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Golden Sun: The Lost Age Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Golden Sun: The Lost Age

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Our cheats include how to kill Fusion dragon with one hit, revisiting the Last Sanctum and unlocking the Link arena.

More Golden Sun: The Lost Age Cheats and Tips

We have 37 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Golden Sun: The Lost Age please send them in here.

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Golden Sun: The Lost Age cheats

Unlock Link Arena:
Once you have obtained the Dijinni Echo save your game and go to the Main menu and you will now see an option named 'Battle'. Select this to enter the Link Arena.

Unlock Easy and Hard Mode

Complete the game to create a 'Clear Data' saved game file and then at the 'Main' menu select the 'New Game' option and the cleared file. After the data transfer prompt you will be asked if you want to play in 'Easy' mode. If you answer 'No' you will be asked if you want to play in 'Hard' mode.

Unlock Darkside Sword

This weapon can be obtained by taking a Dark Matter to the blacksmith. It is rare to get from him, and is cursed. The Darkside Sword has ATK+210, unleashes Acron Grief, weak unleash. Perform the following procedure if you struggle to get it.
1) Save in front of Sunshine.
2) Give him the Darkmatter.
3) Step out of town
4) Go back to Sunshine's.
5) If you do not receive the Dark Sword, turn off your game and go back to step 1.

Revisit Last Sanctum

To be able to do this hold L + R + Start while loading a 'Saved' game.

Unlock Bonus Dungeon

When you have collected ALL of the Djinni from Golden Sun and Golden Sun 2 go to Contigo and use teleport in the circle in the middle of the town. Doing this will give you access to the bonus dungeon. This will not work if you do not have ALL of the Djinni.

All Lvl. 99. Good Items. 999,999 Coins. All Djin..

All Lvl. 99. Good Items. 999,999 Coins. All Djinn. All Psynergy-giving items (i.e. Cloak Ball, Orb of Force etc.)
Gold Password:
58Ys5 cZ6fK
Hgjb& gpchv
tUtwn D!#Li
GUtAy Ju3ry
=2yXE H+#S4
tvw$u b$M69
#Z5AA jkmyf
ZnyZv s$xrJ
%viak r8=AV
WF8WP $Dsan
R%+m4 5678y
abfMe fghiW
kmnpq rstuv
wDv!n ?#&$%
6789a b=e2z
ghijk mnpqr
stuvz j+y!z
#&$%+ =3BC6
Silver Password:
2iF$Z n=FhW
PvvUS zyAX6
W+h6E Bm9c&
H2dKK igPNa
ZnkW% u4cCD
Bronze Password:

How To Get To Crossbone Island

When you are exploring the Suhalla Desert you will find some monsters making tornados.
To get rid of them you use Douse. Keep exploring the Suhalla Desert until you get to the end and find a pink tornado.
Instead of using Douse, just walk into it and it will take you to a place that isn't on the map. It is called Crossbone Island.
Explore the island and you will find lots of rare stuff.

Hi... Here is a way to beat deadbeard on crossbo..

Hi... Here is a way to beat deadbeard on crossbone isle. Deadbeard is extremely tough (stronger than fusion dragon). You need to be at least between lv35-45 to have a chance.

BRING SOME WATER OF LIFE AND LOTS OF POTIONS IT WILL BE A LONG BATTLE.he'lusually use these attacks against you:Freeze prizm, Spark plasma, Inferno, Guard, and Break.

You have to have ground (will freeze Deadbeard for one attack)and flash (will make deadbeard's attack do very low damage) to survive.

1:use flash on first turn 2:use ground and do a mars summoning 3:use mia to heal after deadbeard attacks by using Wish Well(healing after using ground would be usefull as deadbeard attacks twice).

Reapeat thease 3..

Class(jobs) hints

* ivan & **piers
* 3 set water djinn & 3 set fire djinn
** 3 set wind djinn & 4 set fire djinn
* Isaac & ** Jenna
* 1 set earth djinn & 6 set wind djinn
** 1 set fire djinn & 6 set wind djinn
4 set earth djinn & 3 set wind djinn
6 set earth djinn & 1 set fire djinn
Felix & Isaac
1 set earth djinn & 6 set water djinn
7 set water djinn
6 set wind djinn
3 earth djinn & 3 wind djinn
Fire monk:
6 set fire djinn & 1 set wind djinn
Water monk:

Name All The Party Members

When you start new game it will ask you to name Isaac. Normally when you start new game you only get to name Isaac. Doing the following will allow you to name Garet, Ivan, Mia, Felix, Jenna and Sheba.
When it askes you to name Isaac press Select three times.
As soon as you do this you will hear a noise and after you name Isaac you will be able to name Garet, Ivan and Mia.
Then to name Felix and the other guys press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Select when you are naming Mia.
As soon as you do that you will hear that noise again confirming you typed the cheat in correctly and you will be able to name Felix, Jenna and Sheba.

