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Follow the dark path or use the light
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Pack Shot

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes FAQ/Walkthrough

by Deathborn 668

|\  /| |----   ----- |----    ------  -------  |---
| -- | |         |   |   |    |    |     |     |   \
|    | |----     |   |----    |    |     |     |   |
|    | |         |   |    \   |    |     |     |   |
|    | |         |   |     \  |    |     |     |   /
|    | |----     |   |      \ ------  -------  |---

(Woo! Bad ASCII!)

As a note to myself, this is 79 characters. If you can read this, your fine:

                            ~Version History~                                  
.4-Finished Mission 5, AKA getting the Dark Beam

.3-Finished first 3 Missions, first attempt at getting this on GameFAQ's.

.1-Began Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Walkthrough.

Hello there! I'm Deathborn 668 on the message boards, and this is my FAQ for
Metroid Prime 2:Echoes. I'm writing this because I wrote a Spider Guardian 
FAq that got rejected, and now to avenge my wasted time on that huge FAQ I 
am writing this. You better read and like this because I will seriously....
Don'ts of my FAQ:
-Use this for refrence
-Print it out
-Give this to other people FOR NO CHARGE

-Plagirize with no credit
-Call this your won work
-Sell this for profit

ONLY the following sites are allowed to use my FAQ. Other sites need my     
permission first:

Also, if you want to ask me something, or have a question, my E-Mail is     
[email protected]

                             ~Table of Contents~
III.Important Things About the Game
IV.Locations of All Keys
     Mission 1:Losing All Your Weapons.....Again
     Mission 2:Explosion Commotion!-Getting Missiles
     Mission 3:Samus is teh Bomb-Getting Morph Ball Bombs
     Mission 4:To the Space Jump Boots!
     Mission 5:The Dark Hunter Hides the Dark Beam
     Mission 6:Venture to Dark Aether for the Important Light Beam
     Mission 7:Amorbis Secretes the Dark Suit
     Mission 8:Firepower Required! Grabbing the Super Missiles
     Mission 9:A Nasty Boss Hides the Boost Ball
     Mission 10:New Areas to Open-Grabbing the Seeker Missiles
     Mission 11:Beating the Grand Daddy of Blogg's...-Getting Gravity Boost
     Mission 12:Lower Dark Torvus, and a Mean Grenchler-For the Grapple Beam
     Mission 13:Black Holes, Anyone?-To the Darkburst!
     Mission 14:The Dark Visor Lies in a Dark World....
     Mission 15:Spider-Woman:Grabbing teh Spider Ball
     Mission 16:Nuclear Explosives=PWNage-Obtaining the Power Bombs
     Mission 17:Its a Bright Flash....-Getting the Sunburst
     Mission 18:Sounds and More!-Getting the Echo Visor
     Mission 19:Let's Screw Around!-To the Screw Attack!
     Mission 20:Giant Robots=Bad-Getting the Annihilator Beam
     Mission 21:Getting all Remaining Sky Temple Keys
     Mission 22:Wrapping Up all Remaining Missile Expansion, and Energy Tanks
     Mission 23:Deja Vu in "Prime Time"
VI.Expansion Guide
     A.Missile Expansions
     B.Energy Tanks
     C.Power Bomb Expansions
     D.Beam Ammo Expansions
VII.Complete Logbook
     A.Creatures Scans
     B.Lore Scans
     C.Research Scans
     D.Inventory Scans
VIII.One Time Scans
     A.Items Checklist
     B.Expansions Checklist

Metroid Prime 2:Echoes has a pretty complex story and an intresting one at
that. This is taken COMPLETELY from the Instruction Manual, none of the   
following information was typed orginally by me.


Once, long ago, a race of creatures called the Luminoth settled on planet 
Aether afer many nomadic generations of roaming the universe. They carved 
out a peaceful existence there, coming to know the land and animals and    
bathing in the power of what they called "The Light of Aether". To prolong 
the lifetime of the planet, they decided the harness this light by building 
Energy Controllers that would be housed in holy temples. They built three 
of these temples, one in each of their settlements, and linked them to their
most sacred place, the Great Temple. A golden age of peace and prosperity  
blessed them, and they were content.                                      

The peace would not last, though. They tracked a meteor with a crash course
with their planet, and could do nothing but watched as it approached. The  
meteor's strike scorched the earth, cast the seas into convulsions, and    
spread a veil of darkness over all that the Luminoth knew...but that was    
not all. The explosion and the energy from the meteor opened a dimensional 
rift in Planet Aether, spawning a second planet that existed in a different 
dimension. Dimensional rips soon bloomed on Light Aether, and an evil race 
of dark creatures ventured forth, spreading violence. The Luminoth named    
these creatures the Ing, and soon created portals to follow them into a world
they would come to know as Dark Aether.                                    

This twin planet, which had given birth to the Ing Horde, was a poisonous 
mirror of their own, and the Luminoth retreated from its damaging effects. 
Over time, however, as the Ing continued to make war on Light Aether and  
began to possess both creatures and friends alike, the Luminoth had to    
return and fight. They set up beacons of light that acted like protective 
oases against the dark creatures, and fought tooth and nail against the   
Ing. The war raged, and a stalemate soon became apparent; the Luminoth    
could not defeat the Ing on Dark Aether, and the powerful light of Aether 
was too much for the Ing to overcome.                                    

The stalemate could not last forever. The planet's energy has been divided 
between the dark and light world's, and both sides wanted to control it.   
The Luminoth created an Energy Transfer Module desgined to absorb the energy
from Dark Aether, only to have it stolen and used against them. Their      
temples fell one by one, until only their last, the Great Temple,         
remained. With only enough planetary energy to support one world, this     
temple was all that stood between Dark Aether completly eclipsing Light    
Aether, eradicating the last of the Luminoth.                             

Into this conflict came a new factor. A Federation ship chased a Space Pirate
vessel onto the surface and engaged them, only to be attacked and decimated
by the Ing. After losing contact with the troops, the Federation          
suspected the worst. Unwilling to abandon all hope, they sent an urgent   
message to Samus Aran...                                                 

Mission recived from Galactic Federation...                               

Locate troops lost in Dash region of Planet Aether...                      

Priority 1...                                                             

The controls to Samus are very easy to understand and execute yourself. I 
will also cover in this section everything about Samus's visor, exactly what
your looking out the entire game.                                         

A Button-Push this to fire your selected Beam weapon. Push is rapidly for
rapid fire.                                                              

B Button-Push this to Jump. While in mid-air, push again to perform a Space 
Jump (only when you have obtained). While Locked On, hold left or right and
push B to do a Strafe manuver, where you quickly move left or right and    
cover lots of ground quickly. Finally, when you have the Gravity Boost,   
push and hold B after performing a Space Jump underwater to slowly rise up 
for a few seconds.                                                        

X Button-Push this to go into Morph Ball Mode. While there, push again to be
in Regular Mode again.                                                    

Y Button-Fire Missiles while in Standard Mode. In Morph Ball Mode, lay Power
Bombs with this button.                                                    

Z Button-Bring up the Map to the screen for useage. Push Z again to close the

C Stick-Use the C Stick to switch between your availble beams, shown on the 
bottom right side of the screen. Push the direction on screen for the Beam 

Control Pad-Use this to switch between the availble visors. The visors are 
shown on the bottom left side of the screen. Push the direction for the visor

Control Stick-Use this to move Samus around, and use it to Strafe around with
the B Button.                                                            

L Button-One of the most important buttons. Use it when an enemy is in view
to Lock On to it by holding L down. Also, for use of the Grapple Beam near 
Grapple points.                                                            

R Button-While standing still, hold it to look up and down, and in all angles
too. Also, for use with the Spider Ball when you have obtained that item in 
the game.                                                                

Seeing through the Visor
When you are playing the game, you will be viewing everything from Samus's 
point of view (except when in Morph Ball form). There are several key things
to know on the HUD (Heads Up Display) screen, so first-timers, pay attention

Energy-At the top-middle of the screen is a meter and a number next to it. 
This is your energy reserves. Its basically how much health your Power    
Suit has remaining before you die. Whenever you collect an Energy Tank, you
will gain 100 extra units of Energy, represented by a blue dot above the  
meter. It will dissappear and be in effect if the previous 100 units has been

Radar-Crucial to survival, the top left corner of the screen has a small   
circle on it. There is a small pie piece section in it that is colored a bit
differently than the rest of it. This is Samus's view. Enemies that come 
within radar will appear as orange dots. Use the Radar to find any enemies 
that your getting attacked by, but can't see. Also note enemies may be above
or below you!                                                              

Threat Assessment-On the left side of your screen you will se a kinda tall
meter, with an exclamation mark (!) at the top of it. This is the Threat   
Assessment guage. When you approach dangerous enviroments, such as fire,  
poisonous gas, Dark Aether's atmosphere, etc., the meter will slowly rise 
until you are standing in the poison, where the Threat Assessment guage will
be at the top, and you will be recieving damage for your stupidity (Except 
in Dark Aether as there's NO avoiding damage there...). Keep an eye on it at
all times.                                                                 

Map-In the top right corner of the screen, there is a small place for the Map
to be located. It shows you what room your in, and the blinking green arrow
is Samus's current position. Push the Z Button to bring up the entire world
Map for a better view of where you next destination is going to be and how to
get there.                                                                

