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Follow the dark path or use the light

Chapter 01 - When Duty Calls, Who Will Answer

Bravely Second: End Layer Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Chapter 01 - When Duty Calls, Who Will Answer

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Start by viewing the party chat event then return to Eternia to restock on items if you need to. You will also want to pick up the Heal and Antidote spells in particular, now that you have a job class that can use them. Head for Gathelatio next. Also, make use of the consecutive encounters feature, which grant multiplier boosts whenever you finish a battle in a single turn. The enemies here are easy so you should be able to rack up JP pretty quickly with auto-battle turned on. Anyway, stop by the pier and speak to the dockmaster. Turns out he doesn't have any boats left but then someone conveniently shows up to offer you a vessel. Go to the Sanctum next and speak to Othar there.

Also check the left corner of the big window out front for a Phoenix Down. The top edge of the dock in town has another Antidote. Go to the manor to spend the night then head for the docks.Once on the boat, row southwest along the light blue sections of water until an event plays. Row a little further toward a sandy shoreline so you can get off.

Al-Khampis, Land of Learning

Lots of new stuff to buy here so all that old gear you have will finally get a long overdue upgrade. There are plenty of new spells too. It is quite unlikely that you'll be able to buy everything in one go, so just splurge on the equipment for now. Check the bench to the south across from the save point for an Ether. On the left side of the steps to the dormitory is a Phoenix Down. Stop by the Spire next (it's the building at the east side of the city). Inside, check the balcony across from the man near the entrance for a Hi-Potion before heading to the dormitory at the opposite side of town. Check the shelves behind the sitting room to the right for some Echo Herbs. Then inspect one of the beds in the room to the left for a Wake Up Bell. Talk to Martha at the reception desk to move on.

With Edea's master taken care of, head for the goal marker outside for the next event. Then go talk to Rifa in the Spire. Back outside for the next bit and you'll unlock a new pass time, Chompercraft. Leave town through the north exit for an little asterisk quest.

Side Story 01 - The Thief and Red Mage Asterisks

Head to the Oasis in the middle of the desert for an event, then return to Al-Khampis and rest at the inn there. Walk up to the new blue marker on the east side of town to meet Red MageFiore DeRosa. Listen to his side of the story before going to see the Jackal at the Oasis once again. Be sure to stock up on Eye Drops and by the Open Eyes spell before Al-Khampis by the way. Jackal points you to their old den deep inside the Herena Ruins (located further west from the Oasis). That is where you should be going next.

Once inside, take a quick right to grab some Eye Drops. Going forward, take another right to collect 200 pg off the ground. Use the stairs to the northeast, grab the Kalasiris and return to take the other staircase back to the lower section of B1. This dungeon is full of traps that will blind your whole party when triggered. Watch for those head-like things attached to the walls, and avoid the switches on the floor. However, it is quite difficult to not activate these traps so just keep a good supply of Eye Drops with you, or just set your encounter rate to -100% so you won't have to bother with your blinded party.

Anyway take a look to your left for an Ether. Head south and take the first right for a Remedy. Further down to the right is 300 pg. Move down and right for another Remedy. Continue down the stairs to B2. Explore the area for a total of six items, some in treasure chests and some just lying on the ground. Now for the item locations: Upper middle right: Hi-Potion; Top middle: Silver Glasses; Southwest corner: Herena Shemagh. Directly below that is 180 pg. The last chest to the northeast is locked. Exit to the Thief's Den and speak to the fox to pitch Yew's magic tent for a bonus scene. After which you should check the big green chair to reveal a hidden staircase and continue on down.

Head south almost as soon as you come in here to score a Balsam The chest in the middle of the area has a Star Pendant. To the northeast on the ground is 250 pg. Off to the southwest is a Teleport Stone and to the southeast is a Phoenix Down. Save your game and pick up the gem. And now for the choice. Remember that you only get the asterisk of the person you defeat. I personally went and fought the Jackal, as the Steal ability is unique compared to the Red Mage's well-rounded magic proficiency. However there are spells in the game that only Red Mages can use. Take time to consider what you need more and choose wisely. Talk to the person you wish to fight and begin.

Ba'al Crater

Back on Al-Khampis. rest and resupply as needed then leave town through the south exit. Get on your boat and row all the way northwest to where the goal marker is located. If you have a Thief in your party, consider getting off on the island farther southeast of the goal marker, and run around until you encounter Cait Siths that you can steal Ethers from. You get two with every successful steal, so its a good place to this item. The Panthers here carry Phoenix Downs, another item you should stock up on.

Save upon entering the crater and head south to get a Balsam from the treasure chest. Turn around to follow the main path east then go southeast when you can for a Phoenix Down. Back on the top path, go right to the end for 400 pg. Continue to the next area. You will now be at the Descent section of this dungeon. Push east then head south at the first opportunity to snag a Tengu Yawn. Go down the path to the left for a Hi-Potion. Go back west through the lower exit. Collect the Mythril Bow there and then return.

