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Chapter 03 - Up, Up and Away

Bravely Second: End Layer Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Chapter 03 - Up, Up and Away

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Continue northwest to the city of Florem after the brief story sequence. There, check the pile of flowers in the middle of the area for a Remedy. You can also pick up a Vanille cake on the flowerbed next to the item shop. Finally, collect the Catnip along the left side of the path leading to the Plaza. Buy new gear and spells before heading for the north exit. Check the edges of the stage for a Catch Me Conch and then inspect the side of the path leading up to the Matriarch's Hall for a Phoenix Down. Once inside the house, examine the northwest corner to find a Balsam. Speak with the woman so you can take young Sylvie with you to the Temple of Water. It is located not too far to the south of Florem.

Approach the altar inside so the kid can do her thing then take her back home. The next sequence of events will culminate to a battle with some soldiers. Defeat them and once everything settles down, try to leave the city and a man appears to invite the party to his village. We'll leave that alone for now and do the new side story first instead.

Side Story 06 - Monk and Valkyrie Asterisks

Go back to Florem and speak to the black mage standing to the south of the City Gates. She'll send you on a little errand of mostly running around town. Go trigger all the blue event bubble in the city and the woman will eventually send you elsewhere. Head for the Twilight Ruins some ways west of Florem. Now for the dungeon, you'll see crystals which control the doors, opening one and closing the other when touched.

That said, hit the yellow crystal near the entrance to get 2000 pg and hit it again to continue southwest to the green crystal. Hit that to grab the Pantheon's Wrath, then hit again so you can head north. Collect a Balsam from the east end of the corridor before heading the other way to the exit. At the next area, hit the yellow crystal to grab the Ether above you; hit the crystal again so you can go down to the green crystal. Hit it and then hit the red crystal behind the door that opens. Pick up 2500 pg in the room above. Hit the red crystal again followed by the green one. You can collect a Genoise Cake from the chest at the northwest corner and then move on to the next floor of the dungeon.

Now this next is where it gets a little more complicated. Turn off random encounters so you can work out the puzzle in peace. For starters ignore the yellow crystal and hit the green further up to grab the Arctic Wind. Hit the green crystal again followed by the yellow one. Up beyond the newly opened door is a Dried Remora. Hit the blue crystal next followed by the yellow one and then the green switch. This lets you go around the top and go down the middle for an Artisan Gloves. Grab the Remedy in the southwest corner before going to the next level. You're now on B1 West. Hit the yellow switch to snag the Light Curtain. Hit the red switch and go northeast to get an Earthling Rod.

Hit the green switch then the yellow one and also the blue switch. Pick up 980 pg on the floor and hit the blue crystal again. You should now be able to reach the adventurer. Before talking to his fox, go south through the hidden passage to score an Angel's Bow. Talk to the fox and rest in the tent for a bonus scene. Save and go upstairs. Choose "coeducation" leads to fight Eiheria, or "separate schooling" to fight against Barras.

Sagitta Forest and Sagitta Village

Far to the northeast of Florem is a cave, Go in there and you'll be in an area called The Guardian. Check the bottom left fang for a Tengu Sneeze. The rear middle section in the back has a Beast Flesh. Onward into the South section of the forest. Trek to the northeast end on the lower path for a Zeste Cake. Off to the southeast corner is an Ether, and the top end of the upper path has a Flare Hatchet.. Go on east to the next area. Here, go straight down from the entrance to collect 2500 pg, and right next to that to the south is a Vanille Cake. Further off to the right is Cat Feather, Remedy and Canelle.

Take the west exit back to the previous area for a Flametongue. Now for the final section. Go straight ahead from the entrance and you'll find a Catnip. Below to the east is an Earth Mallet. Above that to right still is a Force Armlet. On the top middle is an Enopu Mushroom and to the northwest is 3000 pg and X-Potion. The exit leading to the Sagitta Village is off to the northeast. Go take a rest and save before you proceed.

Once inside the village, check among the trees just to the left of the entrance for an Armande Cake. Take the east exit to the Residential area next. Check the shelves off to the west for a Magnifying Glass, and by the wall near the east exit is a Spider Web, Exit north and go east to find an Arctic Wind. Return to the previous area and speak with the Elder for a scene then continue to the next goal marker. Once all the story scenes are over, go outside and you should notice that a new side story bubble has appeared.

