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Golden Sun: The Lost Age


Mercury Djinn Location List

by Mr. UnKn0wN

Mercury Djinn Location List	
by: Mr. Unknown	
Certified No Copy/Paste	

Golden Sun

Hey!! It's me again!! Thanks for those who supported my last 
submission in the last few days. Well here I am again to release 
another information about Djinns. And this time it's the Mercury's!!

By Order

Venus Djinns:

1) Fizz		
   Well pretty obvious on this one... Mia have already got this one
so when Mia joins your party, you'll use this one out.

2) Sleet	
   You'll find this Djinn as you go deeper in Mercury Lighthouse...
Search this one by entering some secret rooms in the waterfalls.
3) Mist
   As you visit in Xian, you'll find a Djinn right in the inn. First,
there will be a girl who is fetching some water. Talk to her once she 
steps up in front the door. Make a sapce. She must spilt the water 
she's carrying. "Freeze" the water and head to the ledge. Jump the
frozen pillar and VOILA.

4) Spiritz

   You'll find this Djinn as you progress in the Altin quest. After
you encounter 3 water-beasts to free the flood, follow a path on the 
right and solve a puzzle to make this Djinn tame.

5) Hail
   Another invinsible Djinn... Yet here we are to spot this thing. 
This Djinn will be encountered as you walk a lot in the west of
Bilibin Cave.

6) Dew

   Well at last ... We're almost there !! In Suhalla Gate, around 3rd	
screen, there will be a lot of slides to confuse you. Use the 3rd slide
to have this Djinn.

7) Tonic

   I consider this Djinn the last one even though Dew is to be the last 
one to achieve in the walkthrough. Tonic is more difficult to achieve
than any other Mercury Djinns. Well here it is. First you'll make up
the Lunpa's Quest. You must complete this quest. Then go after Dodonpa.
He'll reward you this Djinn



Hey fellows!! Kinda boring around Golden Sun no? Well be excited 
because my next target is.... Zelda: The Minsh Cap!! Well, be 
firm around this May!! I'll send the FULLEST information after I
beat this game ONCE AND FOR ALL!! So happy vacation folks...