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Game Reviews for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker


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tgf23rd Jun 2005, ID #95
I personally like the zelda games and usually buy them when they come out but this one I wasn't sure that this one would be that great but eventually I went and bought it and I'm glad I did it was a..

Rating: 88%Read Full Review

Blake Djyzis25th Jul 2005, ID #137
Well, this a game is another Nintendo Masterpiece. I can't believe that, some teenagers say that it sucks.

Rating: 98%Read Full Review

MasterMilotic26th Jan 2006, ID #249
Hello, I am MasterMilotic. Here is my review on the game Legend of Zelda the wind waker. This game is about a villan named Ganon (yes, Ganondorf), Who has returned to power, and is threatening the ..

Rating: 94%Read Full Review

LugiaMaster10119th Jul 2006, ID #366
Whe I first bought this game, I thought that it was going to be boring and not long lasting. But I was wrong, I played it and it SO ROCKS!!! My brother also said that it ROCKS his world, too. We bot..

Rating: 100%Read Full Review

Forgoten_Scars18th May 2010, ID #1245
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is a game developed by Nintendo and released onto the Nintendo GameCube on March 24, 2003. For those of us keeping count, this is the 10th installment to the seem..

Rating: 84%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

Wind Waker: Short ReviewAdded 22 Mar 2009, ID #8793
The Legend of Zelda takes place after the events which occurred in the other installments in the Zelda series. A young boy sets off to rescue his sister after she is kidnapped from their native island, aided by pirates and mythical creatures along the way. The Wind Waker has stunning lastability, excellent sound, and exceptional gameplay. Graphics could use a remake but work finely. Lastability is it's strongest suit, so anybody looking for a game that will last long -- this is an excellent game to choose. Side missions are plentiful and the storyline missions are exceptionally intriguing. Recommendations go out to: Zelda fans, fans of adventure, fans of (medieval) combat, fans of fantasy and magic. I would issue the game an overall 8 at least for excellent lastability, excellent sound, decent graphics, and exceptional gameplay.

The Wind WakerAdded 18 Aug 2007, ID #7875
The Legend Of Zelda The Wind Waker is a short, easy game (which is probably why many gamers dislike it) however the game play in my opinion is some of the best quality nintendo have produced. The Story is all about a boy called link who goes on a quest to find his lost sister when he discovers he's more than normal.

The graphics are cell shaded, another reason why some people still don't like it, But nintendo (against many complaints) decided that the first D.S. Legend Of Zelda Game (Phantom Hourglass) would also use the same graphic style. The game also has many references to the other Zelda games even though its set several hundred years in the future. Overall this is a game worth buying and an amazing installment of the series. 86%

The Dawn Of A New Game.Added 10 Jul 2006, ID #6253
The game Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker is a fun role playing game.(RPG) Personley I think this game is much better then all the other Legend Of Zelda games because in the Legend Of Zelda games for N64 on the first game you just miraculousle start off in the middle of the forest but in Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker when you start off it\'s kind of like at the begining like where it all started and also unlike the other Legend Of Zelda games you get a kind of like a wand kind of thing instead of the flute sort of thing you get in the other games and if you are a fan of anime you will like this game because you may not belive me but this game is animed which is a good thing for me because I don\'t know why but I just don\'t like how the other Legend Of Zelda games for N64 look i think it may be the outdated graphics .

ReviewAdded 1 Aug 2005, ID #4354
The is the one game that rokcs so much! This game is players choice! Its about a boy who has to go on a huge adventure to save his sister from great evil. You have a sword and a shield to use to defeat the games boss. You have to travel and map all the places on the globe with a boat, and at the beginning with pirates. I give this game a 98/100

Added 12 Jul 2005, ID #4229
this is one of the greatest zelda games I have ever had even though the graphics are cool but uniqe it is much better than four swords or the minish cap in my opinion so deffinately buy this game

Killer SwitchAdded 10 Feb 2005, ID #3234
This game was perfect in the 80's and it still is. For Nintendo, GameCube, and gameboy advance, its really never going to die is it. Whats next are they going to remake it into better graphics next? That would be awsome. Everything was awesome from both gamecube and nintendo version. I give this game a 9/10. The difficulty was perfect. Basically this is an all adventure game so id sorta recommend it. 9/10

Great.Added 7 Feb 2005, ID #3224
I think this is a great addition to the legend of Zelda series but the graphics do look a little childish you must admit.


Wind WakerAdded 23 Jan 2005, ID #3156
Link is back in his new very lively cel shaded adventure.This time link has to save his sister aryll from the evil clutches from ganondorf but is that all?This is an very spred out adventure full of fun side-quests and very overrated bosses, By that I mean massive bosses that you can easily wipe out in a minute.A particular good feature is the side-quests which offer a whole new world of fun.For example the picto-box quest sets you to take pictures of certain people to obtain the deluxe picto-box.

