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Follow the dark path or use the light
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Pack Shot

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker


Wind Waker Enemies & Bosses Guide

by Cez

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Cez’s Guide to Monsters

In this game you will encounter a wide variety of enemies. This guide is here to tell you what they are, what they look like, and how to deal with them. Enemies are listed by order of appearance, with notes on their appearance, where to find them, and other important details. They are divided into 2 groups: standard enemies, and bosses.

Standard enemies

Bokoblin: The first enemy you will encounter in the game, Bokoblins are small pig-faced monsters. They can be found in almost every dungeon in the entire game. They will often be armed with a Boko Stick, a machete, or a telescope, although they will sometimes be unarmed. Use any means of attack to beat these guys. They will often drop Joy Pendants when defeated.

Moblin: The Moblin is a larger relative of the Bokoblin. They will be armed with a massive halberd, which has a wide range and does a lot of damage. As well as being the mini-boss of Dragon Roost Cavern, Moblins will appear more frequently as you progress through the game. They are also the somewhat short-sighted guards of Forsaken Fortress, and will usually drop a Skull Necklace when defeated.

Rat: Rodents found in many caves. They pose little threat, but will steal your Rupees if they hit you. Scatter bait in front of their lair to calm them down.

Bombchu: A more vicious rat, the Bombchu is known for throwing bombs. It cannot be bribed with food, so just hit it with something.

Red Chuchu: A red blob of jelly. That’s the best way to describe these enemies. Red Chuchu can be commonly found in Dragon Roost Cavern, and will attack by bouncing at Link, but they don’t deal much damage. Use any attack to eliminate them. They drop Red Chu Jelly when defeated.

Kangaroc: These birds are often used to carry Bokoblins and Moblins into battle. They will attack by swooping down at Link, and are very easy to defeat. They are native to Dragon Roost Island. They drop a Golden Feather when defeated.

Magtail: A cycloptic centipede found deep within Dragon Roost Cavern. They will curl into a ball when damaged. They are quite difficult to defeat, because of their tough hides. Apparently, there’s a much bigger one somewhere on Dragon Roost Island...

Keese: A bat commonly found in caves. Keese will swoop down and attack, but are more of an annoyance than a threat. Long-range attacks work best.

Fire Keese: A flaming bat found in places of great volcanic activity. In other words, Dragon Roost Cavern. They are slightly more dangerous than their non-flaming relatives, but that isn’t saying much. The same tactics apply for defeating them.

Boko Baba: A carnivorous plant found on Forest Haven and in the Forbidden Woods. The Boko Baba has developed quite an appetite over the years, and will try to eat Link! The Boomerang can kill them in one hit. Otherwise, hit them when they’re vertical. They drop Boko Baba Seeds and Boko Sticks when defeated.

River Octorok: A staple of the Zelda series, the River Octorok will shoot rocks at Link. Use your sword or shield to reflect them back for an easy kill.

Peahat: A helicopter-like enemy found in the area around the Forest Haven. It will fly directly at Link. You cannot harm it while its propeller is active, so use the Boomerang or Deku Leaf to floor it, and then put it to the sword. Arrows kill it instantly, propeller or not.

Green Chuchu: A relative of the Red Chuchu, this enemy can turn into a puddle on the ground. Kill it in the same way. It leaves Green Chu Jelly when defeated.

Mothula: The mini-boss of the Forest Haven, Mothula is just that: a giant moth. Use the Boomerang or well-timed sword slashes to remove its wings, and then put it to the sword. It also has the ability to spawn Morths.

Morth: The spawn of the Mothula, Morths are small spiked balls. They don’t actually hurt Link, but weigh him down to prevent running. Roll to remove them, or use a spin attack to kill them easily.

Sea Octorok: A close cousin of the River Octorok, the Sea variant is different in two ways: It appears only on the ocean, and it shoots bombs. Obviously, you can’t use your shield on this one, so use the Boomerang or Bow.

Seahat: A larger, sea-dwelling version of the Peahat. Seahats are like sharks with propellers attached to them. They’ll knock you out of your boat if they hit you, so use the Bow or Boomerang to take them out.

Armos Statue: A living statue found in the Tower of the Gods. When inactive, they can be used to weigh down switches. When they activate, they’re less useful. Shoot them with the Bow to stop them in their tracks, and slash the purple crystal on their back.

Blue Beamos: A magical statue that shoots lasers. It will focus in a direct line in front of it. Get close so it activates, then shoot it.

