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Follow the dark path or use the light
Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones Pack Shot

Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones

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Clearing the final stage (chapter 30) hint for Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones

Clearing the final stage (chapter 30)

This section contains *SPOILERS* so do not read on if you have not played the game.

On the Battle Preparations stage (28x) buy lots of "killing edges", ďkilling lancesĒ etc. There is also a secret shop in one of the spaces near the top right of the map but you will need a memberís card to gain access.

Before the final battle take with you a light rune and lots of elixirs.

Pick your best troops (hopefully you will have three strong Paladins, a sage, assassin and sniper)

Firstly equip all three paladins with killing edges,
Your assassin with a killing edge
Your Sage with fimbulvter, elfire and thunder and psychic
Your Sniper with a killer bow and longbow
Your healer (preferably Priscilla) with a psychic
Athos with a mend or psychic (if you think he will need it)
Give your weakest paladin the light rune

Move Athos as far to the top left room as he will go (bring Nils if you want). Move your two best Paladins to the room below and make sure they have "killing edges" equipped then move all your troops away from Uhai's line of fire except for your Sage.
On Uhai's turn he will attack the sage and so will one of the archers (it depends on where you are standing).

They usually miss anyway. On your turn a druid, sage and Kenneth will have appeared in the top left room. Use Athos to attack the sage and Nils to refresh him and make him attack Kenneth.

Use anima magic because it is the most effective, (donít worry about the druid) After killing Kenneth he receives a light magic book called Luna and after he kills the druid he receives a dark magic book called Gespenst, do not discard either of these.

Use your sage to kill the archer and have your assassin move in to attack Uhai, he can be finished with a sniper or another unit. Send your third Paladin (or cavalier if you donít have one) to kill the final archer. (its going to be real hard to resist using Eliwood, Hector or Lynís new weapons but donít unless they are quite strong, in Eliwoodís case equip him with a killing edge if you do want to use him) You can move your characters up the map a little if you want, (but not to close to the room above Uhaiís).
On the next turn Brendan Reed and a fighter will appear in the room below where Kenneth appeared.

Move Athos as close to the room above where Uhai appeared. Use Nils to refresh him and move again. (Make sure Nils is near the room where Brendan appeared). Move your Paladins to attack Brendan (use your strongest Paladin first because he is strong and may kill the weaker one). Move the paladin with the light rune as close to the top-right room as possible, move your assassin to the bottom of the map, now you can end your turn.
The fighter will use a bow to attack the weaker of the two Paladins but should not kill him. Marquess Lahus (Darin) will have appeared and also a general in the room above Uhaiís.

Move your paladin with the light rune to the top-right room to the room above darinís and end your turn. Darin will try to attack but you will be out of the way. Sonia and Jerme will have appeared in the room below Brendanís. Move the paladin with the light rune to the door of the top-right room if heís not already there.

Use your archer to attack Sonia with a killer bow and Nils to refresh to let him attack again but make sure he is out of the way. Use your healer (not your sage) to heal if necessary.

Use you sage (not Athos) to attack darin, (he seems to do more damage than Athos). Continue attacking until Darin is dead and end your turn.
Jerme will attack your sniper with his runesword, (it has a range of two spaces) if not he will go for the assassin but will be too far away.
Lloyd and Linus will have appeared so have your Paladin use the light rune.

If Darin is not dead yet kill him and the general. Kill Jerme with the assassin if heís not already dead and move the archer up towards Lloyd (donít forget to use Nils to help him move). Have the healer stay in the middle of the map. Move Athos or a unit that can wield a hand axe or to the light rune and have him attack Linus, (Athos is much stronger) and have the sage (who will heal) close by.
Linus will attack but your unit (either Athos or the person with the hand axe) will counter. Move all units away from their door (youíll see why)
Kill Linus and use the archer to attack Lloyd.

*you should have enough turns to kill Lloyd with the archer before the light rune wears away but as he is a swordmaster he is very agile and may avoid the arrows.

In a case of the light rune wearing away and Lloyd exiting the room, continue using the archer and surround him with your best paladins (wielding killer lances).

Now it's time for Nergal!!!

Make sure Jaffar is near the bottom of the stage, have a healer close by, (the middle of the map will be fine). Move your best troops so that they are close to Nergal, but still out of his range and have not moved up the corridor leading to him. The druids will attack but they shouldnít kill you. Kill them whichever way you like. Three generals will appear at the bottom of the stage but Jaffar will defeat them. Once all units are dead you can kill Nergal. You must be careful because he is strong.

One trick is to equip Athos with elixirs and keep your two healers nearby. When itís your turn use Nils to dance for him. Move Athos so he is near Nergal (within range to counter-attack) but do not attack. When he attacks, Athos will counter (he may do it twice). On your turn heal him with your healers or have him use an elixir. Repeat until he dies.

Ok then,

When you have to defeat the fire dragon, do not move until all the sages, bishops etc. Have used all their long distance magic up because it would be a pain in the ass to die from a crummy bishop etc. (They usually attack Lyndis and Jaffar so heal them whenever)
To kill the dragon you must repeat what you did earlier to defeat Nergal. The dragon has a range of three spaces so your healers will not be able to stand next to Athos. Hopefully you will have two psychics, one for each healer.

Again, have Nils dance for Athos and move him two spaces away from the dragon and wait. (Thereís a supposed trick to use the magic Luce that you receive after killing Kenneth to kill the dragon but I always used Aureole, itís up to you.)

After the dragon attacks use an elixir or move him away and have your healers heal him.

On the next turn use Nils dance for him and move Athos two spaces away from the dragon and keep repeating the trick and thatís pretty much it, enjoy, hope this helped. It might take a few attempts but donít give up.

Added by: yummyburgers
Jun 8th 2005, ID#5353


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4 comments, latest first.
Apr 10th 2012 yummyburgers
Wow, seven years ago that I posted that comment... Time flies!!
ID #131706
Apr 10th 2012 yummyburgers

I remember uploading this tip many, many years ago... Before Sacred Stones was even released!! I haven't been on this site since then and I am here now because I got an e-mail about your replies!

Yes, this tip was inded for Fire Emblem 7 with Lyndis, Eliwood and Hector as the main protaganists, this tip is for use with Eliwood as the main character.

I have no idea how this tip ended up in the Sacred Stones section... Apologies!!
ID #131693
Mar 24th 2012 crystal286
This is definitely not Fire Embelm: The Sacred Stones, it's Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken . But I like how you know this all.
ID #125960
Mar 24th 2012 Guest
What are you talking about? I've never seen anyone named Nils, Athos, Nergal, and all the rest, in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.

Not only that, but one time I played Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken, and I remember seeing someone named Nils and Kenneth. Are you sure you're talking about The Sacred Stones?
ID #125958
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