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Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones

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Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones was released in 2004 in Japan and in 2005 in the rest of the world. The game is part of the long-running Fire Emblem series and takes place the fictional world of Magvel. Here on SuperCheats we have a large collection of Fire Emblem Sacred Stones cheats and tips both below and another page a collection of GameShark codes which can be used with that device or via the cheat menu of an emulator.

Fire Emblem Sacred Stones

Some of the tips you will find on this page include a list of what you need to do to unlock each of the characters during gameplay.

Here is a nice tip to find some buried treasure in chapter 15.

If you are playing on an emulator, then check out this list of Sacred Stones codes where you can get codes for infinite gold and max stats for your characters.

More Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones Cheats and Tips

We have 27 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones please send them in here.

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You can also ask your question on our Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones Questions & Answers page.

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Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Cheats

Unlock Extra Secret Characters:
Complete the game normally then play Ex. Map in Extra mode achieve the corresponding requirements to unlock the characters
Caellach - Complete the 3F Tower

Fado - Complete the Ruins

Glen - Complete the Round 5 Ruins

Hayden - Complete the Round 5 Ruins

Ismaire - Complete the Tower

Lyon - Complete the Ruins three times

Orson - Complete the 6F Tower
Riev - Complete the 7F Tower

Selena - Complete the Tower three times

Valter - Complete the Round 7 Ruins

Unlockable Secret Characters
The characters will join your party when you fulfill the following requirements

Chapter 2 - Have Ross talk to hi..

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones cheats

Unlock Extra Secret Characters:
Complete the game normally then play Ex. Map in Extra mode and fulfill the following requirements to unlock the characters.

Complete the Ruins

Complete the Ruins three times
Complete the Round 5 Ruins

Complete the Round 5 Ruins
Complete the Round 7 Ruins
Complete the Tower
Complete the Tower three times
Complete the 3F Tower

Complete the 6F Tower

Complete the 7F Tower

Unlock Secret Characters
Fulfill the following requirements to get the characters to join your party.


Buried treasure

On chapter 15 [scorched sand] there are 9 items you can find in the sand.
The items are warp, silence, body ring, wyrm slayer, killer bow, swift sole, eclipse, metis tome, and a silver card.I recomend getting the silver card because it will reduce the price of items by half.

Class change

You know that Ross, Ewan, and Amelia all evolve once without nothing just make them lv. 10

Aquiring an unrunoutable weapon (magic)

On chapter 19 where you verse the gorgons
Have a summoner summon a phantom and put it in the range of a gorgon with shadowshot ( may need to try more than once) and end your turn then when it attacks if it misses AS SOON as the health bar dissapears soft reset (l,r,a,b) and continue chapter and you will have limited controll of the enemy but just watch out you can order them to attack your units and can get all their weapons such as stone evileye shadow shot and demon surge wich never runs out of power so it's a good weapon to give to myrr and your units that can only use staves (moulder natasha make sure that you evolve to bishop they pone monsters including the demon king) also give stone to myrr and use it 5 times then she and any other unit that does the same can use da..

Leveling Up Healers

Leveling up Moulder, Natasha, and L'Arachel can be a pain because you can only gain experience by healing and sometimes using a Restore Stave or an Unlock Stave, but you can go on a foggy map and use a Torch Stave and they will gain more experience than they would if they just healed someone. This can be time consuming and will probably have to buy multiple Torch Staves.

Control enemy

In the neleras peak go to a fire tile with a person without weapons and have the enemy attack you when it is on the fire tile above you. Now this is the hard part you have to be fast. Shut the game off when the hp bars vanish but before the enemy turns grey if you did it right the game will show only the opponent turning grey. After you do thatyou can use the enemys but not the good guys.
Good uses: putting monster weapons as spoils, throwing away enemy weapons, or even killings yourself.

Orson Tip

In chapter 5x you want to take off all of Orson's gear after you collect everything else then place him by the mage and wait till he's killed off. Note: Doesn't affect game at all, just fun to watch Orson( who I don't like) to die. You also don't lose the gear he has by taking it. If you don't get why you would lose go to chapter 8.

