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Follow the dark path or use the light
Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones Pack Shot

Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones


Link Arena FAQ/Guide

by Cyan of Doma


Fire Emblem 7 Link Arena FAQ/Guide by Cyan of Doma
Version 1.41
Email:[email protected]

	I. Pretext
	I(i). Version 1.41 Update
	I(ii). Definitions and Mechanics
	II. Building a Strong Team
	II(i). Unit Ratings
	III. Supports
	IV. Support Table
	V. Advanced Strategy
	V(i). Link Options
	VI. Hacks/Glitches
	VII. Submitted Teams
	VIII. Credits
	IX. Legal


I. (Pretext)

	After much time with link battles, and seeing how there are 
none to be found here, I figured, why not?  Somebody had to make a 
FAQ about it, and who better than myself?  Please be aware that this 
guide may not be 100 percent accurate, nor is it complete, and notify 
me if you have found any errors within.  All contributors to this 
guide will be given full credit in the credits section or where noted.  
And of course, I still have many updates and spellchecks to get done. 
All in due time.


I(i). (Update)

	FAQ was rejected, so this is my second attempt.  Spell checks
and other additions within.  Version 1.2 update complete, added support
/affinity bonus table to section IV.  Added Unit Ratings subsection.  A
new update 1.3!  Added some new headers, and subsection I(ii).  New add-
ons here and there.  1.4 update completed.  New unit ratings and link 
teams added to corresponding sections.  AR master code added to Hacks/
Glitches section.  Fixed up some minor format errors as well.


I(ii). (Definitions and Mechanics)

	Here we review some unique words, and battle mechanics.

(A). Definitions

	1. [RNG] (Random Number Generator)  This is how the game responds 
to percentages.  Stat growth, Hit percentage, Avoid, Critical, and most 
all stats are decided by this.  Say you have 80 hit, the RNG will select 
a number from 1-100, if its less than 80, the attack is successful.  If 
it is greater than 80, the attack misses.

	2. [Boss Abuse]  This is a way of leveling up your unit slowly.  
Boss abuse is taking a character that can absorb all of their weapon
uses, and then slowly attacking them.  It works better when the boss 
is standing on a Gate tile, as he will recover HP and heal most other
ailments after one turn.  Example:  Chapter 10, the boss is Lundgren.  
Take Wallace, and have him absorb all of Lundgrens weapons, healing in
between attacks when needed.  Once all of his weapons are broken, use 
any unit that can damage him, even by as little as 1 hp, and attack 
over and over.  He will gain back lost hp, and you can repeat until 
your have desired results.

	3. [Arena Abuse]  (See section II/B-3)

	4. [AR/GS/CB]  These are hacking devices sold in most areas.
AR:Action Replay, GS:GameShark, CB:CodeBreaker.  See section VI/B for 
more on AR hacks.

	5. [US]  This is the Uber Spear, a stat boosting weapon.  It 
is the most powerful weapon in the game, see section VI/A-2 for the
best way to go about getting it.

(B). Mechanics

	1. [Mt, Wt, AS, and Con]  These are stats with unique effects.
Mt is weapon might (Attack), Wt is weapon weight, AS is attack speed, 
and Con is constitution.  Wt can affect AS if your Con is less than the
used weapons Wt.   You will lose 1 speed for each point that Wt > Con.
AS is attack speed, say you have a unit with 20 speed, and 10 Con.  He
has a Steel Blade equipped (14 Wt).  This means his AS is 16, meaning he
can be double hit by any unit with 20 AS or greater.  Body Rings can 
increase Con, but they are rare.  Always remember your AS when equipping
a new weapon, and look for the Wt/Con difference.

	2. [Weapon/Magic Triangle]  This is one of the most important 
things to remember in battle.  If you are up in the triangle, you gain
hit and attack, if you are down, you lose hit and attack.  If both units
have the same weapon, then neither is affected.  Weapon Triangle: Axe 
bests Lance, Lance bests Sword, Sword bests Axe.  Magic Triangle: Light
bests Dark, Dark bests Nature, Nature bests Light.  The Reaver weapons 
have a unique triangle as well: Swordreaver/Slayer < Lance, Lancereaver
< Axe, Axereaver < Sword.  

	3. [Critical and Critical Evade]  A critical attack will deal 3X
damage to the target.  Only luck and supports can raise critical evade, 
and the Iron Rune negates it.  Be wary of attacking a unit with high 
critical, as you may regret it.  It is determined by the RNG as well.


II. (Building a Strong Team)

	To make a good team for link, there are some hints here
to follow.  Not all are necessary, but they are highly suggested.  

(A). Supports and Affinity

	1. Check online or wherever else to see who can support with 
who, and to map out your support chain(s) before you start your game.
It helps to have a good idea on how you will set up your supports, 
and will ensure that you don't make a mistake and support with the 
wrong unit.  I almost always have most units supports mapped out 
before I start out, and I never regret doing so.

