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Chapter 06 - Bravely Second

Bravely Second: End Layer Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Chapter 06 - Bravely Second

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Once you're free to look around in the new town of Caldisla, check the flower vase upstairs of the Inn to find a Vanile Cake. Next examine the back wall next to the stairwell to score a Balsam. Exit the inn afterward to explore the rest of the city. Look at the area above the adventurer for an Arctic Wind. At the graveyard to the far left side of town is a Phoenix Down, and by the wall near the north exit is a Spider Web. You can also finally purchase some gear upgrade for your characters along with some new spells as well.

Head north to the Palace when ready. There, check behind the stone pillar to the upper left for a Pantheon's Wrath, and also look by the statue on upper right for an X-Potion. Talk to the king for a scene then go back to the world map to find a side story marker.

Side Story 10 - Templar Asterisk

Go to the Sanctum in Gathelatio and speak with Braev Lee. He requires you bring him two items -- one of which is in the Everlast Tower and the other is in the Eternia Prison. We will stop by the former first then the latter. And once you have both, you must take them to the Cave of Vestments where Braev will be waiting for you to defeat him.

Everlast Tower

The small corridor directly above the entrance has an Earth Mallet. The middle-left section has a Remedy. Take the northwest exit going all the way up to 3F. There, grab the Turbo Ether then speak with the fox before returning to 1F. Take the northeast exit this time and collect the Stopwatch on 2F before returning to 1F. Take the bottom-middle stairs to 2F. There, collect the Biscuit down below and go back to 1F so you can get 1000 pg. Return to 2F and use the nearby staircase to climb to 3F and grab the Hi-Potion.

Back on 2F, climb the upper right steps and continue on to 4F. Pick up the Monoceros Flakes in the area. The anchorite of earth is also hanging around here, and will give you the Girtablulu Summon if you manage to withstand its attack.Next use the southeast stairs to collect the Ripper in 3F. Backtrack all the way to 1F and take the southwest exit next. Climb to 3F where there's a Bacchus Wine that you can pick up then continue to 4F. Collect 10,000 pg from the treasure chest first then go get the Grand Marshal's Sword.

Eternia Prison

The prison is located at the basement of the Eternia Central Command building. To get there, you must use the front entrance (reachable by taking the west exit in Eternia City). Once inside the Central Command building, take the west stairs down to the basement.

Go all the way south from the entrance for an Ether, then turn around and go right to the dead end in the middle for a Phoenix Down. The top middle treasure chest contains Hermes Sandals, while the one in the northwest corner has an X-Potion. Finally, the lower left treasure chest has 5000 pg. Proceed to B2. Once there, go south near where the staircase is and head southeast to reach the Power Bracers. Return to the main and head to the southeast corner, where you go down and left into the cell for a Safety Ring.

Head to the northeast corner next and go right to find a hidden path that leads to a cell with the Genji Armor inside. Follow the lower corridor all the way west then north to a cell holding the Genji Helm. Enter the cell directly left of the treasure chest at the top and go right for an Elixir. Go grab the Grand Marshal's Shield once you have everything.

Cave of Vestments

In 1F, you'll find a Dried Remora in the southwest corner. Off to the northeast corner is an X-Potion. Finally to the southeast is a Cannelle Cake. Onward to B1 where you'll find an Enopu Mushroom to the left, a Light Curtain to the right, and an Earth Mallet at the bottom. Take southeast stairs down to B2 and grab the Failnaught. Return to B1 and descend middle stairs to B2. Upon entering the area, go immediately right for a Spider Web, then go all the way left for a Magnifying Glass. Go on to the upper section and you'll find some Monoceros Flakes at the lower right corner, a Holy Lance to the right and an Elixir to the left. Take the northwest steps to B3 where Braev is waiting.

Boss Battle - Braev Lee

This man is accompanied by three goons and is particularly fond of defaulting. Cast Harpoon on your best fighters as usual but make sure to also cast Condor this time. Buff with P.Atk boosting spells as well. Now repeatedly use Sidewinder until the grunts are dead, then continue hitting Braev with it. You can use Brave this time though. Recast Harpoon when it fades. Steal a pair of Flamberge from him as well. Braev is will revive with full HP after you defeat him the first and second time, so just defeat him again.

