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Follow the dark path or use the light
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Pack Shot

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes


Metroid Prime II, Echoes Walkthrough

by Keebs42

Subject: Metroid Prime II, Echoes

Mission received from Galactic Federation...
Locate troops lost in Dasha region of planet Aether...
Priority 1...
Walkthrough written by Keebs42...
[email protected]

Table of Contents:
Version history
-Prologue, a wrecked vessel...........................(Opening Sequence)
-Fresh air.....................................................(To Agon)
-Dry plains...........................................(Morph Ball Bombs)
-Mirror world...............................................(----------)
-Pirates.....................................................(Dark Beam)
-Into the darkness..........................................(Light Beam)
-Restoring the temple........................................(Dark Suit)
-Transition..................................................(To Torvus)
-Soggy forest............................................(Super Missile)
-Shadow swamp...............................................(Boost Ball)
-Vacation...............................................(Seeker Missile)
-A watery grave..........................................(Gravity Boost)
-Demons...................................................(Grapple Beam)
-The surface................................................(Dark Visor)
-Fortress.................................................(To Sanctuary)
-Mechanisms................................................(Spider Ball)
-Sun and shadow.........................(Power Bombs/Darkburst/Sunburst)
-Echoes.....................................................(Echo Visor)
-An old friend............................................(Screw Attack)
-Annihilation..............................(Annihilator Beam/Light Suit)
-Miscellaneous..............................................(Sonic Boom)
-Loose ends (Incomplete)....................................(----------)
-Light bringer.........................................(Sky Temple Keys)
-Savior.....................................................(Final Boss)
Logbook entries
Expansions and upgrades (Coming soon)
Boss critters (Incomplete)
Frequently asked questions
Letter to the editor
More ranting
Background information
Notes from the author

NOTE: This FAQ was designed for use from beginning to end, but if you just 
need help on a specific part, then press Control + F and type the name of the 
room that you are in, the boss you are fighting, or the upgrade you are 
looking for. If you cannot find it in the guide on your own, then send me an 

Version history:
Version 1.85 - Fixed a few errors and began 'Boss Critters' section. Added 
Power Bombs and Spider Ball to Table of Contents.

Version 1.8 - Labeled chapters by what upgrades are found in each one. I 
finally added the 'Miscellaneous' chapter to Table of Contents. Someone 
should've told me about that....

Version 1.7 - Finished three sections and fixed some spelling errors. Still 
working on 100% items completion.

Version 1.3 - Fixed several grammatical errors and added websites to list of 
those allowed. Began new section for 100% items. Switched some sections around 
to allow for better navigation.

Version 1.2 - Logbook section is complete. Will have 100% items in next full 

Version 1 - Main guide with 100% scans is complete. Ignore the bracketed 
information until version 2 comes out. In the next update, I plan to finish 
all of the incomplete sections and have 100% items completion.

Prologue, a wrecked vessel
Enjoy the intro scene of Samus crash landing on Aether, and when you gain 
control of Samus, take a minute to get a feel for the controls. The Morph 
Ball, as well as jumping and firing has been slightly altered from the last 
game, so get used to that, and if you were a hardcore player, notice the 
different timing for the Morph Ball Bombs. No more Triple Bomb Jumps... I 
never could do them anyway, but it is still kinda sad...

When you are done fooling around, turn to face your ship and press left on the 
Control Pad to pull up the scan visor. Notice the rainbow of fluorescent 
colors and the annoying beeping sound that has been included this time around. 
Hold L in this mode to scan your gunship [research01]. Turn around and find 
another part of the wall that is glowing red and scan it. In fact, you can 
scan anything in the room, but the gunship is the only important thing. Press 
A or Control Pad Up to go back to the Combat Visor, and lock (L) onto a green 
pod thing on the wall. Shoot it (A), and the two behind it to reveal a blue 
hatch. Check out the spastic plant life in the area, and then shoot the hatch 
to open it and continue into the Hive Access Tunnel.

Another room with spastic weeds. Hoorah. Now turn left at the intersection up 
here. You can scan the door here, but your translator files can't read it, so 
it is a waste. Backtrack and go down the other way. You will automatically 
jump down the hole in the floor when you get close enough.

There is a ton of crap to scan in this Hive Chamber A, and of them is a 
Research entry, the GF Gate Mk VI [research02]. Scan the panel next to it to 
disengage the armor, and then shoot the locks. Not the conventional approach, 
but it gets the job done. Cough your way down the fumigated hallway and scan 
the panel on the wall. Check your Map (Z) if you can't find the alcove that it 
is hid in. In the next area, you can scan anything that you want, but make 
sure to enter the Map Station. After that, shoot the green pod and move on.

The Hive Tunnel is a FREAKY ROOM. Okay, there are dead troopers hanging from 
the ceiling by their innards. Ugh. Anyway, your first enemy is in this room. 
Make sure to scan one of the Worker Splinters [creature01]. If you 
accidentally shoot a body, it jiggles, so for sanity's sake, try not to.  Lock 
onto the Splinters and kill them off, then shoot the pod and go through the 

In this Command Chamber, scan the Marine Trooper that is glowing red (with the 
Scan Visor) for a Lore entry [lore01]. Then scan the other one for another 
[lore02]. Destroy the crates for health if you need it. Charge your shot (hold 
A) to draw in pickups. Then go into Morph Ball (X) and roll under the 
mechanism. Or do a space jump (B in mid-air) to jump over it. Go into ball 
form if not already and follow the Splinters down the tunnel. Press A in ball 
form to set a Morph Ball Bomb. This will destroy the grate halfway down the 
passage. Oh, more dead people. Scan everything, including the Bomb Slot 
[research03]. Then go into ball form and sit on a bomb to boost yourself into 
the slot. Lay a bomb inside the slot to restore power to the system. Crap. Now 
you've woken the dead. Great job. Scan the Dark Troopers [creature02], and 
then kill them. Don't worry. A single charged shot will take them out on 
Normal. Roll back through the passage to arouse more undead troopers. If you 
want, use a Missile (Y) for an easy kill. But you only have five, so keep 
count. Scan the panel that wouldn't work before. Take care of the Dark 
Troopers, and go through the hatch at the end of the tunnel.

This room (Hive Storage) is a freebee. Just walk through, jumping over or 
blasting away at crates as you go. Enter the hatch at the end.

Watch the cut scene in Hive Chamber B, and then enter the portal in pursuit of 
the shadowy figure for another one. You lose everything you own. Bummer.

Back in the real world, shoot the green caps in the hall to reveal two vents. 
One is covered in Talloric Alloy. Make a note of that for when you get your 
Morph Ball Bombs back. As for the other, roll through it. Kill the Dark 
Troopers, and enter the hatch behind a pile of crates to find a Save Station. 

After saving, go back to the Hive Chamber C and enter the other hatch.

In this Hive Transport Area, scan the panel to activate the elevator and step 
into the hologram that appears. The elevator will take you up. Notice that you 
are now on the other side of that Translator Door we saw earlier. Enter the 
hatch into the Industrial Site.

Fresh air
Our first open area. Take a breath, then scan the panel and shoot the locks 
off of the gate. Hop down the series of ledges, and then walk over to the 
panel and scan it. Great. Now we have another inaccessible doorway. Look up 
above the panel you just scanned and scan the Mk II Bridge [research04]. Then 
go to the new area and scan the Splinter Cocoon [research05] and the Green 
Kralee [creature03]. Kill the Green Kralee and kill the Splinters that pop out 
of the cocoons, and then go up the ledges that they guarded. Scan the panel 
and destroy the locks that appear. Walk across the bridge, kill the Green 
Kralee, and enter the hatch.

In this Collapsed Tunnel, scan the dead trooper for a Lore entry [lore03]. 
Then go into ball form and head through the passage. Kill the two enemies and 
go into the next area.

In the Temple Assembly Site, scan the new enemies, the Splinter [creature04], 
not to be confused with the Worker Splinter. Get up to where the Translator 
door is. Dispatch the Splinters and scan the panel to lower the crate. Lock 
onto the weak part of the cord holding it up and snap it with your Power Beam. 
Use the disconnected crate as a platform to reach the next ledge. Enter the 
hatch into the Dynamo Chamber.

Here, look immediately up and scan the GF Gate Mk VII [research06]. Walk down 
the tunnel and scan the huge mechanism to open the gate. Kill the Splinters 
that pop out and go through the hatch.

In the Communication Area, walk along the path, killing enemies as you go. 
When you reach a dead marine, scan him [lore04]. Scan the panel to send out a 
distress signal, but it is in vain. Keep going, killing the Dark Troopers, and 
enter the hatch.

Walk down the hallway in Trooper Security Station, kill the Splinters, and 
scan the Growler Class Turret [creature05]. After you scan it, destroy it, and 
then scan the gate and the panel behind the wall. Interference, eh? We can 
deal with that. Roll into Morph Ball and go through the tunnel to get to the 
other side of the gate. Now scan the dead trooper for a Lore [lore05]. Then 
scan the panel to 'open' the gate. Roll back into ball form and time it to get 
past the deranged gate. Enter the hatch into the Galactic Federation Marine 
Corps Compound.

Go forward and watch the rather disturbing cut scene, then scan the five dead 
marines for Lores [lore06] [lore07] [lore08] [lore09] [lore10].  Then scan the 
panel that Samus was at during the cut scene and the GFS Tyr (the ship) 
[research07]. The turn around and use a charged shot to destroy the large 
crate for your Missile Launcher [missile_01]. Scan the new enemy (Dark 
Splinter) [creature06]. Then kill them. Keep in mind that you have your 
Missiles back. Hint hint. There is another stupid Translator door. So ignore 
it and enter the Tyr. Scan the door in the ship to open it and find a Map 
Station. If you like, scan all the seats on the ship, but what ever you do, 
hop to the ledge opposite the hole in the ship. Continue around the wall and 
scan the Kinetic Orb Cannon [research08] on the floor. Then look back up and 
scan the panel to activate it. Roll into ball form and enter the hologram. 
When you reach your destination, head towards the red hatch across the room. 
Ignore it for now, though, and utilize the path through the wall (Morph Ball, 
anyone?). When you get to then end of the tunnel, scan the dead trooper for a 
Lore [lore11]. Then go back to the red hatch. Fire a missile to unlock it, and 
then go through to the Sacred Bridge.

Here, scan the dead trooper for another Lore [lore12]. Then go into ball form 
and through the hole opposite him to fall to the floor. Stand up and scan one 
of the War Wasps [creature07]. Then kill them. Destroy the pots if you need 
health, then look up for a panel. Scan it and hop in the cannon. Go through 
the hatch.

In this room, scan one of the many War Wasp Hives [research09]. Then use a 
Missile to destroy them. Check out the cracked portion of an upper wall. Use a 
Missile to break it. Find the Kinetic Orb Cannon on the ground, then turn 
around to find a panel. Scan it and enter the cannon. You will finish the job 
on the wall. Follow the path and roll through the rails. Go through the hatch.

In here, scan the panel, enter the hologram, and go through the hatch when you 
reach the top of the elevator.

In this room, scan one of the Sandbats [creature08] that fly past you. Then go 
through the hole that they came from and save your game. Roll back through and 
enter the hatch into the Temple Sanctuary.

Walk to the center of the room and take care of the Dark Splinters. Once they 
are all dead, an Alpha Splinter [creature09] will appear. Time your Dash-Jumps 
to avoid its charges, and then pummel it with the Power Beam. Eventually it 
will become a Dark Alpha Splinter [creature10]. Use the same tactic as before 
to finish it off. Just watch out for its ranged attack. When it dies, pick up 
the Energy Transfer Module that it drops. Afterwards, enter the only hatch 
that you can get to.

Scan the panel, go up the elevator, and enter the hatch.

After your talk with U-Mos, scan the Energy Controller [research10] behind 
him, and then him [research11]. Then turn around and scan the Violet Lore 
[lore13] behind you. Then enter the hatch and get back to the main room.

Find the Violet Translator door, and scan it. Then enter the hatch behind it.

Here, scan a Lightflyer [creature11]. Then kill them all with a charged shot. 
Enter the hatch and use the elevator. It will take you back to the Temple 
Assembly Site. Go through the hatch to Storage Cavern B and scan the 

Kill all of the Splinters and Dark Splinters, and then go through the red 
hatch with a Missile to find an Energy Tank [etank_ww]. Now go back to the 
main room. Backtrack through the Collapsed Tunnel to get to the Industrial 

Scan the Translator and the deceased Luminoth behind it for a Lore [lore14]. 
Enter the new hatch to find an elevator room.

Stand out on the ledge. Now look to your right to find a Lore [lore15]. Turn 
around and shoot the pods for a Missile expansion [missile_02]. Now scan the 
panel and head to Agon Wastes.

Dry plains
In this room, scan one of the Agon Bearerpods [research12]. Shoot them for 
supplies and enter the hatch.

In the Plaza Access, scan one of the many Lumites [creature12] flying around. 
Kill them all. Then scan the Sandgrass [research13]. Enter the hatch.

Hop down a few levels and scan the Sandigger [creature13]. Blow off both of 
its heads and observe the nifty explosion. Hop up a level and missile the red 
hatch for a Save Station. Save.

The first thing that you must realize is that this is not a normal Save 
Station. Turn around after saving and scale the two levels. Roll into Morph 
Ball and into the hole, and make sure to push against the sand currents. When 
you reach the other part of the room, uncurl yourself and scan the Blueroot 
Tree [research14]. Roll back through the passage and save again if you wish. 
Go back through the hatch into the Mining Plaza.

Here, hop down on your right side, take care of the Sandigger, and climb up 
the opposite side. There is a Translator if you go left, but you can't read it 
yet, so go right instead. Once you get so far along the wall, you will reach a 
gap. Notice a giant rock structure with a Brinstone base. Missile it. Use the 
fallen structure to cross the gap, but be wary of the Sandbats. Use the same 
technique at the next gap. Scale the wall along the left and jump the gap to 
the center platform. Jump the next, and cross the bridge. Open the hatch and 

Roll into a ball and ignore the structure go through the hatch at the end.

In the Mining Station, you may notice the Space Pirate theme music playing. 
Hehe. Kill off every Pirate Trooper [creature14]. Two charged shots do the 
trick. Find a ledge that you can jump onto, then do so. Scan a Brizgee 
[creature15]. Missile and shoot to kill them. Utilize the elevated platforms 
to reach a Translator door, and then continue across the river of sand. Then 
missile the rock structure to make a bridge. Go across it and open the red 

In this room, pull out your scan visor to get the Shriekbat [creature16]. Take 
out these guys and proceed through the hatch to reach the Agon Temple.

Make your way into the center arena and scan the Alpha Sandigger [creature17] 
that comes up. Use the same technique as on a regular sized one to hurt it. 
Soon it will become the Bomb Guardian [creature18]. Continue to do the same 
thing, but avoid the Morph Ball Bombs that it drops. When it dies, recover 
your bombs. Use them to break the gates on either side of you, and then enter 
the only available hatch.

Use the Bomb Slot and go through the hatch. In the next room, scan the 
hologram in the back of the room to activate it. Listen to I-Sha and turn 
around. Hug the right wall and you will find an Amber Lore [lore16]. Leave 
this room and get back to Mining Station A.

Hop down and enter the hatch to Mining Station Access. Roll through the tunnel 
and stop at the middle of the structure. Lay a bomb and fall into the cannon. 
You will get an Energy Tank [etank_ww]. Roll back to the Mining Station A. 
Climb the elevated platforms to reach the Translator door. Scan it and go 
through the hatch to get a Missile expansion [missle_ww]. Leave back to Mining 
Station A. Go back to ground level and find the hatch that takes you to Portal 
Access A. Enter it.

In this room, roll into the Morph Ball and enter the Kinetic Orb Cannon. Fall 
back to the ground on the other side of the mechanism. Roll carefully around 
the corpse to get a Missile expansion [missle_ww]. Leave the room to get to 
Portal Terminal.

