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The Sims Bustin Out


Walkthrough / Guide

by Talha

Written By One and Only
      [email protected]

                            .`~`. NEEDS LIST .`~`.

You can be guaranteed that if I recieve the information I need below then you
WILL be added to the credits section on the next release.

 Only the 1st person who posts the info will be credited. Sorry.
 Only the EXACT location of the needed person/item will be used.

 If you check the items list you will find that there are still alot of items
  that havn't even been recorded there yet, if you have the information about
  the ones that are not listed there please email me with the information. ;)

Thanks!! :)

Things Should be Known-

* By pressing button L, this will trigger whether these Icons appear or not.

Fork & Spoon: How hungry your character is, if he becomes too hungry, he will
              collapse and go to hospital. Better fix him something to eat fast!
Shower:       How clean your character is, better have a shower  two times per
              day, morning and night is the way to go.
Bed:          How tired and sleepy he is, if he's too tired he refuses to talk
              to anyone, better find a large sofa or bed so he can get a good
              nights shut eye.
Boy & Girl:   This shows how social you are, if you are not social enough then
              your popularity goes down. This also shows how much relationship
              'healthy' you are to your room mate.
Sofa:         How tired your legs are, standing too much is bad for you and you
              should sit sometime, better yet, just go to sleep if time and the
              location permits.
Toilet:       Whether your character needs to go to the toilet or not, if the
              bar is fully red, after a while your character will automatically
              urinate on the floor regardless of the location! ;) This is
              actually a good way to avoid going to the toilet, if its inside a
              building your okay (you can clean up your mess, its a little dirty
              but...hey? What can you do.) but if its in the gardens the police
              officer might charge you 100 simoleans and you will go to jail.
TV:           This is how much entertainment you have: watching TV, dancing to
	      music, driving your scooter around, playing video games and also
	      having some good caring time with your roommate increases your
House:        This is how much you miss your home, when this bar is fully red
              your character will become homesick and will refuse to talk to
              anyone until he goes inside his home again. Here's some friendly
     doesn't matter if your not living in your Uncle's
              barn, simply just by visiting your Uncle's house rebuilds this bar

Simply pressing on START pops this menu up, to take advantage of this feature
you use the buttons L & R to navigate around and the arrow keys + the A button
to move around and to select the various options. The screens are as follows:

|Name     | Description |
|GOALS    | This shows all the descriptions of the goals you have done and   |
|         | it's also like a todo list, with complete information on what you|
|         | need to do.                                                      |
|PROFILE  | This screen has all your personal qualities, the people you've   |
|         | met - thei descriptions and your relationship level with them.   |
|POCKET   |Shows how much money you have, what miscellaneous items your      | 
|         |currently holding onto. Maximum you can hold at any one time is only eight...          

When your character is playable, pressing on the SELECT button pops up this
menu, you are displayed these features to choose from:

|    MENU      |
|Show Map | Shows the player the city map.                                   |
|Catalog  | descriptions and prices.                                         |
|Jobs     | Shows you the job descriptions and what qualities you need for   |
|         | the next promotion.                                              |
|Options  | Set Music Volume; SFX Volume; Languages and view Credits.        |
|Save Game| Saves the game.                                                  |
|Quit Game| Exits your current session, restarts the game.                   |

|    The Controls      |

A = To talk with people, if its the shop := purchase items. For selection &
    interaction with items / pets / people.
B = To run while using the arrow keys. To exit the menus.
L = Show on or not the info boxes. Flip page to the left in menus.
R = Flight page to the right in menus.
Arrow Keys = Pertaining to your selections and the movement while playing.
START = To show in game menu to view your pocket, missions and statistics.
SELECT = Pause game / view extra options such as the map, catalogue etc, save
         game etc.

What is ppularity???

Your total popularity is calculated by ALL your relationship levels with
the characters you have met so far in the game divided by 24 (since there are
a total of 24 NPC characters in the game).


 Uncle Hayseed = 60 relationship
 Dusty Hogg = 34 relationship
 Vera Vex = 79 relationship
 Nora Zeal-Ott = 100 relationship

Therefore your total popularity would be:

70+20+73+100 = 263 / 24 = 10.96 or rounded off, a 11.

FORMULA is: P = EP / 24  <-- Where EP equals to Every person Relation level with you.                               


How to Auction for items?
You can auction for items at ANY item store between 5-7 PM. To auction
for an item you need the item must be listed, then press A to begin
auctioning, you can use the up and down arrows to decrease or increase
your bid, usually if you have the money you could get items for a cheaper price
 than they were before the auction so in that case auctioning is good and gives value for money,
 but sometimes the store owners could get the better end of the deal, what I mean is you could end up
 paying more than what you could have paid before the auction started - in this case it is better to 
save the game anytime before 5PM and if this happens just buy your item before auction begins. To get the best 
deals take this
       I want to buy some item for 1000 simoleans, I have 1050 simoleans. Once auctioning begins one guy increases
 his bid to 950 simoleans so now he is in the path of getting the item, but if I purposely increase my bid to 955 or even 
960 simoleans and then quickly bring it back down to 950 simoleans which equals that of my competitor I would win the item
because my LAST bid was higher than 950 and his LAST bid was NOT higher than 960. But, if I decreased my bid to 940 or even 930
and brought it back up to 950 which equals my bid to that of my competitor I will NOT get the item because my LAST bid was UNDER 950
and his LAST bid was 950 constant. So there you have it, the way to get the best deals whenever you go to the Auction.