You'll receive the Grand Marshal's Staff in addition to the Templar Asterisk upon defeating Braev. Once you can move at the cottage, check the table in the back for a Star Corslet. Look outside to the left for a Cat Feather and to the right for a Spider Web. That will be all for the side bits at the moment so head for the main objective marker now.

Lontano Villa

Once you're inside the dungeon proper, check the outermost corridor to the right for an X-Potion, and just below the stairs to the left is a Catnip. On 2F, just below the stairs you came up from is a Life Ring. There's also a Bomb Arm in the bottom-middlr section of the area. At the top-left end of the innermost ring is an Armande Cake. Finally, off to the right end of the outermost ring is a Heart Ring. Go down to 1F using the stairs on top of the second ring and collect the 99 Carbine. Back on 2F, proceed through the doorway.

Moving forward, push on to 3F. Upon entering the area, go right and down to find a Turbo Ether on the floor. Then make your way over to the south side to grab the Aegis Shield. Rest and save first then go outside toward the objective marker for a boss battle.

Boss Battle - Turtle Dove

For starters this boss is weak to wind, so add that element to your main fighters attack along with Harpoon. You can also buff them with P.Atk boosting spells if you have an Astrologian with you. The one thing you need to watch out for with this enemy is that it can use Heartbreak, which can kill anyone under the influence of the Love ailment. Although this isn't the case if you're playing on casual difficulty, where your characters only receive substantial damage instead of instantly dying when hit by Heartbreak.

You're free to leave the dungeon after the battle. Now before proceeding with main quest, there is one final asterisk side story that we can do, so we'll cover that first. You must witness the story bits in Caldisla first before the side quest bubble appears.

Side Story 11 - Yokai Asterisk

Keep in mind that you cannot disable random encounters within the Vampire Castle premises, so make sure you are on par with the suggested level for the dungeon, or at least close to it. To start, head down the corridor to the right for an Ether.. At the left corridor is an X-Potion. The treasure chest at the top left corner also has an X-Potion. Move on to 2F where you'll find a Lamia's Tiara near the stairs you came in from, and at the top of the far left corridor is 5000 pg. Check the painting here before going up to 3F.

Grab the Stopwatch at the southwest corner as soon as you enter, and also collect the Enopu Mushroom at the end of the east corridor. Then check the next and proceed to 4F. Here, there is a Cannelle Cake in the middle of the east corridor, while to the west is a Vanille Cake. Again onward to the next painting and floor. On 5F, the corridor next to the stairs you came in from has a Lilith's Kiss. The lower middle chest has an Elixir, and to the right is a Remedy.. Check the painting and push on to 6F. Grab a Turbo Ether from the east corridor. Onto 7F, grab the Safety Ring then rest and save. Approach Yoko to fight..

Boss Battle - Yuko

Yoko is primarily a magic user with access "-ja" spells such as Aeroja and Thundaja. Plus she will also use Sloth an ability that makes your party vulnerable to fire, water, lightning and wind. There is one simple way to counter all this though, and that's with the Astrologian's Elemental Barrier spell. Ringabel will also be helping out by making a move (be it offense, defense, or healing) prior to the execution phase of your turn. He does some pretty good damage too so he's actually pretty useful. Hit Yoko with your best attacks and patiently whittle away at her massive health. There is one other really troublesome ability that Yoko has, called Consume Life which cam randomly instant kill any number of your party members. Watch out for that and be revive the dead.

You'll receive the Yokai Asterisk from her after the fight. Walk up to inspect the final painting to complete this side story. When you return to the castle's entrance, there should be a fox that sells some really advanced magic that you should buy for you mages if you can afford them. There is one more thing to do before the final dungeon

Side Story 12 - The Seven Sins

To unlock the different skills of the Yokai job class, you need to defeat seven special enemies that are scattered all over the world map. This is done by inspecting a stone monument known as a keystone to initiate a battle against a monster that you must defeat to gain the skill. The locations of all seven keystone monuments are as follows:

  • Leviathan: North of Ba'al Crater.
  • Mammon: Northwest of Florem.
  • Asmodeus: Center edge of west continent, east of Cave of Vestments.
  • Beelzebub: East of Al-Khampis.
  • Lucifer: On land southeast of the Grandship.
  • Belphegor: On island east of Caldisla.
  • Satan: At the other side of the mountain range north of Mythril Mines.