In here, terminate the Pirate Troopers, then scan the Dark Pirate Troopers 
[creature19] and take them out as well. Once they are dealt with, walk along 
the left side of the huge ramp to find a Lore [lore17]. There are crates on 
the other side if you need supplies. When you are done, use the bomb slot you 
saw earlier in a cut scene. It is up the ramp, to the right. Using it will 
activate a conveyor system. Roll onto it. At the top, bomb the structure 
blocking your path. This will alert several War Wasps in the area. Fall down, 
kill them, and use the elevated platform to get across to the next conveyor 
belt. Do the same thing as before, only the next part is not a conveyor. 
Standing on the platform, scan on of the Pillbugs on the wall [creature20]. 
Use your bombs to scale that wall, laying more bombs to kill the Pillbugs. Lay 
one last bomb to destroy the structure and activate the solar dynamo. Follow 
the glowing line on the floor to the portal, and scan the lower left piece of 
it. Walk on through to end up in Dark Aether.

Mirror world
In the Portal Site, turn to your side and scan a Bladepod [research15]. Shoot 
them if you need supplies. Quickly make your way to the next safe zone. Scan 
the Light Crystal [research16]. Still facing forward, scan a small glowing 
Light Beacon [research17]. Shoot it to activate a safe zone, then enter it. 
Jump into the safe zone in the corner and use the bomb slot there. This will 
open the gate in Dark and Light Aether. Go through the new hatch.

In Crossroads, scan an Inglet [creature21]. Use a charged shot to kill them 
all. Then enter the Missile Hatch.

Here, kill the pesky Inglets as you go down the hallway. Also, don't forget to 
scan the air for Nightbarbs [creature22]. Now save your game. After saving, 
exit the room via the hatch near the Save Station. You'll come out in the 
Duelling Range.

Here, turn left and head for the next safe zone. Scan the Warrior Ing 
[creature23] that appears and pummel it with the Power Beam until it dies. Now 
look up at the wall for a moving safe zone. Begin to scale that wall, and 
notice the Purple Hatch that you cannot open. Go past that, and scan the 
creature making the moving safe zone, the Lightbringer [creature24]. Then use 
the safe zone it produces to go further along the wall. Up here, jump across 
the gap and energize the beacon. Jump across the next gap, and then follow the 
Lightbringer across the bridge. Go through the hatch.

At the Junction Site, just roll on through. You can't do anything here just 

At Judgment Pit, you will encounter the Jump Guardian [creature25]. Watch out 
for its ground pound attack. Jump toward it to get over the shockwaves. 
Otherwise, just treat it like you did the Warrior Ing. Attack when its shields 
are down. When it dies, collect your Space Jump Boots. Press B in mid air to 
do a second jump. Cherish these things. Anyway, after that is done, look for a 
platform that you can Space Jump onto. Do so, and then go past the blue hatch. 
Turn around in the safe zone, and jump the next ledge. Keep going on past 
where the river of sand would be in Light Aether. You will come to a Missile 
hatch. Proceed.

In Dark Agon Temple, head along the left wall. Open the first hatch that you 
come to to find the first Dark Agon Temple Key in the Trial Tunnel. Go back to 
the temple, then leave back to the room where you got the Space Jump Boots. 
Head through the blue hatch that you passed up earlier to get to the Portal 

In this room, destroy the Lightflyer to make a safe zone. Use that to get over 
the obstruction and back to Portal Site. There, scan the portal to activate 
it, and then scan the Light Portal [research18]. Go through.

Back in Light Aether, turn around and activate the portal. Scan the Dark 
Portal [research19]. Now go into the hatch that you unlocked earlier in Dark 
Aether with the bomb slot. After dealing with the Pirate Troopers, that is.

In Transport Center, use the bomb slot and obtain the Missile expansion that 
is unlocked [missile_03]. Now go through the next hatch and save your game. 
After saving, find your way back to Mining Station A. Use the Map (Z) if you 
need help.

Here, get up to where the river of sand is, and pinpoint the statue of D-Chr. 
Space Jump onto it, then into the alcove in the wall. Scan the Lore [lore18]. 
Then the panel. That will stop the flow of sand, revealing a hatch. Go through 

In Central Station Access, you can take out the Pirates old school, or blow 
them up by shooting the tub of Phazon they are standing next to. The choice is 
yours. I prefer the latter, but it is really up to you. Proceed through the 
Missile hatch.

In Central Mining Station, kill off the Pirates. Make sure to scan the 
Vigilance Class Turret [creature26]. Go through the hatch, as there is nothing 
else to do here for now.

In Command Center Access, locate the portion of the floor that is weak, and 
lay a Morph Ball Bomb on it. Continue on as a ball into Command center.

Time it so that you safely move through this maze, and turn right at the 
intersection to find a Missile expansion [missile_04]. Then go back and take 
the other path. When you roll out, exterminate the Pirates. Once they are 
dead, scan everything in the room. You should come out with Dark Aether 
[research20], Aether [research21], and five Lores [lore19] [lore20] [lore21] 
[lore22] [lore23]. After scanning everything, find the panel in the corner and 
scan it, too, to activate the elevator. Use it to reach the upper level. 
There, take out another Pirate to unlock the hatch. Then kill another Pirate 
through the glass, and proceed through the hatch.

In Security Station B, you will encounter Dark Samus. Afterwards, find the 
Missile hatch in this room, and go through it. Scan the console to open the 
locked door, and come back into this room from the other side, then go through 
the new hatch.

In Biostorage Access, scan one of the Humility Class Turrets [creature27]. 
Destroy them both, and then navigate the laser field. It's not that difficult, 
really. Go through the Missile hatch to get to Biostorage Station.

Here, take out the Pirates, and scan the panel to access the upper level. Scan 
one of the Tallon Metroids [creature28] in the tank. Notice the Pirate they 
are feeding off of. Make sure to get the Lore [lore24] next to their tank. 
Enter the hatch to Security Station A.

Take out the turret, then use the bomb slot. Leave into Bioenergy Production.

I love this room (sarcasm). Scan a Pirate Aerotrooper [creature29], and then 
kill them all. Scan the panel that becomes active to raise the platforms. Go 
to the other side of the room and scan all of the Blue scans. From left to 
right, the platforms are labeled as Gamma, Delta, and Alpha. Lower Alpha all 
the way. Lower Delta twice, and Gamma once. This creates steps of sorts 
leading to an Energy Tank [etank_ww]. Get it, and then reverse the stairs to 
get to a hatch. Proceed.

In Ventilation Area B, roll into Morph Ball and bomb yourself into the hole. 
Here, jump up a level, and then destroy the laser. Bomb jump up again, and 
time your way through the lasers. Keep going until you reach another laser. 
Destroy it, then keep going into the next room.

Alas! A Save Station C. Get the Lore [lore25], and then save. Afterwards, go 
through the next blue hatch.

In Sand Processing, destroy the two turrets. Now scan the half pipe for an 
area that is cracked. Missile it and proceed through the next hatch.

When you reach the Main Reactor, prepare for an epic battle. Jump into the 
center of the room, and watch the cut scene. Scan Dark Samus 1 [creature30]. 
Her attacks are as follows: She has the Speed Booster, Missiles, and Phazon 
Spreadshot. To kill her, just keep pumping Power Beam shots into her. Charged 
shots are better for when she is staying relatively still. Missiles will 
usually just bounce off, so refrain from using them. Use pillars to avoid the 
spreadshot, and check your radar if you loose her, which you will. When she if 
halfway dead, her Missiles will upgrade to Super Missiles, and she gains the 
Phazon Shinespark. Just keep avoiding her attacks and you will be fine. Note 
that the Shinespark will destroy the pillars, so don't use them to avoid that. 
When she dies (or does she?), scan one of the containers of Phazon 
[research22]. Then go up the elevator. Enter the blue hatch to find the Dark 
Beam (C-Stick Right). Yahoo. Don't forget to scan the Lore [lore26] on your 
way out.

Back in the Main Reactor, Look to your right and use the Dark Beam to energize 
the gate and open it. Return to Security Station B via the Purple hatch.

Here, open the gate, scan the Lore [lore27], and open the next gate. Go back 
to the Command Center.

Scan the new enemy, Pirate Grenadier [creature31]. Stay at a range, and they 
aren't a threat. Kill them both, the use the Dark Beam to energize the Rift 
Portal and step on through.

Into the darkness
When you appear in Doomed Entry, a Dark Agon Temple key is immediately visible 
to you. Look up in the air and scan a Dark Preed [creature32]. Now shoot the 
beacon straight across from you and roll to it (rolling is faster than 
walking). Turn around and face where you came in. Look to your right and scan 
the Nullified Crystal [research23]. Then the statue to the left of that. 
Brinstone, eh? Missile it. Now scan the Light Lift Crystal [research24] behind 
it. Shoot the Nullified Crystal a few times to energize it, and then move into 
the safe zone. Shoot the Light Lift Crystal with the Dark Beam to lower the 
platform, and then hop on. Space jump to the next platform, then to the one 
with the key. Only one left! Now is a good time to shoot the beacon next to 
you with the Dark Beam. Scan the Nullified Beacon [research25]. Hurry and jump 
back over the gap and enter the Purple hatch to get to the Oasis Access.

Here, blow up the Phazon containers to kill the Warrior Ing, and continue 
through the blue hatch.

In this room, scan the wall in front of you to find out that it is made of 
Denzium. Make a note of that, and proceed through the blue hatch.

In the Hall of Stairs, navigate to the other side of the obstruction in the 
middle of the room, and look up. Shoot the Light Lift Crystal with the Dark 
Beam, and scan the new Dark Lift Crystal [research26]. Now jump on top of the 
platform, and up to the ledge with the red hatch. Go on through. Now save.

Leave Save Station 3 into the Bitter Well. Roll into Morph Ball and into the 
hole with you! Bomb jump onto the upper level and again to cross the pit of 
Phazon. If you fall, just jump back up on the other side. Either way, you 
should aim to get to the Phazon Site.

In this massive room, you need to do a couple of things. Go down the elevator 
and look forward-left for a beacon. Energize it and hop into the safe zone. 
Now look left and destroy the supply crates. Energize the beacon that you 
reveal and hop into that safe zone. Scan the panel. Now go back to the 
elevator and find another beacon. Use it to get to the upper ledge along the 
wall. There is another panel to scan here. Scan it. Check out those floating 
platforms. Light the beacon on the lowest one and hop on for the ride. Do this 
until you get to the last panel and scan it, too. Either jump down or use the 
platforms to get through the hatch you just unlocked.

In the Watering Hole, scan one of the Ingclaw [research27]. Ignore the Lumites 
as you jump from platform to platform, as they respawn quickly and are a pain 
in the arse to kill on such a small platform. Get through the red hatch as 
quickly as you can.

In the Feeding Pit, look to your left and energize the beacon. Use it to get 
down to the ground. Find a grounded beacon and get to that, then to the White 
Hatch. Look up at the pillars from there to see a Light Lift Crystal. Shoot it 
with the Dark Beam. Now look right for another grounded beacon. Get to that. 
Look up and kill a bunch of Nightbarbs, then energize the crystal on the other 
platform. Use the lowered platforms to get to the Purple Hatch.

In Ing Cache 1, collect the Light Beam (Left on C-Stick). Use it to leave this 
room. Back in Feeding Pit, enter the White Hatch.

In Feeding Pit Access, scan the Webling [research28]. Now is a good time for 
this, so do it: Shoot a Light Crystal with the Light Beam and scan the new 
Energized Crystal [research29]. In Doomed Entry, do the same with a beacon for 
an Energized Beacon [research30].

Also in Doomed Entry, locate the only White Hatch that you have not been 
through. Go through it.

In Double Path, scan a Darkling Tentacle [creature33]. Lock on and shoot them 
to clear your path, then proceed to the Battleground.

Here, walk towards the key. It will be stolen by a crew of Warrior Ing. Make 
sure to scan the Ing Webtrap [research31] on the hatch that you came through. 
Then kill the Ing slime. Preferably with your Light Beam, of course. If you 
feel like it, energize a beacon and watch 'em fry. When they are all gone, 
collect the final key and go back to Doomed Entry.

From Doomed Entry, check your map and get to the Dark Oasis.

In Dark Oasis, go left to find a White Hatch. Use the Light Beam to open it. 
Inside is an Ammo Station. Use it to recharge your ammo. Then find a Rift 
Portal in the Dark Oasis. Fire a Light Beam shot at it and head back to Light 

Restoring the temple
In the Main Reactor, go through the hatch on your left and make your way to 
the Save Station. Save your game. Now check your map and get to Bioenergy 

Here, you will notice that the room is filled with Tallon Metroids. Meh. If 
one sticks to you, roll into Morph Ball and lay a bomb. You can charge an 
Entangler Blast with the Dark Beam to freeze them, then missile for a quick 
kill, or just run through the room screaming like a little girl and change 
your pants afterwards. Get to Biostorage Station.

There are more Metroids in here. Another method to kill them is to stand in 
the doorway, shooting at them when they can't "see" you. If you can trick them 
to charging into a hatch, they will die. Take them all out. Make your way to 
the Purple hatch in this room. Behind it is a Missile expansion [missile_ww]. 
Now leave and navigate yourself to Central Mining Station via the TOP level of 
Command Center. You can do it by yourself. I don't have to hold your hand, do 

In Central Mining Station, scan the Pirate Skiff [research32] on the left 
wall. Then man one of the Heavy Turrets. Use it to destroy the crate beneath 
the Skiff, as well as the fan mechanisms if you like. Aim at various weak 
points on the wall. One is to the left of the big orange shield thing. The 
other, on the right wall. The latter one will alert several pirates when 
destroyed. They are of no threat to you now, though. Stand on the Skiff, and 
use it as a step to reach the bridge thing in the middle of the room. Jump 
across and enter the cave-like thing. Scan the Lore [lore28]. Walk to the left 
of the orange shield and roll into a ball to get behind it. Pick up a Beam 
Ammo Expansion [beam_ww]! Scan the dead Luminoth soldier for a Lore [lore29] 
and leave this room and get to the Portal Terminal.

Here, activate the portal and head through to Dark Aether.

In Portal Site, space jump to get to the hatch that leads to the Portal 
Access. From here, go to Judgment Pit.

In Judgment Pit, get up to the only Purple hatch in the room. Go through it 
for a Save Station. Save, then exit the room and return to Dark Agon Temple 
across the way.

Here, Samus will unlock the temple, but now you are pitted up against a boss 
fight. Scan one of the three Amorbis [creature34]. Now for the fighting. Watch 
your radar to see where one of the worms will pop up next, and pummel it when 
it does. Stay in the safe zones if you can, but if an Amorbis comes toward 
you, step out for a second. The dark atmosphere's damage will be less than if 
you were hit. After it is weakened, it will latch onto its power orb. Scan 
this form [creature35]. Avoid its attacks, lock onto its head, and blow the 
sucker off. Now roll into Morph Ball to get sucked up, and then lay bombs 
inside of it. Indigestion, anyone? The process will start over, only with two 
worms this time, then again with three. Repeat this technique all three times 
to kill the beast. If it nullifies a Light Crystal that you are standing in, 
keep dashing to the side to find another one. Oh, and if it shoots a beam of 
dark energy at you, avoid it. When it finally dies, you can obtain the Dark 
Suit. This significantly lowers the amount of damage to suffer from Dark 
Aether's atmosphere. Leave through the hatch on the other side of the room 
from where you entered.

Here, use the bomb slot, and then continue into the Dark Agon Energy 
Controller. Collect the planetary energy of Agon, and go back to the Portal 
Site to return to Light Aether.

After dealing with the possessed Space Pirates and entering the portal, it is 
time to go to the Agon Temple on this planet. Fight your way there, and then 
cross the room to the Agon Energy Controller. Restore the energy, and then 
retreat to the previous room.

Check your map for a White hatch in this room. To get to it, bomb the blocks 
of Talloric Alloy in you way and roll through the underpasses.

In Sandcanyon, simply cross the chasm via the convenient Kinetic Orb Cannon 
nearby. Enter Ventilation Area A on the other side.

Here, roll into Morph Ball, enter the hole, and find that the block that the 
second Pillbug is crawling around has a path above it. Kill the critter, and 
do a Double Bomb Jump to get on top of the block. To do a DBJ:
1. Place your first bomb.
2. Place your second bomb just before the first explodes.
3. At the peak of your jump, place a third bomb.
If you time it right, you will bounce off of the second bomb, then the third, 
and onto the block. It may take practice if this is your first time, but it is 
very easy once you get the timing down. Anyway, use another DBJ on top of the 
block to get up higher, and a normal bomb jump to get to the top. Roll over 
and get the Missile expansion [missile_ww]. Now return to the temple.