Side Story 07 - Performer and Pirate Asterisks

Go talk to the pig in Sagitta Village and warp to Florem. Head for the plaza and approach the stage for a scene, then return to the City Gates and enter the new building to the right. Once inside, go to the room upstairs for a Lilith's Kiss. Return to the lower floor to check the oven in the back to find a Bombe Cake. Talk to Rocca Pellar again once you have everything. He then leaves you to find the two asterisk holders after a short dialogue. Praline is on the stage at the Plaza. For Barbarossa, you'll have to take your ship and sail into the mist at the ocean to the south. Once you get aboard the SS Funky Francisca, check the base of the stairs to the right for a Bacchus Wine. Plus a Leviathan Sashimi near where Barbarossa is standing. Speak with the captain afterward..

Take your ship back to shore and trek far to the north of Florem to find a cave you can enter. You begin at the South end of the Witherwood Forest, go collect the Cannelle Cake nearby. Further up to the left is an Ether. You'll find the exit leading to the Central section off to the northeast. There, go left as soon as you enter for 500 pg. Plus a Pantheon's Wrath a bit further up to the right. Head down to the southwest exit to grab the Ku Bu Spear. Return and go around the path on the right side to the top center for another treasure. Exit the area to the northeast. Don't forget to speak with the fox.

Now for the Interior area. There is a Fraise Cake to the right of the entrance. The southeast corner has a Catnip and to the southwest is 3500 pg. The exit is at the northeast corner. Be sure to rest and save in preparation for the upcoming battle. Talk to Rocca Pellar for some dialogue, then take your pick on who you want to fight. I suggest giving the song to Praline since the Pirate job class carries the best P.Atk rating in the game. Plus with axes for weapons, Pirates also get the luxury of keeping shields.

Old Sagitta and Sagitta Village

Take your ship and sail to the northwest edge of the island to find the cave you must enter to proceed. You begin on B1 of this dungeon, and it will be full of fake walls and invisible floors. Start off by heading up past the fake wall until see some stairs you can descend on. Go east along the invisible floor here and check the bottom right edge of the ring-shaped corridor for a Rare Cheese. Next, go to the upper left and hit the green switch then do the same for the red one. This should complete a section of the path above you. Hit the green switch again and climb the stairs to head straight to the goal marker. Go down to the left after the scene, speak to the fox and push past him for an Enopu Mushroom. Turn back down to the right staircase, go right for 2500 pg. Keep going down to the stairs at the southeast corner. Snag the Alarm Earrings on B2.

Back on B1, make your way over to the bottom middle section, climb some stairs and head all the way to the stairs at the northeast corner to B2. Here, go south, west then south again toward the circular corridor, Hit both green and red switch to complete the path above. Now to get to the stairs, you need to run in a counter clockwise directon on the invisible section of the corridor.. Check on your goal and continue left. Go downstairs, head left, down, left to the west section of the area. Collect 1000 pg at the top room then go down past the fake walls to grab a Phoenix Down, Go onward to B3.

Here, go east until you see some steps you can descend. Continue down and climb the stairs to your left. From here, head for the stairs at the southwest corner.and grab the Trident at B2. Return to B3 and go to the circular corridor. Hit the blue switch and green switches first, go down the stairs and grab the Light Curtain from the chest. Hit the red switch to the right and go raise the green and blue platforms again. Go north from the blue platform to get a Gaia Gear and continue to the goal marker. After the scene ends go right and trek to the southeast corner to get a Tengu Sneeze. Proceed to the northeast corner. Warp out of this place and return to Sagitta Village after the scene.

Back at the village, explore the Inner Passages as soon as you are allowed to. You basically just need to go wherever the goal marker leads you. And once the dialogue with Yew's stalker ends, check your character setup and make sure everything is in order for the tough boss battle ahead, before speaking to Geist in the Residential Area.