	2. Check the support table I have available in this guide to 
see which stats will be boosted when supporting.  Each affinity 
yields a different boost to stats.  This way, you can have a team 
that is tailored to your preference.  

	3. Keep in mind that each unit can only support 5 times, 
don't over do it with too many C supports, as the bonus yielded by 
each ascending support level gets better.

(B). Getting good stats via Story mode, and the dreaded RNG

	1. I break down stats into 2 categories: Melee and Personal.
Personal stats are HP, Strength, Skill, Speed, Luck, Defense, 
Resistance, Constitution, and Movement.  Melee stats are Avoid, Hit,
Attack, and Critical Hit.  Getting good personal stats are important,
as they affect melee stats.  With good personal stats and supports, 
you will have good melee stats.

	2. This game has a RNG (Random Number Generator).  It can be 
your best friend, or your worst enemy while leveling up your units.  
While getting good stats on some units is simple, others don't have 
the greatest growth rates, making it difficult to do so.  The item 
"Afa's Drops" received in Living Legend will boost the default growth
rates of the unit it is used on by 5 percent.  It can be very useful
if you need a unit with low growth rates to be strong.  Leveling up 
your unpromoted unit to 20, and then promoting will also make your 
personal stats better.  

	3. Arena abuse is an option for leveling up as well.  In 
chapters: The Port of Badon, New Resolve, Four Fanged Offense, and 
Battle Preparations, there are arenas.  You can use them as much as 
you wish, and your character doing the fighting will gain experience 
and weapon growth.  You place a bet, then see your opponent, keep in 
mind you will always be given an iron weapon, or the weakest tome for
magic users.  The AI will get silver weapons and stronger tomes of 
magic as you grow stronger, if you think the opponent is too much, 
soft reset (hold A+B+Start+Select) and bet until there is a weaker 
opponent.  Be advised that while you can surrender during a battle by 
mashing the B button, you must do so quickly.  Always pay attention 
in the arena, and never hesitate to yield.  The arena can be a risky 
place, more so for higher defense units.  It is advised to only use 
it for units with high speed, and low defense.  Here is a quick trick
that can be used for arena abusing.  Namely Ninian and her dances.  
Ninis Grace is excellent, as its boosts your defense and resistance 
by a heap.  Although, with only 15 uses, its not useful for very long.

	4. If your going for a good link team, save all of the stat 
boosting items found in the game until the end.  Then you can 
distribute them to any units that you find are lacking in personal 
stats.  Make sure to use any you find in Lynís mode though, as you 
donít get those back.  Also, make sure not to give too many units in 
the same team S rank in the same weapon.  Variety is nice to have in 
link games.

	5. Use units that are good for link games.  The units with the 
highest personal stat caps are the best to go for.  General, Warrior, 
Great Lord, Berserker, Archsage, Druid, Blade Lord, and Swordmaster are
some of the best to use.  Try to keep your team balanced, the best teams
have the most variety most of the time.  Defense and Speed are probably
the most important stats in link battle, so go with a team that either 
has high speed, high defense, or a good mix of both.

(C). Choosing Good Equips

	1. Having a good equipment setup is vital to success in link 
games.  You want to make a team that can counter any weapon, so equip 
wisely.  Here is an example of a well equipped unit:

	Hector: Armads(bests lances, boosts defense), Regal Blade(bests
axes), Brave Sword(highest hit of the 3 main Brave weapons, 2 attacks),
Swordslayer(bests swords, great hit, extra damage to Swordmasters/Lords
/Heroes), Iron Rune(negates any critical attack)

	In looking at that Hector, his only weakness is his speed, and
his inability to counter archers.  He has a low skill cap, but his
weapons all have high hit.  He can also best each weapon in the triangle,
and is immune to any critical attack.  Here is another example, this time
with a Pegasus:

	Florina: Uber spear(bests swords, counters archers, stat boosting
weapon, for more info, see hacks/glitches section), Rex Hasta(bests 
swords), Brave Sword(bests axes), Lancereaver(bests lances), Delphi 
Shield(Negates the critical and hit increase of bow attacks to fliers)

	Any flying unit should always have a Delphi Shield equipped.  
Florina can best each weapon as Hector did, and she is very powerful with
the Uber spear.  She has little to no weakness.

	2. Getting S rank in weapon levels is important for your link 
units.  It boosts critical and hit by 5 (I think, don't quote me on that
just yet), and allows them use of the best weapon for that type.  Without
S rank, your unit will have a disadvantage against most other link teams.  
Use weapons that will boost weapon levels quickly, like the Blade weapons,
Steel Lance/Axe, Devil Axe (at your own risk), Short Bow, and so on.  For
the most part, the heavier the weapon the more it will increase growth.  
You can only get S rank in one weapon, remember that.