Go across the room and enter the Purple hatch into the Mine Shaft.

Here, you can put your fancy ball tricks to the test. What are you looking at 
me like that for? I didn't mean it that way, I swear! Ahem, roll to the left 
in the passage and quickly over the sand block. Kill the bug, and DBJ onto his 
platform. Jump up the path and go over the block. Now fall down the series of 
blocks and hold left to get to the next platform without falling. Hold left to 
cross another sand block and perform the same trick again to the left. Jump up 
a couple levels and do it again, but stop as soon as you roll off of the 
blocks, or you will fall down. Jump up and to the left twice. Then pull off 
the trick one last time to get an Energy Tank [etank_ww]. When you fall down, 
just keep going to the right to find your way out. Back in the temple, leave 
Agon. Yes, leave Agon. And save if you like. We are done here (for now).

Exit the elevator to the Industrial Site. Kill the enemies if you have to, and 
then check your map and proceed to the Temple Assembly Site.

Here, go to the far left end of the room. Space Jump onto the upper ledges, 
and continue along until you get to a wall. Morph Ball into the tunnel and 
collect the Missile expansion [missile_ww]. Now go back to the start of the 
room. Find the pillar with a dark crystal on it, and shoot it with the Light 
Beam. Go through the portal that is revealed.

In the Plain of Dark Worship, find the tree structure in the middle of the 
room and nab the Missile expansion [missile_ww] inside. Now return to Aether. 
Ignore the Ing.

Back in the light world, use the elevator to get to the Great Temple.

In Transport B Access, kill the Lightflyers and look for an indention in the 
wall that you can fit into in the middle of the room (left side from where you 
came in). Roll into it and bomb you way up. Roll across and back, then through 
the tunnel to find another Missile expansion. Go to the Main Energy 

Here, you will find that U-Mos is happy with you. He tells you to visit 
Torvus. So we shall. In the main room, scan the Amber Translator door and 
proceed to Transport C Access.

In this room, shine some light on the pillar in front of you, and scan the 
Harmony Class Drone [creature36]. Kill them off, but be careful not to hold a 
charge. Two half-charges will do the deed. Enter the hatch and go down the 

In Meeting Grounds, scan the Translator Door to lower it. Dispatch the War 
Wasps and look up to the top of the half pipe area for a Lore [lore30]. Get 
that, and then head past the half-pipe area to find a hatch. Open and go 
through. In Hall of Eyes, Space Jump to the upper level and enter the portal, 
as you can't access the hatch.

In Base Access, proceed to Abandoned Base. There, simply keep going until you 
reach a laser field. Scan one of the creatures producing the lasers, a 
Corrupted Sentreye [creature37]. Shoot it with a charged blast to stun it. 
Then keep going. Climb the ledges at the end, and open the Ing containers for 
health. Look around for two safe zone pillars. Roll into one. You will find 
four bomb slots. If you number them 1-4 from left to right, you must activate 
them in this order: 1234. Yep, that's right. Do 1, then roll down, up the 
other side, and do 2, 3, and 4. Hop on the cart. Defend yourself until you 
reach the end, then hop off and enter the portal.

In Path of Eyes, check your map and jump down in the direction away from the 
Emerald (green) hatch. Activate the pillar or simply jump over it. Kill 
Pirates as necessary. Activate the next two pillars. Then jump onto one and up 
to the higher ground. In the watery part, activate that pillar. Use it to get 
higher, also. Keep going to find a Translator Door. Roll into the path to the 
left of it. Scan the Violet Lore [lore31]. Then activate the pillar for a 
short cut to the beginning of the room. Go back to the Translator and lower it 
to find the Torvus Transport Access.

Ignore the War Wasps and head down the elevator to Torvus Bog.

Soggy forest
In this room, scan around until you find a Torvus Bearerpod. Scan it 
[research33]. Now leave to the next room. Walk through it to reach the Torvus 

If you are reading this from any website or source other than,, or please report it to me. If my e-
mail has been removed from this guide, check the real version at the GameFAQs. 
If you are reading this from any of the aforementioned sites, ignore this 

Here, scan one of the new enemies, a Shredder [creature38]. Kill them all, 
then get the Lore [lore32] from the dead Luminoth soldier. Go through the 
Missile hatch on the left side of the room to find a Save Station. Save.

Back in Torvus Lagoon, look into the sky and scan a Torvus Hanging Pod 
[research34]. Now hop into the water and scan the area for some Hydlings 
[creature39]. These are an excellent source of supplies, as you will find out 
later. Notice how you cannot shoot into the water like in the original game. 
Check your map and enter the Purple hatch into the Path of Roots.

Roll into Morph Ball and under the obstruction. When you come up on the other 
end, enter the blue hatch.

In the Great Bridge, scan a Shrieker [creature40] that phases in. Kill all of 
these annoying guys. It can get messy, but do it. When they are all dead and 
gone, scan the walls for a Sentinel Crystal [research35]. Now use the ledges 
along the wall to reach the Missile hatch. Proceed.

Roll on through this Portal Chamber to get back to the lagoon. Scan the panel 
to move the grates blocking the exits. Follow the ledge and go through the 
white hatch. Kill the Shredders in the Ruined Alcove to get to the Forgotten 

Here, scan the MP2 Sheegoth counterpart, the Grenchler [creature41]. To kill 
them, dodge their attacks and get behind them, then missile their rumps to 
wherever they came from. Actually, five charged blasts will do it, too. Scan a 
Bloatsac [research36]. Scale the wall to the upper level of the room, then 
cross the bridge and enter Dark Aether's shadow version of the same room.

Look around and scan a Dark Sentinel Crystal [research37], and also an 
Ingshpere Cache [research38]. Cross the bridge if you haven't already, and 
activate the bomb slot. On the ground, scan a Dark Phlogus [creature42]. Climb 
the platforms back up to the portal, then enter it.

Back in the light world, you will meet the most feared enemy in the game, the 
Dark Pirate Commando [creature43]. Scan one, then proceed to kill them all. 
Don't be afraid to use your Light Beam. Just don't miss.... Once they are 
gone, cross the moved bridge on the upper level and collect the Missile 
expansion [missile_ww]. Come on, did I really have to point that one out? Only 
a complete ditz could miss it. Enter the blue hatch.

In the Abandoned Worksite, you may notice another expansion through the wall. 
Sadly, that one is off-limits for a while. Instead of taking the Morph Ball 
path, jump down and scan the wall borne Sporb [creature44]. Now jump back up 
and take the ball path. If the Sporb gets you, or if you fall off, kill it for 
an easier journey next time. Keep rolling to the other side of the room, and 
enter the white hatch.

Scan the panel, and then run over to the kinetic orb cannon. Ignore the 
enemies and use the cannon. Kill them if it pleases you, though. Walk across 
the bridge and kill the Shriekbats. Enter the purple hatch to the Temple 

Here, scan the floor for a panel that is cracked. Bomb it, the roll through 
for an Energy Tank [etank_ww]. I find it interesting that if you try to go 
down it as a full-sized super-suit you will be forced into the Morph Ball. 
Hmm. Go right and through the door, the use the cannon, cross the bridge, 
yadda, yadda, yadda. Get back to the top level of the room, and enter the 
hatch to the Torvus Temple.

In this room, kill any and all Pirates that you may encounter. Collect the 
Super Missile combo. Then go up the elevator, but don't jump of boredom along 
the way, or you will get it confused. At the top, charge a shot and press Y to 
shoot a super missile and open the green hatch. To get to the Energy 
Controller... you know the drill.

Scan the hologram. Heed A-Voq's words carefully. I did :/. Find the Lore 
[lore33] on the wall. Scan it, and then return to the main room.

Here, activate the lore-shaped thing in the center. When you reach the bottom 
of the elevator, lower the Translator door, but don't use the hatch behind it. 
Instead, find an elevated Morph Ball path to the left of it. Roll through, 
then open the hatch and go through.

Scan the panel, use the elevator, and then go through the hatch. Here, scan a 
Preed [creature45]. CAREFULLY use the platforms to get up higher and enter the 
Save Station. Save. In the case that you fell, skip saving. We need to go down 
there, anyway.

If you aren't already down there, fall to the VERY BOTTOM of the Hydrodynamo 
Station. Scan one of the Bloggs [creature46]. To kill them, wait until they 
open their maws and pump a Missile in there. When they are gone, find a part 
of the outer wall that is indented and has yellow strips. Go into it to ride 
upwards. Now jump across to the middle to find a Kinetic Orb Cannon. Ignore it 
for now. Walk around the platform that you are on with the scan visor up until 
you find a blue thing across the way. Get to the other side of it and scan it 
to activate a lock. Use it to get back to the top. Use the Save Station now if 
you still need to save.

Back at the top, jump down again and stay on the first thing you land on. 
Check for a Missile expansion [missile_ww] on the only accessible ledge. Jump 
over and nab it. But now we have a predicament. See the door in front of you. 
It's light purple. We can't use it yet. So fall down, use the cannon, and 
return to the upper levels via the elevator.

Back in the temple, use that blue hatch behind the Translator that I told you 
to ignore earlier.

In Underground Tunnel, hop down from the ledge you are on. Then turn around 
and roll under that ledge to get a Missile expansion [missile_ww]. Roll back 
out and take care of the Grenchler down the tunnel. You're bound to take some 
good damage in such an enclosed area, but what can you do about it. I guess 
running is an option... When the monster is dead, roll down the tunnel (check 
map if you can't find it) and unroll as soon as you can. Kill the two Sporbs, 
and then hop up to where the white hatch is. Turn around and scan the Lore 
[lore34]. Enter the hatch into Torvus Grove.

Here, start across the room to the blue hatch, and then scan one of the Pirate 
Commandos [creature47] that appears. Kill them all. It shouldn't be too hard. 
Super Missiles work great. Just don't shoot when their red shields are up. 
Instead, use a charged blast to break the shield, and then use the Super 
Missile to get the full effect. Blowing up the Phazon containers also works 
nicely. Enter the blue hatch.

Shadow swamp
In Meditation Vista, use the portal. In Gloom Vista, let any damage you have 
recharge a bit, then enter the hatch into Polluted Mire.

In this room jump over the toxic water to the safe zone and scan a Hunter Ing 
[creature48] that appears. Wait for them to enter your dimension, then kill. 
Energizing the beacon is a nice trick, too. Find a lowered platform next to 
one of the tree trunks, and use it to reach a higher platform on an adjacent 
trunk. Keep going around the structure until you come to an end. Look for a 
ledge to jump to, then do so. From there, Space Jump to the next platform. You 
can bypass the next ledge. Then one you are one is high enough. Anyway, keep 
moving around the tree to reach a Purple hatch. Proceed.

In Dark Falls, save your game. Then exit to Dark Forgotten Bridge.

Here, kill the Lightflyers to make safe zones to reach the Dark Arena Tunnel. 
Roll and bomb you way through.

In Dark Arena, you will immediately catch a glimpse of the most over-hyped 
enemy in the game, Boost Guardian. Roll through the hole after him. Now for 
the fight. Scan the Boost Guardian [creature49], first off. He attacks like a 
normal Warrior Ing, and also uses a boost attack where he bounces around like 
a ping-pong ball. Neither is too hard to avoid. When he is in solid form, pump 
Super Missiles into him. When he is in liquid, roll into a Morph Ball and lay 
bombs in front of him. It is not very hard, but since there are no safe zones, 
you have to be quick. Ignore anything that he spawns. He will probably kill 
them himself. If he hits a pillar, take advantage of the health that appears. 
It shouldn't be too hard. When he dies, retrieve the Boost Ball. Roll back 
through the hole. Use the Boost ball (hold down B in ball form) to get up the 
half pipe and collect the Dark Temple Key. Release your boost when you start 
up a side. Once you have the key, exit this room by boosting up to the hatch. 
Kill Dark Preeds if you need health.

In Dark Arena Tunnel, use the Boost Ball to make it across the sand blocks. 
Use the Lightflyers in the next room to make it back to Dark Falls. There, 
save. Now go back to Gloom Vista and go through the portal.

In Torvus Grove, find the half pipe next to the White hatch. Use it. Then jump 
from ledge to ledge to reach the Purple hatch in this room. Go through it.

In Grove Access, scan a Krocuss [creature50]. Ignore them, and leave out the 
other side of the room.

In Forgotten Bridge, scan the Spinner [research39] in front of you. Then use 
it (roll into it and keep boosting). The gate goes down, but you don't need it 
right now. Proceed through the Missile hatch.

In Plaza Access, bomb up the wall and fall down, the jump over the wall to use 
the bomb slot. This rotates something. Use that something to keep scaling the 
wall. When you fall down, use the other bomb slot. Then bomb up to the hole. 
Go through it to find a half pipe. Boost up the right side to obtain a Missile 
expansion [missile_ww]. You may learn that it is best not to use the control 
stick while boosting. Backtrack to the previous room.

Get to Torvus Lagoon and save. We are leaving the area for a bit.

Leave Torvus. I know we are not completely done here, but we are for now.

Back in the Temple Grounds, find your way to the Path of Eyes. There, deal 
with any Pirates that may be in your way, and find the Green hatch that leads 
to the Hall of Eyes. Super Missile it, and then continue through to the 
Meeting Grounds.

Here, I would recommend ignoring the enemies in the room. Use the half pipe to 
reach the upper levels of the room, and then into the Morph Ball hole. Keep 
going through this hole through Service Access (where boosting through is 
recommended), and Path of Honor, until you reach the Hall of Honored Dead.

When you eventually fall out and unroll, you will notice an upgrade in the 
center of the room, and four spinners. If you roll into them, you will notice 
that they rotate the center rings around the upgrade. To solve this puzzle, 
you must notice which spinners affect which rings. First use the Violet 
spinner until the outer ring lights up. Then use the Cyan (light blue) spinner 
until the next to outer ring lights up. Then use the Yellow one until the next 
ring lights up, and then the red one for the last two. In case you didn't 
know, bombing is the only way out of a spinner. When the puzzle is solved, you 
can acquire the Seeker Launcher. Now we can shoot five missiles at a time! To 
leave this room, hold down the Y button and aim it at each of the five targets 
surrounding the hatch. Once all five are selected, release Y.

Now that you are finished with that, go back to the Landing Site from Service 

In Landing Site, scan the Lore [lore35] as soon as you enter, then save at 
your ship. After saving, hop down and examine the cleft that you jumped off 
of. There is a dark crystal. Shine some light on it to make a path back to the 
previous room. Instead of going there, though, go to Hive Access Tunnel.

Here, lower the Translator Door, but don't go past it. Fall down the gaseous 
hole as you did in the very beginning.

Hehe. Scan the Dark Missile Trooper [creature51]. This is the only one in the 
game, so don't miss this scan. It has pathetic aim, and can barely turn 
around, so pumping Super Missiles into him should make quick work of it. When 
he dies, collect the Missile expansion [missile_ww]. Keep going through the 
marine compound until you reach Hive Chamber B, the room where you first saw 
Dark Samus.

Here, look for the vent covered in Talloric Alloy that I told you to remember 
earlier. Bomb it and roll through for a Missile expansion [missile_ww]. Now 
roll through the other vent, kill the Dark Troopers, and save.

After saving, enter Hive Transport Area, take the elevator up, and lower the 
Translator Door. Enter the door behind that and keep going to find yourself 
back in the Landing Site. If you are extra cautious, save again, or if you 
need ammo. Go back to Service Access.

Find an elevated hole and bomb yourself into it to get to the Meeting Grounds. 
From here, use the elevator in Temple Transport C. In Temple Sanctuary, lower 
the last Translator Door, and enter Transport A Access.

Here, roll into the Save Station part of the room, and scan that part for a 
piece of the wall made of Talloric Alloy. Bomb it and collect the Missile 
expansion [missle_ww]. If you're extra extra cautious, save once more. 
Backtrack to the Meeting Grounds, then all the way back to Torvus Bog.

