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Final Puzzle Guide

Escape Academy Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Escape Academy Final Puzzle Guide

You will be faced with a series of puzzles in the final battle at the end of Escape Academy. This Final Puzzle Guide will help you ace your final exam by giving you the solutions you need to answer the questions on your test paper.

Preparation Before the Tests

To prepare for the tests there are certain items that you need to gather. These are the headmasters glasses which you will be able to find on a bust of her face which is on the right side of the room. You need her glasses to reveal hidden drawings on the wall. The next things you need to get your hands on is the headmaster's pin and a test sheet which are locked inside a locker which you will find next to the bust. There is a row of five lockers, one of which is locked. If you open all the unlocked lockers you will notice that they each have symbols (a number beneath a directional arrow) at the back of them. These are instructions to unlock a dial padlock which in this case unlocks the locked locker. The combination is left to 10, right to 25, left to 15.

In order to make your way through to the next room you will need to scan the test sheet your retrieved from the locked locker. You can figure out what circles you should fill out by looking at a poster nearby that says that only an 'ace' will get through. This is a sneaky way of telling you to fill A, C, and E. Once you have entered your answers hit the button to scan the test and a door will open. Make sure before you leave you retrieve your test paper as you will still need it.

Test 1 - Disco Inferno

It is important before you begin this test that you grab the 12V Battery as you will need if later in the game. You will find it by looking for an eye marking scrawled on the wall by the headmaster. The 12V Battery can be found below this on a shelf.

In this room you will be presented with a stage that has 5x5 arrangement of colorful tiles and behind it what looks like five flamethrowers hooked up to a series of buttons. The objective of the puzzle is to follow the tiles to a flamethrower. Keep in mind you can cross the same square twice to complete the sequence. On the blue, red, magenta, red, tile instruction, backtrack from magenta to red to complete the sequence. The last thing you need to do before you exit is look at all the active flamethrowers and check which ones are marked with a dot inside a circle. These indicate the places where you need to fill out your test sheet. Scan your test sheet and enter your answers B, C, and D to make the door open.

Test 2 - Pipe Mania

In the second room you will be presented with a number of junctions on a tiled grid and your objective is to create a circuit from beginning to end finding junctions that light up green when connected. There are several ways this puzzle can be completed, and each way will have three green lights in the pattern, one solution is A, D, and E. Fill in the test sheet and scan it in. Make sure before you leave you go to one of the large dynamos in the room and use your 12V Battery to charge it. Doing this will prevent you from having to do some backtracking later.

Test 3 - Pillars of Power

As you walk towards the third room you will notice a vent on the wall underneath one of the headmasters symbols. This can be opened using the headmasters pin.

The third puzzle involves moving pillars across a track on the floor. On the wall are signs for the letters A-E which are the dots and dashes of Morse code where each is unique to a letter. To solve this puzzle you need to look at the flashing lights at the top of each pillar as they will blink the patterns that correspond to the Morse code on the signs. All you need to do is match a pillar to the letter that is flashing out, then move the pillar onto where the pillar appears on the track. When the pillars are set in the correct place on the track the tops of them will open up revealing the letters and a circle. You will notice that some of these circles are filled with dots and these correspond with the letters on your test sheet. Scan your test sheet and enter your answers B and D.

Test 4 - It's a Gas

This is the final puzzle and to begin with you need to grab all the tanks off the racks to the left of the entryway. These tanks are marked A-E and each one of them contains a different chemical. In the room itself there is a machine where when you mix these chemicals together will produce different colored crystals which you will then be able to compare the colors with a guide next to the machine which will help you to identify them.

The objective of the test is to figure out which one contains H2O (water). This will require a lot of trial and error, and it is recommended that you do things systematically. A good way to find the solution is to start by putting the A tank on one side, then the B tank on the other, and check the color of the crystals. The color crystals you are looking for is red, keep replacing the tanks on the right side until you get red crystals. You will discover that there are two combinations that produce red crystals, and they are bromine and water and bromine and bromine. The answer you need to put down on your test sheet is D. Don't forget to pick up the D canister again.

Quanty - Phase 1

You will find a vent cover between the second and third chamber which you will be able to unscrew with the headmaster's pin. Doing this will give you access to Quanty's room where you will find three nodes surrounding a pit. Start by using the charged 12V battery on the node to the right of the entrance. Now move clockwise and use the water canister (D) to short out the circuit before finally moving to the 5x5 grid that has various characters on it. If you now bring up your test sheet and press the buttons that correspond to the marked circles on the completed test it should spell out 'SELFDESTRUCT'. Make sure when you do this you stick to your test sheet answers as there are duplicates.

Head to the ledge that is overlooking the pit by exiting Quanty's room and circling around to room 3 (the one that contained the pillars). There to the right of the entrance you will find a ledge which will have one of the headmaster's markings on it. In order to reach it you will need to arrange the pillars from smallest to tallest against the far corner of the track, so you can use them as steps to climb up. At the top you will find another vent cover that can be removed with the headmaster's pin. This vent will take you back into Quanty's room where you can expose Quanty by pressing the button marked 'Do Not Press'. Instead of circling back the way you came you can interact with a ladder that is there to get you back down to the lower level.

Quanty - Phase 2

There will now be a series of screens going surrounding Quanty's face. Going clockwise from Quanty's screen

First Screen:
This says 'Total control is just the start' with 'start' being highlighted alongside the word 'opposite'. The solution is to spell 'STOP'.

Second Screen:
This screen says 'Paramount is student compliance' with M180, I, P, and E highlighted. You need to spin the M to make a W, at which point the code to enter is 'WIPE' (see header at top of page).

Third Screen:
This screen says 'Friendship is a waste of resources'. F, H, S, E, and R are highlighted and flanked by numbers. These numbers indicate what spaces these letters land in. Decoding the message will give you the word 'REFRESH'.

Fourth Screen:
This screen says 'Fun is a form of inefficiency'. S, M, F, and N are highlighted with a number next to them that is either plus or minus. In order to solve this puzzle you either need to go up or down the alphabet depending on what the symbol next to the number indicates (for example A would become B and B would become C). When you do this for all the letters you will get the word 'UNDO'.

Quanty - Phase 3

Solving all the screens will make Quanty's face display a file called 'Prime Directive'. If you click on it, you will be given one last puzzle to solve. 'Create the best escapists, no matter the cost'. E, T, P, N, and O are all highlighted, and the whole message is encased in brackets that say 'opposite'.

Before you can find the antonym you will first need to figure out what the word gives so to begin with you can ignore the brackets. The letters are flanked with numbers indicating specific movements that dictate where the letters fall in sequence. You will notice that T is marked with +1, so this needs to be changed into a U. When decoded you will get 'OPEN UP' and the opposite of this is 'SHUT DOWN'. If you input this Quanty will go into boss destruct mode, and you will have completed the game.

Take a look at our How to Solve Puzzles guide to find out how you can easily find the answers to other puzzles in Escape Academy.

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