	3. If you have magic units, getting them S rank Tomes is crucial.
S rank in Staves is useless, as none are S rank, so make certain you dont
get carried away healing.

	4. Make sure to watch your units Con when choosing weapons.  
Too heavy of a weapon will lower their speed, which is crucial in link
games.  If Florina is using a Rex Hasta (11 wt), then with out body 
rings she will lose 6 speed.  Leaving her wide open for a 4x Brave Axe
attack from a Berserker with good speed.  

	5. Magic weapons like the Light Brand, Wind Sword, and Rune 
Sword are not all that great in link games, equip them only if your 
certain they will benefit you.

	6. If you know what kind of team you are facing, then you may
want to change your team and equips entirely.  Say your facing a team
of all US units, and you have 3 Swordmasters/2 Assassins, your going 
to want Lancereavers equipped on all of them, or they will be promptly

	7. Reaver weapons have a different triangle than other weapons.
A Swordslayer can be bested by a Lance, and so on.  Keep that in mind.
See section I(ii)/B-2 for more on this.

	8. The dark tome, Luna can be devastating in link battle.  It 
has high hit, and it ignores any type of resistance and will damage the
target unit by whatever the attackers magic stat is (sometimes more if
attacker is supported).  A maxed out Canas or Athos with Luna is a 
formidable opponent regardless of supports, or melee stats.

	9. The legendary tomes Aureola and Forblaze are extra effective
against Heath and Vaida, as are Durandal, Armads, Sol Katti, 
Wind Sword, Wyrmslayer, and Dragon Axe.

	10. Make use of the Iron Rune.  Choose a unit that is lacking in
critical evade, or put it on Hector or a General.  It can prove useful 
against Berserkers, Swordmasters, or Assassins.

	11. Be aware that the Wind Sword, Dragon Axe, Purge tome, Eclipse
tome, Bolting tome, and Emblem Seal can't be used in link games.

	12. If you have the bonus disc packaged with some Mario Kart:DD
games, you can transfer some special weapons and items to your cart with
a GC/GBA link cable.  They will not be available for use until chapter 12


II.(i) (Unit Ratings)

	This subsection will review usefulness ratings for the better 
units in Link Games.

(A). General- 9.5/10

	The General is probably the most desirable class to have 
in Link Games.  They are tied in highest personal stat caps with Arch
sage, and always have high Defense.  They also can equip the US	at B
rank, making them nearly unstoppable.  All this, plus the ability to
wield axes at promotion, makes the General the best unit for linked
games.  Their huge Defense and Con makes up for their lack of Speed.

(B). Great Lord(Hector)- 9.25/10

	The Great Lord is much like the General, with slightly 
lower stat caps, but can wield swords as well as axes.  Hector can 
also equip Armads, which boosts Defense by 5, and has a high hit rate.
However, it also has a massive 18 wt, so Hector could use a body ring
to make up for his lack of speed when using it.  Still, the Great Lord
is an excellent unit in link games.  I always get Hector to S in sword
rank, since he has Armads, which is nearly as strong as Basilikos, and
makes up for any lack of Speed.

(C). Druid/Archsage- 9/10(Tie)

	These 2 units (Canas and Athos) are too closely matched to 
compare.  They can both use Luna, which is a huge advantage in link 
battle.  Canas (Druid) can support other units, but can only use dark
magic.  Athos cannot support, but he has huge stat caps, and can use 
every type of magic in the game.  Each class has its advantages and 
disadvantages, but are too close to call for me.

(D). Berserker/Swordmaster- 9/10(Tie)

	Another tie, as these 2 units are nearly identical as well.
Each receives a +15 to critical at promotion, and both units have high
speed.  With proper supporting, these units can become devastating with
Killer or Brave Weapons, as they can double hit most other units (4X hit
with Brave weapons) and have high Avoid as well.  They lack in Defense
and Resistance, and Berserkers mostly do not get very high Skill.  They
also can only hold one weapon type.

(E). FalcoKnight- 8.75/10

	The Pegasi have high Speed and Resistance, and also wield the
Uber Spear, making them very difficult to hit and dodge.  At promotion, 
they get the ability to use Swords as well, which is better for their 
lack of Con.  They are weak to arrows, so unless you are using hacks
I suggest only using one, as you can only get one Delphi Shield legitly.