A watery grave
In Torvus Lagoon, you once again have the chance to save. And people say there 
aren't enough Save Stations in this game... Make your way to Torvus Temple. 
When you get there, locate the purple colored hatch. Use your Seeker Missiles 
to unlock it. There is a transport to Agon behind it, but we don't need to go 
there, so take the elevator down to the lower part of Torvus.

This time, you may want to save. Just in case. In the Hydrodynamo Station, 
fall down and scan a Bloggling [creature52]. It is of virtually no treat at 
all, so ignore it and proceed through the purple hatch that we saw earlier 
(halfway down the room). You will come out in the Training Access.

Did you see that glowing light? Follow it through the hatch into Training 

Dark Samus, eh? Check your map for a white hatch. That is our destination. 
Fall into the water and defeat the Bloggs to activate the spinner at the base 
of the statue. Use it to line up the BLUE lights. Now unroll and walk over to 
the grating blocking the purple hatch. There is a green Lore behind it. Scan 
it [lore36]. Now roll back into Morph ball and follow the blue lights into the 
area with the white hatch. Go on through.

In Transit Tunnel West, roll into a ball, ride up the bubbles and enter the 
pump device. In the main part, bomb down to the bomb slot and use it to 
reverse the flow of water. Bomb back up and ride the flow of bubbles to the 
left to come to another hatch. You'll come out in the Gathering Hall.

Here, fall into the water and take out the Bloggs if you like. Then look up at 
the spiked floating platforms to see crystals on their bottoms. Shoot these 
crystals with the Dark Beam. Now before you go up to the surface, check the 
submerged walls for a Lore [lore37]. If you have been following this guide, 
you will get a 60% scan message. Scale the platforms back up to the ledge 
where you began, then use the floating platforms to reach the ledge with the 
beam device. Seeing as the spinner here is of no use, continue over the next 
floating platform to reach a bomb slot. Use it to reveal a portal. Use that to 
enter Dark Aether.

In the Crypt, get to one of the beacons and dispose of the Pirates that 
appear. Don't forget to use your radar and look up. And do not be afraid to 
use the Light Beam. When they are finished, use the platform to reach the dark 
counterpart of the spinner in the light world. Use it, then return to Aether.

Back in the Gathering Hall, flip the spiked platforms. Then get over to the 
ledge with the bomb slot, and from there to the kinetic orb cannon. Don't just 
stare at it. Use it! Then proceed through the white hatch.

When you come out in the main room, scan the panel to move the second lock, 
and go through the other door into the Training Chamber. Make sure to scan on 
of the irresistibly cute Seedbursters [creature53] in the hallway to get 

Back in the Training Chamber, take out the Blogglings and use the spinner to 
line up the RED lights. Follow these to the purple hatch and go through.

In the main part of Transit Tunnel East, take the bubbles up to the right and 
exit out the other side of the room. We'll return here later, but for now, 
just leave.

In the Catacombs, look for a Lore in the area with the portal. Scan it 
[lore38], then look for a dead Luminoth body and scan it, also, for a Lore 
[lore39]. Fall into the water and come up on the side where the body is. Enter 
the purple hatch.

When you once again reappear in Hydrodynamo Station, scan the panel in front 
of you to move the final lock and reveal the hatch at the bottom of the room. 
Sadly, we cannot save here, so just suck it up and go on through the new 

In the Hydrodynamo Shaft, look into the center of the room through the glass 
and scan Alpha Blogg [creature54]. Kill the Hydlings for health and ammo, and 
then go into the Main Hydrochamber.

In this room, simply fall to the bottom and find a hatch. Go through it to 
retrieve the Gravity Boost. This clears up the visor underwater and allows for 
a third jump under water. Go back into the previous room.

Now you get to fight Alpha Blogg. This thing is significantly faster and 
tougher than a normal Blogg, but the strategy to kill it is the same. This is 
a good chance to try out the Gravity Boost, although dashing is also a good 
friend here. I can't really say much else, so good luck. Oh, and use your 
Super Missiles. Don't dash too soon, and use the Super Missile before it opens 
its maw, as it takes a moment to load up. Seeker Missiles are also effective. 
When it dies, use the Gravity Boost to get to one of the fans that stops 
moving, then to a platform, and then to the exit hatch. Leave.

In the Hydrodynamo Shaft, check the map for a portal. Use the Gravity Boost to 
get up there, and then go through. Nab the key and come back to the light 
world. Kill the Hydlings for health and ammo. I told you they would be 
helpful, did I not? Leave into the main room.

Here, Gravity Boost to the very top of the room. You can find your way. Now 
save your game.

Now that all of that is over, fall back into the water. Yeah, we're not quite 
done here yet. Find the purple hatch and go through it to find yourself back 
in the Catacombs.

Here, first take care of the Grenchlers. Taking the fight underwater will help 
indefinitely. When they are dead and gone, find a submerged bomb slot beneath 
the ledge with the portal. Jump up and use it to reveal the portal. Jump up 
and head into it.

In the Dungeon, scan a Dark Grenchler [creature55]. Then kill them both. Once 
you have disposed of them, enter the blue hatch into Undertransit Two.

Here, bomb into the cannon. Time your rolls so that the moving pistons don't 
squish you. When you come out on the other side, enter the Sacrificial 

In this room, kill the Hunter Ing that appears. Then exit out the white hatch. 
We will return here momentarily.

In Undertransit One, bomb into the cannon as usual. When you emerge, fall down 
to your left a few levels and bomb up two. Then bomb through the machine. When 
you fall down on the other side, fall to the very bottom. Then hold right and 
go as far as you can, and bomb up to the left. On this ledge, bomb up to the 
right for a Missile expansion [missile_ww]. Continue into the Crypt.

Here, shoot the light crystal in front of you with the Dark Beam to lower the 
barrier. Kill the Pirates that appear. Then use the newly made platforms to 
get up to the white hatch. Just be wary of the ones that recede back into the 
wall. Proceed.

In the Crypt Tunnel, stun the Dark Tentacles and go through the other hatch 
into Undertemple Shaft.

In this room, fall to the ground and look up for a light crystal. Energize it 
and take care of the Ing. Chances are they will kill themselves, though. Hop 
up a few levels and enter the kinetic orb cannon to get to the top of the 
room. Jump over to the Missile hatch and go through for a Save Station. Save.

Post-saving, fall down from the ledge with the hatch and look for an opening 
in the floor. Fall into it and down into the safe zone. From there, go into 
the giant mechanism and use the bomb slot to rotate it. Go through the blue 
hatch that it leads to.

In the Sacrificial Chamber Tunnel, destroy the Ingsphere Caches for supplies. 
Don't forget that you can obtain beam ammo from them. When you come to the 
purple Venom Weed, shoot it to make it retract into the ground, and enter the 

Back in the Sacrificial Chamber, you are pitted up against Grapple Guardian 
[creature56], a darkling-possessed Grenchler that has obtained the power of 
the Grapple Beam. Scan him, first off, and then fight. Being careful to keep 
to the safe zones, pump lead (err... energy) into his eye. This will, 
unfortunately, tick him off. When he enters his state of rage, he will fire 
the Grapple Beam at you dodge behind the shining pillar to make him get stuck 
to it. Then strafe around him and haul arse on his pitiful behind. Super 
Missiles work well, as do Seekers. He will knock supplies from the ceiling if 
you need them. When he is severely injured, his tail will break off and you 
will need to shoot his eye to disrupt his new 'grapple shield'. When it is 
gone, damage him as much as you can. If he grapples you, give him a charged 
shot to the eye. Once he finally dies, you can get your beloved Grapple Beam. 
Afterwards, you will notice that you no longer have access to any door except 
the one to the Undertemple Shaft. That said, hop up the ledges next to the 
glowing runes on the wall and grapple (L) across the pit to the hatch. People 
who played the last game, notice how you can now shoot while grappling. 
Doesn't help at all, but you can, so know that. Enter the hatch and get back 
to the shaft.

Here, fall down and use the cannon to get up and save. Then go through the 
white hatch to the Crypt. There, use the portal to return to Aether.

In the Gathering Hall, kill the Blogg and look up for a grapple point. Use it 
to grapple out of the water. You could do it the old fashioned way and climb 
out, but that is way outdated. Make sure to scan the Grapple Point 
[research40]. Use the cannon to return to Hydrodynamo Station. There, get to 
the top of the room, and save. Now find your way to the Training Chamber.

Remember those Bloggings from before? Scan them after they become Dark Bloggs 
[creature57]. Two missiles do it, but watch out, as these things hurt. Kill 
them and leave to Transit Tunnel East.

Here, you will notice a bomb slot where you start off. Double Bomb Jump into 
it. After using it, go three tubes over and carefully time your bombs to reach 
the bomb slot here. Use it, then quickly bomb up to the Energy Tank [etank_ww] 
two tubes to the left. Now leave this whole section of Torvus via the elevator 
in Underground Transport. And save if you want on the way.

The surface
From Torvus Temple, make your way to the Great Bridge.

Here, dispose of any Pirates that appear. Then lower the Translator Door near 
the kinetic orb cannon. Proceed through the hatch behind it, and obtain the 
map to Torvus. Not much new is revealed, but oh well. Back in the Great 
Bridge, use the cannon to get to the bridge, and from there jump to the white 
hatch. Go through it.

In the Abandoned Worksite, look up for a Grapple Point. Use it to get to the 
Missile expansion [missile_ww] that we saw earlier. Get to the Forgotten 
Bridge. There, use the portal to enter Dark Aether.

In the Dark Forgotten Bridge, find a Green hatch and use a Super Missile to 
open it. Kill Pirates if they appear. Anyway, enter the Brooding Pond.

Here, scan the Liftvine Crystal [research41]. Then shoot it with the Light 
Beam to make a way for yourself. You have my permission to kill the Dark 
Preeds, first, though. Exit into the Venomous Pond.

In this room, take care of the Hunter Ing. If you moved, get back to the 
platform that you started on with the Liftvine Crystal. Find the hole in the 
wall and roll through it. When you unroll, grapple across the room to retrieve 
the final key. Now find the Missile hatch in this room and go through it for a 
Save Station. Save your game.

After saving, return to the Venomous Pond and enter the purple hatch to the 
Portal Chamber.

In the Portal Chamber, roll to the other side and look around for a ledge that 
you can jump to. From there, jump up again, and then use the elevator to take 
your Morph Ball self to the other section of this room. Use the portal to 
enter Aether, nab the Missile expansion [missile_ww], and go back to the dark 
world. Use the lift to take you back up, and enter the hatch into the Poisoned 

In this room, use the Seeker Missile to open the purple hatch and go through 
to Cache A for a Beam ammo expansion [beam_ww]. Return to the Venomous Pond 
and save.

After saving, exit into the Venomous Pond and proceed through the white hatch 
into the Dark Torvus Temple.

Here, find and go through the green hatch to Cache B for an Energy Tank 
[etank_ww]. After that, use the blue hatch for an Ammo Station. Recharge here, 
as we are about to fight a boss. Back in the main temple room, let Samus use 
the keys to unlock the temple, then watch her rise to the top portion of the 

Prepare for a battle. When you are ready, use the Seeker Missiles to release 
the cocoon hanging on the wall by targeting the orange dots. Scan the Chykka 
Larva [creature58]. Watch out for its splash attacks. Jump to dodge them. Also 
scan one of the endless Dark Shredders [creature59] that appear. Kill them for 
health and ammo. To kill the Chykka Larva, simply keep shooting it. It can 
take awhile. Just don't fall in the water. If it climbs up on your platform 
and tries to eat your, give him a Dark Beam charge to the mouth. When this 
poor critter dies, mommy gets a bit angry.

First off, scan Chykka [creature60]. Keep shooting it to reveal her weak 
points, and then grapple to the other side of her and Seeker Missile all four 
of them (on her wings). Three times will be enough to ground her... into the 
dark water. Unfortunately, this causes severe mutation. Scan Dark Chykka 
[creature61], and her offspring, Chyklings [creature62]. Ignore those little, 
buggers, though. Lock on to her egg sac and use the Light Beam on it to 
inflict serious damage. Enough of this will restore her to her original state, 
only now she has a diving attack. Repeat the process until death.

Afterwards, collect the Dark Visor (right on Control Pad). Now you can see 
invisible and interdimensional objects. Use it to see and use the platforms 
that lead up to the hatch. There, use the bomb slot, and retrieve the energy 
of Torvus.

Now go down the elevator and use the Ammo Station. Save at the Venomous Pond 
and return to Aether. There, return the energy to its rightful location in the 
Torvus Energy Controller. If you run into any Dark Pirate Commandos, use your 
Dark Visor.

After restoring the energy of Torvus, go to the Temple Grounds.

Find your way to the Path of Eyes. There, look for an untouched green hatch. 
Go through it into the Windchamber Gateway. Here, cannon across the chasm and 
use the Grapple Point to reach an Energy Tank [etank_ww]. Go to the Sacred 
Bridge through the Sacred Path, but visit U-Mos on the way. I'd ignore the 
Pirates in the Meeting Grounds, though.

In here, put on the Dark Visor and use the Seeker Missiles to lower the 
bridge. Continue into the GFMC Compound. There, dispatch the Pirates and go 
through the hatch beyond the Translator Door.

In Fortress Transport Access, scan one of the two Luminoth Turrets 
[creature63]. Treat them as you would any other turret, using dashes and jumps 
appropriately. Then scan the Lore [lore40] in this room and move on through 
the transport.

When you reach the Temple Transport Access after leaving the elevator, take 
out the turrets and scan the nearby panel to unlock the doorway. Look on the 
wall to your right and scan one of the hundreds of Serenity Class Drones 
[creature64]. Destroy them if you feel cruel, and then use the spinner device 
to open the next doorway. Enter the hatch into the Sanctuary Entrance.

Here, take on the Pirates that appear. Have fun. This is one of the most fun 
battles in the game. Enter the white hatch when it is all over.

In this long tunnel, scan an Octopede [creature65]. Have fun with these 
suicidal critters as well. Enter the hatch.

In this room, enjoy the peacefulness of the behemoth monstrosities on the 
walls, as it will not last. Put on the Dark Visor and use the Seeker Missiles 
to unlock the elevated door thing. Scan the Rezbit [creature66] that appears. 
For a quick kill, use a charged shot of the Dark Beam and a Missile. But that 
is no fun. L+R+B if it hacks your system. Jump up to the hatch that you have 
revealed to enter the Reactor Core.

Here, scan the Quad MB [creature67], and the Quad CM [creature68]. The MB is 
the body, and the CM is the head. Jump to get a lock on the CM. To destroy 
this thing, wait for it to do a spin cycle, then boost into it with the Morph 
Ball to stop it and reveal a red dot. Boost into that to destroy the MB. 
However, it may be smart to destroy the CM first, as it can be a hassle by if 
detached from the MB. When it is down, go down the right path to find a 
Missile hatch. Proceed for a Save Station. Save.

Leaving the Save Station, find a way into the center of the Reactor Core. 
There, destroy the Rezbits as you climb to the top with the wall borne ledges. 
When you reach the top, go through the blue hatch. You'll come out in the 
Minigyro Chamber.

Here, scan the platform in front of you. AMBER, COLBALT, CRIMSON, EMERALD. For 
anyone out there who doesn't know, that is: Orange, Blue, Red, and Green. Roll 
into the hole to get to the center area. There, roll around the gyroscopic 
rings and bomb the bomb slots in that order. If you are using a TV without 
color, good luck. When all the rings have stopped, roll through the path that 
they create and go through the hatch.

The Hall of Combat Mastery is a scary place, what with all of the gigantic 
robots lining the walls. But they wont come alive, yet, so don't fret. You do 
have a couple of Quads to deal with, though. There is a lone Quad MB, so if 
you destroy an MB and leave the CM alone, it may attach itself to that. Find 
the portal at the far end of this room and use it to enter Dark Aether.

In the Culling Chamber, fall out into the pit in front of you and turn to the 
right to see a blue hatch. Enter it to Hazing Cliff.

We have a few things to do here. Scan the Dark Tallon Metroid [creature69]. 
Charge the Dark Beam and Missile it for an easy kill. Afterwards, scan the 
Dark Diligence Drone [creature70]. Charge the Light Beam to destroy them, and 
then pick up the Missile expansion [missile_ww] that was hidden behind them. 
Go back to the Culling Chamber.

