Ten Pokemon Cards That Could Be Worth a Fortune

I recall playing round after round of Pokémon as a kid. It is no wonder that some twenty years later, they may be worth more than just the number of points each card delineates. Do you have a ton of Pokémon cards sitting in a shoebox somewhere, perhaps even wrapped in plastic to prevent wear-and-tear? Or were you one of the many who sold them as “scrap” when in reality, they may have remained worth quite a pretty penny if you had just held onto them an additional 20 years? Here are some of today's most valuable cards.

1) 1995 Charmeleon Pokemon Card

This is known as one of the rarest Pokemon cards, and I can vouch for that. I owned one. I also sold it way before its prime! It is not only rare, but if you are still a player (which I doubt, unless they brought it back) it is a card that will blow minds and topple buildings at the same time. Worth $4,000 on eBay, not many sellers are even willing to let theirs go for a “best offer!” Most want to know that they will be getting that $4,000 they have earned by keeping their Charmeleon card minty fresh and wrapped in plastic! Good luck finding this one. It is worth quite a fortune, and if willing to pay, check the link out below.

Posted: 5th Oct 2016 by Team SuperCheats
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