Full of fun adventure this is surely one of link's greatest adventures.The cel-shaded graphics give link a whole new cartoony look, especially the enemies which range from little goblins to massive oversized knights!Some would say this is a title aimed at kids but its fun for all ages.The complexity and puzzles also provide a very brain tinkering game.Although the sailing bits can get a bit boring from time to time it still offers a massive world to explore and treasures to find.

You will surely be playing this for ages, even though it is pretty short there are still plenty of side-quests, treasures and secrets to be found.This is definetly one of Gamecube's finest.

Great GameAdded 22 Dec 2004, ID #2936
I love Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker It was a great game I am having a hard time though but I still think thi game deserves,

10/10 challenge
10/10 fun
10/10 story line
10/10 over all game play

I pretty much mean its AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

An excellent gameAdded 12 Dec 2004, ID #2889
I really like this game. I thnk the adventure and storyline are great if on the short side. The graphics are a little childish but that dosent really matter as it suits the game's style.

Good: Exploration.its fun tyring to find every island and explore them.

Bad: It can be a little dull at times plus the main quest is rather short

overall:though it dosent beat ocarina of time this is a highly recommended zelda game.

Rating: 89%

ReviewAdded 24 Oct 2004, ID #2758
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker all and all its a pretty good game. It has a new look to it that makes it look different than the previous games, its cell shaded, and more dynancic. It has a good story line, and about the same as before, your a boy who has to fight evil but this time you have to save your sister, with pirates to help him do this, but their after a different cause. I give this game a 8 out of 10.

How bad does it get?Added 25 Sep 2004, ID #2650
Look I have to say first, this is my personal oppinion but most of what I say is true so keep that in mind.

This game looks well good in all the pictures and traillers and the weapons are amazing and making it cell shaded was a brilliant idea, but, you are not playing as link what so ever, your playing as a young boy who dresses up as link on his birthday, then you see this giant bird randomly drop a person in the woods by your house, so you run to this old guys house and train for 5 minutes and he gives you a sword, than you run to the forest, save the persons life and she pretty much says that she didnt need your help (I worded it nicely for little children) and runs of, then you go outside and your sister runs across the bridge to you.

The giant bird see's her and instead of going for the pointy eared person in a pirate suit it was looking for, it goes for the pointy eared little girl in a dress and kidknaps her for no reason what so ever, than later on in the stroy the random pirate princess is princess Zelda and the boat is her father in a 2nd form (it become stranger every minute) then you have to go get the triforce peice but instead of being like any other quest in zelda and doing 1 thing to get that item to get the next. You have to float around the world collecting the triforce which was broken up into something like 8-12 peices which is just so bad, then I gave up so i cant say what else its like but my friend told me he cried at the end cos it was so bad, so take my advice and wait for the next zelda game to come out and leave this game to rot in a dark deep hole.

I never want to speak of this game again so don't ask me and also I think anybody in the Nintendo factory's that mentions the name of this game gets the sack because I've heard there is a dramatic rise in homeless people since this game came out so have fun.
your friend devil99

Link In Cel Form!Added 8 Aug 2004, ID #2331
This game is great there are lot's of things to do while not doing missions and very colorful graphics. There is an array of weapons you have to find and then use! I give this game 9/10.

Really coolAdded 18 Apr 2004, ID #1849
This game is easily one of the best games for Gamecube. A dissapointment for the Ocerina of time seeing as I think the Ocerina of time is better than the Wind Waker but this is still an absoulutely brilliant game.

Altogether I would give this a 89% out of 100%.

Game you won't be able to put downAdded 5 Feb 2004, ID #1491
In the past 15 years there have been many Zelda games but never has there been one as good as The Wind Waker.

The story is the best, it tells what happened to Hyrule after link left and also how it was destroyed. The game has fast action amazing new characters and enemies that you won't be able to stop fighting.

New temples and new sages also appear as well as a first ever look inside Hyrule Castle and a meeting with the king. New Gods, New Weapons and A New Story Line add too the Game you won't be able to put down.

Added 19 Nov 2003, ID #1023
I thought that this is a great game.

I give it a 10/10.

It is much better than Mario Sunshine and is worth buying.

Good EnoughAdded 2 Oct 2003, ID #893
It's good enough to buy but gets very boring at points and too short.


ID #160

a very good reason to own a gamecube.





get this game

bad news though because the bonus disk only supports 60hz mode but its this game is what you realy want.

ID #159

This game is okay but it is pretty easy.I would have to say zelda is the best games after Final Fantasy.

This game would have to be rated

9/10 stars.

ID #158

In my opinion the best game for ganmecube so far.It is the main reason I bought a gamecube.I give it a :

graphic rating- 9/10

difficulty rating- 9/10

enjoyment rating- 10/10

overall gameplay rating- 10/10

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