Djinni list 1 Venus 1 - (Flint) This Djinni ..

Djinni list

1 Venus 1 - (Flint)

This Djinni you meet right after you leave Vale, he's the only one who's visible

on the world map.

2 Mars 1 - (Forge)

You find this Djinni in Goma Cave, on a ledge above a man. You'll have to 'Move'

a pillar over from the bottom area, so you can reach the Djinni later on the

top area.

3 Jupiter 1 - (Gust)

In Bilibin, go to the east side of town, and climb the stairs. Next, head south

to walk on the fence. Use 'Whirlwind' to clear the vines, and enter the cave.

'Move' the statue out of your way, clearing your path to the Djinni..

Gain Most Experience Points.

In the Sea of Time Islet. You need Teleport. Teleport on the pad. When you come to 4 Long Hall ways you will encounter WONDER BIRDS.
These give you 6,822 exp points. So wat you do is if the wonder bird comes with a partner enemie, kill the enemy but not the wonder bird. The wonder bird will summon the enemy that you killed back.
So you can kill it again and gain more exp points. If you get 2 wonderbirds, just kill one and leave the other.
The only problem is that wonderbirds often run after they have summoned an enemy back 4 - 5 times.
If a enemy runs, they can not be summoned back. And you do not get exp points if they run.
The most exp points i have gotten when I encountered 2 Wonderbirds was 60,000 exp points.

Kikuichimonji+much money

On the first floor of Venus Lighthouse (the room with the Psynergy Stone in the middle), save the game and turn of the power(NO soft resets!!), then turn it back on and load the game.
NOW YOU MUST FIRST GET THE PSYNERGY STONE. The first fight you'll encounter is Fenrir+Ice Gargoyle. Make sure you attack in this order: Ivan, Isaac, Mia, Garet(you can change this with djinns if it isn't right), but make sure Garet is still fast enough to attack before the Fenrir.
The Ice Gargoyle should die first.
Ivan - Tornado
Isaac - Clay Spire
Mia - Ice Horn
Garet - Flare Wall
Ivan - Defend
Isaac - Defend
Mia - Wish(just normal wish)
Garet - Unleash Torch on the fenrir

Secret Summons

Here is how to get the most powerful summons in the again, before you even try to get these I suggest that you are at a high level (around level 55 or 60 will be enough).
You will also need "teleport" psynergy
First head to Yampi Desert.
Go to the final area with the Sand waterfalls and to the leftmost waterfall.
Use Sand to get up it, past some rocks. Once you're on a previously unreachable ledge, surface and enter the cave up ahead.
Take the Water of Life from the chest and then Teleport on the circle to enter the cave. To reach the door in the upper left corner of this cave, use Sand to get under some rocks and go left to a Burst pillar. Blow it up and go to the next room. Ignore the stairs; keep going on and push some pillars aside so..

Atlin peak to cave out side Lama Temple

When you get in Atlin's mine just go up the tunnel you come to a arrow pointing left, well go right (if you have defeated all the statues) evey tuning you come to go right but when you get to a place where there is a path going right and one going down take the one going down. You will come across a chest on your left open it, it is not a mimic it is a golden medal.
Follow right then when there is a passage going up you will go up then right. Go into another room after that and there will be stones like in solo sanctum after a little wittle walk right go in there there will be a beast looking like the beasts you slautered (killed) save befor you battle him he is a bit hard.
After you defeat him there will be your people talking once that has finished you will see a ..

The end is near

To beat the Fusion Dragon don't ever let Mia summon a Djinni let her use wish well the whole fight until she runs out of psynergy. Have Garret to use Protect the whole fight. Let Ivan cast High Impact and Shine Plasma. Let Issac or whatever you named him to cast Judgement if you have enough Djinni if not he would need to have the Titian Blabe so it can unlease Titian Blade and Mother Giga. In order to have these attacks Issac MUST have all or at least four Earth Djinni and the must not be ready to summon:
Garret four or all Fire Djinni
Mia all or four Water/Ice Djinni
Ivan four or all Wind Djinni
Go to the town by the Venus lighthouse and buy everyon 30 nuts so that when Mia runs out of psynergy they can still be healed. If the health of your party is still hi..

How to Get the K-Sword (Kikuichimonji) and good Weapons Tips

Hey guys, Hera ledro again, heres the Kikuichimonji sword. Rarest drop in gam, Ivans best (or maybe 2nd best) weapon. If it's second best (which is based purely on opinion) then it is second only to the Swift Sword. The Swift Sword does massive damage (up to three times a 1 hit shot because it hits 3 times max when unleashed), but has a medium unleash rate. The Kikuichimonji (a.k.a. The K-Sword) does medium damage with a high unleash rate. Forget the Crystal Rod. Its got nothing on the K-Sword. But I digress. This is the easiest way to get the K-Sword if your interested.
1. Got to the first room of Venus Lighthouse from the Ancient Ruins (the one with the ..

