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How to Catch the Regis hint for Pokemon Sapphire

How to Catch the Regis

To do this cheat you will need a relicanth, (found in the grass outside the entrance to Sootopolis) wailord, (you can catch a wailmer practically anywhere in the sea with a good rod while surfing), a Pokemon with dive and a Pokemon with dig. (You can get this tm from the Fossil Maniacs brother located just west of Fallabour town) Fly to Pacifidlog and travel west to route 132. Surf down to the bottom of the route but do not go on the currents yet. Now that you are at the bottom surf west further and catch the currents to a shallow water island with a bit of sand. On this island there should be a trainer Black Belt Kiyo. Battle him (optional) and then surf off the back of this island towards another shallow-water island. Make your way to the back of this island and surf off the back. The currents should carry you to an open clearing with two girl swimmers. (Swimmer Debra and Swimmer Linda) Take the currents onto another shallow-water island littered with rocks. Walk to the very bottom of the island and use surf on the currents. The currents should carry you to yet another shallow water island. (I know there are a lot of them).

Now that you are on this island go STRAIGHT ahead. Just walk straight ahead and surf of the back of this island. You should be carried to a clearing with a dive spot in the middle. Use dive. You should be in a lit underwater room with a cave entrance on the wall. Go through this to a dark underwater cavern.

Follow this cavern to the end. On one of the cavern walls ‘Dive Up’ will be written in Braille. (Letters for the blind represented by dots)Talk to the Braille and then use dive. You should be in a room called the ‘Sealed chamber’. In the sealed chamber there will be heaps of slabs of rock with Braille all over them.

(I haven’t had the time to translate this yet but I think this is either the Braille alphabet in order or the story of the Regi’s) Walk to the far end of the room. On the wall there will be written in Braille ‘Dig Here’. Talk to the Braille and then use dig. A hole will appear were the Braille was.

Walk through this into another chamber. Like the room before this slabs of rock inscribed with Braille are scattered throughout this room. (Yet again I haven’t had the time to decode this either) At the end of this room there is a rock jutting out from the edge of the wall.

Etched onto this rock (in Braille) is a message that reads relicanth first, wailord last or something like that. Put your relicanth in the front of your party and your wailord at the end. Talk to the Braille. The ground will rumble like an earthquake and a message will come up saying ‘It sounded like doors opening far away’. You have now opened the Regi’s chambers!



To catch this one-of-a-kind rock Pokemon, fly to Lavaridge. Walk east off the ledge of this town into route 112 keep on going past route 111 till you get to the desert. Go south while in the desert. You should pass Ruin Maniac Dusty. Keep on going till you find a clump of rocks with a cave entrance.

Enter the cave. You should be in an empty room with some Braille printed on the opposite side of the wall. Walk to the Braille and read it. Then walk 2 steps south and 2 steps east (or two steps south 3 steps east, I can’t remember).

Use strength and the Braille will crack open to reveal a camber with Regirock inside. Walk up to him, SAVE! And then talk to him. He will be on level 40 and will know the moves:

Rock Throw
Super Power
Ancient Power

The best way to catch Regirock is to weaken him with a water or ice Pokemon around lv30. Then put him to sleep with a move like yawn or grasswhistle. Keep on throwing Ultra Balls and hope for the best.

Pokedex entry for sapphire:
REGIROCK’s body is composed entirely of rocks. Recently, a study made the startling discovery that the rocks were all unearthed from different locations.



To get this legendary steel Pokemon, fly to Fortree. From there travel east to route 120 you should pass Lady Clarissa. Keep on going till you reach the end of the route. Now make your way downwards to the bottom of route 120. You should pass Trainers:
Bird Keeper Robert, Bird Keeper Colin, Parasol Lady Angelica, Ninja Boy Tsunao, Cool Trainer Jennifer, Pokemon Ranger Jenna, Pokemon Ranger Carlos and Bug Maniac Brendon.

Now travel west and you should come to a flight of stairs leading to a platform with a pond. Keep on walking north after you have climbed the stairs. You should pass through a patch of long grass. Ninja Boy Keigo will confront you. Keep on going through the grass and you should come to another flight of stairs leading to a platform with Ruin Maniac Chip and a large clump of rocks with a cave entrance.

Enter through the cave entrance and you should be in a cave much like that of Regirock’s. There will be Braille on the opposite end of the room. Talk to the Braille then walk to the centre of the room and use fly. The Braille will crack to make a cave entrance. Enter the cave to find an idle Registeel. Walk up to him and SAVE. Talk to him and give it your all at battling him. He is on level 40 and has these moves:

Metal Claw
Super Power
Ancient Power

The easiest way to catch Registeel is to whittle down his health to a red sliver with either a fire or ground type Pokemon around lv30. Then use stun spore or another related move to paralyze him. Registeel was a lot harder to catch than regirock so just keep your fingers crossed and those Ultra Balls coming.

Pokedex entry for sapphire:
REGISTEEL was imprisoned by people in ancient times.
The metal composing it's body is thought to be of a curious substance that is not of this earth.


To obtain this super-strong ice legendary, fly to Petalburg. From there, travel west to route 104. Use surf into the water that makes up route 104. Swim south to route 105. Keep on swimming south past Swimmer Dawn and Swimmer Beverly.

Keep to the right side of this route and eventually an island made of sand with a lot of trees on it will come into view. If you have passed swimmer Luis, you have gone too far. Land on this tree filled sand island. On the other side of this island is Ruin Maniac Foster.

Battle him (optional again) and then surf off the other side of the island. Once you are surfing, make your way north past Swimmer Austin. Keep on going until you come to another clump of rocks with a cave entrance. Walk into the cave entrance. You will encounter yet another room like in Registeel and Regirock’s chambers. Talk to the Braille at the end of the room.

Press A so that the Braille dots are not covering the screen. Now don’t pres any button. You have to wait for 3-5 minuets and the door just opens by itself. Just be patient and wait. When the door opens, walk through the door into Regice’s chamber. Walk up to him and SAVE! Regice like the other Regis is on level 40 and he knows the moves:

Icy Wind
Super Power
Ancient Power

Again I suggest a lv30 Pokemon with a type advantage such as a fighting or fire type. After that paralyze or put him to sleep with a move like thunder wave or sing. Regice is the hardest of all the Regis. Be wary of the fact that if Regice runs out of pp, he will start using struggle which damages himself. This is very annoying because you weaken it to a red sliver and then he kills himself with struggle. It took me 4 tries to catch him so be prepared for a long fight. Just keep them Ultra Balls coming.

Pokedex entry for sapphire:
REGICE cloaks itself with frigid air of negative 328 degrees F.
Things will freeze solid just by going near this POKEMON.
Its icy body is so cold, it will not melt even if it is immersed in hot magma.

Written by: Fusion_Blastiose

Personal Note: This is the only way to catch Regice, Registeel and Regirock besides trading, action replay and game shark. I have not yet tried this on Ruby but my friend says it works. Another thing, if you find that Great Balls give you more luck use them instead of Ultra Balls.

Added by: Fusion_Blastoise
Jan 22nd 2007, ID#10186


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Nov 7th 2013 Guest
5 struggles for regice so far....

and im even putting him to sleep!
ID #318297
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