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Follow the dark path or use the light

General Walkthrough

by Subleme


This walkthrough was made for the game "ims Bustin Out" for the gameboy advanced system.
The walkthrough will include the people, the missions, places, and jobs.

----Contact and Maker----

This guide was made by Subleme. I have made numerous guides for Supercheats and I hope to
continually make more as time goes on. I will be making more guides if I get positive 
feedback and if I continue to get time to make guides for Supercheats.

My contacts are below. However I don't use two of them, though I check them every once in
a while.


[email protected] <-- My email that I will be using for now on.

[email protected] <---- old email used, I don't use this often anymore.

[email protected] <--- This email is used for spam and it continues to fill up.

Aim - I do not have or use.

Myspace - Have not been on in a long time.

Facebook - I use, however will not be giving out the information.

---Table of Contents---

1. General Review of Game.
2. People in the game.
3. Jobs that you can get.
4. Missions.
5. How to get around.
6. Ending.
7. Thanks.
8. Copyright Restrictions.
9. Updates

-----General Review of the Game-----

During game play of this game, the game is pretty good. It is fun to still play even
though the system that it is for is out of date. The game still has it's ups and downs.
The graphics of the game still are not very good, and the music is not good either.
The game is fun through it's jobs as mini-games. You are able to move into three different
houses during your gaming and meet people who live around town. Compared to the game for
the gamecube system the game is much different as you are able to travel on your own and
your job is actually mini-games that you are able to play whenever you wish. 

----People in the Game-----

The following people can be found in the game,
(This list is not in any order, it was taken from my game from who was my top friends)

Nicki Knack - Nicki Knack has been running SimValley's trinket store for over 30 years,
so keep the marble jokes to yourself.

Daddy Bigbucks - Old-money patiarch of SimValley. He owns half the town. He also quite
enjoys conversations about himself.

Detective Dan D. Mann - Detective Mann is a no-nonsense cop with a nose for facts and
figures. He's kind but a little humorless.

Bucki Brock - Bucki is a friendly and dedicated athlete determined to take mechanical-bull
riding to its absolute limit.

Claire Clutterbell - Claire Clutterbell is best known as SimValley's official poet
laurate... a title she generously gave herself.

Hester Primm - Hester Primm is SimValley's only librarian and self-appointed manners
and etiquette guru. Be Nice.

O. Phil McClean - McClean might stand taller if it weren't for that chip on his shoulder.
Be careful around this grumpy character.

Ephram Earl - Driven to near madness by almost two centuries of lonley wanderings. Ephram is
a ghost looking for some rest.

Eddie Renalin - Vain but good-natured, Eddie Renalin is here to help you achieve the body
you never dreamed of having.

Vernon Peeve - Vernon has been working for the same company, at the same desk, for the same
pay for 30 years.... Yes, he's angry.

Mel Odious - One part hippie, one part road-rage. Mel Odious is an angry man trying to kick
(or punch) his inner demons.

Nora Zeal-Ott - Everyday seems like election day with bubbly, bright-eyed Nora around, but 
this is just a depressing illusion.

Vera Vex - Vera is the lead singer of local band "The Germinators." (Currently disbanded until
she can find other musicians.)

Maximilian Moore - Dr. Moore is the proud courageous, and rather annoying head-surgeon at
SimValley General Hospital.

Lottie Cash - Lottie Cash, daughter of late oil tycook Doyle Cash, lives fast, plays hard,
and works.... never.

Giuseppi Mezzoalto - If he didn't sell such cool things. Giuseppi Mezzoalto would be someone
to steer clear of. But what deals!

Mad Willy Hurtzya - Willy has been wallowing in obscurity for years. This has made him a little
bitter, but you don't have to take it!

Chet R. Chase - Chet is an eccentric chef from SimCity. He's currently in SimValley touring
with his televised Cooking Contest.

Misty Waters - When not attending college classes. Misty spends earns her keep as SimValley's
best and strongest lifegaurd.

Duane Doldrum - Duane Doldrum is an arrogant yet occasionally charming slacker with 100
100 ideas, and 100 excuses.