Here, jump into the main part of the room and scan an Ingworm Cache 
[research42]. These are like any other container. Defeat the Warrior Ing and 
go through the Purple hatch.

Go up the elevator and into the Hive Dynamo Works.

In this room, fall down and shoot the Nightbarbs. Now grapple across the chasm 
and enter the White hatch. But you can't do much in that room, so return to 
the previous room and flip on your Dark Visor. Look across the pit for five 
targets. Bust out the Seeker Missiles on them to reveal a portal Go through.

When you come out in Dynamo Works, destroy the two Quads and look for a corpse 
resting on a ledge next to a hatch. Scan it to get a Lore [lore41]. Then go 
through the Purple hatch.

In Dynamo Access, scan a Diligence Class Drone [creature71]. Use the Dark Beam 
to destroy it, or just roll through the beams. Now look through the floor and 
scan a Mechlops [creature72]. Roll into the Morph Ball and into the hole in 
the floor. To kill the Mechlops, simply lay a bomb in its path. It should suck 
it up and die. Be careful not to let them suck you up, though. Unroll on the 
other side of the room and enter the hatch past the drone.

In the Main Gyro Chamber, face the main dynamo core and look for a Morph Ball 
hole on the wall. Bomb into it and roll into the next area. Then roll into the 
hole across from where you emerged. When you come out, use the bomb slot. Now 
for a puzzle (was that a sigh I heard?). Look at the neon lines leading into 
the puzzle. Red on top; Blue on the bottom, and Green in the middle. There are 
four icons that you can target. Shoot them as follows:
Top left
Top right
Bottom left
Bottom right
This will line up the circles with their corresponding neon lines. Use the new 
bomb slot that appears to make a walkway for yourself in the middle area. But 
first, use the Missile hatch for a Save Station. Save your game.

After saving, return to the Main Gyro Chamber. There, roll back to the middle 
area and use the newly made walkway to reach the other side of the core. Find 
a hole here and roll through it. When you come out, find and use a spinner to 
connect this area with the other half of the room. Scan the panel and take the 
elevator up. Now enter the blue hatch.

In Temple Access, first eliminate the Quad, and then go through the hatch into 
the Sanctuary Temple.

Here, wait for the darklings to come in, and then scan the Dark Quad MB 
[creature73] and the Dark Quad CM [creature74]. Take these out as you would 
normal Quads; only feel freer to use missiles on the CM. When both of these 
are gone, use the ramps and grapple points to reach the top of the room. 
There, grapple across to the blue hatch that will take you to the Sanctuary 
Energy Controller.

Bomb the device, go through the hatch, scan the hologram, and listen to O-Lir. 
Blah, blah, blah. He will update your Translator files. Now find the blue Lore 
in here, and scan it [lore42]. Go back to the temple.

Back here, scan the new enemy, the Mekenobite [creature75]. If you want to 
kill it, then target both legs with the Seeker Missiles. It's that easy. When 
you are done, grapple to the Translator Door. Lower it and enter the Workers 

Here, jump across the platforms to the furthest one, and then turn around and 
scan the crystal thing on the other platform to activate a cannon. Hop in and 
scan a similar thing on the other side. Enter the hatch.

In the Dynamo Works, the first thing you need to do is scan the Spider 
Guardian [creature76] through the glass. After scanning, roll through the hole 
to trigger the fight. ROOM 1: From where you start out, roll right and bomb 
up. Bomb the critter, and fall back down. He will turn red. Bomb him twice 
more to turn him green. While he is green, bomb up the left wall, fall onto 
the platform that he is circling, bomb up, fall down, and use the bomb slot. 
He'll get a shock. ROOM 2: Boost up and down the half pipe and try to bomb him 
whenever you get a chance. If you boost up the left side, then you can lay a 
few bombs if you fall down the middle. When it turns green, boost up the left 
side, fall down the middle onto the platform, and then bomb into the bomb slot 
and use it. ROOM 3: This is another half pipe do the same thing. When it turns 
green, boost up the left side, and fall down the middle, then keep falling and 
bomb into the bomb slot. Zippity zap! ROOM 4: Destroy the crates for supplies 
and fall down on the right. To avoid getting hit, get to the second level and 
stay over the ditched area. When it turns green, use the bomb slot on the 
second level, to the left. The next time, bomb that same one and the one in 
the upper right. It is tricky to get into that slot, with the hill, but you 
can do it. The third time, use the previous two slots, and the one on the 
upper left. If you keep bombing him, he will stay green. Once you have 
completed every step, he will die. Hahaa... you little ****. Here's a tip if 
you are having a hard time: you can bomb him while he's stunned to get him 
green, skipping red entirely. When he is dead pick up the Spider Ball. Hold R 
on magnetic tracks to climb them.

Use the Spider Ball to backtrack to where the fourth room began in the fight. 
Take the track up and your bombs to go even higher. Collect a Missile 
expansion [missile_ww] and roll through the rails behind it to leave this 
area. When you fall out, use the Spider ball to climb up the tracks to the 
blue hatch. Go through, and down the elevator. You'll wind up in the Hall of 
Combat Mastery.

Here, get the Lore [lore43] on the wall and roll out of this area. You may 
want to scan a Spider Ball Track [research43]. If an Ingsmasher wakes up, scan 
it [creature77]. To kill the beasts, simply pump 'em full of beam shots and 
missiles. If it glows, then either get real close, or shoot it with the 
opposite color beam that it is glowing. They're weaker than they look. Find a 
Spider Ball Track on the end of the wall splitting the room in half go up it.

Up the track, bomb up-right, fall down, bomb up-right again, and use the bomb 
slot. Fall back down, go right, and time it through the flames. Then go right 
and bomb up-left, watching the lasers. Do this twice more, and then roll left 
and fall. Bomb up over the pillar. Keep going until the camera moves. Bomb the 
obstruction. Fall down, and bomb up the moving platforms while avoiding the 
lasers. Fall down the left from the top platform. Bomb up-left. Camera moves 
again. Fall down into the area with the Phazon. Use the moving platform and 
bomb up to the moving Spider Ball Track. Fall off of that onto a smaller 
platform. Bomb up to the tracks at the very left, then use them and roll as 
far right as possible. Bomb up to the track and be careful to hold on. Fall 
into the next place, then bomb up to the Missile expansion [missile_ww]. Whew! 
Bomb to the right to get out, then go to the Reactor Core.

Here, kill the Rezbits if you like, and use the Kinetic Orb Cannon on the 
floor level. Hold R while you do this. You'll latch onto a ball. Roll up the 
tracks when the electricity goes away. When you come to a red spot, sit on it 
and boost. Boost from ball to ball when the electricity is down. Eventually 
you will boost to a track. Follow this till it comes to an end, and then boost 
to the next track. Roll down for an Energy Tank [etank_ww]. Fall to the floor 
level, lower the Translator Door, and enter the hatch behind it.

Use the Map Station, then return to the previous room and go to the Save 
Station Across the Hall. Save.

Sun and shadow
Okay, leave the Sanctuary Fortress. Go to the Torvus Bog. Oh, wait; Dark Samus 
destroyed the bridge in the Sanctuary Entrance. Look up and left for a Spider 
Ball Track. Follow it to the ground. Now roll along it as far as you possibly 
can. Fall down onto another track piece, then at the end of that, boost to the 
opposite piece. Bomb up and follow the tracks to the other side. Enter the 
hatch and now go to Torvus.

From Torvus Lagoon, take the Purple hatch to the Path of Roots.

Here, roll under the structure and turn around when you emerge. Scan the Lore 
[lore44], and use the Grapple Point for a Missile expansion [missile_ww]. Now 
go to the lower levels of Torvus. Specifically, the Main Hydrochamber, where 
you fought the Alpha Blogg. Save on the way if you want to.

When you reach your destination, go straight to the other side of the room 
into the enclosed area behind the grate. Roll up the Spider Ball Tracks and 
enter the portal.

In the Undertemple, you will fight the Power Bomb Guardian [creature78]. Scan 
it, first of all, and then use the tracks and your Morph Ball Bombs to reach 
the bomb slots at the top of the room. You can fake out the guardian. Say you 
want to go left. Go right to make him shoot in that direction, then the path 
you want to take is clear. I can't say much more than that. He is pretty easy. 
Kill the Inglets if you need health. Once you use all four bomb slots, the 
guardian will die, leaving the Power Bombs you to pick up. Use the same tracks 
as you did during battle to reach them.  Use one to open the Yellow hatch in 
this room. Proceed.

Use the portal here to go back to Aether, and there go to the Gathering Hall.

When you arrive, Power Bomb the section of the floor under water that is read 
as Denzium when scanned. Then Power Bomb the plug to drain all of the water 
from the room. Use the half pipe to attach to the tracks, and then boost from 
them to moving tracks, then to the hanging bomb slots. Do this on both sides, 
and then pick up the Missile expansion [missile_ww] that is revealed. Go to 
the Training Chamber.

Here, kill the Dark Bloggs. Now find the Spider Ball Tracks under the water 
and use them, along with boosting and bombs, to get into the statue's hands. 
Use the bomb slot here to move the statue. The transport to the Sanctuary 
Fortress is open now. But don't use it. Instead, leave Torvus and get to the 
Windchamber Gateway branching off of the Path of Eyes.

Actually, this next part is optional, but it can help. Use the cannon to cross 
the canyon ;), and enter the P-bomb hatch.

Kill the Pirates in the Grand Windchamber, and walk across to the portal. Use 

In the Ing Windchamber, use the spinners to make the center pieces turn blue, 
not yellow. Then cannon to the next one and make it blue, also. Once all of 
them are blue, shoot yourself around to the side where you can see the purple 
targets on them. Then use the Seeker Missiles to hit them all, raising the 
grapple points in both dimensions. Do the same for the yellow color. Go back 
to Aether.

Back in the light world, grapple around to the platform with the cannon and 
use it to get the Sunburst. This is the missile combo for the Light Beam. 
Though it is rather useless, because it moves so slow. Kill the Pirates that 
appear, using your new weapon if you want to, and go through the hatch 
opposite from where you came in.

Use a Power Bomb to exit the Windchamber Tunnel. From the GFMC Compound, go to 
the Trooper Security Station.

Here, use a P-bomb to destroy the gate. If you are out, then go back to the 
previous room and kill some War Wasps for them.

In the Communication Area, look for a hatch that we have not yet been through. 
But first, find an object on the ground that looks similar to the bottom of a 
Save Station. Bomb it (not P-bomb) and collect the Missile expansion 
[missile_ww]. Turn around and jump to the platform, then across to the hatch.

In the Storage Cavern A, scan the corpse to get a Lore [lore45]. Now leave. Go 
to the Dynamo Chamber via the other door in the previous room.

In this room, P-bomb the gate, then the wall behind it for a Power Bomb 
expansion [pbomb_ww]. If you are out, then go find some! Once you have it, go 
to Agon Wastes.

Ahh, the memories. Well, I hope you remember this place. If not, then use your 
map. You may want to save, before we do anything, though. After saving, check 
your map and go to the Mine Shaft off of the temple.

Fall to the bottom of this Mine Shaft and use the Seeker Missiles to open the 
hatch. Enter it into the Mining Station B.

Here, fall down and scan the panel to activate the cannon. Now walk into the 
main area and scan a phasing critter, the Kralee [creature79]. Scan the wall 
for a part made of Denzium. P-bomb it and proceed through the White hatch 
behind it for a Missile expansion [missile_ww]. Return to the Mining Station 

When you return, search the area for a half pipe. Scan the nearby panel to 
activate another cannon, and use this one. Get the Lore [lore46] that you land 
next to. Fall back down and use the bomb slot in the main area to spin the 
structure. Now use the cannon again and use that bomb slot to raise and stop 
it. But be quick about it. This will reveal a portal. Boost up the left side 
of the half pipe and follow the rails to land on it. Use the portal.

In the Trial Grounds, go through the archway that the Nightbarbs are coming 
from. Jump up from there, then to a ledge, then to the hatch. Go through it.

Roll through the Dark Transit Station. Go through the hatch and use the 
portal. In Aether, proceed through the counterpart of the previous tunnel and 
come out in Mining Station B. Pick up the Darkburst right in front of you 
(this is much more useful than the Sunburst). Kill the Pirates and leave the 
room with the cannon.

Return to the Sanctuary Fortress and save your game there. If you run into any 
Ingsmashers, may I suggest the Darkburst?

Here, I would suggest making a copy of your file on another save slot, because 
there is a chance for an unbeatable game coming up, and it would be a shame to 
have to restart now that you've come so far. Once that is done, get to the top 
level of the Reactor Core and proceed through the Yellow hatch.

In the Transit Station, you are in for a bit of a puzzle. You don't have to do 
it, of course, but if you do, there is a Power Bomb expansion waiting for you. 
Find the cracked part of the glass wall that is made of Denzium. Power Bomb it 
(kill some enemies if you are out). Go through the portal behind it to emerge 
in the Hive Portal Chamber.

Scan the Dark Ingsmasher [creature80]. To kill it, I recommend the Sunburst. 
Once the creature is disposed of, enter the portal in the section that it came 

Back in the Transit Station, go forward and roll through the hole to your 
left. Go through this portal.

Sick of dimension-hopping yet? When you reappear, roll up the Morph Ball 
Tracks into another section with a portal. You know what to do.

In Aether, be careful not to fall down, and roll along the tracks up to the 
ceiling. Follow these tracks until they end, then detach from them and pick up 
the Power Bomb expansion [pbomb_ww]. Take the tracks back to the ceiling and 
fall down. Now go through the blue hatch.

In Main Research, take out the Quads, to start off. Now look into the center 
glass casing and scan the Caretaker Class Drone [creature81]. Also find a Blue 
Lore [lore47] near the Yellow hatch on the floor level. We can't do anything 
else here for now, though, so leave via the track near the ledge where you 
came in, and go to the Main Gyro Chamber.

Remember that you can use the Spider Ball in the Hall of Combat Mastery as 
opposed to detouring through Dark Aether to take the elevator up. Then Spider 
Ball over the wall in Dynamo Access instead of going through the Mechlops pit.

When you reach the Main Gyro Chamber, take the elevator UP. Scan this area for 
some Denzium-based wreckage. Power Bomb it and use the bomb slot that appears. 
Now to line up the neon lights again. Shoot the locks in this order:
Bottom left
Bottom left
Bottom left
Top left
Top left
Bottom right
Bottom right
Use the new bomb slot that rises to stop the second gyro ring. Go to the 
center area and hop onto the gyro ring pathway. Find a spot on the second ring 
that has an exposed magnetic rail. Roll towards it while holding R to attach 
yourself to it. Follow the tracks to the end and boost from them to break the 
glass. Now fall to the floor and go through the only available path. Down 
here, look for a Lore [lore48]. Get it, and then go save in the Save Station B 
off of this room.

When you're done saving, go back to the previous room and get back to the 
Yellow hatch that you found earlier. Proceed into Checkpoint Station.

Here, watch as Dark Samus mutilates the Pirates in her way to get to the 
Phazon Ore. Now walk around the hallway and push up against the door to make 
it open. Looks like Dark Samus ran away. Enter the blue hatch to reach the 
Aerie Transport Station.

In this room, you must once again face yourself. Scan Dark Samus 2 
[creature82]. Avoid her when she is boosting around the room spastically, then 
pummel her when she becomes vulnerable. When you reach the top of the 
elevator, she will gain the ability to become invisible. Use the Dark Visor to 
see her. When your visor goes white that means that she has returned to the 
visible spectrum. Go back to the Combat Visor. Her attacks: a hover, then 
Super Missile; a concentrated beam of horizontal moving energy; and an attack 
where she uses herself as a projectile. See isn't really all that difficult, 

Once you have defeated your evil counterpart, hop out the window that she 
broke onto a ledge. Find a narrow pathway around the building and enter the 
portal that you come to at its end.

When you appear in Hive Summit, turn around and destroy the Ingsphere Caches 
behind you for supplies. Now follow the walkway to a Spider Ball Track. Use it 
to get to the center of the room. Find a Spinner and use it until the tracks 
lock into place. Roll up them, boost across, and then boost off of the end to 
reach a high ledge. Jump from here to the center platform to return to the 
Aerie via the portal.