1.a) Meet Uncle Hayseed.

a. Befriend your Uncle (Relationship 30)
b. Give Uncle Family Photo Album

1. b) Welcome to SimValley

a. Find Something to Eat 
b. Take a Nap
c. Take a Shower

1. c) Inherit the Barn

a. Decorate the Barn with the Wood Chicken
b. Bring Uncle's Broken TV to the Barn
c. Bring Uncle's Broken Fridge to the Barn
d. Move the Old Couch into the Barn
e. Move the Bed into the Barn

1. d) Farmhand Blues

a. Tune up the Tractor
b. Fix the old Refridgerator
c. Fix the old television

1. e) Earn some Simoleans

a. Mow the Lawn
b Get a Promotion


2. a) Escape of the Chickens

a. Bring 8 chickens to your Uncle
b. Find Detective Dan

2. b) Shopping Time

a. Sell the old couch to the Bartender
b. Buy a Shower
c. Place shower in the barn

2. c)Serve the Public

a. Become Pals with Nora (Relationship 10)
b. Attend Genera; Store Auction - 5pm to 7pm

2. d) Clear the Roadblock

a. Calm Dusty Hogg (Relationship 25)
b. Return Dustu Hogg's missing Helmet
c. Fix Dusty Hogg's Bike

2. e) Get some wheels!

a. Tend Bar at the Burning Spoke
b. Paint Dusty Hogg's Bike
c. Collect 5 Aluminum Cans
d. Bring Cans to Virtuechem

2. f) Moving Out

a. Get help from Giuseppi
b. Make 1 friend (Relationship 50)
c. Give 500 Simoleans for rent to your uncle
d. Earn a second job promotion


3. a) At the Waterfront

a. Impress the Fisherman (Relationship 40)
b. Earn Mechanical 2
c. Buy a Fishing Pole
d. Buy a good Fishing Book

3. b) The Raging Chicken Competition

a. Earn Body 2
b. Impress Eddy Renalin (Relationship 40)
c. Pay the Membership fee of 200 simoleans

3. c) Library Card

a. Destroy all 15 bookworms
b. Get 3 books from other Sims
c. Return 3 books to Hester
d. Learn Cooking

3. d) The Rise of Club Rubb

a. Get permission from the Originol Owner
b. Befriend the cop that closed the club (Relationship 30)
c. Pay 1,000 simoleans in back taxes
d. Distribute 10 flyers to other Sims

3. e) Deep Dark Secrets

a. Acquire a Crowbar
b. Find the City Blueprints
c. Lower the Maintenance Ladders
d. Give Blueprints to Giuseppi

3. f) Moving Out

a. Make 4 friends
b. Earn 3,000 Simoleans
c. Earn 2 promotions (Bait Flinger or Powerlifter)


4. a) Expirience the Paranormal

a. Pick the Rusty Lock
b. Find a Ghostly Gift
c. Learn "Crazy Talk" (Logic 4)
d. Answer the Ghost's Riddles

4. b) Art for Art's Sake

a. Navigate the Maze to Lovers Leap
b. Paint a Beautiful Seascape
c. Sell your Masterpiece to Daschell

4. c) Rock Star!

a. Find a place to Jam
b. Get noticed (Pop 25)
c. Develop a Look (Creative 3/Charisma 2)
d. Acquire one cool guitar
e. Impress the Local Band Leader

4. d) Pizza Pandemonium

a. Befriend the Cook (Relationship 60)
b. Prove your worth (cooking 5)
c. Pay the Show Entry Fee

4. e) Champion of the Simverse

a. Catch the Veloci-Rooster
b. Beat Bullriding Record (Body 6, lots of rest)
c. Knock out "Mad" Willie Hurtzya

4. f)

a. Make 8 Friends
b. Earn 10,000 Simoleans for a down Payment
c. 3 promotions (Jam Session or Pizza Chef)


5. a) A Monumental Accomplishment

a. Find Sculptor's Number
b. Hire a Sculpter
c. Collect 30 aluminum cans
d. Gain popularity 50

5. b) The Lonny Lemmings

a. Find the Cliffs
b. Pester the Lifegaurd (Relatiuonship -50)

5. c) Take over Town

a. Give 10,000 Simoleans Fee to Nora
b. Gain Popularity 60
c. Persuade O. Phil McClean to Drop out (-50 Relationship)

5. d) Mystery of the Cosmos

a. Make a Scientific Discovery
b. Get a Grant from Daddy Bigbucks (Relationship 80)
c. Earn Logic 7

5. e) Apprehend the Van Man

a. Convince Det. Dan to set up Sting (Relationship 60)
b. Acquire the Camera
c. Get a Picture of the Crime

5. f) Summer's End

a. Make 13 Friends
b. 3 Promotions (Mad Scientist or Cliff Diver)
c. Repair the Rocket
d. Move the Rocket to the Mansion

03A - THE description, The Walkthrough

With this Walkthrough, you'll have no problems whatsoever completing the entire
game. Yeah right, you might say but I'm serious, I've tried to make this
Walkthrough as clean and easy to understand as possible.

Look below for the contents, to INSTANTLY go to any section of the walkthrough
simply just type in the sub mission's name in the search function of your text
editor - they are listed after the ... in the table.



	|                                    |
	| Welcome to SimValley,              |
	| *YOUR NAME*, I am so excited to    |
	| have you here for the summer.      |
	| We may not be as big as SimCity,   |
	| but we've got twice the character! |
	| Come see me as soon as you arrive! |
	| - Uncle Hayseed.                   |

A truck then drops you off in front of Uncle Hayseed's farm...

You then walk inside the farm and you stand in front of Uncle Hayseed.

So now, let's begin the game!


Once your inside the front of the barn...
GOAL 1: Meet Uncle Hayseed
1) Talk to Uncle Hayseed, be nice! Uncle will explain to you the basic
   controls if you choose to view them. Make sure your friendship level with him
   is 30 and above.
2) From the  chat window, choose 'I have something to give to you' (from now on
   I won't repeat myself on how to go to the inventory so remember it!). Then
   using the arrows choose the Family Photo Album and press A to give to Uncle

By now your character will complain that he's hungry or needs to go to the

1) Go inside, walk up to where the stove is. Press A to cook breakfast. You see
   that blue fridge to the left of you? Pressing A while the arrow is pointing
   at it will make your character fix himself up a quick snack, when I say quick
   I mean he gets his food quick!
2) If your character needs to go to the toilet, go near the toilet and press A.
   If he says when your chatting to someone that 'whoa I reak', go to the shower
   and press A to have a shower.
3) If your character is tired of standing, pressing A on any character near a
   sofa or seat will give him the option to sit down.
4) You can sleep on a bed or a double pillowed sofa by pressing A on it when the
   arrow is on top of it.


GOAL 2: Welcome to SimValley

1) Go to the toilet, have a shower, have breakfast and go to bed. You can do all
   these things by going to the item, and pressing the function button A.

