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Reviews for The Sims Bustin Out

Game Reviews for The Sims Bustin Out


Quick Reviews

A Sims Bust Up Added 26 Nov 2004, ID #3772
A Sim can be anything you want it to be. Bustin' Out features events that could be in a non Sim world, such as paying the bills or talking to a local.

The Sims Bustin' Out allows the player to play himself or herself in an enviornment filled with big and small features new to the game. From designing a house or talking to ghosts, this town called SimValley, neighbour to SimCity, cantains over 30 missions and goals you can complete to improve the skills of your Sim.

The game can be challanging at times, such as searching for objects of solving puzzles, but still enjoyable. A game worth getting as you won't be dissapointed.
The game of the year - DEFINATELY Added 11 Apr 2004, ID #2100
The Sims is an excellent game and should be brought and now ea games have made sims bustin out a completely new game for the sims collections, the sims bustin out for gba is a very clever game with 10/10 graphics and 9/10 sounds the gameplay is excellent because you just can't put the game down, the only way for you to put the game down is when the batteries on your gba run out.

The sims bustin out is not like the normal sim games where you just make a house and take control of some graphicated life, on the sims bustin out it is very good because you can also play the sim jobs and as you get on around the game you then end up with a moped to drive around simvalley, sim valley is an excellent world because for a gba the graphics are amazing and the overall gameplay is very good
Game Review Added 8 Apr 2004, ID #2071
Graphics 9/10
Gameplay 8/10
Handling 10/10
Overall 9/10
Definitely Worth Buying
The Sims RULE Added 10 Mar 2004, ID #1855
The Sims ROK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I completed the game in a week!!!!!!!!!!! and I didn't use ANY cheats at all!! Smile my score is

total score 99 %
Added 19 Feb 2004, ID #1677
This is a great game I have been playing it solid since it came out and have compleated it with a man, woman and a gamecube download.

This game has been under-estimated by all the game magazines.

The game is great and I am glad someone appriciates my work.

Graphics - 7
Gameplay - 10

RATING - 90%
The Sims Bustin Added 28 Jan 2004, ID #1510
All right the sims!
This game is the best you can design your own house, get a job, earn simoleons.
You can do just about anything, even read on the loo!
Oh yeah I want to thank the games guru for submitting the ninja cheat.
Hasta la vista !!!
The Sims Bustin Added 12 Jan 2004, ID #1384
The sims have busted out!
This new version of the sims is the first ever on
game boy advance here are some highlights:

You can control your sim freely with the directional buttons,
You can link up to a Gamecube and transfer your sim to a paradise island,
And you can ride your sim on a rad scooter.

This game deserves 10/10 !!!

See you soon from the one and only SIM !!!!
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