Back in here, jump across to the ledge and pick up the Echo Visor. Use it to 
see sound waves! Turn it on and look for three orange icons sending off waves 
in this room. Shoot them each. Use the elevator that is energized.

In Checkpoint Station, put on the Echo Visor and shoot the icon to unlock the 
doors. Go to the Reactor Core and save.

An old friend
If you haven't been to the Main Research room yet, then follow the 
instructions at the beginning of the previous chapter to get there. If you 
have already been there before, then congratulations. Now is the chance for an 
unbeatable game, so follow my instructions exactly.

Once you have reached Main Research, dispatch the Quads and then turn on your 
Echo Visor. Look for four icons and shoot them all to lower the door. If you 
leave the room without doing all four, but only one, two, or three, then DO 
NOT save. Otherwise, you will not be able to finish and the game will become 
unbeatable. Enter the portal that is revealed.

In this Staging Area, ignore the Hunter Ing and shoot the four icons to lower 
the door and reveal a panel. Scan this to raise the center containment 
chamber. Fall into it and go through the portal.

Back in Main Research, roll up the tracks and prepare for a challenging fight. 
To defeat the Caretaker Drone, you must boost off of the tracks and hit his 
targeting devices when they emerge. When his main core comes down, boost into 
that. Do this on all three levels, being careful not to boost to the wrong 
place and land on the floor. In this case, get back up to the tracks as 
quickly as possible, unless you want to get zapped. When this device has been 
terminated, bomb and roll up to the very to if this room, then fall down a few 
levels and roll around to a hatch. Proceed.

In Central Area Transport West, pummel the sound emitter device and use the 
cannon that is revealed. From the top, fall down a level and look for a place 
to fall down in Morph Ball mode. Fall down the leftmost hole possible. Then 
fall down on the right side again and again for a Missile expansion 
[missile_ww]. Get back to the top and enter the hatch.

In Watch Station, either avoid or destroy the Rezbits and use the revolving 
platforms to get to the opposite corner of the room. Here, scan the blue Lore 
[lore49]. Now Space Jump to the White hatch and go through it.

 In the Watch Station Access, find an Energy Tank [etank_ww] sitting in an 
alcove in the wall. Too easy? Not a chance :). Now scan the panel to lower the 
Grapple Points. If'n you want, you can grapple across and save in Save Station 
B. Return to the Watch Station.

Here, look to your left for some magnetic rails. Follow them and bomb up to 
another set. Follow these to a cannon. Use this and hold R to attach to the 
wall. Roll along the RIGHT side and fall down, then bomb up. Bomb up again 
onto the moving rails. Wait until you are lined up between some of those red 
beacons and lay a bomb. You should land on another moving track. Bomb up with 
the beacons with this one and fall onto the huge track. Go to the bottom left 
corner of this thing and fall onto another track. Bomb up the two moving 
platforms and let go of R when you reach the top. Roll to the right and 
forward to get a Beam Ammo Expansion [beam_ww]. Fall down through the tube and 
get back onto the huge rail. This time follow the track on the bottom right 
corner and push up against the wall. Fall from the track, pushing up into the 
bomb slot. Use it to reveal this room's portal. Go through.

In the Aerial Training Site, ignore the Pirates and jump up to the blue hatch 
on the right side. Proceed into the Judgment Drop.

In this room, kill the Dark Preeds and grapple across the chasm. Fall down two 
levels and enter the portal.

In the Grand Abyss, look to your right and jump onto this ledge, then up again 
onto the next ledge. Enter the hatch.

In the Vault, first take care of the Rezbit in front of you. Now cross the 
bridge and fall to the back part of this chamber. Use the bomb slot. 
Nothing... Fall down even further and scan the panel. This lowers the bridge, 
allowing you to reach the portal. Go on.

In the Vault Attack Portal, simply grapple across the pit. Turn around and 
scan a Dark War Wasp [creature83] before entering the portal.

Back in Aether, look to your side and jump up to the platform with a Spinner. 
Use this to turn the device around so that it is facing the center chamber. 
Space Jump across to the next Spinner, and do the same for it. Repeat the 
process on the other side of the room. Oh, and eliminate the Rezbits if you so 
desire. Once all four spinners have been used, use the portal to return to the 
other end of this room.

In the Vault, again, use the bomb slot to energize the central chamber. Pick 
up the Screw Attack. To use it, do a Space Jump (your second jump MUST be in a 
forward direction), and then press B again to do a Screw Attack. You can do up 
to five consecutive jumps like this. Use it to reach the hatch and exit this 
room. If you cannot get the timing down on this move, then e-mail me for a 
more detailed explanation.

Use another Screw Attack to cross the Grand Abyss.

Back in the Watch Station, enter the portal into the Aerial Training Site.

Here, look to the sides of the portal and scan a Wall Jump Surface 
[research44]. Screw Attack onto one of these to start a series of Wall Jumps. 
You will make it to a higher ledge and collect a Missile expansion 
[missile_ww]. Return to Aether and save at Save Station B.

Go back to Main Research. There, first eliminate the Rezbit, then find the 
wall with the magnetic rails. Start up it, being careful not to get hit by the 
mechanical arms. When you come to the green pieces, use a bomb to get past 
them. Follow closely behind the next arm, and then drop onto the rail below. 
Roll up this track, bombing past the green pieces and avoiding the mechanical 
arms. At the top, wait for the moving rail to come by, and bomb up to it. Fall 
down to the next track before you reach the electric field. Now bomb back up 
on the other side and continue down the left wall. Be careful not to hit the 
rotating wheel, and bomb up to a Missile expansion [missile_ww]. Once you have 
it, fall down and enter this room's portal.

In this room, simply jump onto the ledge surrounding the central chamber, and 
from there to the ledge on the wall with the panel. Then jump to the hatch. 

In Central Hive West Transport, use the Wall Jump Surfaces to Wall Jump to the 
top of the room. Enter the hatch here. Pick up the Dark Temple Key, and scan 
the panel to lower the shield. Now go to the Dynamo Works.

Here, enter the portal into the Hive Dynamo Works. From there, enter the White 
hatch into Hive Dynamo Access.

In this room, dispatch the Ing that come to annoy you, and flip on your Echo 
Visor. Shoot the four icons to lower the door, and then go through the White 

In the Hive Gyro Chamber, use the platforms around the gigantic ball to jump 
across to the ledge with the red hatch. If you fall, then use the Spider Ball 
to get back up. Once there, missile the hatch and save.

Back in the previous room, roll up the tracks from the floor and roll around 
the ball, avoiding the tentacles. When you find the small piece of track at 
the top, roll up it and boost to the rails on the ceiling. Use these to boost 
to a Dark Temple Key. One more... Now use the moving platforms and shoot the 
tentacles on the higher, stationary platforms to make them safe to jump to. 
Jump from these to the ledge above the ledge with the red hatch.

Run through this room to reach an Ammo Station. Now go back, save, and then go 
to the Culling Chamber, the dark version of the Hall of Combat Mastery on the 
first floor.

Here, eliminate the Pirate, and find a magnetic rail that goes to the ceiling. 
Take it. Now bomb up to the left and roll to the left wall. Use this track to 
reach the Dark Temple Key in the wall behind the bomb able blocks. Now go back 
to the Hive Gyro Chamber. You may want to save at Save Station C.

Jump to the hatch opposite of the hatch leading to the Ammo Station, and go 
through it. Use the Keys in the Hive Temple Access. Proceed into the Hive 

Here, take the elevator down and scan Quadraxis [creature84]. To damage it, 
bomb or boost into the red orbs on its feet. Pick up the supplies that they 
drop. After that, target the thing's knees. Shoot them when they turn blue. 
When the feet reappear, bomb them again. If Quadraxis targets you, boost. 
Boost to avoid the hurricane attack. Eventually, our little friend will detach 
from his body.

Scan Damaged Quadraxis [creature85] and its Shielded Head Module [creature86]. 
Use the Echo Visor and pummel a remote antenna on the body to stun the head. 
Then destroy one of the antennae on the Head Module. Also don't forget to scan 
the Stunned Head Module [creature87]. Two Super Missiles will destroy an 
antenna. Destroying all three antennae on the head will cause it to go 

Scan the Final Head Module [creature88]. To beat this, you will first need to 
blast it to death. One charged Light Beam shot will do it. Then crawl up one 
of the legs on the main body and boost to the head when it comes around. Latch 
onto the head with the Spider Ball, and use one of the bomb slots on it. Do 
this once more to finish it, and collect the Annihilator Beam. This uses Light 
and Dark Ammo, though, so be careful.

Take the magnetic rails up to the top of the new platform, and from there 
Screw Jump to the brown hatch across from where you entered. You guessed it: 
use the Annihilator Beam to open it. You know what to do: obtain the energy of 
the Sanctuary Fortress and return it to the temple in Aether. You'll have to 
take a detour through the Temple Security Access off of the Hive Temple. Make 
sure to scan an Ingstorm [creature89] in there.

Afterwards, go to the Great Temple and talk to U-Mos for the awesome Light 

NOTE: Part of this chapter is mission critical. The rest is optional. I will 
mark the mission critical stuff with *s.

Save at the Transport A Access. Afterwards, head toward the Sanctuary. In the 
GFMC Compound, Screw Jump onto the ship. You may want to do this from the 
ledge that you land on after using the kinetic orb cannon. Look on the back of 
the ship to find a Missile expansion [missile_ww]. Continue through the hatch 
to the Sanctuary.

In the Fortress Transport Access, jump into the yellow beam of light to 
teleport to a room with an Energy Tank [etank_ww]. For a neat glitch, roll 
into the Morph Ball and fall back into the hallway. If you didn't destroy the 
second turret, then it will still be there; only it will not attack you. Have 
fun with this. Now go to the Sanctuary Entrance.

In this gigantic room, get to the side with the White hatch. Now look for a 
cracked glass structure hanging off of the cliff. Power Bomb the cracked part 
to shatter it, and then use the elevator and scan the panel. Roll into the 
cannon that was revealed. You will shoot to an odd structure. Roll up the 
tracks on this and enter the heavy turret.

Look at the rock structure on the right. See the two blue squares on the wall? 
Shoot in-between them. Now aim at the White hatch. Look up, and slightly to 
the right. Shoot here, also. Hop out and scan the wall on that side of the 
room for the huge weak rock. To break this, you must aim low. If you cannot 
find of the three spots listed above, then my advice is to just pummel the 
wall with the turret until you get them all. Screw Jump or roll down to the 
cannon to get back to the side with the White hatch.

Here, go over to the side where you destroyed the rock. Space Jump up to where 
it was and get the Lore [lore50]. Now roll, boost, and bomb along the tracks 
until to reach the end. Unroll and scan the corpse for another Lore [lore51]. 
Enter the cannon and pick up the Power Bomb expansion [pbomb_ww]. Now leave 
and go to the Mining Plaza in Agon Wastes.

This room is home to quite a few things that we had to pass up earlier. But 
now, we'll come back and get them. First of all, find the Translator Door in 
here. Lower it, bomb the rock, and roll through the hole for a Map Station 
(little late, I know). Now go back to the Mining Plaza.

Go to the top of the platform in the middle of this room and get the Amber 
Lore [lore52] there. Now flip on your Echo Visor and shoot the three crystals 
sending sound waves to the giant lenses over the bridge. This reveals an 
Energy Tank. Screw Jump to get it [etank_ww]. Go to the Sandcanyon.

Here, Screw Jump to the platform in the middle and Power bomb the giant arm. 
Get the Power Bomb expansion [pbomb_ww]. Now go to the Main Reactor.

Here, scan the corpse in front of you for a Lore [lore53]. Fall down the hole 
and look for another Spider Ball Track on the same wall, but just around the 
corner from where you came down. Roll up it and boost to the moving track. 
Roll around this and boost to the next one. Keep going until you reach a 
Missile expansion [missile_ww] under a bomb-able surface. If you fall, just 
fall through the hole in the bars to the floor and try again. Take your time 
and you'll get it. Go to Sand Processing.

In this room, use the small portion of the half pipe that isn't covered in 
sand to reach a ledge with a small tunnel. Take it to a room with a bomb slot. 
Do I have to lead you through this? Use the bomb slot to drain the sand, and 
then roll back out and get the Missile expansion [missile_ww]. Use the half 
pipe to get out and save at Save Station C.

Post-saving, go to Bioenergy Production. There, first take out all of the 
Metroids. Then look at the wall with the control panels. Raise Delta (middle) 
to the highest or second highest level, and follow the tracks to the ceiling. 
The tracks begin behind the Gamma (left) control panels. Follow these, 
boosting as appropriate, to reach the Green hatch. Alternately, you can Screw 
Jump from the highest containment rack to reach it. Behind it lies a Missile 
expansion [missile_zz]. Go to Biostorage Station.

Here, scan a Metroid Cocoon [research45] and the cute little things that come 
out of them, the Infant Tallon Metroids [creature90]. These guys cannot hurt 
you much at all, but they will mutate into their adult forms if they find a 
pool of Phazon. So watch out. Go to the Phazon Site in Dark Agon.

In this dreadful place, shoot a Light Crystal with the Annihilator Beam to 
form a Super Crystal. Scan it [research46]. This is your new best friend, my 
friend. It will actually draw Ing in to their death. See the brown hatch way 
up there? Use the floating platforms to get up high, and then Screw Jump to 
it. Behind is the Sonic Boom, the most powerful Missile combo in the game. Be 
careful, though, as it uses 30 Light ammo, 30 Dark ammo, and 5 Missiles.

Go to the Temple Grounds and Save.

Loose ends
Note that this chapter is ENTIRELY optional. It will however cover the 
whereabouts of the remaining missile and power bomb expansions, as well as the 
last of the energy tanks and the final beam ammo expansion.

Let's start off with the beam ammo expansion. Okay, go to the Profane Path 
through the portal in Sacred Path. There, first deal with the two pirates in 
the room. With all of your weaponry, they should pose no threat. Once they 
have fallen, hop up onto the ledge that would lead to the elevator in Light 
Aether. There is an Echo Door up there. Flip on your echo visor and have a 
look. Shoot it with the Annihilator Beam to hear the tune. Now shoot the three 
switch to the door in this order to open it:
1-Facing the door, turn to your 4 o' clock and walk into the cave of sorts to 
find the switch.
2-Walk out of the cave and shoot the one on the wall to your right.
3-Look around the ledge with the door and shoot the remaining switch.
4-Shoot the first switch again.
If you did it right, the door should open, revealing a beam ammo expansion 

Now for the Energy Tanks. Go to the Meditation Vista in Torvus. There, look 
for a floating platform yonder in the mist. Screw Jump your wee self over 
there, and take it to the Energy Tank [etank_ww]. Next, go to Torvus Plaza.

Here, boost the half pipe whilst holding R to latch onto a Spider Ball Track. 
Follow this to the end and fall, and then bomb up onto another track at the 
end of the gray path. Follow these and to the same with the next gray path 
until a Sporb ambushes you. Kill it with a Power Bomb or jump down and shoot 
it. Next, bomb up at the end of the track onto another and then fall down onto 
another. Follow this to a pivoting mechanism. Bomb up onto the small track 
when it comes around and up onto the next one as you pass by. Finally, bomb up 
onto the still track and follow to the gray path, falling onto the next path 
as appropriate. At the other end of this gray path, take the tracks up and 
over to the next pivoting thing.
WARNING: There is a glitch in the game that sometimes causes this piece of 
track to be seen from behind, which can make this next part ten times harder. 
If it happens to you, then reset your system and it will hopefully work next 
On to the next piece: bomb up onto the moving square of track, and fall down. 
Bomb up onto the next one and roll up onto the still part. Bomb up again to 
the next square when it comes around, and then up to the long track. Now for 
the next section. Fall down onto the moving square of track and from there 
onto the next one. From this roll over and up to the kinetic orb cannon. Use 
it for an Energy Tank [etank_ww].

Phew! That's it for the Energy Tanks. Now for Power Bombs.

Light bringer
Go to the Hall of Eyes. There, enter the portal to Dark Aether.

Noticed your complete resistance to damage from the dark atmosphere by now, 
have you? Pretty sweet, huh? Anyway, in Base Access, go through the Green 
hatch with a Super Missile.