Get secret characters

Beat the game once and play Ex.Map in Extra Mode. They will join in the next battle
Hayden (JP: Heiden) (Class:Forest Knight) - Finish the Ruins, round 5. Glen (JP: Guren) (Class:Dragon Master) - Finish the Ruins, round 5. Selena (JP: Serena) (Class:Mage Knight) - Finish the Tower three times. Ismaire (JP: Ismea) (Class:Sword Master) - Finish the Tower. Riev (JP: Alvan) (Class:Bishop) - Finish the Tower, 7F. Orson (JP: Olsen) (Class:Paladin) - Finish the Tower, 6F. Caellach (JP: Keselda) (Class:Hero) - Finish the Tower, 3F. Valter (JP: Walter) (Class:Wyvern Knight) - Finish the Ruins, round 7. Fado (Class:General) - Finish the Ruins. Lyon (JP: Leon) (Class:Necromancer) - Finish the Ruins three times.

Enemy glitch

-1. Introduction
Hello, all. This FAQ was written in order to organize in a legible and easy to
Access format all known information about the Enemy Glitch, also known as the
Mine Glitch, Phantom Glitch, Gorgon Glitch, and other names. I am calling it
The Control Enemy glitch because that is what the glitch does, allow you to
Control all the enemies on screen. This FAQ is by no means final, as the
Glitch is still rather new, and new information may crop up as a result. If/
When it does, I'll try and update the guide to include it. Now then, onward!
-2. Overview
The Control Enemy Glitch does exactly what it says it does. It allows you, the
Player, to control any ..

Great Way to Advance Rangers, archers, snipers, or any magic use

To do this you must have beaten chapter 8 and get to go to the tower of Valani 1. Now take a ranger, archer, sniper, or any magic user and put him in combat in the tower. It is best if you have some stronger units to defend it if it is weak. I use Paladins, Great Knights, or Generals. Now destroy all the monsters except the boss. Now stand where you can attack him but he can't attack you. Keep on striking until he goes down. You will gain a ton of exp.

How to Kill Valter in 1 hit

It is very easy to do. First, get a unit with high strength and can wield axes. It is best to go with a Warrior or Beserker, since they have pretty high strength. Now, on chapter 15, on the right hand side there is an enemy Beserker. Kill him to get the Dragon Axe. It is good against wyvern units. Now take your high strength axe unit up to Valter and he is dead with one swipe. (Unless you miss) Please to not blame me if it does not work. It worked for me. Enjoy!

About changing class on L'arachel>troubadour

Use the guiding ring and l'arachel change class into valkyrie and then she would learn lights attack ... LVLUP to lv. 10

Defeat last boss

Hey you guys mad that the last boss shows no health? Well he does, Take Ephraim attack him with a strong weapon that will hit 2X. After that the bosses health bar will be at 80HP. Do this on your first turn because if you wait he will call forth monsters on the field (5-8 per turn).
Good Luck.

Easy level ups

To lvl up easily kill the boss on floor one in the tower of V. He gives 100epx. Points every time even to lvl 19 promted units. Plus he is really easy to kill

A Good Way to get Money

This method works best near the end of the game. Go into the first level of Lagdov Ruins and look at all of the enemies' items. If enemies fairly close to the start have anything good (such as spears or brave equipment) go and kill them. After that retreat and sell the items for good money or keep them and use them.

What to upgrade Low class Characters to

Now you can do what ever you feel like doing but am just going to do submit this just to help you get a good idea of what to upgrade into.
Amelia-Cavalier-Great Knight
Now always remember that they are really bad in the beginning, but when they are promoted they are some the best characters in the game. So make sure you train them in the tower of Valni (not ross you get him earlier).

Geting free money

You know that at Tower of valni #3 there is a chest bring a thief or a Rouge and open that chest you will get 3,000 gold everytime do it a Couple of times and your rich.