Goal 3: Inherit the Barn

1) Talk to your Uncle after your all cleaned up. He will tell you to move all
   items to the barn in the room which is upstairs.
2) Go to the backyard, which is through the door in the kitchen.
3) Go to the wooden chicken, press A to 'put in pocket', do the same for the
   bed, heading east & now do the same for the old sofa, heading a little south
   now select the fridge that has electric sparks through it and choose repair
   then select the fridge and choose 'put in pocket'. Repair the TV and do the
4) Go to the barn which the entrance can be found in the front yard, go
   upstairs, press the select button, navigate to the inventory using L & R, by
   pressing A on an item choose the location (red means you cannot place it and
   yellow means you can, Place all the items in the barn whichever way you
   like, since it will be your home now for some time. Now talk to Hayseed.

Goal 4: Farmhand Blues

1) Go to the tractor, select it by pressing A, tune the tractor two times so it
   no longer needs any further tuning. You now should have gained two extra bars
   for your mechanical skills. Now talk to Uncle Hayseed.

Goal 5: Earn some Simoleans
1) Near the steps to your left, there will be a blue board with a sign on it,
   press A on it to mow the lawn. This is your first job and you will get paid
   around 150 simoleans, you can only mow the law once per day and don't mow
   over the flowers because you will then lose 20 simoleans and the rocks can
   help you - they make you spin towards a different direction when you go over
   them which sometimes can be very helpful expecially if your about to mow over
   a flower.
2)Wait till its the next day, mow the lawn again to get a promotion, (your
  salary should be around 250 simoleans by now since your on promotion level 2).
  Now wait till the next day again  and mow the lawn once more time to get a
  promotion of level 3, so that by now if you mow it correctly from now on your
  wages will be anywhere from 380 to 420 simoleans but only if you mow all the
  weeds and avoid all the flowers (get used to it, because this will be your #1
  job for some time. Now talk to Uncle Hayseed.

Level 2

Goal 1: Escape of the Chickens

1) In this mission you have to find 8 chickens & hand them back to Uncle
  Hayseed, refer to the FAQ on how to find ALL the chickens. Type this code
  in your text editors search function to go there now: chkqa
  Simply just go to Uncle Hayseed, press A when facing directly next to him,
  choose 'I have something for you have to choose a chicken, it will tell you that you
  have 8 chickens in your inventory so choose that you want to give them
  all to Uncle Hayseed. Job Finished.
2) Now you have to find detective Dan to complete this segment. Have breakfast,
   sleep, have a shower and go to the toilet if need be and head out of the
   farm. Look inside and near the Biker bar, and look inside and near the
   item shop. If you can't find him call him to find out where he is, he'll
   show up soon. Once you find him he'll say that the Veloci Rooster is
   responsible for the chickens being kidnapped and apparently you'll also
   find out later in the game that Nora Zeal-Ott's mother was killed by it.
   Now go back to the farm and speak with Uncle Hayseed.

   While this next goal does not appear in the 'to do' checklist it is required
   to be completed.

Goal 2: Shopping Time

1) Go to the barn and go upstairs where you kept all your furniture, put the
   ruffled up brown sofa in your pocket , Go to the Spoke Biker Bar and
   talk with the bartender guy, give him the sofa and he'll pay you some cash
   for it. To hand the sofa over, choose the sofa and press A.
2) Wait till there's a shower to buy at the item shop. Now that you have the
    shower go inside the barn, through the door that's just right to the parked
    car and place the shower somewhere.

Goal 3: Serve the Public

1) Become friends with Nora, read the notes below!
2) Find & talk with Detective Dan, he'll tell you that there might be some
   cheating going around in the item shop auctions that happen betwen 5-7PM
   everyday. Go visit the auction and choose an item, remember you don't
   have to bid - he only wants you to go there and see if anything happens.
   Nothing happens. So visit the detective again to report back.

Goal 4: Clear the Roadblock

Your Uncle says that there are some hooligans with bikes racing across SimValley
and especially near his farm. Pay Dusty Hogg a visit.
1) He'll tell you that he and his pals were racing really fast but his bike fell
   down and is now broken. Build relationship with Dusty Hogg (the guy always
   wearing a black shirt and a bandana) to level 25. I'd suggest you instead
   become friends with him because you'll keep some ties with him later on.
2) Speak with Dusty Hogg, he'll tell you he lost his helmet. Go east of the
   Burning Spoke Biker bar, now your facing a corner go completely south --> now
   head west through the opening in the fence and head north past the two trees
   to see a red coloured helmet. Pick it up and give it back to Dusty Hogg.
3) He'll apreciate your help but his bikes broken. Tell him you'll fix it and
   he will bag you a little that a little punk like you can't fix his grand
   bike. You'll show him. Press A when the arrow is above the bike, choose
   repair and wait till the bike is repaired. Now talk with Dusty Hogg.

Goal 5: Get some Wheels!

1) Talk with Dusty Hogg, he'll say that he'll tell his friend to let you in to
   play the mini game that was inaccessible before! Tend bar at the Spoke Biker
   bar, this game is known as Smoothie Slider, go to the place in the bar near
   where the bartender is. Press A while facing face front on the blue sign to
   play. In this game your job is to pass the beer over to the person who needs
2) Talk to Dusty Hogg. He'll tell you that his bikes paint came off, but you'll
   fix that! Press A on the bike and choose repaint. You can paint is bike as
   many times as you wish but it doesn't make a difference. Now talk with Dusty
   Hogg. He will be very happy with you, when you talk with him  choose the
   option that will say something like 'I wish I was a biker like you!', Dusty
   will get impressed and will tell you to pick up his old scooter first thing
   tomorrow morning at your Uncles farm.
3) Talk to your Uncle. You should now collect 5 cans, you an find these cans
   all over the ground. Just press A to pick them up, you can also pick up
   clogs, radioactive rods for some good amount of cash and even 3 eared mice
   that will bring in lots of money to you!
4) Wait till next morning, pick up the scooter and from your the farm's entrance
   head east, at the bend head south and at the fork turn right and you'll see
   a building, that's VirtuChem Labs. Give them your cans, clogs and even a
   radioactive rod if you've picked that up for some well deserved cash! :)