Missile Reserves-Near the middle-right side of the screen is a fraction    
number, with the classic Missile symbol next to it. This is your Missile    
Reserves. The bottom number is your maximum capicity of Missiles, the top  
number representing how many Missiles you currently have left to spend.    
Carefully use your Missiles! They can be refilled by gaining Missile      

Dark/Light Beam Ammo-Near the bottom right side of your screen, once you get
the Light and Dark Beams, will be a meter representing the amount of Ammo 
for each respective beam you have left. That's basically all this meter does,
so keep an eye on it to make sure you don't run out at a very inconvienent

Beam Weapons:In the bottom right corner are a few squares, each with a     
symbol on them. These represent your Beam Weapons. Empty squares obviously
represent you don't have that beam yet. there are 4 Beams, including the   
Power Beam. Use the C-Stick to choose your beam from that small menu by    
pushing the correct direction.                                             

Targeting Reticule-This can be anywhere on the screen, depending on where the
enemy you are locking onto is. This small circle will focus on the enemy, 
and your attacks will be directed right at it (Not homing in...just fired at
it). Its easy to see, and you will surely be seeing it all the time with  
Lock On's.                                                                 

Visors-the bottom left corner is home to the same type of squares the Beam
Weapons area uses. However, this is your Visors menu. Using the Control   
Pad, choose whichever Visor you want to see through. All Visors have       
different effects.                                                       

                 ~III.Important Thing To Know About the Game~
Some love it...others hate it. The Metroid games are all about Backtracking.
That's what makes them fun. You just KNOW there's an Expansion or items of 
some kind in a specified room, yet to all your useless efforts can't      
possibly reach it and give up. Well, you come back later with newer abilities
and find how easy it is then to get the aforementioned item. Crazy isn't it?
Anyways, in this FAQ I will cover how to get 100% everything. Scans and   
Expansions. Of course, you CAN skip those two things. Their optional. Retro
isn't forcing you to grab Missile Expansions and Energy Tanks much far out of
your way just so you can beat the game. Don't get Expansions and other     
stuff if the 100% Ending means nothing to you. I'm not, and can't, force you
to do so.                                                                

But anyways, I just want to clear up the beginning statement of the previous
paragraph. EVERY, and I mean _every_ Metroid game has had lots and lots of 
backtracking to previous areas. Fortunately, Metroid Prime 2:Echoes has   
a minimal amount of required backtracking. Some of course is needed, but   
there are easily found shortcuts to those areas, which I will most       
certainly cover. So, if your forced to go back to previous areas, its not a 
big deal, especially considering the fact that you can also pick up previous
Expansions with new abilities possible along the way. Speaking about       

Expansions and Tanks                                         
There are a ton of Missile Expansions, Power Bomb Expansions, Beam Ammo    
Expansions, and Energy Tanks within the game. I will cover the locations of
all of them during the segments within this FAQ. However, none of them    
are required. During this FAQ I will, before explaining in detail what to 
do in the room, put a "ENERGY TANK", "MISSILE EXPANSION", "BEAM AMMO      
EXPANSION", or "POWER BOMB EXPANSION" tag and state where in the room the  
respective Expansion is. I will ONLY put these tags if the Expansion is   
possible to retrieve at the point of the game I'm describing at. If it isn't,
then it won't be there and you will obviously be going back to that location

Temple Keys                                         
In order to enter the three Temples, and the Sky Temple, of Dark Aether, you
first need to find their respective keys. They AREN'T optional, and must be
found to complete and progress through the game. I'll lable a Key as a    
giving the description of the room the Key is in. As with Expansions, I     
won't tell you about the Key until it is possible to obtain that Key when  
you are in that room. If you want to know the exact locations of every     
single Temple Key, look ahead to the next section. That is perfect just for
your needs.                                                               

Scan Scan Scanning!                                       
Scanning is one of the most fun parts of the Metroid Prime games. They enable
you to learn about the various objects and things in every room. Its      
pretty cool. To Scan something, push the Control Pad left, and you will be  
in the Scan Visor. Find a colored object, aim at it, and hold L until      
Scanning is complete. You will be given a detailed description on whatever 
you just Scanned. Red objects are Mission-Critical objects. They include   
key descriptions for the lost Federation Troopers, or descriptions for the 
Temple Keys in general. Things in Blue aren't really important things to   
Scan. Most things are put into your Logbook, and count for your Scan      
percentage. Things in Green are objects that have already been Scanned.    
Pushing L on them instantly brings up their scan, as you have already Scanned
the object.                                                              

Getting a Perfect File                                         
People like to have a fully complete file. Its just one thing that many    
people enjoy doing-having a file with literally everything completed. If you
want 100% Scans and 100% Items, I highly suggest you pay attention to the 
Walktrhough section with the "Tabbed" areas. These are indented, or, AKA,  
the optional portion of the game. Grab the items and Scans with them if you
want, or skip them and go right to you assigned destination. If you want    
a perfect file, your gonna be doing the indented section, unless you wanna 
come back later...                                                        

Unlockables in the Game                                         
There are several unlockable things you can grab your hands on during and 
after the game:                                                           

When you get...
40% of all Logbook Scans, you unlock the Promotional Art Gallery
60% of all Logbook Scans, you unlock the wicked Character Gallery
80% of all Logbook Scans, you get the Creature Gallery, full of enemies...
100% of all Logbook Scans, you unlock the PWNage Boss Galery

Once you complete Normal Mode once, you will unlock Hard Mode, as well as the
Rough Sketch Gallery.                                                    
If you complete Hard Mode, you will unlock the Storyboard Gallery, home to
the orginal designs of the game.                                           

Once you complete the game, you will unlock the Dark Echoes Soundtrack and
the Darkness Soundtrack for use in Multiplayer mode.
The Luminoth Soundtrack is obtained by talking to U-Mos for the very first
The Pirate Fear Soundtrack is unlocked by restoring the Energy to the Agon 
Energy Controller, then heading back to the Great Temple and talking to    
The Sanctuary Soundtrack is unlocked by restoring the Energy to Sanctuary
Energy Controller, then heading back to the Great Temple and talking to    
The Torvus Bog Soundtrack is unlocked by restoring the Energy to the Torvus 
Energy Controller, then heading back to the Great Temple and talking to    
The Pipeline Multiplayer Arena is unlocked when you unlock the Torvus Bog  
The Spires Multiplayer Arena is unlocked when you unlock the Sanctuary    

                       ~IV.Locations of all Keys~
This is quite possible the number one asked question on the message boards.
Where in the hell are the Temple/Sky Temple Keys? Some are obvious and    
impossible to miss. Others you may and probably will easily pass. However,
your reading this guide so I don't think your gonna be missing any of the 
Temple Keys. I will describe the locations of the Agon, Torvus, Ing Hive   
and Sky Temple Keys. I also give and will be getting them manually during the
course of the Walkthrough, but if you accidentally missed one, or are just 
looking for a specific section I don't blame you. Anyways, here are the Keys'

Dark Agon Temple Key 1                                      
Found:Doomed Entry in Dark Agon Wastes
How to Obtain:After taking the portal from the Command Center in Agon Wastes,
you will be able to clearly see this Key sitting atop a higher ledge. In   
order to reach that ledge, you need to head over to the other side of the  
room and shoot a Missile at a Luminoth statue head, breaking it away and   
exposing a Light Lift Crystal. Shoot the Crystal with the Dark Beam to    
lower the platform. Jump on it, then make an easy Space Jump over to the 
Dark Agon Key.                                                            

Dark Agon Temple Key 2                                
Found:Battleground in Dark Agon Wastes
How to Obtain:When you first enter the Battleground room, you will see the
Dark Agon temple Key just sitting there in plain sight. Unfortunately, once 
you approach it the Ing will steal it. About 6-7 Warrior Ing will start    
attacking you. Its a rough battle. Use your aquired Charged Light Beam    
shots on the Warrior Ing to quickly dispatch them. Break open the Bearerpods
on the sides of the walls for Health and Ammo. Once all of the Warrior     
Ing have been killed, you will be able to grab the Key which will have    

Dark Agon Temple Key 3                                        
Found:Trial Tunnel
How to Obtain:The easiest to obtain of all Keys in the entire game. Once you
first enter the Dark Agon Temple, head left until you reach a door. Enter  
inside the door and in a very very tiny room you will find the final Dark  
Agon Temple Key.                                                           

Dark Torvus Temple Key 1                                        
Found:Dark Torvus Arena in Dark Torvus Bog
How to Obtain:This is only obtainable after you have defeated the Boost     
Guardian (who is literally a few feet from the Key). Once you have the      
Boost Ball, start Boosting up the half pipe, and you will eventually get the
Key in an upper ledge. You may hit the Dark Preeds, but either way just keep

Dark Torvus Temple Key 2                                         
Found:Undertemple Access in Dark Torvus Bog
How to Obtain:This is one of the easiest Dark Temple Key's to miss because 
you wouldn't think it is even here, let alone where it is even exists. Once
you have defeated the Alpha Blogg and recovered the Gravity Boost, go back
to Hydrochamber Access. Right near a big spinning turbine is a ledge on top
of it, which you need to use your newly aquired Gravity Boost to get up to.
Up here there is a portal. Use it, and you will appear...right infront of 
the Dark Temple Key.                                                     

