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Follow the dark path or use the light
Golden Sun: The Lost Age Pack Shot

Golden Sun: The Lost Age


Walkthrough the Venus Djinns

by Mr. UnKn0wN

Venus Djinn Location List	
by: Mr. Unknown	
Certified No Copy/Paste	

Golden Sun

Well here it is.. The Venus Djinn location lists. Kind'a frustrating 
because its too much busy around here that I nearly forgotten my role 
as a member!! Well I'm very sorry, I have only listed 
the Venus locations but anyway I'm gonna list the other Djinn locations
very soon OK!!

By Order

Venus Djinns:

1) Flint
   The first Djinn to entertain you in the game. After you leave Vale,
you'll meet this fancy Djinn and give you instructions how to use 

2) Granite

   The Kolima's Djinn. It is fenced which its path is tricky. Go behind 
the tree so-called that connects the fence. Find the path to the Djinn.

3) Quartz
   You'll find this Djinn as you gou deeper in Mogall Forest. There is
a puzzle around it so you'll have an easy time getting this fair Djinn.

4) Vine

   This Djinn has a tricky location which is not easy to find without a
guide. After you exit the Lamakan Desert, go to the liitle island which
is after in the north-western bridge. Have a little encounter in the 
middle of circular land formation. After that, you'll encounter the 

5) Sap
   Ahhh!! There is it, the Djinn of Vault. You must have the power of
"Reveal" by Ivan. First, find the tower and ring nits bell. The Djinn 
will move near the cave. You must get there in order to have the Djinn.
First, go near in the middle of the Vault's gravestones. Use "Reveal".
Then a hidden tunnel will be revealed. There will be a little difficulty
getting the spot. But endurance will make a lot.

6) Ground

   Ahhh.. The last one. Ah? Not yet.. Well its the second to the last.
At first, you'll see this Djinn hanging out on its location. Oopzz, 
not yet. You must travel up to Collosso. Then go near the Bilibin Cave.
Oppz, don't go inside. Travel up to the edge and you'll come up down
the Djinn.

7) Bane

   Last but not the least!! Weeeee... Well in Suhalla Dessert, you'll
go deeper and  discover a coloured pink tornado. You'll discover
its path later as you go deeper. Don't try to encounter the maniac
inside this stuff because its the key to get your seventh Djinn. So
first, let your body carry up by the Tempest. Then you'll end up 
in Crossbone Isle!! Explore this thing and end up to seventh floor.
Its kinda hard but still you must be stronger you know. The Djinn
is so hard to catch so you must have the "HALT" that you'll find 
in Vale. Weeeeeeeee... Kinda hard Ehhhh....


Well kinda complete but don't worry about Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter
Djinns because I'll gonna send their informations very soon!! THX!!