Goal 6: Moving Out - 1

1) Talk with your Uncle, he'll say that you've grown and that you should get a
   place of your own. Find and talk with Giuseppi Mezzoalto 
   He'll tell you if you want to move out or not. Either way
   you'll have to say yes so agree with him. Now is the right time to be friends
   with this guy, he'll help you ALOT in the near future so be friends with him.
   Your now in front of a building, it is the Clocktower! Go inside, press A on
   the  crate to view inventory, now just select the items you want to get out
   and  place them in your NEW house whichever way you like. :) Now is a good
   time to really have a roommate, not required but for some fun!
2) If you did what I told you before you should have 4 friends by now, your
   Uncle, Giuseppi Mezzoalto, Dusty Hogg and Zora Zeal-Ott. This goal requires
   you to have 1 friend, but you have several friends now so this goal is
3) Talk to Uncle Hayseed at the farm. You must now pay him 500 simoleans because
   he let you stay in his barn for such a time. What kind of Uncle is he??
4) Now you have to earn a 2nd job promotion. If you did what I told you before
   your status should be level 3 in the Mowing Madness game in the farm.
   Visit the Spoke Biker Bar, play the Smoothie Slider minigame and gain the
   promotion of Level 2. It won't harm to be promoted to Level 3 either, so
   work away till your on level 3 if you wish.

That's it! You have now completely finished levels 1 & 2. Welcome to Level 3

Level 3

Goal 1: At the Waterfront

1) You'll have to impress the fisherman for this one, and NO...the fisherman is
   not Olde Salty, it's O. Phil McClean who's the guy wearing the yellow coat
   and who has the fishing rod. To impress him, get your relationship level with
   him to level 40. To find him, he usually *always* hangs near the docks
   fishing, visit the docks early morning to almost certainly meet him.
2) Earn the mechanical skill level to 2, if you did what I told you to back in
   the farm about tuning the tractor TWICE and not just once this would be
   satisfied. To level up on your mechanical skills simply just go to the
   library and read the books that are in the top left hand corner on ground
3) Buy the fishing rod from ANY item shop and not Bric 'a' Brac. If its not
   there visit the place the next business day.
4) Apparently O. Phil McClean has a brother who wrote a book on how to fish, by
   the fishing book at Bric 'a' Brac. If it's not there look into the place
   another time.

Goal 2: The Raging Chicken Competition

By this time, if you don't yet have 200 simoleans, then I'd advise you to save
up for it. Don't forget to save up a little extra for food and the bills you
have to pay. If you never knew you had to pay bills check your mailbox every
now and then by pressing A on it when the arrow is over it.

1) Earn a body strength level of 2. Since you *might* not be a member of the
   gym yet, just punch your all on a boxing bag twice. If you don't have one
   you can purchase it at any item shop for 575 ( = simoleans).
2) Look for a guy named Eddie Renalin, he's the guy who has dark skin, a heavy
   body mass and usually hangs around outside the gym. Speak with him and gain
   the relationship level with him to 40, to 'impress' him. Just do not keep
   him out of your sight just yet!
3) He'll say that you have to pay him 200 simoleans so he can get you the gym
   membership. Pay him 200 simoleans.

Goal 3: Library Card

First talk with Hester Primm, she is the librarian in SimValley. She can be
found near the library, near the sand dunes that's just beneath the sea food
restaurant and sometimes also near the clocktower-gym area. She has orange hair
and a green coloured shirt (you know! the green colour like in the

1) Go to the library, the building is east up the road from the VirtuChem Labs
   and just west right next to the Country Cafe. Press A to squash all 15 of
   them, in the 1st and 2nd floors.
2) Talk to the people around the city who have the '!' sign in red, find three
   of them who have the library books (you'll know once you chat with them) and
   they will give you the library books. Actually there are five people in total
   who have the books but finding and giving just three books to the librarian
   is enough to reopen it.

   The five people who have the books are:
   * Mad Willy Hurtzya
   * Claire Clutterbell
   * Misty Waters
   * Daddy Bigbucks
   * Nicki Knack

   Just find three of the above people, ask for their books and you'll be fine,
   although its better to find all 5 of the above people and give the books to
   her so they don't pester you when you go see them to hand their books in.

3) Give the three books to Hester Primm who can be found near the library, near
   the sand dunes that's just beneath the sea food restaurant and sometimes also
   near the clocktower-gym area. She'll thank you for the help and allow you
   to go to the library. She will also give you the cookbook she wrote, she says
   her book hasn't been sold yet and she kinda forces you to take it and read
4) Learn cooking. Go to the library, up the stairs, head to the eastern area of
   the room and read the cooking book there. You only have to read the book
   once, just enough to learn cooking at level 1.

Goal 4: The Rise of Club Rubb

1) Find & talk to Maximillian Moore , who is the owner of Club
   Rubb. I found him nearby the hospital, he'll agree for your assistance.
2) Find Det. Dan D. Mann, he sometimes hangs around inside the jail, around
   the Burning Spoke Biker bar and in the item shop that's south of the Biker
   bar. The best way to find him is to call him and ask him where he is. Once
   you see him build your relationship level with him to level 30.
3) Pay the detective 1000 simoleans, read above for some tips on how to find
   him. Check out the FAQ as well for some more help.
4) Go to Bric 'a' Brac  and purchase 10 Flyers from
   the store for only 2 simoleans each.

   Then find any 10 people and for each one hand them a flyer, then go see the
   detective and he'll agre to re-open the closed club.

Goal 5: Deep Dark Secrets

1) Acquire a Crowbar: To get this go to Uncle Hayseed's farm and ask him
   nicely for one.
2) Find the City Blueprints: Once your living in the Clocktower, you will see a
   hiddin door just right of the stairs, press A to open it and you will see the
   blue prints just below. Then give the blue prints to Giuseppi Mezzoalto.
3) To lower the maintenance ladders go to the sewers via the manhole near north
   of the library, just press A to go down, the button you must push is just a
   little east from where you are. Then the screen will show that all the
   ladders have been lowered.

   Now you can access the sewers using ANY manhole you see, using the sewers is
   a really good way to travel fast around SimValley.

   Now you've finished this mission! Easy, wasn't it? I said that because there
   were a few people totally confused with this mission and basically just
   level 3 in general.