Dark Torvus Temple Key 3                                       
Found:Venemous Pond in Dark Torvus Bog
How to Obtain:You will appear at the top of this room when you access it   
from somewhere else. The Key is right in the open, but is nearly impossible
to obtain unless you roll through the nearby conviently located Morph Ball 
tunnel. You will appear at the other side of Venemous Pond, and from there 
it is possible to access a Grappple point, where you can swing over to the 
final Dark Torvus Key.                                                    

Ing Hive Temple Key 1                                         
Found:Culling Chamber in Ing Hive
How to Obtain:There is a Spider Ball track upon the right walls of the     
room. Spider Ball upon them when you have that powerup and follow the      
straightforward track around inside a glass tank. Break some blocks with  
your Bombs, then grab the Ing Hive Temple Key that you uncovered the       
pathway for.                                                               

Ing Hive Temple Key 2                                        
Found:Hive Gyro Chamber in Ing Hive
How to Obtain:This will be the last Ing Hive Key you obtain, but the game 
labels is as number 2. Anyways, use the Spider Ball technique to cling to
the big brown ball in the middle of the room. Climb to the top of the Spider
Ball surface, then sit on the red dot. Boost upwards and cling to a large  
magnetic ring. Boost to the other side, where you'll go through the final 
Ing Hive Key.                                                             

Ing Hive Temple Key 3                                         
Found:Aerial Training Site
How to Obtain:You can't get this key directly from the Aerial Training Site
as a force field blocks it. You have to go the other way around. The only 
way there is via Central Hive West Transport, which is just a big shaft with
Wall Jump surfaces. Wall Jump to the top, then deactivate the force field 
for your Key.                                                             

Sky Temple Key 1                                         
Found:Battleground in Dark Agon Wastes
How to Obtain:You need to enter this room via the top door. Its accessed 
in Doomed Entry. Once you've entered and are at the top of the room, if you
have the Annihilator Beam I suggest using it on one of the Beacons around 
the room to dispose of all the Warrior Ing quickly. Those Warrior Ing will 
make this Sky Temple Key a pain in the ass to obtain. Now, switch on the 
Dark Visor once they are killed. You will see invisible platforms moving 
about. Time your Space Jumps onto one another of the platforms, because if
you happen to fall you will have to start this allllll over again. Once    
you reach the last platform, Screw Attack all the way to the other side. Flip
on the Dark Visor again, and shoot the Flying Ing Cache. Once it has been  
exposed, kill it with a Charged Shot to have it release the Sky Temple Key.
Go grab it.                                                               

Sky Temple Key 2                                         
Found:Dark Oasis in Dark Agon Wastes
How to Obtain:Near the middle door of this room is a huge pile of Denzium  
just waiting to be destroyed. Go over to it and lay a Power Bomb to break it
all away. This will expose a small pool of dark water. Jump into it and    
turn on the Dark Visor and search around for another Flying Ing Cache. Once
you have found it, shoot it to expose it then Charge Beam it to death and  
grab the Sky Temple Key.                                                 

Sky Temple Key 3                                         
Found:Poisoned Bog in Dark Torvus Bog
How to Obtain:Drop into the dark waters in this room and as usual flip on  
the Dark Visor and search for the flying red spot. Once you find it, shoot
it to fully expose the Flying Ing Cache. Shoot it down to expose the Sky    
Temple Key.                                                              

Sky Temple Key 4                                         
Found:Dungeon in Dark Torvus Bog
How to Obtain:This Temple Key is a little tedious to get. Anyway's, when   
you first appear in the room, dive right into the dark waters, that's      
where the key is located. Now, you'll see a small hole you could fit through
but some monster is blocking your way. Aim up and shoot the Light Beacon to
make him move. Head under the small tunnel and up to the next sitting     
monster. Repeat this process with Lighting the Beacon again, and then you 
will reach a dead end. Bring up the Dark Visor and shoot the Flying Ing    
Cache for the Sky Temple Key.                                               

Sky Temple Key 5                                         
Found:Hive Entrance in Ing Hive
How to Obtain:The Hive Entrance looks exactly like the Sanctuary Entrance, 
destroyed bridge and all. Use the Screw Attack to cross the long gap and   
reach the other side. Once there, ride up the beam of light to the upper   
areas of the Hive Entrance. Once here, use the Screw Attack to go back to  
the other side. Once atop this very high ledge, swap on the Dark Visor and
find the Flying Ing Cache. Shoot it down with your weapons to claim the Sky 
Temple Key.                                                               

Sky Temple Key 6                                         
Found:Hive Dynamo Works in Ing Hive
How to Obtain:Goto the very end of the Spider Guardian's maze, and you will
find a Power Bomb door. Break it open and go through the portal. Now, go into
Morph Ball mode and Spider Ball up the nearby track. Stay at the red dot, 
and wait for the rising and lowering globe-like Spider Ball surface to be the
same level as you. Boost onto it. Find a red dot on this surface, and wait  
for the next Spider Ball globe surface to be aligned with you, then Boost 
onto it. Now, go onto the final red dot here and wait until your lined up
with the Spider Ball track on the side of the wall, then Boost over. With the
Dark Visor, find the Flying Ing Cache and shoot it down like we have several
times before.                                                              

Sky Temple Key 7                                         
Found:Ing Reliquary in Sky Temple Grounds
How to Obtain:You need the Light Suit to reach the Ing Reliquary. Its found
from Reliquary Access room, which is the Dark Aether version of the       
Communications Area. Anyways, its pretty simple in this room. Jump to the  
bottom, turn on the Dark Visor, and shoot down the seventh Flying Ing      

Sky Temple Key 8                                         
Found:Defiled Shrine in Sky Temple Grounds
How to Obtain:Its best if you use the Annihilator Beam on the nearby Light  
Beacon, which will effectively kill the nearby Warrior Ings. Um....that is
pretty much all there is to this room besides flipping on the Dark Visor 
and..once again...shooting down another Flying Ing Cache and grabbing its   

Sky Temple Key 9                                         
Found:Accursed Lake in Sky Temple Grounds
How to Obtain:This room isn't hard to find, no worries. The room is pretty
tiny, so just flip on the Dark Visor and shoot down another Flying Ing    
Cache and jump for its Key. You want to avoid the Hunter Ing because they are
a super annoyence.                                                       

|                                                                          |
|                                                                          |
|                       ~V.Walkthrough of Echoes~                          |
|                                                                          |
|                                                                          |
Welcome, finally, to the bulk of this FAQ, the actual Walkthrough of       
Metroid Prime 2:Echoes. I format the game in the Walkthrough pretty much   
like everyone else does....
Room Name

New Logbook Creature/Lore/Research Scan:XXXX

~Room information here~

That's pretty much how this works. Its simple, isn't it? Obviously, for the 
most part the Walkthrough appears like everyone else's. There isn't really 
many ways to compete the game. I will eventually sidetrack you for more    
Expansions, but those areas are Indented like so:
          Room Name
...just so you know "This part is optional". I will also post the shortest  
path back to where the "optional" route will meet back up with you if you 
opt to not take it. So, here we go!

                ~Mission 1:Losing All You Weapons....Again!~
Mission Difficulty:*/*****
Mission Objective:Its not really an objective...but I made this Mission    
like a half mission instead of a full mission. Anyways, this mission will 
take you through the first few rooms of the game, up to the point where     
the story gets deeper...and you lose your abilites for the umpteenth time...
sheesh Samus...                                                           

Landing Site                
Logbook Research Scan:Samus's Gunship-Behind you from where you start. Hard
to miss her ship isn't it?

Save Station:Use Samus's Gunship, behind you from where you start, to Save  
your game.
Ammo Station:Use Samus's Gunship, behind you from where you start, to     
refill all of your Ammo.                                                 

You have offically started Metroid Prime 2! Much like the first game,     
the beginning areas are just to show you Samus's moves and abilities, then  
lose them. Begin off by turning around from where you start and Scanning    
Samus's Gunship. Space Jump ontop of the ship and save your game and refill
your health. Then, proceed forward through the room until you reach a large
webbing. Look up and Lock On to the green sac on it, and shoot the sac with
your Power Beam to make the webbing dissappear. Then, Jump up and go through
the door.                                                                  

Hive Access Tunnel                
Woo...creepy passage. There are a ton of wiggling plants lined over the    
walls, but don't worry about themas they can't hurt you. Head forward and   
to the left, and you'll find a big door with Violet text blocking your way. 
Scanning the door won't do anything to help you, and unfortunately, the    
other side is where we need to go. Head back to the door, but take a right 
and you will soon come to a big hole in the ground. Get near the hole to Jump
down it.                                                                  

Hive Chamber A                
Logbook Research Scan:GF Gate MK VI

Map Station:Near back exit, its the floating hologram, impossible to miss...