Boss Battle - Geist

My party setup for this battle was two Pirates, a Bishop and a Thief. The Pirates each had Shamanism as their job command. For starters you'll want to take out the sniper as soon as possible. So buff your strongest fighters, give them P.Def piercing capability with Harpoon. Finally, add water to their attack with Icehead then use Sidewinder to eliminate the grunts all at once.The problem with Geist is his ability to rewind things back to exactly how it was the previous turn. It is most irritating when he uses Undo HP on himself, which makes all the damage you've dealt in the current turn pointless. So all you really do against this is to deal as much as you can each turn and hope he doesn't undo anything. One way to effectively maximize damage is to use Summon Friends, which should have plenty of players in it if you send Net Invites daily. In any case, you can expect this one to be a long and rather painful encounter regardless of difficulty.

You'll receive the Exorcist Asterisk as reward for defeating Geist. Go through the next story bits then use the pig to warp to Florem. Trek to the Water Temple from there.

Temple of Water

The party will notice something isn't right the moment you enter, so hurry to the altar.

Boss Battle -Vucub-Caquix

Well those two are back again with a new machine that can fly. This will be an easy fight for the most part so long as you don't hit it with magic or any kind of element-imbued physical attack. The machine will absorb them if you do. That said, go ahead and hack the thing to pieces with your strongest melee people. Use magic for healing only.

Try leaving after the battle and you'll have to engage in yet another boss encounter.

Boss Battle - Nikolai

Once again, you'll want to get rid of the grunts first. They are weak to lightning so a piercing lightning-based Sidewinder should do the job well enough. Once the grunts are dead, throw some of your special attacks at Nikolai alongside standard attacks. Magic is not as effective so it would be best to stick with physical damage. Nikolai will revive with full HP after you beat him the first time so just defeat him again to end the battle.

Leave the temple after some dialogue from the bad guy camp, and you'll catch a glimpse of your new airship. Notice there's a new side story bubble on the map, but there's a new summon to get for those who have the Summoner Asterisk. Fly your ship really close to the northeast edge of the northeast continent. Land there and you should see a narrow channel too small for your ship to pass, so switch to the dinghy and get off on the shore nearby. Go northwest from here to trigger a scene with the Anchorite of Light. Tell him you're ready and a fight ensues. Defeat him to get the Amaterasu Summon.

Side Story 08 - Dark Knight and Time Mage Asterisks

Fly to the crater-like location on the northeast continent, and land on the water next to the ship so you can enter. Once inside, check the far right end behind some crates to get a Remedy. Also up the stairs to the northeast is a Leviathan Sashimi. Head into the Tavern next and check the plant by the right wall for a Catnip, then search the left side of the stage for a Cat-Ear Hood. Talk Datz by the bar. Once the scenes are done, go back outside and head north to the Markets. There, check the west end to get an Ether and then the east end for a Rod of Fire. Upgrade your gear then take the north exit.

At the Bridge, check the chest in the room on top of the right stairs for a Gold Hourglass. Then search the desk by the navigation wheel to find a Magnifying Glass. Speak to the captain and watch the scene. Proceed to the engine room afterward. You start on B27 where you can get 2000 pg on the ground at the bottom middle. Take the southwest steps down to B28 first, grab an X-Potion from one of the chests then use the stairs the stairs in the middle Snag the Mage Shell and pull the lever by the wall. Backtrack to where you started this dungeon and take the southeast steps this time. Back on B28, grab the Pantheon's Wrath from the treasure chest, then go down one floor to B29.

On this floor, you'll find 1500 pg to the southwest, a Phoenix Down at the center. There is also a Dried Remora on the floor to the east and 2500 pg to the southeast. You'll also find the Anchorite of Death nearby who can be fought for the Charybdis Summon if you have the Summoner Asterisk. Take note that you must actually defeat him in battle to get the summon. After that, go up one level to B28 and pick up the Tender Victuals. Head one more floor and pull the switch. Now, the elevator at the beginning of the dungeon should be working. Go back there and take the east lift down to the Engine Room Core.

There, grab the Ether directly ahead when you exit the lift. Some Monoceros Flakes is also on the floor off to the northwest corner. Save and head for the event bubble; watch the events until the opportunity to choose pops up. The first option lets you fight Alternis while the second one leaves you at odds with Khamer VIII. I went for the Time Mage asterisk as having access to time magic is crucial. It's your choice, pick wisely.

That's pretty all there is for this chapter so fly to the objective marker and board the Skyhold. And while your party members make a point to emphasize that you're at a point of no return, you can actually still leave and return to the world to do whatever you want. So don't worry about being stuck in the Skyhold once you close out this part.
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