Pink Beamos: A more advanced Beamos statue, this one can track Link in any direction. Arrows cannot harm it, but if you get a Bomb and run straight at it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Just make sure you’ve got enough health first.

Wizzrobe: A wizard enemy, Wizzrobes come in two flavours; red and blue. Red Wizzrobes are adept at shooting fireballs, while the more advanced blue ones can also summon weak monsters to defend them.

Yellow Chuchu: A more dangerous variant of the Chuchu, the yellow ones are charged with electricity. Use the Boomerang to stun them, then sword them. Don’t use your sword straight away, or you’ll regret it.

Darknut: An armoured enemy with a massive sword, Darknuts are dangerous adversaries. Use a parry attack to remove its armour, and then slash away. It is very powerful, and resistant to damage. Be careful when fighting more than one of these at a time.

FloorMaster: A vengeful spirit from beyond the grave, FloorMasters are found in the Forsaken Fortress and the Earth Temple. They will try to grab Link, sending you several rooms back. The ones in the Fortress will throw you straight in jail, but you know how to get out of there, right? Use ranged attacks to defeat them. Be warned, as they will use any means necessary to bring you down. That includes throwing random objects at Link.

Miniblin: Extremely annoying enemies found at Forsaken Fortress. They’re small, fast, and easy to kill. However, there is usually an unlimited supply of them. Scatter bait to distract them until you can get away.

ReDead: A zombie found commonly in the Earth Temple, ReDeads will scream to paralyse Link, and then lunch on your head. They are resistant to many forms of attack, but light stuns them, so use the Mirror Shield or any similar objects to distract them. If not, a Bomb and Ice Arrow combo works well.

Poe: A lantern-wielding ghost from the Earth Temple. The Poe is invulnerable while transparent, so use light to solidify it, and swing away. If it possesses Link, your controls are reversed. Roll into something or walk into the light to free this spirit.

Dark Chuchu: The toughest of the Chuchu family, Dark Chuchu is invincible. It will splatter when attacked, but always reforms. However, its dark nature makes it vulnerable to light, and it turns to stone on contact with light. Hammer it, throw it, or use it to weigh down a switch.

Stalfos: A mace-wielding skeleton found in the Earth Temple and Wind Temple. The Stalfos is a powerful opponent, and hardly feels any pain. If you continue to attack it, it will break apart. You have to destroy the head to kill it. Bombs work best to shatter it. After that, use the Boomerang on the head and sword it.

Red Bubble: A flaming skull found commonly in the Earth and Wind Temples. It is easily defeated. Use any long-range attacks to extinguish the flames, then sword it.

Blue Bubble: A skull surrounded by blue fire, this enemy is found only in the Wind Temple. If it hits Link, you’ll be unable to use any weapons for a short time. Use Ice Arrows, the Hookshot or the Deku Leaf to put its fire out, then kill it.

Molgera Larva: The spawn of the Wind Temple boss, these enemies will distract you while you’re trying to beat the boss. Use the Hookshot to draw them out of the sand, then sword them to death.

Mighty Darknut: The most powerful of the Darknuts, these have swords, shields and capes. They also have a longer reach than the normal Darknuts. They need a few more parry attacks to remove their armour because of the capes. Like the others, they drop Knight’s Crests when killed.

Blue Chuchu: The last member of the Chuchu family, the Blue Chuchu is by far the rarest. They will only appear if you walk to a certain spot on certain islands. Like the yellow ones, they are electrical. Apparently, there’s a map somewhere that tells you exactly which islands they live on...

Big Octo: A giant squid found out in the Great Sea. They are always marked by a flock of seagulls, so you can find them easily. They have 4, 8 or 12 eyes, depending on what it’s guarding. Use the Bow, Boomerang or cannon to shoot its eyes out and kill it. There’s a chart somewhere that marks their locations. They say that the Big Octo will eat anything. Even a Great Fairy...


Ghoma: The boss of Dragon Roost Cavern, this giant Magtail has been tormenting the great Valoo. You can’t damage it from the start, so use the Grappling Hook on Valoo’s tail and swing over it. This will bring the ceiling down on Ghoma’s head. Repeat this twice more to crack Ghoma’s shell. You can now use the Grappling hook to drag its eye down to sword range, and stab it. Repeat until the monster is defeated.

Kalle Demos: The giant plant monster that ate Makar. Use the Boomerang to sever the vines holding it to the ceiling. Once they’re all cut, the bud will open to reveal the weak spot. If you have health to spare, sword it. If not, use the Boomerang. Eventually, the monster will be destroyed.