Its all smoky...and desolate....and quiet. Gives you a creepy feeling      
doesn't this room? There are a ton of things for you to Scan within this    
room, so if you like Scanning things feel free to Scan away. Head        
forwards until a big iron gate blocks your way. There is a Scan console    
nearby, so Scan it. That will release two locks above the door. Lock On    
to both of them and shoot them away, which will open the gate. Keep going  
forwards through the thin passage until a really big block, which is actually
a giant door, is blocking your way. A Scan will indicate that a Scan console
must be activated to open the door. Look on the right wall until you see   
an indent in it, and that will have the Scan console. Scan it to open the   
door. Continue on to this next area. There are some intresting scans about  
the Federation Troopers that were in this area, so Scan if you want to.    
There is a floating hologram nearby, so step in it. It is the Map Station  
for this region of the Temple Grounds. You'll download the map. Once that  
is all done with, continue out of this room via the door which was near the
Map Station.                                                              

Hive Tunnel                
Logbook Creatures Scan:Worker Splinter

This room is very tiny, but you will recive a shocking surprise once       
entering it. Several Federation Troops are dangling upside down in the room.
Creepy. The translucent enemies on the sides of the room are Worker       
Splinters, and they are a new Scan. Continue on through this room once your
finished Scanning.                                                      

Command Chamber                
Logbook Lore Scan:SPC B. Reevs
Logbook Lore Scan:GSGT C. Benet
Logbook Research Scan:Bomb Slot
Logbook Creatures Scan:Dark Trooper

This is a pretty large room. Right as you enter the room, Scan the nearby   
fallen Federation Trooper for a new Logbook Scan. There are several Worker 
Splinters around this area, and it is best if you kill them so they will  
not get in your way and cause damage. Once everything is dead, roll into   
Morph Ball mode (The X Button), and head towards the back of the room.     
You'll need to do so to get under a big door lock, which is going to be    
opened soon. Roll under, get out of Morph Ball mode, and shoot down whatever
Worker Splinters are still in the room. Get back into the Morph Ball and find
a tunnel in the room.                                                      

The tunnel is near the back of the room, and your Morph Ball is just tiny   
enough to squeak through. Roll through the tunnel until you reach a steel   
gating. Lay a Bomb with the A button to break open the bars. Continue     
through the tunnel until your in a rounded room. Roll to the back of it,   
and unmorph. Scan anything else here, as another thing here is one more    
Logbook Scan, and a Bomb Slot it the other. The Bomb Slot is what we are   
looking for. Get into Morph Ball mode and roll near the cylindrical      
device. Do a Bomb Jump by laying a Bomb, then being on the explosion to be 
popped in the air, which will put you inside the Bomb Slot. Lay a Bomb here
to activate the Slot.                                                       

The Bomb Slot's power now will activate a Scan console back in the previous 
area. Roll back through the previous tunnel, and under the door gates until
you reach the Scan console. Along the way, Dark Troopers will rise up and  
start attacking you. 1 Charge Beam shot will kill them, but their damage is 
really insignificant so don't waste your time. They are also a new Logbook
Scan too! Scan the console to activate the big door gate, which will unlock
and reveal several more Dark Troopers. Shoot them all out with Missiles, and
continue on through the passage until you reach a door leading to the next 

Hive Storage                
There isn't much in this simple room. Just go around the corners and through
the next door. If your low on Energy, break some of the crates for more    

Hive Chamber B                
Enter through the door, and you'll witness a cutscene. The doors will lock 
and something will enter a dark vortex right infront of you. Wait....that  
mysterious figure looks just like Samus! It will head into the dark vortex.
Once you regain control of Samus again, head straight and into the Dark    

You'll be transported to a weird, mysterious dark place. The shadowy Samus  
is gathering Phazon for her suit...and Samus just gawks like the woman she 
is at this copycat. The shadowy figure will then point her gun at Samus, and
take a shot. A nearby Crystal is destroyed, and the safe Bubble sheild    
is slowly closing in on Samus. Just then, a ton of dark creatures jump down
to Samus's position and tackle her, just as the bubble is gone and she is   
exposed to the atmosphere. Apparently, its quite lethal. The dark figures 
all tackle Samus, and she escapes through the Light Portal.              

You will regain control of Samus once more, and this time you will recieve 
critical news. Your Missile Launcher, Morph Ball Bombs, Power Bomb Generator,
Grapple Beam, Boost Ability, Space Jump Boots, and Spider Ball Abilities   
have been stolen from your Varia Suit. Lovely. We've lost all of our      
abilities...again. Continue through the rest of the short room and through 
the next door.


               ~Mission 2:Explosion Commotion!-Getting Missiles~
Mission Difficulty:*/*****
Mission Objective:You've recently lost nearly all of your abilities and   
items. Great. Its time to start recovering them and then some one by one.   
We will start off by collecting the Missile Launcher. Its not a very hard   
mission, and a relatively safe one too. There are few enemies, and they all 
take several shots to kill. You won't be seeing any Save Stations along the 
way, but that's not a problem. Its time to get back what rightfully belongs
to us!                                                                    

Hive Chamber C                
There will be several Dark Troopers attacking you the instant you enter the 
room. Kill them all so you will clear the path to several crates blocking a 
door. Destroy the crates with your Charge Beam, which reveals a door. Enter 
the door now.                                                              

Hive Save Station                
Phew...about time we found a Save Station! Gladly Save your game inside and 
restore your Energy to full.                                               

Hive Chamber C                
Were near above ground from here simply head out the last       
remaining door we haven't gone through yet. It happens to be right of the   
Save Station.                                                              

Hive Transport Area                
Our first elevator! It appears to be completely inactive...but not to worry!
Right near the elevator is a Scan console, so Scan that. It will make a    
hologram appear on the elevator. Step in it to make the elevator active.   
When you get to the top, you have two paths to choose. The right one leads 
to the exact same Violet translator door we had to bypass earlier. There    
is still nothing you can do about it. From here, just take a left out the  

Industrial Site                
Logbook Research Scan:GF Bridge 
Logbook Creature Scan:Splinter
Logbook Creature Scan:Green Kralee

As soon as you enter the room you will find another of those stupid MK VI  
Federation gates blocking your way. As with the previous gate, Scan the    
nearby Scan console to make 2 locks above the gate to disengage. Destroy   
them with your Power Beam pretty easily to open the gate. Once its done, walk

Now, go straight and you will see a Scan console on the ground. Scan it, and
it will open the next pathway by moving a huge Federation Crate elsewhere. 
Wonder where....

We've now, offically, entered the Temple Grounds. Seems desolate, windy,    
alone...doesn't it? That's not really the point right now. Start off by     
heading to the right, and you will find some ledges that extend out of the  
wall and wrap around the room, going higher as they go. Get on these       
platforms and start climbing them. You'll see what looks like a beetle with
a green crystal in it. Scan this creature. Once you approach, several      
Splinters will attack you out of nowhere nearby. Kill them all quickly, then
continue up the platforms.                                                

Continue walking up the ledges until you reach a dead end. You'll see the big
GF Bridge right ahead of you, so Scan that too. Nearby the bridge is yet    
another Scan console. This will make 2 more locks above the bridge to open, 
completely exposed. Aim upwards, Lock on, and shoot the 2 locks to bring   
down the bridge for access. Go across it, and through the door just over the

Collapsed Tunnel                
Logbook Lore Scan:PFC M. Veroni

As soon as you enter this short tunnel, be sure to Scan the dead Trooper to 
the right of the Morph Ball hole. Once you do, go into Morph Ball mode    
and roll through the tunnel. Once you get out on the other side, go through
the next door.                                                             

Temple Assembly Site                
Logbook Research Scan:Splinter Cocoon

Whooo! Apparently there's some construction in this area. Lot's of crates, 
crates, gates, so much. Head straight until you see brown circles on the  
wall. These are Splinter Cocoon's. Get too close and they will pop out to 
attack you! So, its best to Scan them from a distance. Keep heading forward
until you are blocked by another Violet door. Near it you should find yet  
another Scan console. This will lower down the Federation crate we moved   
earlier, but not all the way down as the rope gets snagged. Use a few Power 
beam shots on the snag and it will break off, lowering the crate. Use it as a
bridge to the next door.                                        

Dynamo Chamber                
Logbook Research Scan:GF Gate MK VII

This isn't a really big room. Just head through the room until your path is
blocked by a big gate, like before. This gate is a new Scan so I advise you 
do so. Nearby is a large Scan console, so Scan it to open the gate and make 
a path to the next room.                                                   

Communication Area                
Logbook Lore Scan:PFC L. Brouda

Entering this room you will find a large satillite dish. Continue along the 
very linear pathway until you find a Scan console. Scan it and you will    
transmit an emergency broadcast to some reciver. Of course, it doesn't work.
Seems like your stranded on Aether....oh well. Near the Scan console is a  
falled Trooper, so pick up his Scan. Continue along the path, and through to
the next room.                                                            

Trooper Security Station                
Logbook Creatures Scan:Growler Class Turret
Logbook Lore Scan:SPC M. Angseth

Get inside this new room and you will see a Turret on the ceiling start   
attacking a swarm of Splinters. Scan the Turret for a new Scan, then get  
near the gate which bars your way. Get into the Morph Ball tunnel nearby   
and roll through. You will emerge near a fallen Trooper, which you can get
a new Scan for, and a Scan console. Scan the console to activate the gate. 
The gate has a malfunction, and will only partially open, then close over  
and over again. Get into Morph Ball mode and roll through the gate when it 
is open, then proceed to the back end of the room and through the door back 

GFMC Compound                
Map Station:Inside the Federation GFS Try Ship
Logbook Lore Scan:PFC I. Crany
Logbook Lore Scan:SPC F.Triplette
Logbook Lore Scan:PFC G. Haley
Logbook Lore Scan:PFC S. Milligan
Logbook Lore Scan:LPCL J. Brode
Logbook Lore Scan:CAPT A Exeter
Logbook Research Scan:GFS Try
Logbook Research Scan:Kinetic Orb Cannon
Logbook Creatures Scan:Dark Splinter