(F). Blade Lord(Lyn)- 8.75/10

	Lyn is much like a Swordmaster, except no critical bonus at
promotion, and she can use Bows.  She also has special weapons like the
Mani Katti and Sol Katti.  Mani Katti has 3 Wt(Easy to use), and is extra
effective against infantry units.  Sol Katti has a huge 14 Wt, but has 25
crit, and is extra effective against Wyvern units, plus it boosts Res by 
5. Lyn can be brutal to magic units with Brave Bow/Brave Sword, and enough
speed and AS to double/4X hit.  She lacks in Con, Defense, and Resistance

(G). Warrior- 8.5/10

	The Warrior class has some impressive stat caps, and can use Bow
(at promotion)and Axes.  They excel in HP and Strength, but usually lack
Defense and Resistance.  Con is also one of their pros, as all 3 in this
game have at least 13 after promotion.  A Swordmaster can be stopped cold
with a Swordslayer on a strong Warrior, and the use of Bows make the 
Warrior class balanced enough to get a 8.5.  Their high Con gives them a 
chance to double hit with decent AS while using the heavy Brave weapons.

(H). Nomadic Trooper(Rath)- 8.5/10

	Ah the sole Nomad of the game, Rath has some potential to be a 
great unit in Link Arena.  He can use Swords at promotion, and should be
at B or higher in Bow rank by then.  He is usually very fast, and stat 
caps are nice as well.  Getting him a S rank in Sword might be better if
your going to put him on a link team, so he can counter more often.  Rath
does have a downside though, he can only support 3 other units, all of 
which can only use Bows and Swords.  Other than that, Rath is usually a 
solid unit if you take the time leveling him.  His Con is actually very
good considering his choices of weapons.

(I). Hero- 8/10

	The Hero is a slightly above average unit for link games.  They 
have max Skill caps, and excel in Strength, Skill, and Speed.  Decent 
Con, and supports for both Heroes in this game, but Harken is clearly
the superior Hero.  He has the freedom of not worrying about the RNG 
screwing him, and comes with a nice Brave Sword, and B rank in axe and
sword.  A S rank in axe can be a great thing for Heroes, since most axes
lack in hit rate, and Heroes usually have high Skill and hit.  Raven 
will need time to build his axe rank, and his average Con is not well
suited for this, as most axes are heavy.  A Swordslayer can really help
on a Hero when fighting Swordmaster units.

(J). Paladin- 7.75/10

	The Paladins biggest advantage in link arena is the ability to 
use all 3 triangle weapons.  Stat caps are average at best, but Con is 
well suited to their weapon choices.  The Paladin is probably the most 
well rounded unit of all.  They can use the US if their Lance rank is 
at B, and Isadora can be formidable with 2 body rings and the US, as 
she can double hit even the fastest of units.  Paladins also give you 
a lot of variety when choosing supports, so choose wisely.  They are 
not very fast, so it is advised to support them with high Defense or 
Speed units.  

(K). Wyvern Lord- 7.75/10

	Wyvern Lords have high HP and Defense, but are average in all 
other stats usually.  They are also known for terrible Resistance, and
are weak to arrows without a Delphi Shield.  The US can change that 
however, and with high Defense, that +9 Speed boost can be a problem.
The Lords will have an advantage over them with their Legendary weapons,
and Hector can be brutal to them with Armads, even with the US.  Swords
are usable at promotion, and they have good enough Con to use even the
heavier swords.  The Wyvern Lord is at best an inferior General in the 
link arena.

(L). Assassin- 7.5/10

	The Assassin is a risky unit for link games, but a good one can 
be very dangerous.  Matthew has an advantage over Jaffar and Legault, in 
that his affinity can give him full critical boost via supports.  The 
other 2 cannot.  Their caps are not very good, and they are weak in Res
and Defense.  The OHKO is the Assassins greatest asset.  Equip a Killing
Edge on a supported Assassin, and hope for the OHKO.  Even the strongest
of units can fall to it, but an Iron Rune can be a big problem for these

(M). Sniper- 7.25/10

	The Sniper can deal out damage quickly, without worry of a
counter attack.  They usually have high Avoid, and they will need it,
as most of their time will be spent dodging other units attacks.  Con 
can be an problem when using the heavier Bows like Brave Bow, so use
body rings wisely.  Snipers can be countered by weapons that double as
a ranged attack, and by magic units.  They do have some good supports,
but you should not support 2 Snipers in the same team, as it may be a 
big disadvantage.

More ratings to come......


III. (Supports)

	Supports are key in any strong link team.  This section will 
review good strategies for making supports as effective as possible, 
as well as getting them in story mode.

(A). Support Basics

	1. Getting supports is tedious, but if you desire a good link
team, they are a must.  As I noted earlier, you should review section
IV and get a good idea on how you want to progress through the game. 
Supports will boost stats like Avoid, Critical Avoid, Defense, 
Resistance, Hit, and Attack, so they are important.

	2. To get 2 units to support, make sure they can do so, and
have them wait next to one another for 50+ or so turns.  Eventually,
the support option will appear under the action menu, and the 
conversation will take place.  Some supports will take more than 50
turns to enable, so be patient.

	3. There are 3 levels of support, C, B, and A.  Supporting 
with the same unit twice gets you B, and 3 gets you A.  A support 
will boost stats more than B or C, as you can only get A with one 
other unit.  Each unit can support a total of 5 times.