Follow the top path east to the end for an Ether. The chest far to the southeast is locked so head for the exit to the Depths instead. Here, go southwest the first chance you get for some Echo Herbs. Go back to the top path, snag the Wake Up Bell tucked away in the corner to the left before going through the exit. Pick up the Peace Ring and return. Proceed all way left along the middle path to score 500 pg. There is another chest to the southeast with 350 pg. The last item in the area is a Teleport Stone found at the bottom middle-right path. Rest and save before inspecting the goal marker for a boss battle.

Boss Battle - Ba'al v; Urchin

For starters the big alien has a hefty 5000 HP on normal and carries a pair of Mythril Spears that you can steal. As for attacks, this insect boss casts Sunny Day to summon a shadow ally to its side (has around 500 HP.); Cloudy Sky blinds your entire party so Open Eyes and Eye Drops are a must at least for your melee characters; and there's Downpour which deals 4 consecutive hits on random targets. In regards to the Shadowcaster, it counters with Dark magic each time the character it was cloned from makes a move. This can be pretty irritating so kill it as soon as you can with Dart-type magic spells, as physical damage is ineffective. For the Ba'al itself, Wizards should focus on casting dart-type spells and nothing else, while everybody else provide support by either dealing damage any way they can, or healing with Halfsies items or magic when needed. Use special attacks as well if you have them and keep your HP near full at all times.

Rest and save before trekking your way out. Take your boat back to Al-Khampis and leave the city via the north exit. In the desert is a town blocked by a sandstorm which you won't be able to access until the menace goes away. Return to Al-Khampis for now. There, speak to Pudgius (who is only around during the day) for information on Professor Norzen. Now, you will not be able to access Norzen's office in the Spire during the day so leave town and wander around the world map til it gets dark. Save your game before entering the office. Check behind the desk for a Bacchus Wine, then speak to the familiar-looking man there. He will challenge you to a fight after all the talking is done.

Boss Battle - Norzen

Here we have another strong boss with 5000 HP, which can definitely prove difficult even on Normal if your party is under-leveled. I'd recommend grinding for levels before coming back here if you're having trouble. Or you can just lower the difficulty in the settings then set it back when the battle is done. In any case, have your Wizards (if any) spam dart-type spells while your melee people attack. Also, have someone play the role of healer specifically, regardless of whether or not you have a Bishop in your party. Also if you have a Thief, spamming Steal Breath helps quite a bit as it does good damage consistently while healing the user. Use special attacks if you have them as well. Stay healed at all times as Norzen's attacks be it physical or magic are all painful. You can also try stealing two Silver Glasses from this boss by the way. That is if your Thief can do so in just a few turns. Otherwise just leave it. I've actually lost this battle trying to take his items; the success rate for Steal in this game can get really annoying at times.

You will receive the Astrologian Asterisk from Norzen. This is a job that specializes in support magic, so you might want to consider setting this as a Job Command for some of your characters. Buy those Boon spells at the Al-Khampis magic shop before you go.

Side Story 02 - The Summoner and Swordmaster Asterisks

Visit the dormitory in Al-Khampis and speak with Martha to get a letter from Edea's master. Take that missive to the Power Betterment Office in Alcheim (It's the building at the east side of town). There, check the right shelf behind the desk to snag a Gold Hourglass then talk to the man. He says Gho is elsewhere so visit the building next to the magic shop to find the man you want. Speak with Gho and listen to his rant until Melphilia Venus, the summoner asterisk wielder, comes to take him away. At this point, go talk to the dude at the Betterment Office again, and he should tell you where Gho went. Now, before heading off to the Miasma Woods, explore the city some more for freebies and upgrade your gear. There are some useful new spells in the magic store for your Bishop to use as well. Go fight battles outside if you're really strapped for cash.

Also stop by the Palace (north exit to the east) in the city and check the throne for a Stopwatch. Onward to the Miasma Woods which is located just east of Ancheim. Also make sure you have the Dungeon Master support ability (Freelancer) learned and equipped. It's a must for the upcoming dungeon. Start reclaiming the R&D Lab Alpha on Fort Lune if you haven't yet done so, as this structure unlocks Special attacks for your characters with each upgrade. Enter the forest and you should quickly notice the green pools all over the place. These poisons the party when you step on them but with Dungeon Master equipped, you can walk over the puddles without consequence.

Moving forward, grab the Antidote off the ground and also 500 pg a little further up then head to the next area. Here, you'll see a chest with a Wake Up Bell to the left across the poison puddle. There is a locked blue treasure chest to the southwest, while to the east on the ground is 400 pg. Off to the northwest is an Arctic Wind and at the top center is an Ether. Go ahead and exit to the next area. You may also want to stick around for a bit in these woods to farm Hi-Potions from the Myconid enemies. You can steal two at a time from every mushroom; keep stealing as they increase in numbers with spores.