Goal 6: Moving Out - 2

Visit Nicki Knack, she's usually hanging near shore and her shop,
Bric 'a' Brac. She'll start saying that she's not making any good business
because no one has moved into her 'Waterfront Villa' yet. Agree with her that
you'll move into it.

1) Make 4 friends. You should have 4 friends already by now if you don't already
2) Earn 3000 simoleans to pay for the initial rent to Knicki Knack, but don't
   give her the money just yet.
3) Gain a level 3 promotion at either Bait Flinger 
   or Power Lifter . Personally, I'd go for
   the fishing because It IS easier. Read the job list & descriptions section
   for helpful advise on how to tackle these occupations head on.

Now you can go see Knicki Knack and give her the 3000 simoleans. After that's
over talk with Giuseppi Mezzoalto to arrange your moving out to the
Waterfront Villa. Totally unrelated, but the bills you get in the mail for rent
at this place is 400 simoleans. So the jobs I would be doing right now to
keep up with the bills and money savings is the Level 3 Mower Madness and the
Level 3 fishing. 
You've moved into the Waterfront Villa and have been advanced to level 4.

Level 4

Goal 1: Experience the Paranormal
Important notice:-
You will need logic skills at 4 and maechanical skill at 3.

Ok! Before we start this ghostly experience, let's head out to the sewers, just
press A on any manhole you see to climb down into the underground sewage system.
What are we doing here you might ask? Before we start this mission we need to
get one important item belonging to the ghost, its ashes. Now depending on
where you climbed down at, the directions leading to the ashes is different so
look at the detailed SimValley Underground Sewage map I wrote that's in this
guide, for the directions.

Found the golden coloured urn with the ashes? Good, now you must climb the
ladder that leads to the haunted shack which is Ladder 10 - you can locate it
using the Underground Sewage map. Now let's begin the real mission:

Go near the fence leading to the haunted shack, if you don't have the mechanical
skill level of 3 you can try as might to open it, it won't, but since you do
(assuming you do because you should have it by now) read on!

1) Firstly we need to 'pick' the rusty lock, since you have the mechanical skill
   of 3 it can be done and the gate will open. To 'pick' the lock, face it and
   press A, then choose pick lock.
2) Since you have logic skills up to level 4 you'll be fine when your talking to
   the ghost. Enter the house on the 1st level, you'll see the ghost so talk to
   it. After a while the ghost will lay out the 5 riddles on you, so if you get
   them all correct you'll be able to keep his furniture for free but if you get
   them wrong he makes you unconcious and you end up in the hospital, here are
   the solutions:
  |  No.          Question                      ! Ans    |
  |   1    |*How many sides does a circle have? | 2      |
  |   2    |*Which does not belong in this      |        |
  |        | group? apple, grape, bannana or    | bannana|
  |        | pear?                              |        |
  |   3    |*How many letters are in the        |        |
  |        | alphabet?                          | 11     |
  |   4    |*What other letter fits in the      |        |
  |        | following: B C D E I K O X?        | H      |
  |   5    |*When I am filled I can point the   |        |
  |        | way. When I am empty, nothing moves|        |
  |        | me. I have two skins - One without |        |
  |        | & one within. What am I?           | A glove|

  After that's over he will congratulate you for being smarter than he gave you
  credit for. Once the chat window appears again, choose 'I have something for
  you.' And give the ghost the golden urn that contained in it has the ashes
  that belongs to his body.

  He'll thank you and promises to be peaceful and not scare the wits out of
  anyone who walks near his shack. Because he's happy he got his ashes back he
  says to you that he will allow you to take any one item you like from his
  secret cellar. Then exit the house and down via the steps.

  While your still in the vicinity of the shack, head east past the several
  graves and press A on the brown trap door that was not there before (TIP: near
  the trap door you might also see the 3 eared mouse - pick it up and sell it
  at VirtuChem for cash!) your now inside the ghost's secret cellar.

  Sure, the ghost only wants you to take just one item, but we'll take more than
  that! ;) You can take as many items as you want, after that's over head back
  up the ladder and down the manhole to get outta this creepy place!

Goal 2: Art for Art's Sake

1) Finally here's your chance to be a true artist! Talk with Daschell Swank
   and he'll tell you that SimValley needs an art exhibition, and a masterpiece
   created right here in SimValley can sway the mayors thoughts to host one.
   Follow the map of the gardens I wrote which can be found after the FAQ (you
   can look at it right now by inputting the code 'svmp' without the quotes
   of course in the search function of your text editor!).

   Press A on the painting board to start the *long* work, after the masterpiece
   has been painted frame it and then hand it to Daschell Swank for 5000
   simoleans! That covers all of Goal 2.

Goal 3: Rock Star!

1) After talking with Mel Odious about how he wants to be part of Vera Vex's
   rock band and how he didn't make it.  Our first job is to find a place we
   could jam. Talk with Uncle Hayseed at the farm and he'll let you jam there.
2) For this one, your popularity with the entire city in general has to be
   25. If you've helped everyone up until now and have several friends by now
   (you should have 4 by now) then this demand will be satisfied.
3) Develop a look: To gain a creativity level of 3 just paint a few portraits
   (did you buy the painting kit?) and go to the north western part of the gym
   near the mirror and the door. Press A on the mirror and your character will
   stare at it for quite a while (sounds like he's lost it), but this actually
   builds Charisma. Stare once again and your charisma will be level 2. Which
   satisfies this demand.
4) Acquire one cool guitar: Talk with your mate Giuseppi Mezzoalto and he'll
   give you one - purchase it from his van.
5) Impress the Local band Leader: Easy one! Talk to Vera Vex and make your
   friendship level 50 with her and she'll let you join the band.

Goal 4: Pizza Pandemonium

Find and talk with Lottie Cash before you start this mission. She's usually
on the same road that you use when you leave the farm by heading east, mostly
around midday.