	4. Its a good idea to try for supports on chapters when the 
goal is either Seize gate, Defeat(Boss), Kill all units, and so on.  
In other words, chapters where you have no limit to the turns.

	5. Make effective ways of getting supports.  After you get 
2 units to support, keep them next to each other for another 50 or so
turns.  This way, if the next chapter has limited turns, you can 
still get their next level of support.

	6. Pick a unit, and stick with them until they have your 
desired weapon levels and supports.  I pick 3 or 4 units to support, 
get them each to S rank in a weapon, and then keep them for 3-4 
chapters until they all have full support.  This way, you are done 
with them until the end of the game, leaving more slots open for new 
units to support.

	7. Remember who is supporting who.  If you want to support a 
unit that comes late in the game, donít use them too much in the 
beginning, but more in the mid to late parts in the game.  Say you 
want Guy to support Priscilla and Karel.  Get him to B or A support 
with Pris early, then save him for later on to support Karel.  

	8. Its all right to leave some units with no supports.  I 
usually end up with 1-3 units with no support.  Do not try to cram 
it all in at the end, just remember the supports you must have, and 
let the others go without.  And remember that you can get 2 supports 
in the Final Chapter.

(B). Advanced Supporting

	1. The best way to go about supports is to have a full ring.  
All 5 units supporting one another.  Example: Geitz, Isadora, Harken, 
Eliwood, Fiora.  With proper supporting, those 5 units can make a 
full ring, making them all the more formidable to take down.  

	2. The downside of the full ring is that one unit must have 2
B supports instead of the suggested A and B.  IMO, its worth it to 
give 3-4 units 2 B supports to make a full ring with 4 others.  Example:
Geitz(A Isadora, B Fiora), Fiora(B Geitz, B Eliwood), Eliwood(B Fiora, A
Harken, Harken(A Eliwood, B Isadora), Isadora(A Geitz, B Harken).

	3. Try to use variety in choosing which units to support with.  
A team with 3 Bishops is not going to fare well in link battle against 
a strong opponent.  Try to refrain from supporting with the same type 
of unit more than once.  2 Warriors is acceptable, but 3 does not give 
you much variety.  

	4. Speed and Defense rule the link arena most of the time.  
Make your team strong in one of those categories.  A team with all 
fast units or all defensive units will do well in link battle most of
the time.  A team with a good mix of both is also a good choice.

	5. Every team can benefit from an anchor.  A unit with high 
HP and Defense serves as the best anchor.  Hector, Oswin, and Wallace 
probably make the best defensive anchors.  While not required for a 
strong team, they are useful in that they will take the least amount 
of damage possible without having to evade the attack.  Hector and 
Oswin can support one another, and their affinity gives both of the 
maximum boosts to Defense and Resistance.  Together they make a 
formidable duo, and a great anchor for any team.


IV. (Support Table)

	This table is courtesy of, and all credit
goes out to that site for this.
























































V. (Advanced Strategy)

	This section will review good strategy to prepare for, and win
link battles.

(A). Know Your Opponent

	1. I make it a rule in my link games to know exactly my 
opponents units, stats, equips, and all of that stuff.  This way I can
prepare for them.  Although, anymore I only play hacked teams, so that
is why I ask for their teams data.  It makes for a more interesting 
link battle.

	2. Prepare accordingly.  If your opponent has a Druid, then he
will most likely have Luna equipped.  Therefore, you need a unit that 
can either evade the Luna attack, or be able to double hit him and 
finish him quickly.  A Swordmaster with a Brave Sword equipped is an 
excellent counter to this, as he/she will get 4x attacks.  Or say you 
are facing a team with multiple Uber Spears, there is not too much you
can do, but you can manage to make a team ready to fight them.  

(B). In Battle Strategy

	1. Having the first strike can be a huge advantage, so make 
sure you make it count.  Go big with a Luna or Uber Spear/S rank/Brave
Weapon attack.  And always make the best choice on who to attack.  The
game lets you see all the stats before attacking, so make the most of 

	2. If your using a unit with no or little supports, have them 
attack as much as possible.  Like Athos, he cannot support, but he can
deal out a lot of damage with Luna before he is defeated.  Afterward, 
the rest of your team will not lose any support stats.

	3. A bow user can be trouble.  Most of them have high avoid, 
and their attacks cannot be countered without a weapon that doubles as
a ranged attack.  Most of those weapons have low hit as well, so if 
your attacking an Archer or Nomad with a bow equipped, make sure they
have high hit.  