Here, in the War Ritual Grounds, shoot the beacon with the Annihilator Beam to 
make a Super Beacon. Scan it [research47]. Now watch as the Hunter Ing is 
helplessly enticed into touching the one thing that will bring him certain 
death. Flip on your Dark Visor. See the red dots circling that door? Seeker 
Missile 'em to lower it. Grab the Missile expansion [missile_ww] that is 
revealed. Then go through the blue hatch into Shrine Access.

In this room, simply roll through the tunnel. Then, avoiding the Sentreyes, 
use the Seeker Missiles to enter the purple hatch.

In Gateway Access, stun the tentacles as you go down the hall, and enter the 
hatch at the end.

In Sky Temple Gateway, first scan the dead Luminoth on the floor leaning 
against the pillar for a Lore [lore54]. Now scan the pillars themselves for a 
grand total of NINE Lore [lore55] [lore56] [lore57] [lore58] [lore59] [lore60] 
[lore61] [lore62] [lore63]! Happy, yet?

Press Start and then go to Logbook-Lore-Luminoth Lore-Keybearer Lore. You 
should have, along your travels, compiled a total of nine Lore in this 
section, each one pertaining to the nine of A-Kul's clues that you just got. 
Each of these nine clues led to the dead body of a Luminoth soldier. 
Coincidentally, each of these nine soldiers was carrying a Sky Temple Key when 
they met their demise. You will find the key that they were carrying if you go 
to the shadow counterpart of the room that their corpse lies in. To make this 
hunt a bit easier, I'll make a list of the keys:

Cadre 1
S-Dly: Torvus Lagoon: Poisoned Bog
J-Stl: Central Mining Station: Battleground
G-Sch: Catacombs: Dungeon
B-Stl: Main Reactor: Dark Oasis
Cadre 2
C-Rch: Dynamo Works: Hive Dynamo Works
M-Dhe: Landing Site: Defiled Shrine
D-Isl: Storage Cavern A: Ing Reliquary
J-Fme: Industrial Site: Accursed Lake
S-Jrs: Sanctuary Entrance: Hive Entrance

Now for a bit more detail. Keep in mind that there are some scans in this next 

In the Poisoned Bog, jump into the water and look around on the right side of 
the ramp to get out of the water with the Dark Visor to find a strange, 
floating item. Shoot it, then scan the Flying Ing Cache [research48]. Destroy 
it for the key.

Go to the Battleground in Dark Agon. I recommend using a Super Beacon to kill 
the Ing here. Turn on the Dark Visor and hop from one moving platform to the 
next until you reach a ledge with the key. If you fall, then instead of 
backtracking to a previous room, you can actually stand on a Bladepod and 
Screw/Space Jump back to the higher door. You may also want to skip the last 
platform and Screw Jump to the key. Remember that you need the Dark Visor on 
to see the container.

Go to the Dungeon, and first dispose of the Dark Grenchlers. Fall into the 
water and scan the Watchdrone [creature91]. Now shoot the beacon over him to 
get him to move out of the way and roll through the hole. Do this once more 
and pick up the key in the next section.

Go to the Dark Oasis in Dark Agon and scan the wall for a cracked part. Power 
Bomb this and Jump in the water. Use the Dark Visor to find the container 
holding the key. Destroy it and recover the contents.

In Dynamo Works, go to the part that you fought Spider Guardian on. Roll to 
the end and enter the Yellow hatch. Enter the portal in Dynamo Storage. In 
Hive Dynamo Works, roll up the tracks next to the hole you come out of, and 
boost from there to the magnetic ball. Go from ball to ball until to reach the 
key. Make sure to use the red dots on the balls!

Use the portal in Hall of Eyes (Temple Grounds) and find your way to Shrine 
Access. Take the Green hatch in this room to the Defiled Shrine. Here, create 
a Super Beacon to kill off the Ing, and then pull up the Dark Visor. They key 
is in the part of the room where your ship would be in Aether. You don't need 
to do anything special to get it. Possibly a Screw Jump from the hatch.

I know you've been dying to do it. Use the portal in Sacred Path. In Profane 
Path, enter the hatch to the Phazon Pit. Ignore the Dark Tallon Metroid here 
and grapple to the other side. In Phazon Grounds, follow the right wall to a 
purple hatch. You know how to open it. In Reliquary Access, there is an 
Ingstorm. Lucky for you, you are impervious to it. In Reliquary Grounds, jump 
up to the higher level, and use the column as a step to the even higher part. 
Jump over to the hatch and enter the Ing Reliquary. In this room, nab the key.

Use the portal in Temple Assembly Site into the Plain of Dark Worship. From 
there, use the Seeker Missiles to open the Purple hatch. Proceed through Lake 
Access, shooting the Venom Weed as you go. In the Accursed Lake, defeat the 
Ing and Space Jump to the ledge along the left wall. Scan a Dormant Ingclaw 
[research49]. Use the Dark Visor to find the key, and Screw Jump to retrieve 

From the Culling Chamber in Dark Sanctuary, go through the blue hatch to 
Unseen Way. There, use the Dark Visor to use the invisible platforms, or Screw 
Jump to the other side. In Hive Reactor, it is best to ignore the enemies. 
There is a Save Station in the same place as in Aether, too. Take the Yellow 
hatch to Hive Reactor Access. There, just energize the nullified beacon to 
take out the enemies and clear the way. Scan the Ing Larva Swarm [creature92] 
in Entrance Defense Hall. In Hive Entrance, Screw Jump to the other side and 
step into the beam of light. Up higher, Screw Jump back to the other side 
where the dark beam of light is, and get the key.

Now that you have all of the Sky Temple Keys, go to the Sky Temple Gateway in 
Dark Aether. You may want to stop by you're ship on the way.

In Sky Temple Gateway, enter the hologram to restore the nine keys, and then 
enter the beam of light to transport into the heart of the Ing forces, the Sky 

At the Sky Temple Energy Controller, save your game. Now proceed into the 
Sanctum Access through the blue hatch.

Here, Wall Jump to the top and enter the hatch.

In the Sanctum, you are introduced to the pinnacle of evil and the mother of 
all things Ing. Jump down to find Emperor Ing. Scan the Emperor Ing Body 
[creature93] and the Emperor Ing Head [creature94]. To defeat this, Super 
Missile each tentacle (a charged shot works too if it hits), one at a time, 
all while dodging their attacks. Once they are gone, scan the Emperor Ing Eye 
[creature95] that appears. Strafe around until you can see through the 
barriers into the eye, and give him a nice Sonic Boom. Four of these plus a 
charged Annihilator shot will push the beast into the second phase.

Scan Emperor Ing Chrysalis [creature96]. Roll into Morph Ball and use the 
Spider Ball to attach yourself to it. Try not to touch the Phazon mist 
floating around if you can help it. Bomb the tentacles that come out of the 
cracks in the thing's shell. If you want ammo or health, then now is the time 
to get it. Bomb the Ing blobs that follow you for said pickups. When you are 
ready to move on, finish off the last of the tentacles.

Scan Mutated Emperor Ing [creature97]. To defeat this phase, you must pump his 
glowing core until he becomes vulnerable to attack. There is a hole in the 
back of his head that you can do this through if the legs are getting in your 
way. I would suggest the Annihilator Beam for this battle, because then you do 
not have to worry about using the opposite polarity beam to weaken his core. 
If you run low on supplies, he will send out light or dark micro beings for 
you to destroy to replenish yourself. Once he is dead and you take the last 
bit of planetary energy, the whole of Dark Aether begins to fall apart.

Jump up the ledges and Screw Jump to the hatch. Fall down the next room and 
use the transport back to the Sky Temple Gateway. There, you will have one 
last encounter.

Scan Dark Samus 3 [creature98]. This battle is surprisingly easy. Dark Samus 
will use a wide, wide variety of Phazon-based attacks, and none of them hurt 
too much. Since she is an energy-based being, now, the Dark Visor cannot track 
her. If she turns invisible, then pull up the Echo Visor. Pump Super Missiles 
into her until she transforms into Dark Samus 4 [creature99]. Scan.

When she hovers into the air, Dark Samus will do one of two attacks. One is a 
huge Phazon bomb thing. This is easily avoided. The other is a Phazon sprinkle 
or rain attack. When she does this move, charge up the Power Beam and catch 
three little pieces. Aim this Phazon Charged Power Beam to damage her. A few 
of these will put an end to her... and the game. Now try it on Hard Mode.

End Game

Logbook entries:
To use this system, press Control+F and type the bracketed information next to 
the item. Press Find to locate your item in the walkthrough.

-Aether Studies-Dark Aether-Dark Aether [research20]
-Aether Studies-Dark Aether-Light Portal [research18]
-Aether Studies-Dark Aether-Phazon [research22]
-Aether Studies-Aether-Aether [research21]
-Aether Studies-Aether-Dark Portal [research19]
-Aether Studies-Aether-U-Mos [research11]
-Aether Studies-Aether-Energy Controller [research10]
-Luminoth Technology-Lift Crystals-Light Lift Crystal [research24]
-Luminoth Technology-Lift Crystals-Dark Lift Crystal [research26]
-Luminoth Technology-Lift Crystals-Liftvine Crystal [research41]
-Luminoth Technology-Utility Crystals-Sentinel Crystal [research35]
-Luminoth Technology-Utility Crystals-Dark Sentinel Crystal [research37]
-Luminoth Technology-Light Crystals-Light Crystal [research16]
-Luminoth Technology-Light Crystals-Energized Crystal [research29]
-Luminoth Technology-Light Crystals-Nullified Crystal [research23]
-Luminoth Technology-Light Crystals-Super Crystal [research46]
-Luminoth Technology-Light Beacons-Light Beacon [research17]
-Luminoth Technology-Light Beacons-Energized Beacon [research30]
-Luminoth Technology-Light Beacons-Nullified Beacon [research25]
-Luminoth Technology-Light Beacons-Super Beacon [research47]
-Biology-Cocoons-Splinter Cocoon [research05]
-Biology-Cocoons-War Wasp Hive [research09]
-Biology-Cocoons-Metroid Cocoon [research45]
-Biology-Plantforms-Sandgrass [research13]
-Biology-Plantforms-Blueroot Tree [research14]
-Biology-Plantforms-Bloatsac [research36]
-Biology-Plantforms-Agon Bearerpod [research12]
-Biology-Plantforms-Torvus Bearerpod [research33]
-Biology-Plantforms-Torvus Hanging Pod [research34]
-Biology-Ing Storage-Bladepod [research15]
-Biology-Ing Storage-Ingsphere Cache [research38]
-Biology-Ing Storage-Ingworm Cache [research42]
-Biology-Ing Storage-Flying Ing Cache [research48]
-Biology-Darklings-Webling [research28]
-Biology-Darklings-Ing Webtrap [research31]
-Biology-Darklings-Ingclaw [research27]
-Biology-Darklings-Dormant Ingclaw [research49]
-Mechanisms-Vehicles-Samus's Gunship [research01]
-Mechanisms-Vehicles-GFS Tyr [research07]
-Mechanisms-Vehicles-Pirate Skiff [research32]
-Mechanisms-GF Security-GF Bridge [research04]
-Mechanisms-GF Security-GF Gate Mk VI [research02]
-Mechanisms-GF Security-GF Gate Mk VII [research06]
-Mechanisms-Systems-Bomb Slot [research03]
-Mechanisms-Systems-Spinner [research39]
-Mechanisms-Systems-Spider Ball Track [research43]
-Mechanisms-Systems-Kinetic Orb Cannon [research08]
-Mechanisms-Systems-Wall Jump Surface [research44]
-Mechanisms-Systems-Grapple Point [research40]

-Aether-Ground-Surface Prowlers-Kralee [creature79]
-Aether-Ground-Surface Prowlers-Green Kralee [creature03]
-Aether-Ground-Surface Prowlers-Brizgee [creature15]
-Aether-Ground-Surface Prowlers-Krocuss [creature50]
-Aether-Ground-Surface Prowlers-Lightbringer [creature24]
-Aether-Ground-Surface Prowlers-Seedburster [creature53]
-Aether-Ground-Tunnel Prowlers-Worker Splinter [creature01]
-Aether-Ground-Tunnel Prowlers-Pillbug [creature20]
-Aether-Ground-Predators-Alpha Splinter [creature09]
-Aether-Ground-Predators-Splinter [creature04]
-Aether-Ground-Predators-Alpha Sandigger [creature17]
-Aether-Ground-Predators-Sandigger [creature13]
-Aether-Ground-Predators-Grenchler [creature41]
-Aether-Ground-Predators-Sporb [creature44]
-Aether-Flying-Small Flyers-War Wasp [creature07]
-Aether-Flying-Small Flyers-Lumite [creature12]
-Aether-Flying-Small Flyers-Lightflyer [creature11]
-Aether-Flying-Small Flyers-Sandbats [creature08]
-Aether-Flying-Large Flyers-Shriekbat [creature16]
-Aether-Flying-Large Flyers-Shrieker [creature40]
-Aether-Flying-Large Flyers-Shredder [creature38]
-Aether-Aquatic-Small Aquatic-Bloggling [creature52]
-Aether-Aquatic-Small Aquatic-Hydlings [creature39]
-Aether-Aquatic-Large Aquatic-Alpha Blogg [creature54]
-Aether-Aquatic-Large Aquatic-Blogg [creature46]
-Aether-Mechanoids-Small-Serenity Class Drone [creature64]
-Aether-Mechanoids-Small-Harmony Class Drone [creature36]
-Aether-Mechanoids-Small-Diligence Class Drone [creature71]
-Aether-Mechanoids-Small-Octopede [creature65]
-Aether-Mechanoids-Small-Rezbit [creature66]
-Aether-Mechanoids-Small-Mechlops [creature72]
-Aether-Mechanoids-Large-Quad MB [creature67]
-Aether-Mechanoids-Large-Quad CM [creature68]
-Aether-Mechanoids-Large-Mekenobite [creature75]
-Aether-Mechanoids-Large-Watchdrone [creature91]
-Aether-Mechanoids-Large-Ingsmasher [creature77]
-Aether-Mechanoids-Stationary-Growler Class Turret [creature05]
-Aether-Mechanoids-Stationary-Humility Class Turret [creature27]
-Aether-Mechanoids-Stationary-Vigilance Class Turret [creature26]
-Aether-Mechanoids-Stationary-Luminoth Turret [creature63]
-Aether-Mechanoids-Stationary-Caretaker Class Drone [creature81]
-Dark Aether-Darklings-Darkling Ground-Dark Splinter [creature06]
-Dark Aether-Darklings-Darkling Ground-Dark Alpha Splinter [creature10]
-Dark Aether-Darklings-Darkling Ground-Dark Grenchler [creature55]
-Dark Aether-Darklings-Darkling Flyers-Nightbarb [creature22]
-Dark Aether-Darklings-Darkling Flyers-Dark War Wasp [creature83]
-Dark Aether-Darklings-Darkling Flyers-Dark Shredder [creature59]
-Dark Aether-Darklings-Darkling Aquatic-Dark Blogg [creature57]
-Dark Aether-Darklings-Darkling Aquatic-Dark Phlogus [creature42]
-Dark Aether-Darklings-Darkling Mechanoids-Dark Quad MB [creature73]
-Dark Aether-Darklings-Darkling Mechanoids-Dark Quad CM [creature74]
-Dark Aether-Darklings-Darkling Mechanoids-Corrupted Sentreye [creature37]
-Dark Aether-Darklings-Darkling Mechanoids-Dark Diligence Drone [creature70]
-Dark Aether-Darklings-Darkling Mechanoids-Dark Ingsmasher [creature80]
-Dark Aether-Darklings-Darkling Offworld-Dark Trooper [creature02]
-Dark Aether-Darklings-Darkling Offworld-Dark Missile Trooper [creature51]
-Dark Aether-Darklings-Darkling Offworld-Dark Preed [creature32]
-Dark Aether-Darklings-Darkling Offworld-Dark Pirate Trooper [creature19]
-Dark Aether-Darklings-Darkling Offworld-Dark Pirate Commando [creature43]
-Dark Aether-Darklings-Darkling Offworld-Dark Tallon Metroid [creature69]
-Dark Aether-Ing-Inglet [creature21]
-Dark Aether-Ing-Ingstorm [creature89]
-Dark Aether-Ing-Ing Larva Swarm [creature92]
-Dark Aether-Ing-Warrior Ing [creature23]
-Dark Aether-Ing-Hunter Ing [creature48]
-Dark Aether-Ing-Darkling Tentacle [creature33]
-Dark Aether-Guardians-Amorbis-Amorbis 1 [creature34]
-Dark Aether-Guardians-Amorbis-Amorbis 2 [creature35]
-Dark Aether-Guardians-Chykka-Chykka [creature60]
-Dark Aether-Guardians-Chykka-Dark Chykka [creature61]
-Dark Aether-Guardians-Chykka-Chyklings [creature62]
-Dark Aether-Guardians-Chykka-Chykka Larva [creature58]
-Dark Aether-Guardians-Quadraxis-Quadraxis [creature84]
-Dark Aether-Guardians-Quadraxis-Damaged Quadraxis [creature85]
-Dark Aether-Guardians-Quadraxis-Shielded Head Module [creature86]
-Dark Aether-Guardians-Quadraxis-Stunned Head Module [creature87]
-Dark Aether-Guardians-Quadraxis-Final Head Module [creature88]
-Dark Aether-Guardians-Sub Guardians-Bomb Guardian [creature18]
-Dark Aether-Guardians-Sub Guardians-Jump Guardian [creature25]
-Dark Aether-Guardians-Sub Guardians-Boost Guardian [creature49]
-Dark Aether-Guardians-Sub Guardians-Grapple Guardian [creature56]
-Dark Aether-Guardians-Sub Guardians-Spider Guardian [creature76]
-Dark Aether-Guardians-Sub Guardians-Power Bomb Guardian [creature78]
-Dark Aether-Emperor Ing-Emperor Ing Body [creature93]
-Dark Aether-Emperor Ing-Emperor Ing Head [creature94]
-Dark Aether-Emperor Ing-Emperor Ing Eye [creature95]
-Dark Aether-Emperor Ing-Emperor Ing Chrysalis [creature96]
-Dark Aether-Emperor Ing-Mutated Emperor Ing [creature97]
-Offworld-Pirates-Pirate Trooper [creature14]
-Offworld-Pirates-Pirate Aerotrooper [creature29]
-Offworld-Pirates-Pirate Grenadier [creature31]
-Offworld-Pirates-Pirate Commando [creature47]
-Offworld-Pirates-Preed [creature45]
-Offworld-Metroids-Tallon Metroid [creature28]
-Offworld-Metroids-Infant Tallon Metroid [creature90]
-Offworld-Dark Samus-Dark Samus 1 [creature30]
-Offworld-Dark Samus-Dark Samus 2 [creature82]
-Offworld-Dark Samus-Dark Samus 3 [creature98]
-Offworld-Dark Samus-Dark Samus 4 [creature99]