1) For this one go to the seafood restaurant, refer to the map if you don't
   know where it is. The chef is the guy who's in white, a little fat and has a
   hat on. Make friends with him, get the relationship level with him up to 60.
2) Prove your worth! Here you have to get your cooking skills up to level 5. So
   visit the library, go upstairs and there on the east side there are cooking
   books that you can read. Read them until your cooking skills ar at level 5.
3) Pay the Show entry fee: For this one talk with Lottie Cash. She'll say that
   she's thinking about purchasing the sea food restaurant and the cooking TV
   show that gets filmed over there. Pay her 2500 simoleans and from now on
   you can access the pizza making minigame found in the sea food restaurant by
   pressing A on the blue board.

Goal 5: Champion of the Simverse

Find & talk with Daddy Bigbucks, I found him at Knick Knacks. He'll say that
this town needs a triathlon, so he wants you to complete the three challenges so
that it might impress the mayor and in doing so he will open up the 1st annual
SimValley Extreme Games.

1) Catch the Veloci Rooster, this mad chicken runs fast everywhere but he's not
   hard to catch, make your body level 6, my body level was 8 so maybe it was
   easy for me. TIP: If you watch closely at the movement patterens of this
   chicken it sometimes goes in the same direction when its running, knowing
   this you can catch it, that's how I did it.
2) Visit Country Cafe, since your body level is at 6 you'll have no problem
   doing this. If its not you better train for it. Press A on any of the two
   bulls that are presented to you and ride any one of them till you satisfy
   this challenge.
3) Since your on body level 6, go to the gym and the boxing ring. Press A on the
   boxer to knock out Mad Willy Hurtzya (he doens't hurt ya anymore!).

   After that's over go see Daddy Bigbucks, I found him during auction time in
   the item shop that's near the jail. He'll be happy to see that you did all
   the events and he'll pay you 1000 simoleans. But do not leave Daddy Bigbuck's
   sight just yet!

 Imp... note:-
1) You can build body strength by going to the
   gym since you now have paid the membership
   fee of 200 simoleans, and start lifting
   weights. Also, boxing builds up the body
   strength as well.

Goal 6: Moving Out - 3

Talk with Daddy Bigbucks and he will agree by saying that's a 'fine' idea, he
will let you rent his summer mansion. Now let's finish up this mission so we can
move to a bigger and better home! ;)

1) For this one you have to make 8 friends, by this time you shouldn't have to
   make anymore friends because by now you should have eight friends.
2) Now you'll have to pay Daddy Bigbucks 10,000 simoleans so you can rent out
   his summer mansion. Once you have the 10,000 by working hard of course, hand
   the money in to him and he'll tell you to find Guiseppi Mezzoalto who will
   pack your stuff up. Forget about Guiseppi for now.
3) Now you'll need to gain a level 4 promotion from one of these occupations:
   Jam session or Pizza chef.

   Personally I would go with the Jam Session and not the Pizza Chef because its
   alot easier to level up and do.

   If you want to do Jam Session follow this simple guide:
   Go to Club Rubb, since Jam session starts at 7PM you better hurry up if the
   club is about to close!

   Make sure though that your creativity level is 6 and your charisma level is 3
   otherwise you can't get promoted to level 4. And your aiming to earn 400

   On the right shows the notes you have to play, when they go over the target
   that's on the scroll if you don't key in the notes when the notes go on the
   highlighted cyan coloured target exactly then you don't get paid for it and
   you lose the points you gain on the left side of the red bar, once the bar is
   full then you get promoted.. But if your synched with the scroller then you
   get paid for it and the bar fills up.

   Or if you want, you can try to get Level 4 at being a Pizza Chef, the
   mini-game is located at the sea food restaurant.

   Now, after you've been promoted to Level 4 on one of the jobs listed above,
   find and talk with Guiseppi Mezzoalto.

   Agree with him to move your stuff in his crate to Imperial Estates, unpack
   all your stuff - hand the crate back to Guiseppi and now get ready for
   Level 5, the last level!

 Level 5

 Goal 1: A Monumental Accomplishment

  Talk with Det. Dan D.Mann to unlock this mission.

1) Find and talk with Daschell Swank and he will give you the phone number for
   the sculptor who happens to live in SimCity. The number can be accesible from
   *only* your home phone under 'services'.
2) Now before we can call and hire the sculptor, if you don't already have a
   phone in your house - buy one otherwise you won't be able to call him. Also
   before you can call you need to find and collect 30 cans that are scattered
   across the streets of SimValley (just press A to pick them up) and please>>>>
   don't sell them to VirtuChem until this entire mission is complete. After
   you've collected the 30 cans this sub goal would be complete.
3) For this one you need to be quite popular in SimValley, get a popularity
   rating of 50 to complete this one, this takes some time but talk to every
   single person you can see and try to gain relationship levels higher than
   50 for all of them. You'll be popular in no time! 

4) Now its time to call the sculptor, go to where your home phone is, press A,
   choose services --> Sculptor.  That's it!

   Now go and talk to Det. Dan D.Mann.

Goal 2: The Looney Lemmings

To unlock this mission talk with Duane Doldrem who'll tell you that he's been
looking for this 'elite' club for a long time but he can't find it.

Also, this sub mission has its order in reverse, what I mean is that you can't
go to the cliffs until you make the lifeguard annoyed and mad like hell. Also,
make your popularity up to 60 otherise she'll ignore you. To increase your
popularity the easy way, be *BEST* friends with lots of people except Misty
Waters, and this means getting a high relationship level 80+.

1) Pester the Lifeguard: Find Misty Waters, check first around near the sand
   dunes during daytime and also check the sea food restaurant. Once you find
   her ANNOY her bad, and get the relationship level down to -50. You might have
   some difficulties here, why? Because once you annoy her down to -18 she stops
   talking to you, that's why use this method to overcome that: annoy her twice,
   be nice once, annoy her twice amd so on till it drops to 50.

2) Visit the cliffs. There used to be a gate blocking your path just right of
   Country Cafe but now its gone, so pass through the area where the gate once
   was and this sub mission will be satisfied. Although you can't go up the
   stairs just yet.

   Talk with Misty Waters and say 'Hey! I'm an official Looney Lemming now!'.
   She'll get angry and say to you she doesn't want to talk with you any more.

   Finally, now you an pass through the place where the gate once was, climb up
   the stairs and play the mini-game, Cliff Diver X!

Goal 3: Take over the Town!