	4. Take advantage of weapons with special abilities.  The 
Swordslayer is an excellent equip for link battle.  It has very high 
hit for an axe, and will deal big damage to Swordmasters.  Or the 
Brave weapons, which can hit twice in a row, or sometimes 4 times.  
Reaver weapons are also suggested for link battle, each unit should 
have at least one type of reaver weapon, unless they are magic units
or Paladins, who have access to all 3 weapon triangle weapons.

	5. Don't be afraid to take a risk, as it is one of the 
biggest keys to success in link games.  I am often hit with 20 or 
lower hit percentages in link battle, so if you can finish a unit 
in one turn, go for it.

	6. The Assassins can OHKO (One Hit Knock Out) a unit even
if they cant deal enough damage to do so.  While they are mostly
weak in link battle, with a high critical rate, and a Killing 
Edge they suddenly become very dangerous.  If your opponent has 
them with high critical rates, finish them off with a strong lance
user, or a unit with an Iron Rune to keep their hit as low as 

	7. The Uber Spear changes link battle dramatically.  Units
can become overpowered, and very difficult to defeat without 
proper strategy.  The Pegasi and Isadora with maxed out speed and 
a US can double hit even 30 speed characters.  There are few options
to counter the US, but here are some things you can do:

	(i). Attack US units with Axes, or Luna.  Most anything else
will do little damage, or end up hurting you more.  Armads, 
Basilikos, Killer and Brave Axe are good axe choices.

	(ii). Use Hector, Dart, or another strong axe user.  Hector 
stands up well with Armads against US units, as does Dart with his 
high speed.  

	(iii). Lancereavers are an option to avoid an attack, but 
will most likely do little counter attack damage. 

	(iv). Try to make the unit with the US switch to a new 
weapon.  Example: The unit is Oswin, and he has low HP.  Seeing that
your Dart can defeat him in one blow, make your opponent think about 
switching to an Axereaver or some other weapon.  Once the unit no 
longer has the US equipped, attack them hard before they can switch
back to it.

	8. This is common knowledge, but you should always try to 
follow the weapon and magic triangle, unless you have a very good 
hit rate.  Luna is an example, as it will most likely hit even 
Bishops and their light magic.


V(i). (Link Options)

	This subsection will review the options in the Link Arena 

(A). Edit Teams

	1. This is where you choose a file to make a new team.  Pick a
file, pick your units, equip them, name the team, and your ready to 

(B). Practice

	1. Here you can choose to practice against your own teams.  
There is up to 4 teams available for a single battle.  The games AI 
will use 3 of the teams, and you will use one.  The games AI decent, 
but not all that great.  It often is just too easy to beat it over 
and over.

(C). Linked Battle

	1. This is the real deal.  When your ready to link up and 
battle another person, this is where it is done.

(D). Battle Data

	1. Linked battle records are kept here, and it also displays 
which rule, survival or points was used for the battle.

(E). Rule Settings

	1. Hide units will make it so you cannot see which unit you 
are attacking.  

	2. Victory conditions will determine the winner of the linked
or practice game by either points, or survival.

	3. Auto weapon will give all units in linked battle iron 
weapons, and the weakest magic tomes.


VI. (Hacks/Glitches)

	This section contains strategy on playing the game with hacks,
and using the games glitches to your benefit.  It also contains a full
list of Action Replay item codes for each unit, and the hard to find
Master code.

(A). Glitches

	1. The Mine Glitch.  This glitch enables you to take control 
of the enemy units for one turn.  Upon using the mine, and having the 
enemy trigger it, quickly soft reset the game and start again.  Now 
you can control the enemy units!  This also works in fog of war maps, 
but you have to click around some to find the enemy units you wish to 
move.  This can also be used to have the enemy drop their weapons, or 
even have them merch them to Merlinus!  This is how the Uber Spear is 

	2. The Uber Spear.  This is the most fearsome weapon in the 
game, and you can only get one without hacks.  In the chapter, 
Unfulfilled Heart, the boss is Vaida.  That spear she has equipped is
the Uber Spear, and boosts the following stats by:  HP:17, Strength:5,
Skill:4, Speed:9, Defense:4, Resistance:14(!).  To get it, you must 
wait a few turns and let the Wyvern Riders gather at the castle to the 
north.  After 3-4 turns, use the mine, and take control of the enemy.  
Make a chain of Wyvern Riders to get the US from Vaida to Merlinus.  
You can also use the Shaman to the northwest to trade the US to and get
it upon killing him, but then you lose a tome of Luna, which is a 
valuable item.  If you mess it up, you will need another mine, or a 
restart.  It helps to have the Wyverns you will be using to make the 
chain discard their weapons, so they won't be counter attacked and 
killed.  The US is B rank, and most of the Wyverns only have D, so its

(B). Hacks

	1. Action Replay tips.  AR users probably have it the worst, 
as most of the hacks are temper mental, and you can easily screw up 
your unit without knowing how to use the AR codes.  The item codes 
from the website I have supplied here should cover all of your stat 
maxing needs.  Do not use the max stat codes that are around, as they 
are only for unpromoted units, and will never go any higher.  Just use
the item codes, and you will have a much easier time.  The no item 
decreases code is also a must have, although I do not have that one 
available at this time ( I should in a future update).  