-Luminoth Lore-History-Golden Age-The Stellar Object [lore46]
-Luminoth Lore-History-Golden Age-Origins [lore13]
-Luminoth Lore-History-Golden Age-Saving Aether [lore16]
-Luminoth Lore-History-Golden Age-Light of Aether [lore17]
-Luminoth Lore-History-Golden Age-Our Heritage [lore15]
-Luminoth Lore-History-Golden Age-Paradise [lore52]
-Luminoth Lore-History-Dark Age-The Ing Attack [lore44]
-Luminoth Lore-History-Dark Age-The World Warped [lore31]
-Luminoth Lore-History-Dark Age-Age of Anxiety [lore30]
-Luminoth Lore-History-Dark Age-Cataclysm [lore18]
-Luminoth Lore-Conflict-First Phase-The New Terror [lore38]
-Luminoth Lore-Conflict-First Phase-New Weapons [lore37]
-Luminoth Lore-Conflict-First Phase-Our War Begins [lore34]
-Luminoth Lore-Conflict-First Phase-Recovering Energy [lore36]
-Luminoth Lore-Conflict-First Phase-Dark Aether [lore33]
-Luminoth Lore-Conflict-Second Phase-Agon Falls [lore42]
-Luminoth Lore-Conflict-Second Phase-Torvus Falls [lore47]
-Luminoth Lore-Conflict-Second Phase-The Final Crusade [lore43]
-Luminoth Lore-Conflict-Second Phase-Shattered Hope [lore48]
-Luminoth Lore-Conflict-Second Phase-The Sky Temple [lore40]
-Luminoth Lore-Conflict-Final Phase-Twilight [lore50]
-Luminoth Lore-Conflict-Final Phase-Sanctuary Falls [lore49]
-Luminoth Lore-A-Kul's Clues-Cadre 1 Clues-G-Sch's Key [lore39]
-Luminoth Lore-A-Kul's Clues-Cadre 1 Clues-S-Dly's Key [lore32]
-Luminoth Lore-A-Kul's Clues-Cadre 1 Clues-J-Stl's Key [lore29]
-Luminoth Lore-A-Kul's Clues-Cadre 1 Clues-B-Stl's Key [lore53]
-Luminoth Lore-A-Kul's Clues-Cadre 2 Clues-S-Jrs's Key [lore51]
-Luminoth Lore-A-Kul's Clues-Cadre 2 Clues-D-Isl's Key [lore45]
-Luminoth Lore-A-Kul's Clues-Cadre 2 Clues-J-Fme's Key [lore14]
-Luminoth Lore-A-Kul's Clues-Cadre 2 Clues-C-Rch's Key [lore41]
-Luminoth Lore-A-Kul's Clues-Cadre 2 Clues-M-Dhe's Key [lore35]
-Luminoth Lore-Keybearer Lore-Cadre 1-A-Kul's Testament [lore54]
-Luminoth Lore-Keybearer Lore-Cadre 1-G-Sch's Testament [lore55]
-Luminoth Lore-Keybearer Lore-Cadre 1-S-Dly's Testament [lore56]
-Luminoth Lore-Keybearer Lore-Cadre 1-J-Stl's Testament [lore57]
-Luminoth Lore-Keybearer Lore-Cadre 1-B-Stl's Testament [lore58]
-Luminoth Lore-Keybearer Lore-Cadre 2-S-Jrs's Testament [lore59]
-Luminoth Lore-Keybearer Lore-Cadre 2-D-Isl's Testament [lore60]
-Luminoth Lore-Keybearer Lore-Cadre 2-J-Fme's Testament [lore61]
-Luminoth Lore-Keybearer Lore-Cadre 2-C-Rch's Testament [lore62]
-Luminoth Lore-Keybearer Lore-Cadre 2-M-Dhe's Testament [lore63]
-Trooper Logs-Force One-CAPT A. Exeter [lore06]
-Trooper Logs-Force One-LCPL J. Brode [lore07]
-Trooper Logs-Force One-SPC F. Triplette [lore08]
-Trooper Logs-Force One-PFC D. Haley [lore09]
-Trooper Logs-Force One-PFC I.Cranny [lore10]
-Trooper Logs-Force One-PFC S. Milligan [lore11]
-Trooper Logs-Force Two-GSGT C. Benet [lore01]
-Trooper Logs-Force Two-SPC M. Angseth [lore05]
-Trooper Logs-Force Two-SPC B. Reevs [lore02]
-Trooper Logs-Force Two-PFC E. Denys [lore12]
-Trooper Logs-Force Two-PFC M. Veroni [lore03]
-Trooper Logs-Force Two-PFC L. Brouda [lore04]
-Space Pirate Logs-Cycle 4-Log 44681 [lore19]
-Space Pirate Logs-Cycle 4-Log 48853 [lore20]
-Space Pirate Logs-Cycle 5-Log 50086 [lore21]
-Space Pirate Logs-Cycle 5-Log 54421 [lore22]
-Space Pirate Logs-Cycle 6-Log 62217 [lore23]
-Space Pirate Logs-Cycle 6-Log 63622 [lore24]
-Space Pirate Logs-Cycle 6-Log 67135 [lore25]
-Space Pirate Logs-Cycle 6-Log 69898 [lore26]
-Space Pirate Logs-Cycle 7-Log 70136 [lore27]
-Space Pirate Logs-Cycle 7-Log 71599 [lore28]

Expansions and upgrades
Boss critters



-Emperor Ing

Sub Guardians:

-Bomb Guardian

-Jump Guardian

-Boost Guardian

-Grapple Guardian

-Spider Guardian

-Power Bomb Guardian


-Alpha Splinter

-Alpha Sandigger

-Alpha Blogg

-Dark Samus 1

-Dark Samus 2

-Dark Samus Final


Frequently asked questions
Q: How do I use the Screw Attack?
A: Oh, dear. As it is, I had trouble with this as well. The best advice I can 
give you is to try pressing B at different intervals of time. I found that my 
problem was that I was pressing the button much too quickly. If you press B 
too soon after starting the jump, then it will cancel and you will fall. If 
you press it too late, then Samus will obviously not make it.
Try jumping at each of the numbers:

   2     __   __   __   __
1      3    4    5    6    destination

Samus will continue her Screw Attack until she reaches five jumps or until she 
falls below the altitude from which she first jumped. Wait until she hits 
somewhere around where you made that first jump and press B there. Just keep 
trying and you should get it.
Q: I can't find ____ item.
A: Look it up in the appropriate section of the guide. There should be a 
phrase there such as [research_506]. Hold Ctrl+F on your keyboard and Find 
should pop up. Copy and paste the phrase into it to locate that item in the 
walkthrough. If you need any added help, please email me.
Q: When will this guide be complete?
A: Frankly, I don't know. The only thing that could take some time is 100% 
item completion. I will try to have it finished completely by the end of 
April, 05.
Q: How do I beat this boss?
A: See 'Boss critters' section. For added help, email me.
Q: I emailed you, but you didn't reply.
A: Odds are, in that case, that either my Norton Antispam caught it and I 
didn't notice, or I just haven't gotten around to checking my email. If I 
don't reply within two weeks, try again.
Q: Do you have a life?
A: Yes, actually. I do.
Q: Can I send you hate mail?
A: Yes. In fact, I will laugh hysterically as I block your email address.

Letter to the editor
Dear Ed,
You misspelled...

Ed: Stop right there. I don't need any of your complaints. You try writing a 
document this big without any spelling or grammatical errors.
Dear Ed,
Should I buy this game or rent it?

Ed: If you rent it, then there is no way you could beat it. Unless of course 
if you used my walkthrough. Buy.
Dear Ed,
I beat this game in under two hours. Do you believe me?

Ed: No. But if you are serious, try your luck on the GameFAQs message boards.
Dear Eddy,
Are there any glitches in this game?

Ed: Yes. See the 'More ranting' section.
Dear Ed,
I hate you.

Ed: That's nice.
Dear Ed,
SAMUS IS A GIRL!!!111!!1!1A#%()[email protected]#$ADF*(#%&)#*(!!1

Ed: I know.
Dear Editor,
I'm having trouble here...

Ed: Email me.
Yo Edster,
Wazup ma hom brah?! yo crackin' up da hous yo! Yeh so i nede sum mager help in 
dis wun part, yo...

Ed: *blocks sender*
Dear Ed,
What is your real name?

Ed: I go by several things, such as Ben Dover, Mike Hunt, and Yo Mama. Never 
ask me this again.

More ranting
In this section I will discuss random facts about the game.

-In the Torvus Plaza, the camera will often screw up and you will not be able 
to see what you are doing. Some claim that resetting your GameCube will fix 
this problem. I have had it happen some times, and other times it was fine. 
This may always remain a mystery.

-Sometimes, the hatches will not open right away. You may have to wait 
anywhere up to 5 or 6 seconds for some to open.

-If you die fighting Dark Samus in the end sequence, then you will not have to 
fight Emperor Ing again. The game will load back up after you defeat him.

-In Temple Access in Torvus Bog, there is a red panel on the floor that is on 
fire. Destroy it with a Morph Ball Bomb and roll through for an Energy Tank. 
For a neat trick, you can fall into the hole while not in Morph Ball mode. The 
game will automatically force you into Morph Ball form.

-In the Fortress Transport Access, do not destroy the turrets and jump into 
the beam of light with the Light Suit. You will be taken up to a room with an 
Energy Tank. Roll into Morph Ball mode and fall back into the main hallway. If 
you did it right, then turret closest to you will be unfolded, but will not 
see you. You can destroy it, shoot at it, do whatever, but it will remain 
still. Strange, indeed.

-The Sunburst is useful in one part of the game. It is the weapon of choice 
for fighting the Dark Ingsmasher. Because of the Ingsmasher's low speed, it 
cannot avoid the even slower Sunburst.

-If you have found any glitches or oddities in the game, send them to me at 
[email protected] I will give you full credit under any name you desire.

Background information:
A War Of Two Worlds

Once, long ago, a race of creatures called the Luminoth settled on planet 
Aether after many nomadic generations spent roaming the universe. They carved 
out a peaceful existence there, coming to know the land and animals and 
bathing in the power of what they called the "Light of Aether." To prolong the 
lifetime of the planet, they decided to harness this light by building Energy 
Controllers that would be housed in holy temples. They built three of these 
temples, one in each of their settlements, and linked them to their most 
sacred place, the Great Temple. A golden age of peace and prosperity blessed 
them, and they were content.

The peace would not last, though. They tracked a meteor on a crash course with 
their planet, and could do nothing but watch as it approached. The meteor's 
strike scorched the earth, cast the seas into convulsions, and spread a veil 
of darkness over all that the Luminoth knew...but that was not all. The 
explosion and the energy from the meteor opened up a dimensional rift in 
Planet Aether, spawning a second planet that existed in a different dimension. 
Dimensional rips soon bloomed on Light Aether, and an evil race of dark 
creatures ventured forth, spreading violence. The Luminoth name these 
creatures the Ing, and soon created portals to follow them into a world they 
would come to know as Dark Aether.

This twin planet, which had given birth to the Ing Horde, was a poisonous 
mirror of their own, and the Luminoth retreated from its damaging effects. 
Over time, however, as the Ing continued to make war on Light Aether and began 
to possess both creatures and friends, the Luminoth had to return and fight. 
They set up beacons of light that acted as protective oases against the dark 
creatures, and fought tooth and nail against the Ing. The war raged, and a 
stalemate soon became apparent; the Luminoth could not defeat the Ing on Dark 
Aether, and the powerful light of Aether was too much for the Ing to overcome.

The stalemate could not last forever. The planet's energy had been divided 
between the light and dark worlds, and both sides wanted to control it. The 
Luminoth created an Energy Transfer Module designed to absorb the energy from 
Dark Aether, only to have it stolen and used against them. Their temples fell 
one by one, until only their last, the Great Temple, remained. With only 
enough planetary energy to support one world, this temple was all that stood 
between Dark Aether completely eclipsing Light Aether, eradicating the last of 
the Luminoth...

Into this conflict came a new factor. A Federation ship chased a Space Pirate 
vessel onto the surface and engaged them, only to be attacked and decimated by 
the Ing. After losing contact with the troops, the Federation suspected the 
worst. Unwilling to abandon all hope, they sent an urgent message to Samus 

Notes from the author:
-Please do not set fire to my house if this guide does not meet your personal 
standards. I will attempt to make it as user friendly as possible, but I 
cannot ensure this.
-This is not my first walkthrough, but the first one that I will publicly 
-Yes, I am a member of
-If you see this guide on any website or page other than,, or please notify me at once 
via my email address at [email protected] All mail sent to me will remain 
strictly confidential unless stated otherwise by you.
-I only ask that you do not illegally reproduce this guide without my 
-If you want this guide on your site, then e-mail me.
-If you ask me for permission to reproduce this walkthrough on your site and I 
agree, then DO NOT change it in any way, shape, or form. At the least, give me 
full credit for the original production of it.
-Flame mail does not bother me. In fact, I find it quite amusing.
-If you have suggestions, please send them! I'll most likely take your advice. 
Plus, you'll get credit for it.

-Myself, for creating this guide
-My dad, for buying this wonderful game for me
-Nintendo, for publishing the game and keeping the Metroid franchise alive
-Retro Studios, for putting together the most beautiful game ever made 
exclusively for the Nintendo GameCube, for endorsing this guide
-You, the reader, who makes all of this worth creating