Lotsa Scans in'll get your chance soon. Enter the room and      
continue straight until a cutscene occurs where Samus watches a video of   
what happened to the Federation Troopers and how they died. After the long 
cutscene, you will be standing near a yellow crate. Use the Charge Beam to 
break it open, and you finally have revealed the Missile Launcher! Go grab 
it! ***Missile Launcher Aquired!***                                       

Let's just wrap up this room. Right after grabbing the Missile Launcher, you
will be attacked by several Dark Splinters. They take some firepower to take
out, so Scan them then Charge Beam them to death. You don't need to fight   
them but you may as well.                                                 

Ready for excessive Scanning? Scan the large, impossible to miss Federation 
Ship GFS Try. There are six Federarion Trooper bodies strewn across the   
room, so search along the ground and on ledges for those six Scans. When you
have Scanned everything in the above list into your Logbook, go into the   
GFS Try ship via the open hatch on the ground. Head towards the back of the 
ship, and then Scan the door. It will open, and you will be able to enter   
the Map Station. Do so.                                                   

After downloading the Map, head back into the ship, and out the large ledge 
to the right, and jump to a nearby ledge. Continue along the path until you
reach a small indent in the ground. There is a Scan console nearby. Scan the 
indent as its the Kinetic Orb Cannon, the Scan the console to activate the  
cannon. Get into Morph Ball mode and get into the hologram the be launched  
over to the other side of the room. From here, were almost done. Simple get
out of Morph Ball mode and head over another ledge and shoot a Missile at 
the red door. Enter through it.                                           


           ~Mission 3:Samus is teh Bomb-Getting Morph Ball Bombs~
Mission Difficulty:**/*****
Mission Objective:Its time we really got back the critcal items, all back  
from those stupid shadowy creatures. Its a long mission, with 2 Boss Battles
along the way. The story will also unfold and you'll find out just what    
has happened to this cracked up planet. Its up to Samus Aran to once again  
restore peace. Now, who's ready to reclaim our Morph Ball Bombs? Let's do   
this thing!                                                               

Sacred Bridge                
Logbook Lore Scan:PFC E. Denys
Logbook Creatures Scan:War Wasp

Once you enter this room using the previous strategy from the GMFC Compound,
simply enter the room until you reach a dead end. Look to the left and right
and you will see holes in the wall. The left one is blocked by a fallen    
Federation Trooper, and is good for another Scan. Morph Ball through the   
other hole to fall to the bottom. Several War Wasps will come out of nowhere
and will start attacking you. Scan them, then kill them all. High up on the 
other ledge is a Scan console. Scan it to activate the Kinetic Orb Cannon   
nearby. Morph Ball into it to get shot up onto the ledge near the door, then
proceed through.                                                           

Sacred Path                
Logbook Research Scan:War Wasp Hive

Pretty spacious room huh? On the outlines of the room you will find several 
hives, which are good for a Scan. If you get too close, several War Wasps   
will appear and starting attacking you, so keep your distance. There doesn't
seem like a lot because the far ledges are too high up to Jump to, but there
is a Scan panel hidden in a small alcove in the wall. Its hard to describe 
its location, so just keep searching until you find it. Scan it, and a     
Kinetic Orb Cannon nearby will activate. Get inside it and you will be shot 
to a wall...then fall down. You made no progress. Yay. The wall you just   
bumped into can be broken off. Shoot a Missile into it to crack it further, 
then get back in the Kinetic Orb Cannon. You'll blast through it with     
ease. When you get down again, you'll land near a tunnel. Roll through it  
and you will eventually roll out near a door. Go through this next door    
without falling off the ledge.                                           

Temple Transport A                
Scan the nearby Scan console to activate the hologram for the elevator. Step
inside it.                                                               

Temple Transport A                
After exiting the elevator, simply jump over some platforms and out the far 
door of the room.                                                          

Transport A Access               
Logbook Creatures Scan:Sandbat

As soon as you enter the room a huge swarm of Sandbats will fly out of a  
hole and for the exit. You can try to Scan them, but I find it near       
impossible. Just avoid them, you'll get the Scan not too far from now      
anyways. Head along the left wall until you see a hole in it. Use the Morph
Ball to squeeze through and to find a Save Station. Save your game, then   
exit out of the small alcove. Go through the other door in the room you    
haven't used yet.                                                        

Temple Sanctuary                
Logbook Creatures Scan:Alpha Splinter
Logbook Creatures Scan:Dark Alpha Splinter
-6 Dark Splinter Pack
-Alpha Splinter
-Dark Alpha Splinter

Enter into the center of this room, and force fields will apear around you,
preventing your depearture. 6 Dark Splinter will hatch out and drop to the 
floor, and you will begin this Boss Battle. Kill each Dark Splinter. They  
aren't very hard. One Charge Beam and a few Power Beam shots disposes of  
one Dark Splinter. Keep Strafing around to avoid being rammed by them. Also,
keep an eye on the radar so you don't Strafe into one, as that's bad unless
you wanna lose Energy. Quickly kill all six Dark Splinters without taking   
much damage.                                                              

After defeating all six Splinters, a huge Splinter will hatch out of a large
cocoon and drop down. This is an Alpha Splinter, the only one in the game. 
be sure to Scan him! This is where you will take a ton of damage. Feed all 
of your Missiles into him, then keep using Charge Beams. Every five or so   
seconds he will Jump at you, then leap back to the center of the arena.    
This attack deals a lot of damage! Its hard to keep Strafing and avoid him. 
He is quite unpredictible. Once you've dealt enough damage, a large vortex 
will appear.                                                             

Dark energy will flow from the vortex, right into the Alpha Splinter. It will
then be transformed into a Dark Alpha Splinter, also a 1-Time-Scan. It will 
attack just like a normal Dark Splinter, except with a new attack. It will 
gather some green energy, then spit it at you. It will then jump at you,   
then turn around and repeat this process. Keep your distance, and keep     
Strafing. You shouldn't take any damage, or at least little damage in this  
part. Simply depleat his health bar and he will finally die. A weird blue  
ball of energy will come out of him. Pick it up.                          

***Unknown Technology Aquired!***

Unknown eh? Oh well. We'll find out what is is shortly. Apparently this item
isn't a bad thing, nor useful as of now. It didn't do anything to your Varia
Suit, so let's not worry. All the exits have been sealed up except one. Go 
through that door.                                                        

Controller Transport                
Yet another elevator. Scan the hard to miss Scan console to activate the  
hologram. Step inside to ride the transport to the top, then proceed out the
door there.                                                               

Main Energy Controller                
Logbook Lore Scan:Origins
Logbook Research Scan:Energy Controller
Logbook Research Scan:U-Mos

Step inside the room to have a conversation with the last remaining Luminoth,
U-Mos. He'll tell you the story about what the **** has happened to this   
planet in detail. Apparently, the Ing were born when a Phazon Meteor crashed
into the planet. And they have killed off most of the Luminoth, with a few  
remaining under the watch of U-Mos.                                         

After the conversation, your Energy will be fully healed, and you will     
recieve the Violet translator. You can now Scan any Violet colored holograms
to open doors and get Logbook Scans. Let's test that out right now hmm?    
Nearby the door back to the elevator is a Violet hologram. Scan it and it'll
dissappear. Also, Scan U-Mos and the Energy Controller behind him, then go 
back to the elevator.                                                    

Controller Transport                
Rush into the elevator hologram and ride it down, then head out the door   
once there.                                                               

Temple Sanctuary                
All the doors are locked by colored holograms...except one of those is    
Violet, and were able to open those doors. Scan it to lower it, then exit 
out the door behind it.                                                  

Transport B Access                
Logbook Creatures Scan:Lightflyer

This is a pretty short room. The flying pieces of light are enemies, and   
will hurt you. Scan them, then proceed through the room and outside the    
other door.                                                              

Temple Transport B                
We've done this many times over. Scan the nearby console then ride the    
elevator down.                                                            

Temple Transport B                
Walk out the door.                                                       

Temple Assembly Site                
War Wasps have now appeared in this room. Ignore them as they won't cause  
much damage. Head straight for the door on the other side of the room.     
Before you get there you should see a Red Missile Door on the right side.  
Break it open.                                                            

Storage Cavern B                
Energy Tank:Sitting in the middle of the room

This is a very tiny room. The only purpose is to hold that ENERGY TANK. Grab

Temple Assembly Site                
With an extra 100 Energy under our belts, we'll be able to survive longer. 
Go right from the Storage Cavern B door, avoiding the Dark Splinters along 
the way.                                                                  

Collapsed Tunnel                
Get into Morph Ball mode and roll through to the other door.              