Clearing the final stage (chapter 30)

This section contains *SPOILERS* so do not read on if you have not played the game.

On the Battle Preparations stage (28x) buy lots of "killing edges", “killing lances” etc. There is also a secret shop in one of the spaces near the top right of the map but you will need a member’s card to gain access.
Before the final battle take with you a light rune and lots of elixirs.
Pick your best troops (hopefully you will have three strong Paladins, a sage, assassin and sniper)
Firstly equip all three paladins with killing edges,
Your assassin with a killing edge
Your Sage with fimbulvter, elfire and thunder and psychic
Your Sniper with a killer bow and longbow
Your healer (preferably Priscilla) with a psychic
Athos with a..

Sand treasures

On the chapter where you fight both valter and calleach there are about five different items in the sand.
#3.silver card.
#4. Wyrm slayer.
#5.I think theres a light brand but I'm not sure.

Mystery class change

This happened to me, I'm not sure if it was just my game or others but anyway.
You know ross ewan and amelia can be promoted three times right. Well after you beat the game (i think, I was using a gameshark so it could be just me) they can choose the be prommoted or to stay the same class. But if you choose to stay the same class, they will have to use either a master seal or an knights crest for amelia, a guiding ring for ewan, and a heros crest for ross. If you use them, the class level they can only go to is either a sage for ewan, a paladin for amelia and a hero for ross. Weird

Easy way to lvl up healers

Theres a more easy way to lvl up you're healers.just do dat controll enemy glitch and take an enemys make it easy take the gorgens demon surge and give it to you're healer.demon surge never waste so give it to all you're healers till they reach lvl 10 then change them

What you should promote your characters to.

Eirika - Lord > Great Lord
Ephraim - Lord > Great Lord
Amelia - Recruit > Knight > General
Forde - Cavalier > Paladin
Franz - Cavalier > Paladin
Gilliam - Knight > General
Kyle - Cavalier > Great Knight
Garcia - Fighter > Warrior
Gerik - Mercenary > Hero
Neimi - Archer > Ranger
Ross - Jorneyman > Pirate > Berserker
Colm - Theif > Assassin
Joshua - Myrmadon > Swordsmaster
Marisa - Myrmadon > Swordsmaster
Artur - Monk > Sage
Ewan - Pupil > Mage/Shaman > Sage/Druid
Knoll - Shaman > Druid
L'Arachel - Troubador > X
Lute - Mage > Sage
Moulder - Priest > Sage/Bishop
Natasha - Cleric > Bishop
Cormag - Wyvern Rider > Wyvern Lord
Tana - Pegasus Knight > Falco Knight
Vanessa - Pegasus ..

shaman info

When you get to chapter 16 you should do the subchapter 16X. If you do go to the house Lyn comes out of, there will be a shaman named Canas. He can use flux right away.He gets very strong so DON'T I repeat DON'T let him die! See Ya!!!!!!!

How to unlock Farina

Prepare to fork over some serious dough. In Hector's Tale on chapter 25:Crazed Beast, wait a couple of turns and Farina should pop out. She is looking for the leader [you], so she will come towards Hector.
When the two of you are talking, she asks to join your forces, but it'll cost you 20,000 gold for her to join. If, by chance, you have it already, YOU have a choice to let her join (goodbye 20,000 gold I will miss thee) OR not to let her join (get your own gold I'm keeping mine).
Remember, the choice is up to you.

Control enemy players for one turn.

Trust me this does work!
Have one players have a mine place it where you know an enemy unit will walk when the enemy walks on it, during the explosion reset the game. You can then control all the enemy players that haven't moved yet, then it will be your turn then the game is back to regular.
(just turn it on and off unless you reset it some other way as long as you reset it it works)
PS: Even though it is for one turn it can be useful to move them next to some one like your strongest player or theif to steal items easily!

Which to evole first

Tana-wyveran knight
And all the other's you can choose what to evolve them as.

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