To unlock this mission, find and talk with Nora Zeal-Ott. Apparently she is now
the Assistant Treasurer, she will also say that *YOU* could have applied to
become a mayor, since the current mayor doesn't do anything and also she tells
you that anyone can apply to become the mayor of SimValley at any time of the
year. But she says that you can't apply now because O. Phil McClean (the
fisherman in the yellow coat) has already applied for the position. We'll see
about that! ;)

1) Nora says to you that she can help you become the next mayor of SimValley if
   you pay her 10,000 simoleans, once you have the money go see Nora and pay

   TIP: If you want to finish the entire game and not be bothered playing it
        any further then selling your own personal property that you bought
        with alot of money can really help raise the 10,000 simoleans! Just do
        not get rid of the essential items such as the shower, bed, toilet and

   TIP 2: Remember the furniture that was available to us in the secret cellar
          back in Level 4 in the ghost mission? If you haven't got your hands on
          those yet do so now and sell them, in total they will add over 2000
          simoleans to your count to pay off the 10,000 liability.

   TIP 3: I recommend that you the jobs Mower Madness, Bait Flinger and Smoothie
          Slider. I've found these jobs bring you the HIGHEST payouts.

2) Gain a popularity of 60 if you haven't already, for some tips on how to gain
   the extra popularity, re-read Goal 1 point 3.

3) Now you have to annoy O. Phil McClean (the fisherman in yellow) real bad
   so he will drop out as a possible canditate for mayor. If he's ignoring you
   when he's about -20 give him some time and he will talk with you again, then
   give him round 2. :) After the relationship level becomes -50, talk with him
   once more time and he will chicken out of the election to become the next
   SimValley Mayor.

Goal 4: Mystery of the Cosmos
Imp... Note!!

Talk with Maximilian Moore (the afro dude) to unlock this sub mission.

1) Go to Uncle Hayseed's farm, you'll notice that that the tractor is not
   blocking the barn anymore, now go inside the door that's just to the right of
   the parked car. Then you'll notice that the hay stack was kind of like a
   hologram and it disappears but reveals a hidden trapdoor. Go inside and
   you'll see a rocket there! Now go towards it, press A on it and choose
   repair. Now put the rocket in your pocket..that rymes! When you get out of
   the barn, you'll notice that tractor is again blocking the entrance to the
   barn which is no calls for concern.
2) Become friends with Daddy Bigbucks. Make the relationship up to level 80. At
   around auction time you can usually find him at the item shop that's north
   west of the jail. Then ask him to give you grant money for your science
3) Earn the logic of level 7. To earn logic read the relative books in the
   library on the 2nd floor.

    Now go and visit Maximilian Moore, he'll thank you and he'll tell you that
    now you have become part of the VirtuChem Elite club! Now, whenever you
    visit VirtuChem Labs, you can access the mini-game Petri Dish!

Goal 5: Apprehend the Van Man

To unlock this mission talk with Vera Vex, she'll start complaining that
Giuseppi has stolen her guitar.

1) Become friends with Det. Dan D.Mann, make the relationship level up to 60.
2) Purchase the camera at Bric'a'Brac, if it's not there visit the store some
   other time.
3) Now that you have the camera visit Uncle Hayseed's farm and go inside the
   house, enjoy the movie scene! ;) After that's over go up to Giuseppi and talk
   to him. Your character will then take a picture of Giuseppi and at that
   momment Det. Dan D.Mann will come in and arrest him.

It might seem that most of Uncle Hayseed's furniture
is gone, but you get them back. Simply exit the house
and re-enter it. Voila! Their all back.

Since Giuseppi is now in jail, go find and talk to Vera Vex to let her know that
he's in jail now. Also, since you've now finished Goal 5 access to Uncle
Hayseed's house is not possible anymore, but you can still access the Mad
Mower for the money.

Goal 6: Summer's End

1) For this one you need to make 13 friends. If you've done exactly what I've
   told you before about talking and making friends with anyone you see in the
   attempt to increase your popularity, then this sub misison would have been
   complete. If not, then find the 13 people needed and make your relationship
   level with them to 50.
2) Now you will need to get a Level 3 promotion for either the Mad Scientist
   (Petri Dish mini-game) or Cliff Diver X. Personally I think both of them were
    quite easy.

    For the Pertri Dish, make sure you focus on one colour group at a time,
    like all orange first, then all yellow and finally blue.

    The Cliff Diver X was easy too, this was the occupation I completed this
    sub mission with. Just use the control keys to do some tricks while in mid
    air, fall down vertically and press the top arrow button just before he hits
    the floor.

    Read the job list for detailed descriptions on how to complete them!

3) For this one you will have to repair the rocket, if you did what I told you
   to do back in Goal 4 then this one would have already been done. Anyway, to
   repair the rocket just go towards it, press A while the arrow is over it and
   choose repair from the list.
4) Last mission! This one requires you to place the rocket that you've found
   before on the launch pad that is located directly west of the kitchen, past
   the living room and through the door on the west.

   Now talk to Uncle Hayseed.

Uncle Hayseed will actually be inside the Imperial Estate, the moment you come
back in the house he's waiting. Here's the entire story script exactly how it

YOU: Uncle Hayseed, what are you doing away from the farm?

UNCLE: Well, *YOU*, summer's over. Sure went pretty fast, didn't it?

YOU: As fast as the Veloci-Rooster.

UNCLE: And you, on the ballot for Mayor of SimValley! You made me proud, kid.

YOU: Thanks Uncle Hayseed!

UNCLE: And this rocket you restored. You're one of a kind, *YOU*. But it's time
       for you to leave SimValley.

YOU: But...I don't want to leave! I love it here! It's my home.

UNCLE: No, *YOU*, it's not. Not anymore. It never was...Your mother never told
       you how I how I found you in that cornfield all those years ago. You
       repairing this rocket isn't coincidence. It's time for you to really
       go home, kid.

YOU: But...

UNCLE: If that rocket leaves the ground and you're not with it, you'll regret
       it. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of
       your life. Goodbye, *YOU*. Perhaps I'll see you again someday.

YOU: I understand.

UNCLE: ...

Then Uncle Hayseed will head outside through the door. You will to, and you will
meet all your friends and contacts you've made this summer. And as you head for
the rocket, waving goodbye at everyone - you take one last look at Uncle Hayseed
and you leave earth...Then the rocket crashes for some reason and you crash back
to earth.