Industrial Site                
Logbook Lore Scan:J-Fme's Testament

Near the middle of the room is a large Violet translator door. Scan it to  
make it lower, then Scan the dead Luminoth near where it was, then head out 
the door.                                                                 

Agon Transport Access                
Its a pretty cool room...being a long glass cylinder...but there's nothing 
of intrest in here, so ignore it and move on to the end of it avoiding the 
lone Kralee.                                                             

Transport to Agon Wastes                
Logbook Lore Scan:Our Heritage
Missile Expansion:Behind some webling near the elevator

A pretty small room. First off, Scan the nearby Scan console to make the   
hologram for the elevator active. Don't go in it just yet. Head to the left
of the elevator until you see some webbing in the wall, much like you saw   
near the beginning of the game. Destroy the green sac to get rid of the    
webbing, revealing the path to a MISSILE EXPANSION. Head to the left a little
more, near the ledge to nowhere, and you should see a spinnning Luminoth   
Lore projector. Scan the Lore, then head for the elevator. If you are the  
suicidal type, Jump off the ledge to lose 10 Energy as much as you want. I  
don't care :)                                                 

|                                                                          |
|                                                                          |
|                           ~Agon Wastes~                                  |
|                                                                          |
|                                                                          |

Transport to Temple Grounds                
Logbook Research Scan:Agon Bearerpod

Nothing here. Near the back walls are spiky plants. They won't hurt, but 
its a Scan. Go out the door.                                             

Plaza Access                
Logbook Research Scan:Sandgrass
Logbook Creatures Scan:Lumite

This is another tiny room. There are some new enemies on the walls for more 
Scans. Also, the grass in this room is another Scan. Exit out by the far   

Mining Plaza                
Logbook Creatures Scan:Sandigger

Walk into the newer Agon Wastes. What a desolate, empty desert. You'll be   
spending some time here, so get used to it. Walk forwards and a Sandigger 
will emerge from the ground. Avoid him, and run for the ledge straight    
ahead. Get up on it, and shoot off the Missile Gate, then enter the door   
that's revealed.                                                           

Save Station A                
Logbook Research Scan:Blueroot Tree

Head forwards into the room to find a Save Station to save your game and   
restore your energy. Once that is done, get on the ledges behind the Save  
Station and find a small hole in the wall. Get into Morph Ball mode and    
roll through. You'll be on the sandstream running in this room, so hold the 
direction opposite the stream is going. Eventually you will get out onto   
the other side. Get out of the Morph Ball and search around with the Scan  
Visor for a blue tree which is a new Scan. Once your done, roll out to the 
other end again and out the door.                                         

Mining Plaza                
From the Save Station's A door, head right now. Look up in the sky for    
Sandbats. If you missed their Scan earlier (And I'm sure you did), Scan them
now. A Sandigger will appear out of the ground. Ignore him if you can, or  
shoot Charge Beams in his face. Go over to the far edge and start heading  
up the series of platforms on the wall, continually going higher. Keep    
going until you come to a gap you can't jump across. There should be a tall
pillar nearby. Break its base with a Missile to form a bridge. Head across 
it and keep going. Eventually you will shortly come to another gap, with   
another pillar. Do what you did before and break it with a Missile for     
another bridge. Continue to follow the linear path until you reach a short 
gap with the next platform a bit lower than you. You can jump to it. Do so 
and head out the nearby door.                                            

Mining Station Access                
There is some stuff in here..but we can't reach it yet. Continue on through 
to the next door.                                                        

Mining Station A                
Logbook Creatures Scan:Brizgee
Logbook Creatures Scan:Pirate Trooper

Once you enter this room you will see several Space Pirates walking around.
They will notice you and you will get attacked. Hit the Space Pirates with 
some Charge Beams, but remember to Scan one of them first. Head over to the 
far ledges of the room and start climbing up them. Eventually you will see a
small creature moving in circles. Scan him. If you wanna kill him, shoot the
Brizgee with a Missile then 3 Power Beam shots. Anyways, jump up the      
platforms and you will have to cross the middle of the room. Use the       
platforms given to you to cross. Keep going to the left until you reach a   
Missile door. Break the door open with...a Missile! Once its open, proceed  
through it.                                                             

Temple Access                
Logbook Creatures Scan:Shriekbat

This room is pretty tiny. Go through and Scan one of the Shriekbats on the 
ceilings before they attack you and suicide themselves. Either way, exit 
through the other door.                                                 

Agon Temple                
Logbook Creatures Scan:Alpha Sandigger
Logbook Creatures Scan:Bomb Guardian
-Bomb Guardian

Hmm...the Agon Temple. More like a colosseum, without the tall walls.      
Well, start off by going into the center of the Temple. The doors will all 
lock and you'll be stuck here. A Sandigger will pop out of the ground. He's
an Alpha Sandigger, the only one. He looks like a normal one though...but  
don't be decieved. After about 10 seconds, the Ing will possess the        
Alpha Sandigger and turn it into the Bomb Guardian. Scan him too. The Bomb 
Guardian will continually spew Morph Ball Bombs from its shiny pink tail.  
It will occasionally just decide to ram you because it can. It can also send
a bazzilion Bomb around the field too. Bombs deal 10 damage to you, and    
touching the Bomb Guardian does about 25 damage to you. In order to       
actually hurt the Bomb Guardian, you must stun it first. Do so by Locking  
On to its pink tail, then Strafing behind it. Use a Charge Beam shot on its 
tail. If one hits him, follow up with a few Power Beam shots to it and he   
will be stunned. If Charge Beams don't work, use some Missiles. When he's   
stunned, Strafe around to his head, and Lock On to it. Pop a Charge Beam   
for the most effectiveness to his health bar. The Bomb Guardian will get  
pissed, then the battle will resume like normal. It never gets any harder. 
Simply repeat the above steps 3-4 more times until the Bomb Guardian finally
dies. He will leave behind the Morph Ball Bombs, so grab them.             
Now, use your Bombs to break the large Blue gates blocking your exit. Go    
through the only Blue Door in this room you haven't been through yet. Ready 
for the next Mission?

                   ~Mission 4:To the Space Jump Boots!~
Mission Difficulty:**/*****
Mission Objective:Its not a very long mission to be honest. You will now   
first venture into Dark Aether, and your life will officially be a living  
hell. Another upgrade, with another boss. Hopefully your ready for this bad

Controller Access                
Boring room. Put the Bomb in the slot and turn it all around! You'll find out
when it happens...                                                         

Agon Energy Controller                
Logbook Lore Scan:Saving Aether

Near the back left corner of the Agon Energy Controller you will find an   
orange hologram. Scan it to begin a cutscene. The Sentinal of this Temple   
died in war, blah blah blah we get the deal. He died. Woo hoo. He will give 
you the Amber translation files once done with his stupid speech. Before   
leaving the room, check behind the walls for an Amber hologram for a new  
Logbook Scan.                                                          

Controller Access                
Just do what you did several seconds ago and Bomb to lone Slot in here and  
proceed back to....                                                       

Agon Temple                
Nothing new has appeared here. Head all the way to the other side and through
the door there.                                                           

Temple Access                
Once again, there isn't anything of intrest. Proceed through back to Mining 
Station A.                                                                

Mining Station A                
Logbook Lore Scan:Cataclysm

When you re-enter this room again, turn slightly to the left until you see  
a metal wiring overpass above you. There is a spinning Lore in there, and  
you can Scan it safely from your point, so do so. Head to the left from here
until you reach an Amber door between sand waterfalls (Sandfalls?). Go inside
the door.                                                               

Sand Cache                
Missile Expansion:Sitting in the middle of the room

Enter the tiny room and grab the MISSILE EXPANSION sitting there in the     
middle of the room.                                                      

The next few rooms are a side-track mission to get an Energy Tank and the 
Map of Agon Wastes. Both will definately come in handy later. If you don't  
feel like getting these items, skip the indented section and goto the Mining
Station A description.                                                   

Mining Station A                
Not taking Side-Mission:By entering this room from Sand Cache, check your   
Map. There should be a door right below yours. Drop down off the ledge and 
go inside the nearby door. This will lead to Portal Access A. This room is  
covered after the indented section, so just skip down a few paagraphs to  

Taking Side-Mission:From Sand Cache, enter this room and fall to the bottom. 
We've been through this room before, and that being Mining Station Access. 
Look for the opening at the bottom of the room,then walk through to the    
next room.                                                                  

       Mining Station Access                
       Energy Tank:Upper area of room accessed by Kinetic Orb Cannon
       Start off by naturally entering Morph Ball mode and rolling to the  
       middle of the tunnel. Break the Sandstone block with a Bomb to drop 
       down to a Kinectic Orb Cannon. It will launch you up to a higher area
       where an ENERGY TANK is just sitting there for you to obtain. Grab it
       then fall back down to the bottom. Roll out of the room via the left 
       side path.                                                      

       Mining Plaza                
       Logbook Lore Scan:Paradise

       Walk straight ahead, and across the nearby rock bridge to pretty    
       much the center of this room. You will find a Luminoth Lore Projector
       on a wall, so Scan that for a new Logbook Scan. Next, drop down to the
       bottom of the room and find a large Amber translator door. Scan it   
       open to reveal a hole behind it. Roll into the hole and follow it    
       through to...                                                       

       Agon Map Station                
       Walk into the Map Station and step into the hologram to download the 
       Map for the Agon Wastes region. Nicely done. Seems like there's a    
       huge section just waiting to be explored, right? Exit out of this    

       Mining Plaza                
       Now we get to re-climb to the top of this room again! What fun! Do it
       like before by Jumping around the walls of the room, then across the 
       several bridges you made a little while ago. Once you have crosses   
       the few bridges and gaps, you will finally reach the door. Go through
       it, duh!                                                           

       Mining Station Access               
       Nothing of intrest. Just roll through.                              

