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Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Game Reviews for Golden Sun: The Lost Age


Quick Reviews

Added 15 Jun 2004, ID #2627
I LOVE this game the charaters the background stories the dinji the summons the psynergy but it is a little hard to understand for those that have not played golden sun but overal the graphics rock I think they are better than the ps2 graphics but some would disagree so I have said my peace.

I love this game!Added 19 May 2004, ID #2413
I love golden sun: the lost age !
The graphics are nice, the spells are cool, the djinnis are strong, and all the wewapons and armors and puzzles are nice!

This is one of the best games I ever played!


Golden Sun: Lost AgeAdded 16 Feb 2004, ID #1653
Golden Sun was a good game, but The Lost Age is the best.

I have played this game for a very long time, and finally beat it.

This is a very long, but fun game.

I think it is the best game boy advance game I have every played. 10/10

Added 5 Jan 2004, ID #1352
Golden sun 2 on gameboy advance is the best game ive ever played. you start off with 5 characters who are on a quest to light the 2 ligthouses. its hard to understand if you havent played golden sun though. The heros from the original golden sun pursue them if youve played golden sun you will remember saturos and menardi menardis sister karst and agatio helping karst are the people you would try to avoid. over all this is a really good game but its pretty hard to understand without playing golden sun 9/10

Surpasses othersAdded 27 Dec 2003, ID #1276
In Golden Sun TLA (The Lost Age),You must set out to light the remaining two light house beacons and restore the lost art of alchemy to the world.

Pursued by the heroes from the original Golden Sun game, and by two mysterious characters who call themselves Agatio and Karst.

Armed with a psychic power known as Psynergy you must fight and solve puzzles through over30 hours of nonstop game play.

With 72 Djinn to find, over 250 diferent Psynergy spells and an arsenal of MASSIVE summons, Golden Sun TLA easily Surpasses all Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and Sega games to be the best game I have ever played.
I give it 10/10 points.

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Added 22 Dec 2003, ID #1247
I think Golden is the best game ever!_! I haven't played The Lost Age yet so I hope it's as good.

EXCELLENT!Added 5 Nov 2003, ID #874
This is an amazing game. It doesn`t beat Halo or Soulcalibur 2 or an amazing game like that, but well this is the most enjoyable and long game ever.

Besides other certain games. Well I`d say this game deserves a good 9.8 out of ten.

I really enjoyed it (I still haven't finished but i`m very close). No doubt I`m buying the sequel:THE LOST AGE!

Anyway-BEST gba game and best 2003 the best RPG is Gorlden sun:the Lost age well a great game ***** stars!!^_^

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