Kill Fusion Dragon in one hit

If you use Gaia Blade, then use Ragnorak, Fusion Dragon will die in one hit! Woohoo! You just beat the game!

Rename Characters.To rename Issac,Garet,Ivan and..

Rename Characters.

To rename Issac,Garet,Ivan and Mia press select 3 times when renaming Issac. U should here a tone. Then enter up, down, up, down, left, right, up, right, down, left, up then select and u will be able to rename Jenna, Felix and Sheba.

Go to Suhulla desert once all of your party memb..

Go to Suhulla desert once all of your party members are above level 30. You should be able to defeat the Tornado lizards in one turn with the 'attack' option.

You will get 620 EXP. and around 300 coins per tornado lizard.

Also,defeat the Tempest lizard and Storm lizard (although you can only defeat the Storm lizard once) to get even more EXP. and coins.

Leave the desert to reset the monsters. Use douse in the sandstorms to battle the monsters.

Menardi and saturos

When fighting Menardi and Saturos at venus lighthouse the best way for me was to have Ivan use wish well, Isaac use attack (only if u have Gaia blade which you should find).
Mia use flash Djinni and Garet anything, so that way when they fuse into fusion dragon you will hav some pp left.....

Best Classes!!!

Ok guys I have some sick classes here. I don't remember exactly how I got them, but they are soooo cool!!!!
Isaac/Felix- Dragon Rider
Psynergy- Dragon Cloud, Dragon Spire, Dragon Blast, Annihilation, Gaia, Mother Gaia, Grand Gaia, Thunderclap, Thunderbolt, Thunderstorm, Death Plunge, Angel Spear (and the other whole party version of it. Sry I forgot the name)
Garet/Piers (also called Picard)- Dragon Slayer
Psynergy- Dragon Cloud, Dragon Blast, Dragon Cannon, Carpet Bomb, Thunderclap, Thunderbolt, Thunderstorm, Death Plunge, Annihilation, Angel Spear (and other v for whole Party), Prism, Hail Prism, Freeze Prism (these last ones are for Piers)
Ivan/Sheba- Black Mage
Psynergy- Thunderclap, Thunderbolt, Thun..

Craziest Isaac Ever

Hey guys, Hera Ledro again.
You will probably laugh at this setup, and I don't blame you because it is funny, but it is still crazy strong!
Isaac Lv. 99: Swift Sword, Jeweled Crown, Asuras Armor, War Gloves, Quick boots, Running Shirt.
Class: Samurai (4 Mars Djinni, 3 Jupiter Djinni)
Your probably wondering why I have swift sword on him right. Well I admit, it is nowhere near as strong as the Gaia Blade or the other final weapons (mostly cursed), but has wicked ability. Samurai status raises your attack a lot, and Swift Sword can attack 3 time at most (I've done a max of 1540 damage in this combo).
Gotta go guys. Later!
Hera Ledro

How to find the djinn granite

Ok this is easier that pie go to kolima (city) and you see how the djinn is sitting there doing nothing well you go through the back of that building it is next to.

Unlimited Training At The Sol Sanctum

When you are at the Sol Sanctum, you will encounter monster quite frequently until you are level 5. When you are past level 5 you don't encounter any more monsters there. By doing the following you can keep training there even when you are past level 5. Make sure Jenna is level 1 then go into a battle and let her die. DO NOT REVIVE HER. Isaac and Garet can keep leveling now.

A mistake was made in my party equipment. Mistake will be correc

Hey guys, Hera Ledro the Eternal Dragonic Allsie again.
I made a mistake on my last submission witht the equipment of my characters. Let me clear it up. THIS IS FOR THE ORIGINAL GOLDEN SUN!! These are options that I suggest for equipments. I only have time for Isaac's equipment, so here is my suggested equipment for him:
Weapon- Gaia blade OR Swift Sword
Head- Warrior's Helm OR Jeweled Crown
Armor- Asura's Armor OR Dragon Scales
Hands- War Gloves OR Mirrored Shield
Undershirt- Running Shirt OR Mythril Shirt
Boots- Quick Boots OR (preferably) Hyper Boots
Ring- War Ring OR Adept's Ring (preferably)
With the Swift Sword, Jeweled Crown, War Gloves, Asura's Armor, Running Shirt, Hyper Boots, and Adept Ring equipme..