       Mining Station A                
       You've reached back where you started-Mining Station A. Go forwards 
       and jump onto the only ledge you can reach. The first door you come to
       leads to Portal Access A, the room we want. It is surrounded by some 
       blue plants. Hard to miss.                                          

Portal Access A                
Missile Expansion:Behind the dead Luminoth on the other side of the room past
the cannons.                                                            

A short, simple room. Start off by going into Morph Ball mode and rolling   
into the Kinetic Orb Cannon. You will get flung up to the higher area of the
structure, where you just need to roll through a tunnel to fall down to the 
other side of the room. Once there, roll behind the dead Luminoth warrior to
pick up a MISSILE EXPANSION. Once your all done, exit through the door near
the Luminoth.                                                            

Portal Terminal                
Logbook Lore Scan:Light of Aether
Logbook Research Scan:Dark Portal
Logbook Creatures Scan:Dark Pirate Trooper
Logbook Creatures Scan:Pillbug

Once you enter the room, the music will change to the Pirate ambush music. 
Two Space Pirates will be walking around the center of the Portal Terminal. 
Kill them both off with a few Charge Power Beam shots. A few more Pirate   
Troopers will drop down, then the Ing will appear out of nowhere and possess
them, turning into Dark Pirate Troopers. They are a new Scan, so Scan them 
for sure. They are much stronger than usual Pirate Troopers, so try to     
keep your distance. Once they are all dead, a Bomb Slot will activate near  
the rear of the room. First before doing so, go to the left side of the ramp
to find a Luminoth Lore projector. Scan the Amber hologram for a new Logbook

Next off, go back to the front of the ramp and proceed up it. You will find a
strange looking device, and right near it the Bomb Slot. Activate the Bomb 
Slot, and that will trigger the activation of a nearby elevator machine.   
Put your Morph Ball into the machine and ride upwards. You will appear on a 
small path. Roll through until your path is blocked, then place a Bomb. Some
sand will turn a mirror around, and will create a platform to the other side
of the room where you will need to repeat this process for another mirror to
get locked into place, then the final mirror won't be too far away. Once you
have activated all three mirrors, a powerful beam of light will shine through
and hit the machine. The machine, which is a Portal Device, is now active. 
Before going to it, look at the right side of the room for some moving     
enemies, which are Pillbugs. Scan them, then head for the Portal Device and 
Scan the red button on its lower left side. A Dark Portal, worth another    
Logbook Scan will appear. Walk inside of it to really be transported to Dark 
Aether for the first time.                                                

|                                                                          |
|                                                                          |
|                           ~Dark Agon Wastes~                             |
|                                                                          |
|                                                                          |

Portal Site                
Logbook Research Scan:Light Crystal
Logbook Research Scan:Light Beacon
Logbook Research Scan:Bladepod
Logbook Research Scan:Light Portal

Welcome to your first offical expedition upon Dark Aether! For some more   
Logbook Scans, Scan the little red button on the Portal Device to create a 
Portal to Light Aether. Don't go in it, but Scan it. ALl over this room you
can find several kinda tall black storage containers strewn around the room.
Also, its time to bring on the bad news. Dark Aether's atmosphere is       
basically a rain of hell upon your Suit. When your not in the protective   
Light Sheilds, you will take a ton of damage. Not good. Scan the Crystals   
and Beacons that are creating those fields. Walk quickly and fall from your
ledge down to a Light Crystal zone. You will see a small ball of light     
slightly ahead.                                                            

That is a Light Beacon. It has the same effects as a Light Crystal, but must
be hit by any weapon to function for about 20 seconds. Hit the Beacon then
run for it. When your there, turn to the left and run for the Bomb Slot    
nearby in another protective Light Shield. Activate the Bomb Slot, which   
will raise a piece of the wall here, and in the same place on Aether. Nice.
Proceed through the door.                                                 

Logbook Creatures Scan:Inglet

Run through this room quickly, activating all Light Beacons to sheild you  
when you see them. Small black blobs sometimes form into Inglets, and    
annoying enemy who likes to constantly hurt you. That bastard! Run through 
without too much damage.                                                  

Save Station 2                
Its a long way to the actual Save Station. Since your gonna get your Energy
back anyways, just quickly run through the enemies and atmosphere until you
reach the Save Station. Save your game of course and then proceed out the  
nearby door.                                                              

Duelling Range                
Logbook Creatures Scan:Lightbringer
Logbook Creatures Scan:Warrior Ing

Head into the room and shoot the Light Beacon quickly to avoid a lot of    
damage. Turn left, and you will see an open range with a Light Crystal     
field on it. Quickly run over there, and you will be confronted with a     
Warrior Ing. Get the new Scan, then I suggest running away. He is very    
strong and your weapons won't cause much damage. Keep running straight     
and up around the platforms around the room. This room is very similar to 
Mining Plaza. There are several small creatures making Light fields all on 
their own. They are a new Scan, Lightbringers, and are impossible to      
obtain after leaving this room. So Scan now! Exit out the very top door of 
the room.                                                                 

Junction Site                
Nothing here. Go out the other side of the room.                           

Judgement Pit                
Logbook Creatures Scan:Jump Guardian

Jump Guardian

Now for the finale of the fourth mission, the Jump Guardian. Get into the  
Light Crystal field in the middle of the room, and the battle will begin.   
The Jump Guardian isn't very nice, but plays like an ordinary Warrior Ing 
with the power to jump high. Whenever it jumps form a high height, a large
shockwave will get produced and deals some damage to you, so jump over it.  
Right before jumping, the Jump Guardian is invulnerable. Once the Jump     
Guardian is down to about 1/4th of his life, he will be jumping around a ton,
but won't produce shockwaves. This will get very annoying, but be patient.  
Other then that just keep blasting him with Charge Beam shots until he     
'splodes. Grab the Space Jump Boots that appear after the defeat of the    
Jump Guardian.                                        

Our job for now is done here on Dark Aether. Space Jump onto the high      
platform near the Light Crystal and you'll find a door on the left. Go     
through it. However, before doing so let's make our life easier for a little
while. Go around the platforms quickly to reach the top of the room. You may
think you have reached dead ends, but your Space Jump can reach high ledges.
Go through the top door now.                                              


              ~Mission 5:The Dark Hunter Hides the Dark Beam~
Mission Difficulty:***/*****
Mission Objective:Time to get a new Beam! Its a long winding journey, as    
you would expect. You will only see one whopping Save Station on this      
trek. Lucky you. Conserve your Energy, because it is finally time to raid the
Space Pirate base!                                                         

Dark Agon Temple Access                
A simple room. Make your way to the other side of the room. You may get stuck
by some invisible barrier. Its just a plant. Simply jump over it incase that
happens to you.                                                           

Dark Agon Temple                
Wow. Spacious room resembling....! Agon Temple? The big bad boss of Dark Agon
Wastes is in this room, but in order to access him you need to collect 3 Dark
Temple Keys. Aww....well, Scanning the podium infront of you tells you that 
front off. Head left quickly, avoiding too much damage and through the next 
door you will find.                                                      

Trial Tunnel                
Dark Agon Temple Key 3:Sitting there in this very tiny room

Trial Tunnel is the smallest room in the Metroid Prime series. Seriously,  
as soon as you enter the room your looking at what your supposed to obtain. 
Grab DARK AGON TEMPLE KEY 3. Now, we only need 2 Keys to open the Temple.   
Go back to Dark Agon Temple.                                                

Dark Agon Temple                
There is still nothing of intrest here. Ignore the Temple and proceed back to
Dark Agon Temple Access.                                                   

Dark Agon Temple Access                
Head through to Judgement Pit.                                              

Judgement Pit                
Jump down to the bottom of the room, then back up the nearby ledge. Go     
through the first blue door you come by.                                   

Portal Access                
There's no Light Crystals here. Your taking tons of damage quickly, so we 
need to run through. Charge up your Power Beam, then fire it at the       
Lightflyer. He will die and produce a temperory Light shield for about 10   
seconds. Run through, then out the door across on the other side of the    

Portal Site                
As soon as you enter this room several Dark Pirate Troopers will attack you.
You will take too much damage, and too fast. Quickly Space Jump up the     
platform that leads to the Portal Device, and activate via Scanning the red 
button. Jump through the portal!                                           

Portal Terminal                
As soon as you re-appear on Light Aether, three more normal Pirate Troopers 
will appear and start trying to hurt you. Morph Ball through them towards  
the back left of the room. There was a gate here, but we moved it when we 
were on Dark Aether. Let's not think how on earth that happened, and just   
go through the door.                                                      

Transport Center                
Missile Expansion:Activate the Bomb Slot to lower the gate, which will reveal
the Expansion.                                                             

Enter this room and you'll see a half-pipe type structure. You can't do    
anything with it so forget about it. Activate the Bomb Slot with a Bomb to 
lower the nearby gate, which will reveal a path to a MISSILE EXPANSION. It
also reveals a door. This door leads to Save Station A. I highly reccomend 
you use it. If you do, roll through the tunnel near the actual Save Station
and through the door back to this room. After that head bnack through to   
Portal Terminal.                                                          

Portal Terminal                
There's only one Space Pirate patrolling this room, but will call down     
several more if he spots you. As long as you stay close to the wall he will
never see you. Go to the only other door in this room, which leads to Portal
Access A.                                                                 

Portal Access A                
Nothing new will ever appear hop in the Kinetic Orb Cannon and go 
through the other door in the room.                                        