You will now be at the north side of the forest and directly across from the entrance is a Balsam. Off to the southeast corner on the ground is 600 pg. Take the nearby exit back to the previous area, collect the Clothespin and return. Next, check along the middle going north for a Teleport Stone plus a pair of Mythril Knuckles at the top end. Onward to the path along the left side for a Remedy. Continue further up from here. Rest and save before speaking to Venus. This will trigger a dialogue prompt and your answer determines who your opponent will be. Choosing to "take Gho back" will end in a fight with Venus, while deciding "Gho can stay here" ends in a fight with Master Kamiizumi. Once again, you will only get the asterisk of the person you defeat. So choose wisely.

Now if you picked up the Summoner Asterisk earlier, head back to the Depths of the Ba'al Crater. Go southeast on the path closest to the right exit. and you'll find a man standing there. Talk to him to enter a battle. All you need to do is survive damage from his Dues Ex summon and it will be yours. Return to Al-Khampis and take the north exit. At the world map, head south from Ancheim past the forest and you'll find the cave.

Herena Sea Caves

Hit the green switch first to lower a platform which allows you continue east. Look for a hole so you can keep following the lower path northeast to a Hi-Potion. There's another guy here that will give you a summon (if you have the Summoer Asterisk), so long as you survive its attack. You'll receive the Ziusudra's Sin Summon after this. Turn around and follow the lower path northwest to find a red switch. Hit it to open a path to a treasure nearby, Grab the White Cape and go hit the switch again. Go along the upper path this time to score an Antarctic Wind from the chest at the end. Push onward to the exit.

Follow the path around and head down the middle when you can to collect an Ether from the right treasure chest. The one to the left is locked.Turn around to go northeast toward the end to find 500 pg. Go back to hit the red switch to open a path leading to a green switch. Hit that one as well before returning to inspect the red switch one more time. This completes the path on the upper level. Grab the Phoenix Down and Earth Drum before heading for the next area. You start on higher ground here, head south first for some Thief's Gloves. Go back north then west for 800 pg. From here, go all the east to the end of the path for a Teleport Stone. Climb back up to the middle of the area and hit the green switch so you can get the Zweihander. Next, hit go check the red switch which allows you to go southwest for a Remedy. Finally, check the blue switch above that afterward to complete the path to the exit. Save your game before you proceed.

Boss Battle - Minette and Bismarck

Start by buffing your offensive characters with boon spells (Astrologian) and Blazing Wolf, then follow through every special attack you have available. That should take a good chunk off of Minette's HP. You'll mostly want to focus on one enemy at a time, unless you have powerful mages that can throw Blast spells spells. Wizards should constantly cast strong spellcraft (preferably blast) while melee characters attack. Bishops and/or Red Mages should focus on healing with Vivify or Cure (Halfsies Hi-Potions work even better) so as to keep the party's HP high at all times As for items, you get Mythril Axes from Minette and Remedies from Bismarck. Also make sure to equip Thief Gloves if you're planning on stealing, as it dramatically increases the success rate.

You'll receive the Catmancer Asterisk from Minette. Pop a Teleport Stone to warp back to the beginning of the dungeon. and Hurry to Ancheim where another dungeon awaits.

Grand Mill Works

You should now be able understand cat-speak so talk to the cats here, and they'll tell you the locations of some enemies that you can learn skills from. Anyway moving on, climb the stairs up to 3F then descend back to 2F on the middle staircase. Collect a Zeus Wrath from the treasure here then return to 3F via the top-right steps. Pull the switch in the next floor and return to take the bottom-right stairs this time. Back on 3F, pick up the Roc Filet on the floor then go southwest to find 800 pg. Next, climb down the top-left steps to get a Remedy. Head back up 3F and down again on the other staircase.

Back on 2F yet again, head south then west through an invisible passage to access a room with two treasure chests. The blue one is locked obviously while the red one holds a Courage Ring. Trace your steps to the northeast corner of the area to find a Teleport Stone, then climb the nearby stair back to 3F. Pull the switch you see there to open the gate at the center of the area. Make your around to get back to the lift is and save.

Boss Battle - Amphisbaena

This creature has two heads and Head #1 is weak to water-type physical attacks while Head #2 is susceptible to water-type magic attacks. Be warned that using the wrong type of attack on the wrong head will heal it. This boss also uses Spin Shuffle to switch the position of the heads every so often. Although as far as I've seen, the positions of the head hardly ever change. But you'd still want to throw a weak attack or magic after every Spin Shuffle to figure out which head is which. Have your Wizard throw buffed Frost Darts on the weak-to-magic head, while your melee characters deal with the other one. Healers should cast or throw Antidotes at anyone who gets poisoned.

Go back to the adventurer and save before using the lift. It should take you to a higher section of the city. Go east first into the palace and pick up the Spider Web at the end of the corridor. After which you can proceed to the destination and complete the chapter.

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