Phantom Ganon: Haven’t you seen this guy before? Use your sword (or an empty bottle) to reflect his attacks back at him until one of them hits him, then run up and sword him. Repeat this until he’s defeated. But... is he really defeated?

Helmaroc King; Ganondorf’s pet, and boss of Forsaken Fortress. To start with, just run away from it, sprinting up the tower. Don’t bother fighting the Bokoblins, because Helmaroc will kill them for you. When you reach the top, Skull Hammer his face. That was easy, wasn’t it? Not really. Climb onto the roof to start the fight for real. Dodge his attacks until he lands and takes a few steps forward. He will try to peck you, so dodge aside, and his beak should get stuck. Hammer it. If he starts flapping his wings, run straight at him to avoid a spiky demise. Repeat the beak-hammering cycle until his mask breaks. After that, you can use virtually anything to kill him. I’d recommend the sword, but you can use arrows to do some damage while he’s swooping around.

Jalhalla: The master of the Poes, Jalhalla haunts the Earth Temple. When the battle starts, stand in a beam of light and reflect it onto Jalhalla to turn hi solid. Next, pick him up and throw him at one of the spiky pillars. This will split him into several smaller Poes. I hope you’ve got the Hurricane Spin, because it helps. Use it to take out as many Poes as you can before they reform. Once the last one is dead, the battle is over.

Grand Wizzrobe: This is the most powerful Wizzrobe, and the mini-boss of the Wind Temple. He will be accompanied by two lesser Wizzrobes. The Grand Wizzrobe is capable of summoning anything from a swarm of Morths to a Darknut. Try and focus your attacks on the Wizzrobes to prevent further summoning. If possible, use Ice Arrows for an easy kill. The battle does not end when Grand Wizzrobe is dead, but when every enemy in the room is defeated.

Molgera: The boss of Wind Temple, Molgera is a giant sand-dwelling snake. Use the Hookshot on its tongue to pull it towards you, then sword it. Molgera will then release three Molgera Larva, before taking to the air. Kill as many of his miniature versions as you can while he’s flying. Repeat the process until he is defeated.

Hero’s Trials: In Ganon Tower, you are required to fight Ghoma, Kalle Demos, Jalhalla and Molgera again. You can only use the items available the first time you fought them, but with the powered-up Master Sword, it shouldn’t be too hard.

Phantom Ganon: You just can’t get rid of this guy, can you? When you fight him in Ganon Tower, he’s got two more tricks up his sleeve. His first is to summon three fake versions of himself to surround you. Get out of the circle before they kick your head in. His second trick is to shoot several red orbs at you. Use a spin attack to return them all and knock him down. You only need one sword hit to eliminate him. After that, follow the direction of his sword hilt to the next one. When you finally reach the end, take the Light Arrows and use them on him.

Puppet Ganon: A giant puppet version of the famous Mandrag Ganon. Use the Boomerang to cut the strings holding it up. Each string needs two hits to cut. Once they’re all done, shoot his tail with a Light Arrow. Three hits will destroy him.

Gohma Ganon: It’s not over yet. This is a puppet version of Queen Gohma, not to be confused with Dragon Roost Cavern’s boss. Very different boss. Anyway, this is easy. Pan the camera out so you can see his reflection in the water. Wait for him to stop spinning, and then stand near his tail. When he comes down, put a Light Arrow in his weak point. Repeat twice more to reach the final phase...

Moldorm Ganon: A puppet version of a giant Moldorm worm, this enemy is not to be underestimated. Use three Light Arrows on his tail to kill him. However, this is easier said than done, because of his high speed and ability to turn on a sixpence. Make sure you have plenty of magic. If you run out of arrows, kill a few Keese for more.

Ganondorf: It’s the final battle, a swordfight against the King of Evil himself! As soon as the action starts, talk to Zelda, then turn your sword on Ganondorf. Try not to get hit too much; this guy packs a hell of a wallop. When the opportunity arises, use a parry attack. Your aim is to keep Ganondorf busy until Zelda can shoot him. After a few hits, he’ll knock Zelda unconscious. You have to keep attacking him until she wakes up, so use parry attacks to do some damage. When she gets up again, she’ll take a shot at Ganondorf, and miss. Obviously. Speak to her for a new strategy, then lock onto Ganondorf and pull the camera out as far as possible so you can see Zelda and Ganondorf. When she’s ready to fire a Light Arrow, use the Mirror Shield. Run up to Ganondorf and hit A to finish him off!