Garet Equip

Hi guys. Hera Ledro here.
Sorry I'm doing these one at a time, but I'm doing this during computer class (hahaha). So here's the 2nd one on my list. Once again: THIS IS FOR GOLDEN SUN ORIGINAL ONLY.
Weapon- Gaia Blade OR Muramasa (Preferably) OR Demon Axe
Head- Thunder Crown (Preferably) OR Lucky Cap OR Jeweled Crown
Armor- Asura's Armor OR Dragon Scales (Preferably) OR Demon Mail
Gloves- War Gloves OR Mirrored Shield
Boots- Hyper Boots OR Quick Boots (Preferably)
Ring- Cleric's Ring (Preferably) OR War Ring
Ok guys, later dayz!
Hera Ledro

Obtaining the Right Prong(Trident)

Go to the Shrine of The Sea God, then make your way to the top of the Shrine to obtain the Right Prong to the trident.

PS: You will need Piers and his Frost ability.

Obtaining the Tomegathericon

First cross the Gondowan Cliffs then head North you will go through one town named Naribwe. Then cross the Kibombo Mountains, then you will reach Kibombo. Then you will have to help Piers get his orb back after that, You will meet this talking Statue it will then open a under ground passage called the Kibombo Catacombs. At the end of the passage you will see the same statue with two candles around it. It will then give you the Tomegathericon, which allows the person that equip it will become a Black Mage.

Djinn Kindle

Djinn Kindle can be obtained in Madra. You will need the Rare Healing Fungus from the Gondowan Cliffs to get it.
PS: The color of the fungus is Green

Get a strong strike on bosses fast!

What you do is but all your dijn on standby(so the writings red) and when you fight a boss like tret or satouros you'll have you're most powerfull summons strait away
P.s if you realy want to beat the game get to level 25 before you do the mercury lighthouse (get mai first or you'll have 3 level 25's and 1 10!).
Hope I helped!

Return to most recently visited Dungeon

When you are going to load a file press and hold L, Start and Select before going to load the file. By doing this, Isaac and all his friends will appear outside the last dungeon visited.

my best equipment felix party

felix-head-sol blade
armor-xillion ar.
hand-cosmos shield
feet-golden boots
jenna-head-berserker band
armor-mysterious robe
hand-tisiphone edge
feet-dragon boots
sheba-head-berserker band
armor-tritans ward
hand-lachesis rule
feet-dragon boots
piers-head-gloria helm
armor-xillion ar.
feet-dragon boots

Suggestions and hints a plenty

Primary squad:isaac,felix,garet,jenna
Weapon:sol blade,darksword,fire brand,masamune
Chest:xylion armor,asura's armor, valkyrie mail, oracles robe,
Head: Mythril Helm, Millenium Helm, Thunder crown, Jeweled Crown
Sheild: cosmos, war gloves, aegis sheild, war gloves

I got mypeople off of the oringinal golden sun that may also affect the game
you don't have to be a certain level to beat certain summons because the stats of the characters in the game are random. Once you get to level 45 there shouldnt b..

How to beat doom dragon quickly

Use isaac and felix and mia and anyone else you deem necessary in your party (they all must be at least level forty to win) equip felix with the sol blade and isaac with excalibur. Keep on attacking with felix isaac using their swords special abilities.use mia's wish well all the time. The other party member's djinn should be unleashed constantly, they should also use their summons too. After a while you should be able to destroy all three of doom dragon's heads.
NOTE: be prepared to switch out other party members

Cool Classes

* ivan & **piers
* 3 set water djinn & 3 set fire djinn
** 3 set wind djinn & 4 set fire djinn
* Isaac & ** Jenna
* 1 set earth djinn & 6 set wind djinn
** 1 set fire djinn & 6 set wind djinn
4 set earth djinn & 3 set wind djinn
6 set earth djinn & 1 set fire djinn
Felix & Isaac
1 set earth djinn & 6 set water djinn
7 set water djinn
6 set wind djinn
3 earth djinn & 3 wind djinn
Fire monk:
6 set fire djinn & 1 set wind djinn
Water monk:
1 set water djinn & 6 set fire dji..

Jupiter Djjins

Here are some of the djjins from GB:the lost age
Echo - You'll meet this Djinni when you first step onto the world from Daila.
Iron - Found in the World Map west of Madra.
Steel - Found inside the Gabomba statue.
Mud - Found in the Gabomba Catacombs.
Flower - Solve the puzzles in the Taopa Swamp so the Djinni falls down. Then fall down the second slope from the left.
Meld - Found in the Islet Cave after the Animal Trading Sequence.
Petra - Found on the World Map northeast of Shaman Village.
Geode - Found in the Atteka Islet.
Salt - At the entrance of Contigo, use 'Scoop' in an area that's not covered in grass.
Crystal - Found in the Yampi Desert Cave. Use 'Teleport' inside, and use 'Scoop'..

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