	2. AR Item Codes.  You can get them, and many for AR v.3 only 
here:  They also have class changing 
codes there, and it is a respected site amongst most of the community.

	3. By popular demand here is the Master code required for AR
codes on Fire Emblem.



VII. (Submitted Teams)

	Here we have teams submitted to be in this FAQ by people at 
the Fire Emblem General Board. I need some more information on some
teams waiting to be posted as well.  Use these as guidelines for 
making good teams, as these are some of the best around.

(A). Hacked Teams


Dart: 60 hp
S rank in Axe

S:A Wil, B Farina

E:Basilikos, Brave Axe, Killer Axe, Tomahawk, Swordslayer

Wil: 60 hp
S rank in Bow

S:A Dart, B Lyn

E:Rienfleche, Brave Bow, Silver Bow, Killer Bow

Lyn: 60 hp
S rank in Sword, B in Bow

S:B Wil, B Hector

E:Regal Blade, Sol Katti, Brave Sword, Lancereaver, Brave Bow

Hector: 60 hp
S rank in Sword, A in Axe

S:B Lyn, A Farina

E:Armads, Regal Blade, Brave Sword, Swordslayer, Iron Rune

Farina: 77 hp
S rank in Lance, B in Sword

S:A Hector, B Dart

E:Uber Spear, Rex Hasta, Brave Sword, Killer Lance, Delphi Shield


All maxed
Brave Bow
A Support w/Bartre

All maxed
Brave Bow
A Support w/Dorcas

All maxed
Uber Spear
A Support w/Pris

All maxed
Ereshkigal (sp?)
Uber Spear

All maxed
A Support w/Heath

Cyan of Doma: Team Berserk!

Hawkeye: 60 hp

S rank: Axe

Supports:B Louise, B Pent, C Ninian

E:Basilikos, Brave Axe, Killer Axe, Swordslayer, Iron Rune

Dart: 60 hp

S rank: Axe

Supprots:A Karel

E:Basilikos, Brave Axe, Tomahawk, Killer Axe, Swordslayer

Karel: 60 hp

S rank: Sword

Supports:A Dart

E:Regal Blade, Brave Sword, Armorslayer, Wo Dao, Lancereaver

Pent: 60 hp

S rank: Anima, A rank: Stave

Supports:A Louise, B Hawkeye

E:Excalibur, Ershkigal, Fimbulvetr, Elfire, Thunder

Louise: 60 hp
Res:24?(I think)

S rank: Bow

Supports:A Pent, B Hawkeye

E:Rienfleche, Brave Bow, Silver Bow, Killer Bow

Team Doom

Oswin: 77 hp

S rank:Lance, A rank:Axe

Supports:A Dorcas

E:Uber Spear, Rex Hasta, Brave Axe, Axereaver, Iron Rune

Dorcas: 60 hp

S rank:Axe, B rank:Bow

Supports:A Oswin, B Farina

E:Basilikos, Brave Axe, Killer Axe, Swordslayer, Brave Bow

Farina: 77 hp

S rank:Lance, B rank:Sword

Supports:A Kent, B Dorcas

E:Uber Spear, Rex Hasta, Brave Lance, Brave Sword, Delphi Shield

Kent: 77 hp

S rank:Sword, A rank:Lance, A rank:Axe

Supports:A Farina, B Wallace

E:Uber Spear, Regal Blade, Brave Sword, Brave Lance, Killer Axe

Wallace: 77 hp

S rank:Axe, A rank:Lance

Supports:A Vaida, B Kent

E:Uber Spear, Brave Axe, Axereaver, Basilikos, Iron Rune

(B). Legit Teams

Jaffar7: Team Uber

Hector Level 20/20

HP: 60 *MAX*
Str: 29 *MAX*
Skill: 24 *MAX*
Spd: 24 *MAX*
Luck: 30 *MAX*
Def: 30 *MAX*
Res: 20 *MAX*
Con: 15+2 (17)

Weapon Levels:
S Axes
A Swords

Silver Sword
Brave Sword

B w/Lyn
B w/Oswin

Lyn Level 20/20

HP: 60 *MAX*
Str: 24 *MAX*
Skill: 29 *MAX*
Spd: 30 *MAX*
Luck: 30 *MAX*
Def: 22 *MAX*
Res: 22 *MAX*
Con: 6+4 (10)

Weapon Levels:
S Swords
A Bows

Regal Blade
Mani Katti
Brave Bow
Killer Bow

A w/Wallace
B w/Hector

Oswin Level 20/20

HP: 60 *MAX*
Str: 29 *MAX*
Skill: 27 *MAX*
Spd: 24 *MAX*
Luck: 30 *MAX*
Def: 30 *MAX*
Res: 25 *MAX*
Con: 16

