to get money BECAUSE this is actually a cheat to GIVE yourself money. The easiest way.
The money cheat: down,R,L,Z,right,left,B
Click on the gnome and click give money. It will give you 10,000 dollars every time you click that. Enjoy.

The real raise motives cheat

To all who are looking for the real raise motives cheat for the sims bustin' out here it is: down,R,left,X,down. I tried it and it worked so hopefully it works for you.

Getting Married

To "Get Married" you must, first of all have the sim in love with you. The sim must be from FREE STREET 1,2,or 3 if they are not from FREE STREET 1, 2, or 3 this tactic will not work. You will need to invite that sim over, serve breakfast, lunch, or dinner. (I think it would be wise if you cooked it before you call them.) when they get their. GREET them get something to eat, do something fun, like watch t.v. Or play strip poker etc. And after the both of them stop,( on their own) then start talking to the sim and one of the options should be PROPOSE. ( I wouldn't do that right away just talk for a while and after a little bit of talking then you PROPOSE.) after that a wedding should be done, if you did it right.

Real Cheat Gnome Code

The actual code to get the cheat gnome is down,L,Z,R,left,X. And the cheat gnome will not give you money.
It will just activate a cheat menu. After you activate the cheat gnome, press down,Z,Up,Y,R to get all items and down,Z,R,L,Z to visit anywhere.


Type these cheats when playing in free mode or on bustout
NEED to have cheat gnome in for any of these to wrok
Cheat Gnome-down,L,Z,R,Left,X
Vist all locations-Down,Z,R,L,Z
All objects-Down,Z,Up,Y,R
If you quit the cheats will be off then you have to type them in agin.

Get $99,000 on Free Play Mode

During game play enter Left, Left, Right, Up, Down, Right.

Good Cheats

After you enter the "Enable Cheats" Cheat, enter the following codes while game is paused. When the "Enable Cheats" Code is activated, there should be a gnome in your yard. After entering cheats, select the gnome to acess it.
Enable Cheats: Down, L, Z. R,Left, X.
Fill all Motives: L, R, Y, Down, Down, X.
Unlock all Locations: Down, Z, R, L, Z
Unlock all Objects: Down, Z, Up, Y, R
Unlock all Skins: L, Y, A, R, Left
Unlock all Social Options: L, R, Down, Down, Y
Hope I Helped.

Ghost in your house!

Ok, first all you have to do is invite someone over in freeplay. Go to any room and call your guest over into that room and walk out.
Then you have to delete the door to that room an do what you normally do. ( go to the restroom....sleep..etc.)
Anyways after 3-4 Days they will die and they will be buried in a grave. All you have to do is just wait till it's night time, then the spirit of that person will come alive and go aroun your house!
Pretty neat huh?!

Who stole the fern goth manor

The person who stole the fern from goth manor was dudley the fern is near the broken down fence and car when you take he will say he wasw borrows it and you get a rad car and if you become a jock you will unlock the air hockey table and it cost 2200 simoelons

All you need to know

Hi I have some info I think you mite like
Movie star-you need 10 charisma 4 body 8 creativity 10 friends
Mad Scientist-10 mechanical 5 charisma 8 logic 5 creativity 6 friends
Counter Culture-10 cooking 3 mechanical 5 body 4 creativity 8 friends
Jock- 4 cooking 2 mechanical 5 charisma 10 body
6 friends
Gangster-5 mechanical 4 charisma 7 body 10 creativity 8 friends
Paramilitary-8 mechanical 4 charisma 10 body 10 logic 6 friends
Fashion Victim-4 cooking 5 charisma 8 body 10 creativity 9 friends
Hope you have a good time playing got to go Malcoms trying to steal from Mimi

New item and how to unlock it

Theres a new item called Great big adventure japanese arcade game, the way you get it is use a gamecube nintendo link plug it in your gameboy and turn on yoru sims bustin out for gameboyadvance thanturn on your gamecube and go to your house and you will shortly get a screen that says connecting and in awhile(five seconds or so)it will say connected and poof you got the item.


Start a new game and have,
Neat 4
Outgoing 5
Active 5
Playful 5
Nice 6
And then Start the game


This is a weird one if you buy a diving board put it any where outside on the grass is better.
Then make a sim do a dive off it and then the sim will be stuck in the grass, it's funny I'm not sure how to get them out though.


Hey it's me again this is smmalur to one of my other hints but ok to kill a sim keep sim in avey small space rember this only works on your roomates if there are 2 anyway have a dirty dish then only let sim out if it is time for work then if you have 2 roomies 1 should die but rember both can't die only 1 beacuse 1 per son needs to watch the place when you move happy simming

Lots of money and Easy Skill Completion

When you are living with Mom you can get lots of phone calls where you win or recieve money. Keep on answering the phone and then spend the money until you have nothing. Repeat until either you think you have enough money invested or you have hit your house decoration limit. When you move out Mom will refund you all that money. Also, when you first live at Mom's house you don't have to sleep or be social because it automatically refills your Motive meter. You can use this oportunity to complete a lot of skills. It makes it easier for me later on because I only have to concentrate on social things.

No more bills!

This tip is great if you don't have much money or just don't feel like paying your bills.
When your sim picks up the bills, tell him or her to place it on a table or counter, but quickly cancel with B. While they are putting it down, pause the game, then move an object, like a plate or newspaper, on the ground in front of them where the sim is trying to put the bills. Once you do that, continue the game. When your sim puts the bills on the ground they will disappear.
The best part is that you can do for all your bills, anytime you want!

Repair Man

Want the Repairman to live with you? Buy the T.V. that turns into 9 T.V.'s and then hire a Repairman.
After he repairs everything hell restock your snacks in your t.v. and watch tv dont turn it off unless your stuff brakes again.
If you turn off your tv when theres nothing to fix hell leave so make sure you have something for him to fix.
So as long as you have that tv hell be there when ever you need him.
Oh yeah and you can talk and make friends with him it will take for ever though he wont be in your friend list.

How to get free money.

If you have under 100 dollars and you have a phone the you will receive a phone call. If you answer it then you will get free money. The money can get up to $50,000.

Easy money

Trap your person(s) in the smallest wall space you can then keep them in there forever only put I dirty dish in there then only let him or her out when it is time for work then when so and so comes home press z to change into that person click on dirty dish then press a to"clean up"so and so will walk in there and pick up the plate then remove the door

Easy start

When you start a new game at your moms house you only have to fill your eat, fun, and bladder bars. So it's easy to get skill points such as charisma

Getting Married On Bust Out!

First serve breakfast/lunch/dinner, then invite your boyfriend(has to be someone from free street) over. If you normally use the max motives cheat then don't. Fill up all your motives apart from food and entertainment before hand! Then greet your boyfriend and grab a plate of food and he'll do the same. Then after you've both finished eating play some strip poker and ask him to join. Afterwards watch televison on a comfy sofa and ask him to join. Wait for them to get up(don't force them) then press hug, talk, kiss, talk then propose and he should say yesSmile
P.S. If he has any kids they'll join the family(however in a future task you need to have a baby)

Own a different house

Put walls around the owner(s).But don't put any doors...actually you can but block the door.

Annoying ghost

Dont you just hate that ghost well heres an easy way to get rid of them with out using a $250 or so magic thing just simply sell the stone and guess what you get $5 see simple and you get $5 happy simming


To get twins put in action replay and then start the game then go to a baby you have had and select force child twice and the kids should be both the same gender.

Must have action replay!

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