  • Norende Ravine

    The final dungeon is just beyond the Norende Ravine (which is where the objective marker is telling you to go), Once there, follow the path until it forks, then head down for an X-Potion. Take the top exit next to get the Turbo Ether and return to use the other exit. From here, you can just keep heading west until you reach the cave's exit.

    Boss Battle - Anne

    This final encounter with Anne could be difficult if you're unprepared. Make sure you have someone with access level 6 Holy Magic and buy the Calm spell. This is key to surviving Anne's Dark Flare attack later. Also equip someone with Exorcism job command. As for the actual battle, the Astrologian's Elemental Barrier should be sufficient to resist most of what she can throw at you. However once she uses Undermine, it will reduce someone's HP to 1 permanently unless you reverse the effect with Undo HP. Once Anne is down to about half her total HP, she will start stacking BP for her Acedia + Dark Flare attack. Acedia makes your party vulnerable to all elements, while Dark Flare will most likely kill you. The Calm spell will ensure you live through Dark Flare. If however you don't have anyone capable of using level 6 holy magic, The Reraise spell or Enopu Mushroom item are both options to revive your characters..

    Via Celestio

    Phase1: Upon entering this dungeon, you will notice two types of portals, a yellow portal and a blue portal. The yellow portal teleports you to different section of the same area, while the blue portal takes you to a different area altogether. The treasures for this area are as follows: Enopu Mushroom (top middle right), Gold Hourglass (southwest corner), Genji Gloves (top middle left), Lordly Robes (middle), Megalixir (northeast corner), Ama-no-Murakumo (bottom middle).

    Phase 2: The treasures for this area are as follows: Bacchus Wine (southwest corner), Earth Mallet (top middle right), Reflect Ring (middle right), Gold Hairpin (top middle), Kaiser Knuckles (middle left). Hermes Shoes (bottom middle).

    Phase 3: The treasures for this area are as follows: Bomb Arm (bottom middle), Arctic Wind (southeast corner), Crystal Helm (lower middle right), Soul of Thamasa (northwest corner), Ama-no-Kagoyumi (middle right), Vajra (middle).

    Phase 4: The treasures for this area are as follows: Pantheon's Wrath (upper middle right), Tengu Sneeze (top middle left), Brave Suit (middle right), Durandal (lower right), Ogre's Club (middle left), Yatagarasu (bottom left).

    Phase 5: The treasures for this area are as follows: Gungnir (top middle right), Barrier Shroud (middle), Hyper Bracers (southwest corner), Excalibur II (lower middle left), Crystal Mail (bottom middle), Earthbreaker (middle right).

    Phase 6: The portal at the end of the corridor leads to the final boss chamber, so only go in there if you feel like you've done everything that can be done at this point. Otherwise, teleport out and do what you must do before coming back.

    Boss Battle - Lord Providence

    This boss is weak to wind so buff your party members as usual and start hitting the enemy. The battle should be straightforward with providence using single target physical attacks and multi-target magic attacks. However, once you've hurt him enough, he will use Heaven's Mandate which tells you to strike down your own party members. Failing to comply will lead to an attack called Divine Punishment two turns later, which results in a game over. Fortunately, you can stop this death sentence by casting Calm (Holy Magic) about two turns before Providence uses Divine Punishment.

    Try leaving the church and the final battle for the main story will begin.

    Final Battle - Lord Providence

    Here you have the same boss from before with the addition of two arms, that regenerate in a couple of turns after being destroyed. These appendages can do considerable physical and magic damage, so you can try to remove them from the equation even if temporarily. Buffing is also pointless as the main dude can use Dispel.

    One other thing is to not take too long figuring out a strategy, as this boss has his own twist of the Bravely Second and freeze you while he can move freely. Knock Providence down to 70% of his HP to trigger an event that leads to you not being able to control your game in any way. This is normal and the game is not broken. Just wait it out and you'll eventually be able to fight like you used to again.

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