The credits now roll...

			      *** THE END ***
Final Thought

Does this mean that the character you've played so far is an alien? If you can
recall the Superman movies starring Christopher Reeve the stories of the movie
and this game are similar in a way. The ending is quite a shock to me as well
as a few other people.

  		      ***SPOILER NOW ENDS HERE******
 		      ****END DO NOT SCROLL ABOVE.**



Tractor Glitch:
In level 5, Goal 4.
When you enter the farm you'll notice that the tractor is not blocking the
barn's entrance no more. Once you see the rocket and assuming that you NEVER did
put it in your pocket before leaving the main entrance to the barn - it will be
blocked once again by the tractor and it will be impossible to revert the
circumstances! The only way to fix this situation is to use any working
codebreaker or gameshark codes to get the rocket.

Sprites Glitch:
If you are not familiar with the computer term, 'Sprites' then don't worry. But
if you are aware you might notice that sometimes when you try to go around some
objects, also sometimes in tight spaces your character's Sprite will be
partially hidden behind the object that you are passing. As a fact, Sprites is
an older technology in making objects look like their animated.

Improper ending Glitch: Contributed by SDSakuragi! Thank you :)
For the final mission I talked to Uncle Hayseed at the farm instead of at
Imperial Estates. (This was due to my finishing the Mayor mission last and so I
talked to Nora outside the farm.) When I did go to Imperial Estates and entered,
the camera cuts to Hayseed and then back to my character, but I am unable to
talk to him using the A button. He does not go out the door nor can I exit to
another area. And the icing on the cake is the fact that saved my game after
talking to Uncle at the farm. So now I can play forever as long as I live at
the Farm.

Floating Items Glitch:
It seems that some items float in mid air! Such as when you put a microwave on
the bench, put the bench in your pocket and the microwave floats in the air.
This glitch does NOT happen all the time. Odd one.

Thanks to SillyBoy of the board, for providing this information.

For two hours a week you can purchase cheats from Heidi Shadows, The Cheat Ninja
(Secret Character). You must be in the right place at the right time, and thats
no easy feat. Heidi appears at the following times and places:

*Southwest of Imperial Estates, Mondays 11:00pm-midnight
*Park Maze (Top right hand corner), Fridays 3:00am-4:00am

The hard part is knowing what day of the week it is. To find out what day of the
 week it is:

1)Press "Select" and save your game.
2)Press "Select" and choose "Save Game" from the menu (but dont save again).
3)Look at the game file; it states the time and day of the last save.
  Unfortunately, the day is a number, not a day of the week.

It's confusing but not impossible. The game starts on a monday, so that's day 1.

Therefore Mondays are days 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 36, 43, 50, 57, 64, 71, 78, 85, 92,
                           99, 106, 113, 120, 127, 134, 141, 148, 155, etc...

Fridays are 5, 12, 19, 26, 33, 40, 47, 54, 61, 68, 75, 82, 89, 96, 103, 110,
            117, 124, 131, 138, 145, 152, 159, etc...

You can buy cheats from Heidi Shadows like any other shop, she sells:

* Rosebud: adds $5,000
* Slip of Paper: contains a password, "Bucket", that might come in handy in,
  say, a sequel of some kind ;)
* Silver Tongue Berry - adds 1 charisma skill point
* Gourmet Berry - adds 1 cooking skill point
* Clock Berry - adds 1 mechanical point
* Buff Berry - adds 1 Body point
* Mind Berry - adds 1 logic point
* DaVinci Berry - adds 1 creativity point

You can also check out the hidden items list for descriptions and prices for the
items Heidi sells.

If you need MORE help finding Heidi Shadows refer to the maps I drew above! She
is represented on the map as a 'H', you can navigate to the location yourself.
Your FREE Astrological recliner!!
Go into the sewers, and you will see the screen cut across to a button on the
ground, if it does not happen climb any other ladder down here and climb back

Go over the button and it will take you to a special room, there will be two
FREE astrological recliners for you to keep!

TIP: Selling these recliners can give you 2000 each!

Please let me know by emailing me what star sign you were and the colours of the
recliners and the stars on them because the colours of the recliners are decided
when you choose your star sign (Eg.I choose scorpio so I get dark blue
Some jobs that you can get are as the following. You can also see the locations of where
the jobs are in SimValley.

Mower Madness - This mini-game job can be found at Uncle Hayseed's Farm. You will need
Body and Mechanical Skill Points.

*What you have to do*

Depending on what level you are on you will have to drive the lawn mower over the weeds
that are found in the garden. This will give you monsy for every weed that you hit.

If you hit a rock, your lawn mower will then start to spin and face you in a different

If you hit a chicken, they will come when you are at promotion level five, though they
will not deduct money, there will only be a swarm of feathers.

If you hit the flowers that are in the garden you will be deducted money from your
final paycheck.

The mower job is open from 5am to 7pm

Smoothie Slider - This is found in the bar. 

You need charisma and cooking skill points in order to get promoted in this job.

You need to slide the drinks down the bar using the meter with the A Button.

You will recive more money if you get the right drink to the right person, and more money
if you get them to the people at the end of the bar then right next to you.

If you give the person a wrong drink they have the posibility of braking the glass.

The bar job is open from 8pm to 11pm.

Powerlifter - This is found in the upstairs of the gym.

You need to hit the arrow buttons at the right time to power lift the bar.

You will need mechanical and body skill points in order to get promoted.

This job is open from 3pm to 5pm.

Bait Flinger - This is found at the docks.

This requirers body and mechanical skill points.

You have to pick the right bait and use the meter and arrow to get it to the right area.
You then have to click the A Button to real the fish in.

Pizza Pandemonium - This is found at the diner near the docks.

You will need charisma and cooking skill points to do this job.

This job is open from 11am to 10pm

Lab Technician - Is at the lab in SimValley.

You need Logic and Cooking skill points to get promoted.

This job is open from 12am to 8am.

Cliff Master - This job is located near the Cowboy Resturaunt.

You need Mechanical and Body Skill points to get promoition.

Jam Session - This is located in the club.

You need mechanical and body skill points.

   Want to ask a question, feel free to do so,  [email protected]

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