Daschell Swank - Professor Swank is visiting professor of art history at the University of
SimValley. (Sorry, no classes this quarter.)

Dusty Hogg - Dusty has a mean streak much longer than his patience, but if you can prove
you're tough, he might like you.

Unbcle Hayseed - A warm and friendly man. Uncle Hayseed is your dad's.... or is it your
mom's.... well, he's someone's older brother!

Olde Salty - Sunshine, open ocean, and saltwater have all but turned Olde Salty into a crazy
confused and crazy ex-captain.

These are all of the people that are found within SimValley that you are able to be-friend
and that you can meet.

----Jobs that you can get----

Some jobs that you can get are as the following. You can also see the locations of where
the jobs are in SimValley.

Mower Madness - This mini-game job can be found at Uncle Hayseed's Farm. You will need
Body and Mechanical Skill Points.

*What you have to do*

Depending on what level you are on you will have to drive the lawn mower over the weeds
that are found in the garden. This will give you monsy for every weed that you hit.

If you hit a rock, your lawn mower will then start to spin and face you in a different

If you hit a chicken, they will come when you are at promotion level five, though they
will not deduct money, there will only be a swarm of feathers.

If you hit the flowers that are in the garden you will be deducted money from your
final paycheck.

The mower job is open from 5am to 7pm

Smoothie Slider - This is found in the bar. 

You need charisma and cooking skill points in order to get promoted in this job.

You need to slide the drinks down the bar using the meter with the A Button.

You will recive more money if you get the right drink to the right person, and more money
if you get them to the people at the end of the bar then right next to you.

If you give the person a wrong drink they have the posibility of braking the glass.

The bar job is open from 8pm to 11pm.

Powerlifter - This is found in the upstairs of the gym.

You need to hit the arrow buttons at the right time to power lift the bar.

You will need mechanical and body skill points in order to get promoted.

This job is open from 3pm to 5pm.

Bait Flinger - This is found at the docks.

This requirers body and mechanical skill points.

You have to pick the right bait and use the meter and arrow to get it to the right area.
You then have to click the A Button to real the fish in.

Pizza Pandemonium - This is found at the diner near the docks.

You will need charisma and cooking skill points to do this job.

This job is open from 11am to 10pm

Lab Technician - Is at the lab in SimValley.

You need Logic and Cooking skill points to get promoted.

This job is open from 12am to 8am.

Cliff Master - This job is located near the Cowboy Resturaunt.

You need Mechanical and Body Skill points to get promoition.

Jam Session - This is located in the club.

You need mechanical and body skill points.



1.a) Meet Uncle Hayseed.

a. Befriend your Uncle (Relationship 30)
b. Give Uncle Family Photo Album

1. b) Welcome to SimValley

a. Find Something to Eat 
b. Take a Nap
c. Take a Shower

1. c) Inherit the Barn

a. Decorate the Barn with the Wood Chicken
b. Bring Uncle's Broken TV to the Barn
c. Bring Uncle's Broken Fridge to the Barn
d. Move the Old Couch into the Barn
e. Move the Bed into the Barn

1. d) Farmhand Blues

a. Tune up the Tractor
b. Fix the old Refridgerator
c. Fix the old television

1. e) Earn some Simoleans

a. Mow the Lawn
b Get a Promotion


2. a) Escape of the Chickens

a. Bring 8 chickens to your Uncle
b. Find Detective Dan

2. b) Shopping Time

a. Sell the old couch to the Bartender
b. Buy a Shower
c. Place shower in the barn

2. c)Serve the Public

a. Become Pals with Nora (Relationship 10)
b. Attend Genera; Store Auction - 5pm to 7pm

2. d) Clear the Roadblock

a. Calm Dusty Hogg (Relationship 25)
b. Return Dustu Hogg's missing Helmet
c. Fix Dusty Hogg's Bike

2. e) Get some wheels!

a. Tend Bar at the Burning Spoke
b. Paint Dusty Hogg's Bike
c. Collect 5 Aluminum Cans
d. Bring Cans to Virtuechem