Weapon Levels:
S Lances
A Axes

Rex Hasta
Brave Lance
Silver Axe
Killer Axe

A w/Dorcas
B w/Hector

Wallace Level 20/20

HP: 77 *MAX*
Str: 34 *MAX*
Skill: 31 *MAX*
Spd: 33 *MAX*
Luck: 30 *MAX*
Def: 34 *MAX*
Res: 39 *MAX*
Con: 15

Weapon Levels:
S Lances
A Axes

Uber Spear
Silver Axe
Killer Axe
Iron Rune

A w/Lyn

Dorcas Level 20/20

HP: 60 *MAX*
Str: 30 *MAX*
Skill: 28 *MAX*
Spd: 26 *MAX*
Luck: 30 *MAX*
Def: 26 *MAX*
Res: 22 *MAX*
Con: 16

Weapon Levels:
S Bows 
A Axes

Killer Bow
Brave Axe
Killer Axe

A w/Oswin

Team Sea

Karel Level 20/20 Swordmaster

HP: 58*
Str: 24 *MAX*
Skill: 29 *MAX*
Spd: 30 *MAX*
Luck: 30 *MAX*
Def: 22 *MAX*
Res: 23 *MAX*
Con: 09

A w/Dart
B w/Geitz

S in Swords

Regal Blade
Brave Sword
Light Brand
Wo Dao

Dart Level 20/20 Berserker

HP: 60 *MAX*
Str: 30 *MAX*
Skill: 29 *MAX*
Spd: 28 *MAX*
Luck: 30 *MAX*
Def: 23 *MAX*
Res: 21 *MAX*
Con: 13 + 2 (15)

A w/Karel
B w/Farina

S in Axes

Brave Axe
Killer Axe
Iron Rune

Geitz Level 20/20 Warrior

HP: 60 *MAX*
Str: 30 *MAX*
Skill: 28 *MAX*
Spd: 26 *MAX*
Luck: 30 *MAX*
Def: 26 *MAX*
Res: 22 *MAX*
Con: 13

B w/Karel
A w/Dorcas

A in Bows, S in Axes

Silver Axe
Killer Axe
Silver Bow
Brave Bow

Farina Level 20/20 Falco Knight 

HP: 60 *MAX* 
Str: 23 *MAX*
Skill: 25 *MAX*
Spd: 28 *MAX*
Luck: 30 *MAX*
Def: 23 *MAX*
Res: 26 *MAX*
Con: 6 + 4 (10)

B w/Dart
B w/Fiora

S in Lances, A in Swords

Uber Spear
Rex Hasta
Brave Lance
Silver Sword

Dorcas Level 20/20 Warrior

HP: 60 *MAX*
Str: 30 *MAX*
Skill: 28 *MAX*
Spd: 26 *MAX*
Luck: 30 *MAX*
Def: 26 *MAX*
Res: 22 *MAX*
Con: 16

A w/Geitz
B w/Farina

S in Bows, A in Axes 

Silver Axe
Killer Axe
Killer Bow

giant fishball:

(All units are maxed in basic personal stats)


Rex Hasta
Brave Lance
Silver Axe
Killer Axe 


Lyn (Con +4)---

Mani Katti
Lance reaver
Wo Dao 
Killer Bow


Hector (Con +2)---

Regal Blade
Brave Sword

Supports:B-Lyn, B-Florina


Uber Spear
Killer Lance 
Killing Edge
Light Brand 
Lance reaver

Supports:A-Lyn, B-Hector


Brave Axe
Killer Axe
Iron Rune



VIII. (Credits)

	This is where I send out thanks to those who make this FAQ 

	I would like to thank Gamefaqs, for making this FAQ 
possible.  Nintendo, for making the game.  Also, I would like to 
thank those from the Fire Emblem General Board, Game Help Board, 
and yes, even the Social Board, for helping me out here and there, 
and keeping me amused.  Special thanks go out to Malcom Masher, 
Celestialwrath, Jaffar 7, and Gamersara as I have
used their information in this guide as well.  And if I did forget
to mention you, tell me, and Ill consider putting your name here as

	I would also like to thank anybody who has tried out my 
gamesaves for this game, DarkMagicianGirl, bd43, Makuta 7, and who 
ever else has tried out my link teams and given me feedback.  You 
guys are famous now!


IX. (Legal)

	The boring legal section.

	Guess what, this guide is copyright protected, so if you 
copy it, I suggest you tell me, and give me and the others who 
helped me their due credit.  If you don't, then your a square, and
could face some jail time.  Feel free to copy whatever you want 
as long as cred is given.

	Lastly, Id just like to type these 2 words:  Keke, Well-Met