Mining Station A                
Head to the left from the door, and follow the platforms and jumps around 
the room with ease until you reach the top of the room, least    
close to it. You'll see a huge "sandfall" to the right eventually, and a   
small statue infront of it. Jump ontop of the statue, then to the left of the
sandfall is an opening in the wall. Space Jump over there and you will appear
in a small wireing room. There is a Scan Console in here. Scanning it will  
open the sand gates infront of the statue revealing...a door! Scan the Lore 
nearby if you haven't already, then head back to the statue and Space Jump  
to the door.                                                              

Central Station Access                
In this thin room you will see two Space Pirates below a short ledge. Nearby
them are a few blue containers. Shoot the containers with 3 shots, and they
will explode. Badly. The Space Pirates will slaughtered mecilessly. Proceed 

Central Mining Station                
Logbook Research Scan:Viligence Class Turret
Logbook Research Scan:Pirate Skiff

As soon as you enter the room, several Pirate Troopers will begin attacking 
you. Kill them all with your Charge Beam shots, and keep avoiding their    
attacks too! After they die, three more Pirate Troopers will appear. Kill  
them off the way you did before. After that, two last Pirate Troopers will  
take command of 2 Viligence Class Turrets. This is your ONLY chance to Scan 
them, so do so if you want. Kill them off quickly, because the Turret's    
blasts can quickly deplete 75 Energy a pop. Once they have finally exploded,
the energy bars blocking the far door of the room will be released. Head  
through the door, but look far to the right of it to find some carrier type 
things. These are Pirate Skiff's, good for another Logbook Scan. Do so and 
move through the door.                                                    

Command Center Access                
The only door in this room (Besides the door you came from) is a Dark door, 
requiring the Dark Beam to open. You don't have that yet. However, there are
some cracks in the flooring. Use a Morph Ball Bomb on one of them to fall  
through. Break some crates with Bombs to reveal a tunnel, which spits you  
out in the.....

Command Center                
Missile Expansion:A right-hand path in the Morph Ball maze.

Logbook Lore Scan:Log 44681
Logbook Lore Scan:Log 48853
Logbook Lore Scan:Log 50086
Logbook Lore Scan:Log 54421
Logbook Lore Scan:Log 62217
Logbook Research Scan:Aether
Logbook Research Scan:Dark Aether

...Command Center. You will be under the flooring, in a rather big, but    
straightforward Morph Ball Maze. The really stupid Space Pirates can't see 
you, but you can see them. A group of Pirate Commandoes are standing around,
but soon enter a Dark Portal. Let's not worry about them. Roll through the  
tunnel, avoiding the electrical shocks until you see a path going to the    
right. Follow it until you reach a dead end that contains a MISSILE EXPANSION
just sitting there. Go back to the split junction and continue forwards.   
Avoid more electrical cuurents until you make your way out of the maze, then
go back to normal form.                                                    

Once your out, several Space Pirates will attack you. Kill them all with   
several Charge Beam shots. Flip on your Scan Visor and begin Scanning     
everything in this room. There is a ton of things you can Scan. The two   
holographic planets of Aether and Dark Aether can be Scanned, and a lot of 
the tablets surrounding them can be added to your Logbook too. Once all the 
above listings have been added to your Logbook, head to the right corner of 
the room and Scan a Scan Console to activate a nearby elevator. Ride it to 
the top, then follow the obvious path around until you reach a blue door. A 
Pirate Trooper nearby will begin attacking you, but just ignore him and    
proceed through the door.                                                

Security Station B                
Logbook Lore Scan:Log 70136

As soon as you enter this room a few gates appear and something drops to 
the ground. Its Dark Samus! She'll stare at you for a few seconds then phase 
through the gates. You can't go through them yet....however, head to the   
right and through the nearby Missile Door. You will be in a little overhang 
in the Control Center. Kill the Pirate Trooper here, then Scan a nearby Scan
Console. It will open a huge gate, which reveals a door behind it. Head back
out to Control Center.                                                    

Command Center                
Jump down from the high platform and work your way over to the door that was
just revealed. Kill any extra Pirate Troopers that you may have missed from
a little while ago.                                                       

Biostorage Access                
Logbook Research Scan:Humility Class Turret

Two Turrets will appear from the ceiling and begin shooting at you. Pop some
Missiles into both of them to destroy them. Proceed through three laser    
fields, and be sure not to hit them. If one passes through you, 50 Space   
Pirates will fight you to the death. Narf, just kidding! You just take a   
little damage. No pressure. Proceed quickly through the door that isn't far 

Biostorage Station                
Logbook Lore Scan:Log 63622
Logbook Creatures Scan:Tallon Metroid

A Pirate Skiff will quickly enter the scene in this room and will drop off 
a few Pirate Troopers. Blast aay all of their asses with a few Charge Beam 
shots. Once that has been done, head over to the left corner of the room 
and Scan a nearby Scan Console to activate an elevator. Ride it up to the  
upper reaches of the room. Here you will see many tanks with Tallon Metroids
in them. They can't hurt you, so stare at them and laugh. The only Scannable
Tallon Metroids are ones who are in a larger tank, sucking energy out of a 
Space Pirate. You can't miss it. Scan to your desire, and the Log near the 
door, then proceed through that door.                                     

Security Station A                
Go inside the Bomb Slot and activate to switch the path of the room. Why the
hell Retro puts these incredibly useless rooms in the game that wastes our 
time (and patience) is far beyond me. Whatever. Stay calm, and proceed out  
the new door.                                                             

Bioenergy Production                
Energy Tank:On a high ledge on accessible via the storage units. See the    
explanation below.

Logbook Lore Scan:Pirate Aerotrooper

As soon as you enter the room the doors will lock and two Pirate Aerotroopers
will start attacking you. Shoot them down with Charge Beam shots until they
both die. Killing them both not only opens the doors, but also turns on a  
Scan Console so you can Scan it. Head to the left towards the Command Area,
and you'll see a glowing panel. Scan it and three storage unit stacks will 
rise from the ground. Head over to the other side of the room with the other
Control Area. There are three "Stations" you could call it, each with two  
panels. The left one makes the storage units go up, and the other makes them
go down. The Stations are aligned with the storage units they operate. So, 
let's begin.                                                               

Go all the way to the right station and Scan the right panel three times to
make three storage units lower. Then head to the middle Station and Scan the
right panel once to lower two storage units. Go to the leftern Station and 
Scan the right panel once to lower one Storage unit. A stairway is now formed
with the storage units. Climb them to the top with Space Jumps and you will 
find an ENERGY TANK. Go back to the bottom and reverse the platforms. Keep 
the middle platforms the same, but reverse the orders of the left and right
Station platforms. This will form a stairway to the door at the top of the 
room. Go through it.                                                      

Ventilation Area B                
You will enter this room, and all there is is a large Morph Ball tunnel.    
Enter and you will find two laser beams blocking your way. Its impossible to
go through them. Sucks right? Well, we must go the long way around. It is  
only one way and there isn't much skill involved. Just keep Bomb-Jumping and
hiding away from the laser beams that appear every few seconds. Bomb any   
objects that get in your way. Eventually you will reach the other side and 
the lasers that were once blocking your way are offline forever. Exit out 
the door nearby.                                                           

Save Station C                
Logbook Lore Scan:Log 67135

Enter through the broken glass and [finally] Save your game. Near the Save  
Station is a new Logbook Scan. Are you ready for a boss battle? Good. Exit  
out the other door in the room.                                           

Sand Processing                
Drop to the bottom of the room and destroy the two turrets. Blast a Missile 
at the cracked wall, to destroy it, then follow the thin path to the next   

Main Reactor                
Logbook Lore Scan:B-Stl's Testament
Logbook Research Scan:Phazon
Logbook Creatures Scan:Dark Samus 1

Dark Samus 

Turn left once you enter the room, then drop off the ledge to the right once
you see it. You will drop to the bottom of the reactor, and Dark Samus will
stop gathering Phazon and engage you in battle. Yay. Let's kick her ass!   
She will continually move around on the ground, sometimes very quickly and 
mess up your Lock-On. When she begins to charge her beam, hide behind a    
pillar to avoid damage. Keep using Charge Beam shots against her-Shooting a 
Missile makes her put up a shield simply deflecting it. Once you have      
depleated half of her life, she will begin to glow. Whenever she leaps high 
into the air, hide behind the center pillar. Every other pillar can be      
destroyed by her ram. While in the air, she is invincible. When she lands 
she will be crouched down. When she starts moving again you are able to keep
attacking her. Its a pretty easy battle, just avoid all of her attacks and  
you will win with ease.                                                    

Once she dies, Dark Samus will explode. Don't think that's the last of her  
though. Several tanks will explode down here. Scan them for the Phazon     
Logbook entry, then head to the left side of the room where an elevator will
be active. Once you reach the top, turn around and Scan the dead Luminoth 
for another Scan. Once your all done here, head through the blue door near 
the elevator.                                                              

Storage D                
Logbook Lore Scan:Log 69898

Once you enter the room, Scan the tablet near you for a new Logbook entry.
Grab the Dark Beam in the center of the room. It starts with a whopping 50  
Ammo. Use one shot to open the Dark door and to get out this really smoking
and small room.                                                           

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Retro Studios & Nintendo-For creating this masterpiece of a game