2. f) Moving Out

a. Get help from Giuseppi
b. Make 1 friend (Relationship 50)
c. Give 500 Simoleans for rent to your uncle
d. Earn a second job promotion


3. a) At the Waterfront

a. Impress the Fisherman (Relationship 40)
b. Earn Mechanical 2
c. Buy a Fishing Pole
d. Buy a good Fishing Book

3. b) The Raging Chicken Competition

a. Earn Body 2
b. Impress Eddy Renalin (Relationship 40)
c. Pay the Membership fee of 200 simoleans

3. c) Library Card

a. Destroy all 15 bookworms
b. Get 3 books from other Sims
c. Return 3 books to Hester
d. Learn Cooking

3. d) The Rise of Club Rubb

a. Get permission from the Originol Owner
b. Befriend the cop that closed the club (Relationship 30)
c. Pay 1,000 simoleans in back taxes
d. Distribute 10 flyers to other Sims

3. e) Deep Dark Secrets

a. Acquire a Crowbar
b. Find the City Blueprints
c. Lower the Maintenance Ladders
d. Give Blueprints to Giuseppi

3. f) Moving Out

a. Make 4 friends
b. Earn 3,000 Simoleans
c. Earn 2 promotions (Bait Flinger or Powerlifter)


4. a) Expirience the Paranormal

a. Pick the Rusty Lock
b. Find a Ghostly Gift
c. Learn "Crazy Talk" (Logic 4)
d. Answer the Ghost's Riddles

4. b) Art for Art's Sake

a. Navigate the Maze to Lovers Leap
b. Paint a Beautiful Seascape
c. Sell your Masterpiece to Daschell

4. c) Rock Star!

a. Find a place to Jam
b. Get noticed (Pop 25)
c. Develop a Look (Creative 3/Charisma 2)
d. Acquire one cool guitar
e. Impress the Local Band Leader

4. d) Pizza Pandemonium

a. Befriend the Cook (Relationship 60)
b. Prove your worth (cooking 5)
c. Pay the Show Entry Fee

4. e) Champion of the Simverse

a. Catch the Veloci-Rooster
b. Beat Bullriding Record (Body 6, lots of rest)
c. Knock out "Mad" Willie Hurtzya

4. f)

a. Make 8 Friends
b. Earn 10,000 Simoleans for a down Payment
c. 3 promotions (Jam Session or Pizza Chef)


5. a) A Monumental Accomplishment

a. Find Sculptor's Number
b. Hire a Sculpter
c. Collect 30 aluminum cans
d. Gain popularity 50

5. b) The Lonny Lemmings

a. Find the Cliffs
b. Pester the Lifegaurd (Relatiuonship -50)

5. c) Take over Town

a. Give 10,000 Simoleans Fee to Nora
b. Gain Popularity 60
c. Persuade O. Phil McClean to Drop out (-50 Relationship)

5. d) Mystery of the Cosmos

a. Make a Scientific Discovery
b. Get a Grant from Daddy Bigbucks (Relationship 80)
c. Earn Logic 7

5. e) Apprehend the Van Man

a. Convince Det. Dan to set up Sting (Relationship 60)
b. Acquire the Camera
c. Get a Picture of the Crime

5. f) Summer's End

a. Make 13 Friends
b. 3 Promotions (Mad Scientist or Cliff Diver)
c. Repair the Rocket
d. Move the Rocket to the Mansion

Tak off into the Rocketship.

-----Gewtting Around-----

You are able to get around SimValley by either using your Scooter, walking or by using
the sewers.


I would like to thank you all of your for reading this. I hope that this guide has helped
you with the Sims Bustin out for Gameboy advanced.


I would like to thank Rich and Dennis for making the web site of Supercheats.

Without them no one would be able to come to the site and be able to gain more
knowledge to help their gaming abilities.


This guide is copyrighted for Subleme 2008. 
  2000 - 2008 - present Web Media Network Limited. 



v 1.0 - Guide Created
v 1.1 - Names Added
v 1.2 - jobs added
v 1.3 - missions added
v 1.4 - N/A