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How to Solve Puzzles

Escape Academy Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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How to Solve Puzzles in Escape Academy

Escape Academy is a point-and-click puzzle-solving game where your objective is to train to become a skilled 'Escape Room Master'. In total there are 10 rooms designed by expert escapists in the real world that are filled with interactive objects and mysteries to solve. Take a look at our How to Solve Puzzles guide to find out how you can quickly get the solution to some of these puzzles.

Prologue - How to get the Password for the Safe
The prologue is a first level puzzle in Escape Academy and one of the objectives that needs to be completed in order to pass it is to collect the goblets so you get the password for the safe. The Blue Goblet is inside a chest, in order to open the chest you will need to interact with the broken clock in the room. The chest will open when the numbers on the center column of the chest reads '1230'. The Yellow Goblet can be found in the bin, and the Red Goblet is in a box on the other side of the bin. When you open the Mysterious Clue from the chest you will obtain the password for the safe.

Prologue - How to get the Key of Lies
In order to turn on the TV in the prologue you need to read the set of t-shirts that are on the hangers. You will come across these t-shirts after you exit the room with the three goblets that you have to find. The t-shirts display the arrows Up, Left, Down, Up, and Left, in that order. You will find a remote if you walk towards the desk kept between the 2 comfortable looking chairs. By pressing the Up, Left, Down, Up, and Left buttons in that order on the remote the TV will get switched on. Once the TV is on you just need to match the letters on the TV with the letters on the poster to get the order of the papers needed to get the Key of Lies.

The Entrance Exam - How to Open the Secret Lair
Once you have collected the Floppy Disk that is in the corner of the room you will discover a briefcase on a glass table. To obtain the password that opens the briefcase you need to count the number of clocks, plants, and trophies in the room. There are 2 clocks, 5 plants, and 3 trophies in the room which means the password is '253'. Entering this number on the lock of the briefcase will give you access to 3 photos of the Headmaster. These photographs were taken in Egypt in 1954, Japan in 1975, and Greece in 1991. If you now grab the books on the shelf based on the chronological order of the photos you will open a secret lair.

Escape Artist - How to Open the Secret Door to get Key #1
One of the many puzzles in the level called Escape Artist is the sculptures that have to be reorganized based on the portraits hanging by the door. To begin with you need to make the heads of the sculptures face the direction of the murals that are outside the door. Once you manage to do this you will open a door behind the sculptures that will provide Key #7, Key #4, and Key #3. Now use Key #7 and Key #3 to open the next door. If you then turn the heads of Timmy, Windsor, and Michelle towards the ceiling you will unlock a secret door that provides Key #1.

Under Pressure - How to Unlock the Security Lock
To finish the level called Under Pressure you will need to gather three objects to uncover the moral of the story. After you have pulled the switch in the basement collect the Clippers, Screwdriver, and Hammer.

1) Use the hammer to hit the heart plastered on the wall to reveal the word 'FEAR'.
2) Attach the Handicam to the hook and reel it underwater to reveal the word 'Will'.
3) Place the Acrylic Sheet on the wall and turn off the Switch Handle to reveal the word 'Slow'.
4) Use the Screwdriver to open the 2 metal doors and insert the Strange Device and reveal the word 'YO' and 'UR'.
5) Collect the Old Map by using the Hammer to break the Wooden Box. Then compare the Old Map to the yellow post-its to reveal the word 'Mind'.

Complete the level Under Pressure by entering the 5 words 'FEAR WILL SLOW YOUR MIND' on the security lock.

The Breakout - How to Save the Headmaster and Eel
The level called The Breakout is an escape room that has no exits. Your objective is to stay within the confines of the Academy and assist the Headmaster in reaching and rescuing Eel. Most of the mission involves using the radio to transmit messages that will help the Headmaster access different parts of the deck. Use the computer to locate the cell with Eel in it and release him from it. When the Headmaster and Eel are on the roof the turrets will start shooting at them. In order to save both of them you need to Hack into the turret and take out the other guns.

Trial By Taste - How to Make the Antidote Drink
In the level called Trial By Taste you will need to detox yourself from poison by fixing a drink. This can be achieved by:

1) Collect 3 forks and use them to open the locked dish on the desk to reveal a Milkshake which will then poison you when you drink it.
2) Talk to Jeb and Eel
3) Open the freezer so you can grab the Kitchen Knife.
4) Go to the big room and cut the cake with the Kitchen Knife.
5) Match the colors of the cake with the lock of the gift box that can be found on the next table.
6) Spin the plate on the other table to unlock the Antidote Recipe.
7) Get the 'Staff Only' counter. Then add one shot of Belladonna, 3 shots of Calabar, and one shot of Mineral Water.
8) Use the shaker to mix the ingredients and drink the antidote to get detoxed.

The Tea Kettle - How to Brew the Tea
The Tea Kettle allows you to make a cup of tea using the ingredients you find in the garden of the Academy. To discover the required Sereni-Tea Seed ingredient you need to search the garden using the Shovel. Once you have found the Serini-Tea Seed, place it under the microscope to count the number of chloroplasts it has. There are 8 chloroplasts which means you can identify its DNA as 'TAG'. Place the Serieni-Tea Seed on the weighing scale and use the chart to analyze its weight. You will find that it weighs 0.23 g, indicating the term 'GTT-' on the chart. If you now enter 'GTT-TAG' into the machine you will get Tea Leaves. To brew a cup of tea use the Propane Tank to light the stove and then add the Tea Leaves.

Lab Rat - How to Hack Quanty
The level called Lab Rat requires you to hack into Quanty, this is Artificial Intelligence that is generated into the Academy. In order to do so you will need to acquire Tumeric the Rat and place him inside his cage to activate the energy unit. When you switch on the computers you will be able to browse the files to find the names 'DELL-ILAH' and 'SPROCKET'. Enter these names into the machine next to the lasers to deactivate them. If you now create a virus for Model #13 and insert the Disk into the machine you will have successfully hacked Quanty and you will be able to access Quanty's Core by making all the right moves on the dance.

Where There's Smoke - How to Collect the Four Tiles
On the Where There's Smoke level there are four tiles that need to be collected.

Tile 1:
Enter the code '2257' in the chest to get the first tile.

Tile 2:
The second tile is acquired by moving the golden ladder and climbing up to collect it.

Tile 3:
After climbing down from grabbing Tile 2 go to the chest at the end of the room and enter the code '6869' to get the third tile.

Tile 4:
Go into the room that has multiple globes and reposition the central globe with the signs of the Sun on the orange circle, the fire sign on the yellow circle, and the air sign on the blue circle. When you do this correctly it will provide the fourth tile. To complete the level you need to place all four tiles behind the panel that reads 'WISDOM THROUGH EFFORT'.

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